Rakesh Singh Jamwal

(Founder, Author, and Research analyst)

Diversity of Experiences

Rakesh Jamwal is a nature-loving, spiritual being founder of The Vedicsiddhanta research foundation, who strives to help fellow beings re-connect with the science of ancient and understanding its spiritual connection with nature, the universe, and their inner selves.


As C.E.O of  The Vedic Siddhanta Rakesh Jamwal is one of the main leads in the Spiritual Jyotish consulting industry and is widely recognized for his expertise in the implementation of change within the corporation.

Started his Journey in Journey in the year 2000, after graduating from M.A.M College in the year 2003. Rakesh Jamwal earned his Technical Qualification From DOEACC Center and other International Certification from Microsoft and CISCO, later on, he worked as an IT Engineer in many of Corporate industries.

Career Management

Rakesh Jamwal has contributed to a number of leading Research journals on Mundane and Vedic Astrology. He is an active leader not only in Jyotish Research but in the community as a whole, His accomplishments are numerous in different fields.


Despite being an IT engineer by profession, Rakesh jamwal dreams and goals were always towards researching and analyzing the mystery of life through an old and traditional astrological Medium i.e Siddhant Jyotish (Mathematical Astrology), Gola Adhaya (Astronomy), Vedic Cosmology, Vedic Astrology, Jamini Sutras etc. The dedication towards exploring the beauty of the cosmos which is beyond my imagination and studying Real-time Case Studies and research in all three branches of astrology is my hardcore passion.
Strongly believe and follow the spiritual scriptural texts of “Bhagwad Geeta” and “Srimad Bhagwad Maha-Purana” in which “Shri Krishna” describes the Karma and Rebirth Theory. Rakesh Jamwal has strong faith in-laws of the Multiverse and spiritual world which are connected with Upanishads and the laws of Nature and Karma. Communicating with Nature (Prakriti) and its beauty is what always inspires me to live with it that’s the only reason he always follows and believes in alternate sciences (I.e Meditation, Ayurveda and Healings Sciences) as part of my life.
Rakesh Jamwal firmly believes, in seeking the truth of life via Spiritual and traditional Jyotish learning. Ideologically strongly believes and follows literature of My mentor guru – ” Late Dr B.V Raman ” whom I never met, but always wanted to learn from him under the blessings of his scientific approach towards this divine science.
In addition, Rakesh Jamwal keeps writing regularly for various publications and on social media on astrological, astronomy knowledge based on my research and importance of Vedic knowledge for the entire world, which has in return given me lots of diverse readerships and following.
He would like to express my gratitude towards the people who inspired, uplifted & enlightened my soul towards the journey of the spiritual path and now this is my mission in life.

Experience in Consultancy 

Serving our readers for 19 years now. We have provided successful services and Jyotish consultancy to thousands of readers all over the world who have contacted us to seek guidance for their righteous path, some for assistance during their most adverse situation in life, even we face sometimes do and die situation. But it always been a pleasure helping our readers and giving them the best suggestion.

At Krishndhaam ( The Consultancy Initiative of Vedicsiddhanta), we are happy when our readers give us a positive response to our services and Jyotish sessions in the form of testimonials. We feel privileged by serving you all. Anytime you need our help, please feel free to contact us and we promise to give you our best as always.

Rakesh Singh Jamwal

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