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The Vedic Sidhanta is an initiative of Vedic School of Krishndhaam – Center for Scientific Research on Vedic Science founded with the motive of spreading true knowledge on ancient Vedic science i.e Vedic cosmology, astronomy, medini (mundane astrology),  Vedic astrology, Ayurveda and other spiritual science. It is not limited up to Jyotish, its about as a whole Vedic science.

Our Journey Started from Krishnadhaam Educational Services, which was established and formed in the year 2009 conceptualized by Mr Rakesh Singh Jamwal. Its main area of operations was to provide and deliver quality research & analysis in the world of Astrology, Astronomy, and Cosmology.

The constant aim of the company has been adopting new ways to expand the focus and vision in the field, by including readers and consultants perspective, as we believe the growth of our research is not possible without all of you.Whether you are a reader, consultant or consultancy seeker, we are all part of a well-oiled machine that needs each and every part to run smoothly.

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Rakesh Singh Jamwal,
CEO & Founder of The Vedicsiddhanta Company

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Advance Vedic Jyotish Consultation Reports

1) Advance Vedic Jyotish Reports are meant for deep and microanalysis on a different line of Jyotish services based on Life Specific issues connected with Career, Marriage, Education, Finance, Health and Relationships.We have divided Advance Reports into two Sections i.e Written and Voice reports. Written Reports falls in Nadi Prashna analysis and Rest of Life specific reports are in voice mode. All the Nadi Reports are based on the Queries or Prashna of the user ( from 1 to 5 Prashna).

2) Those users who are seeking an advance and in detailed analysis on Life specific queries in their mind, Advance Jyotish services are recommended for them.

3) Those users who are well versed in basic Jyotish knowledge and have a good understanding on deep-rooted concepts of Jyotish and are seeking an advance and in detailed analysis on Life specific queries in their mind, Advance Jyotish services are best recommended for them.

4) Here Users have the freedom to choose from given options for Selecting different reports based on their mindset up and deepest answers they are looking for.

5) This report is not suggested for Layman users.Users, those who are well versed in basic Jyotish knowledge should choose this.

Important Points we will be covered in this report are:

1) Readings are given based on a Different line of Astrological tools and methodologies including Dashas (Both Rasi and Nakshatras), Natal, Divisional, Yearly chart (Tithi Chart) and Prashna chart.

2) This Service is available in Voice Mode only.This section deals with the advance micro-level analysis reports in detailed format via Many of astrological tools i.e Prashna, Jamini, Nadi, Nakashtra and Advance Vedic astrological system.

3) These reports need much time to analyze charts.4) Duration of this report is around 60-90 Minutes depending on the case complexity.


1) To book your Advance Jyotish reports/Readings, choose any of the suitable services from the below-mentioned list and the confirmation will be sent to your email instantly.

2) Later you will receive the schedule or delivery date of your Reports.

3) These Services are majorly available in Voice format as it is based on thorough analysis of Birth chart with many advanced Jyotish tools.The written report will be exceptional based on our available time schedule.

4) For written reports, we take 20-30 days to write down complete reports and for Voice Session, it will be arranged within 7 to 10 days after the date of booking of the case study.

2) After the Payment, Written report user need to fill the Vedic Reading form for Past events details required for Birth time correction. Click here for filling the Vedic Reading Form.Before Booking written Report please send us an email in advance for available time slots.For Voice Report users, we will send an Appointment details for Voice Session after the payment.

For More Info on Advance Jyotisha Reports, Click here, Advanced Vedic Astrological Readings Details.

After Selecting any of our Services, Users are requested to look for Available appointment in Schedule Appointment Section for our available service.

We can give below-mentioned advance reports and readings based on a different aspect of life in one or more of the following areas:

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Why Should You Choose Us ?

Vedicsiddhanta is the best platform to spread out your knowledgeable idea/ work to right people who have a depth of understanding of your subject . We are here to help those who are looking for help and guidance in Healing, Health and astrological proficiency.

We believe in the divine and spiritual connection with people who uses our product is priceless.

Everyone works from the location they choose. We’re spread out all over the globe and we have a good number of traffic on our websites. we are working on many of Web-based mobile applications projects and doing serious research in Jyotish and other subjects.

After clearance of 1st stage of the interview, we shall need 1-2 of your research-oriented articles to analyse your work as per viewership of the readers.as per the response of the readers, we’ll do a project together on contract basis for 2-3 months or suitably the time you can give to the joint project.Full-Time prospects and responsibilities shall be as a Research Scholar, Senior Astrologer, Author of https://vedicsiddhanta.in.

On appointment, you will get an opportunity to meet and learn knowledgeable scholars in this team.The benefits shall grow and will be shared time to time along with companies growth and development of the project.

Vedicsiddhanta Team, will get together once a year for 2-3 days to know each other and exchange the views on the divine knowledge and learn new skills which will influence each one whole life.

What do we look for? 

Everyone have a flexibility to work from the location they choose. We are spread all over the globe and have a good number of unique visitors on our websites. Also we are on the edge of completing our projects and soon will be coming up with professional web-based mobile applications.Side by side we are vigorously focussing on research in Jyotish and other subjects.


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Serving our readers since 03 years now. We have provided successful services and Jyotish consultancy to thousand of the readers all over who have contacted us to seek guidance for their righteous path, some for assistance during their most adverse situation in life, even we face sometimes do and die situation. But it always been a pleasure helping our readers and giving them best suggestion.

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