These reports gives a precise quantitative analysis of life many aspects i.e Marriage, Finance, Career and Health in single Report and we will cover every single bit of information from the planetary placement and house strengths.This report will explains you can optimize and maximize the positive aspects of your life via planetary discipline and day to day tasks based on your birth and also helps in understanding the negative afflictions presents in the chart which is affecting your life. This report also gives an deep insight of planetary periods (Dasha Periods) in ones life. This report covers Many Divisional charts for understanding four goals of life; Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha, lending it a uniquely proprietorial perspective.

What Will You Get in this Report Section ?

  • Your personality traits.
  • Analysis of Planet and House strengths in your chart
  • The Natal promises of individual planets as well as Rahu/Ketu nodal axis in your Natal chart
  • The Natal promises of broad parameters as assured by the interaction of houses and planets in your birth chart
  • When, the planets are expected to deliver their Natal promises
  • The present astrological signature and the strategy for the next 5 years
  • A holistic overview of your birth chart
  • Recommendations of astrological remedies
  • Will cover 4 Aspects of life : Career, Marriage, Finance and Health of native.

This Report is designed for people those having initial knowledge of astrology and would like to know what will happen but why it will happen in their different aspects of life in detailed analysis via our research team.

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