Ask Single Question – Prasna Jyotish

Process of Submitting the Praśna.

Your question should be a single question without any confusion whatsoever. You should not be disturbed while ordering this report. You should first pay respect to your Preceptor and the divine before you order this report. You should first select an auspicious lunar day or a favorable time. You should order the report in the early hours of the morning (Your time). You should ask this question (Praśna) with a reverential approach.

My personal belief is that you should be honest with your question. You should have a strong faith that your problems will be answered in a thorough manner. We will not answer questions when the query will not be genuine or it lacks any effort from your side.

If you are thinking about asking a question, then you need to follow the approach as well. You should not ask the query in a casual manner. You should be anxious to know about yourself and you should follow a proper approach to the question. You should first seek blessings from your Preceptor or the Primordial energy. That energy will help me to help you. Jyotishi is the only channel and he can only channelize things when the querist initiates them properly. If you will be genuine and clear, only then you will be able to get a clear picture through me. We are just a mirror; you can reflect on anything you want.


What is the process?

This is a very sophisticated divine process and it tells us about hidden things that cannot be seen otherwise. This Praśna is based on the Vedic Praśna system. The deities are invoked before every Praśna.

This is not an ordinary process and certainly not meant for ordinary questions. This process is highly sophisticated and requires a long time to understand. Even seasoned astrologers will not be able to understand it, until and unless they have done some spiritual penance for a long time.

Please note that this process does not cater to what people consider or believe but it actually caters to what is going to happen devoid of any submissive thoughts towards their wishes or aspirations. It is not just math, but also a divine interaction where the divine in Ḍaivagya answers the divine in the questioner. Sometimes, the divine may refuse to answer the question in which case the pṛcchaka has to forgive the question.

The question should not generalized. It should be specific.

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