In-Depth Career Analysis l 60 Minutes Online Voice session I Detailed Analysis


Career Analysis & Report l Understanding Job Timings, Promotions, and Job Issues in work

This detailed Session is specially designed for those people who are having a basic understanding of Jyotish fundamentals & looking for deep reasoning on the professional front. It can be due to confusion arising because of wrong professions, fields or choosing incorrect profiles & organizations or native might be in the dilemma that what career should be chosen for better future growth. Which profession one should pursue based on the planetary alignments and placements in the natal chart, that can give maximum success and benefits. Then you should take this consultation.

Please mention while booking which specific area you want to focus on for your consultation.

The objective of this report is to cover basic areas of professions. To understand Career, Work Environment & Job-related matters i.e

  • Choice of Field.
  • Problems faced in Jobs.
  • Promotions.
  • New Jobs.
  • Problems in career.
  • Facing difficulty in getting jobs.
  • No growth in the career, etc.
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What we are Offering :

  • The prior objective of this session will be based on understanding root reason, covering, and predicting the future events based on Various Dashas and transits methodologies.
  • Understanding the client issues based on a specific area of individual life issues which native is facing for a long and want to decode and improve on it.
  • This is a detailed horoscope analysis process mainly focused on understanding and predicting the timing of various root events of life connected with career, Business & Finance.
  • We will be covering the voice session within 14 days of duration after analyzing the chart with thorough research after the date of your booking.
  • The session would be covered within 60-90 minutes depending on the case complexity and will befall in the detailed case study.
  • This session will not cover the Birth Time rectification (BTR) Process ( so before booking the consultation make sure you are providing the correct birth time, approximate time won’t yield any results.) as it is a research-based analysis.
  • Prior knowledge of Astrology is necessary for this session to understand deeper concepts of career astrologically so that we can better make you understand why you are experiencing issues in your career path in one on one video sessions over Zoom Meeting.
  • Technically, This session will cover the Process of Predicting the events from Transits, Past Events, Nadi Karakas, Nadi Progressions, Rasi, Bhava, Aruḍha details (Jamini principals ), Varga’s, and Dashas (Both Chara and Vimsotri) Details.
  • We will cover above mentioned principles in a consultation unless the seeker asks about it.

Benefits of Detail Report Analysis

The Price is only for hard work, time, and energy spent on intensive Research work, Analysis, and delivering suggestive and Spiritual Guidance. Our only Motive is to provide detailed and hidden insights into seeker life via our analysis.

We through our experience and research will guide you through the best months to invest in and how much beneficial it will be for you.

  • This Report/Session will give you a deeper insight into your career path via various astrological calculations that one can understand and apply to life.
  • The session will help you to decode & understand the technical insight of your horoscope which will be an advantage if you are learning Jyotish and you won’t need to go anywhere else, after understanding your chart.
  • This report gives a brief understanding of the specific life event.
  • Users will get 2 opportunities to discuss the follow-up session within 3 months of the period related to the current consultations.

How to conduct the reading?

  • Upon receiving your consultation request, as well as your payment reference, expect 10-14 days (2 weeks, because of ongoing consultation booking ) of processing time before your consultation is scheduled.
  • If you do not receive notice within 7 days, please contact us at:[email protected]
  • The reading will be conducted over Zoom (
  • All readings over Zoom will be recorded and given to you within 7-10 days along with a Brief point of your horoscope and remedial measures.

Appointment Form

  • After booking the case study from the portal users need to schedule the date of appointment for a reading. Use the ‘Appointment ‘ Link for Booking the appointment.
    Please note:-
  • Morning timing/slots are only for domestic clients.(people residing within India)
  • Night timing/slots are only for Foreign clients. (people residing outside India). So request you to book accordingly.
  • Also, as our slots are full we request you to show patience with the booking of dates and times.
  • As you are aware it’s research work and needs lots of time and energy to go through aspects of your life and we focus more on clients’ satisfaction with their questions fully answered pertaining to their life with remedies.


Fees are payable through IMPS, NEFT, PayPal or Credit Card, Debit card as well as Bank Transfer. You can choose those options at the end of the booking case study.

Wishing you a Good Jyotish reading session.


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