Fruits of your Marriage Always be given based on your Poorva Janam Punya Karma, that's the reason why 5th house and 9th house has major role in childbirth happiness, 5th( Prova Punya) is the 9th ( Root of your past) from 9th (Past and Bhagya) and 9th is 5th ( Punya from the Past ( Sanchit karma) from 5th, 5th from any bhava is Poorva Punya or ( Fruit's of that house) and 9th from any house is the Phala of that house given by the God grace or based on your good deeds, that's the reason intervention of god grace is always seen from the 9th house, when you pray god listens and happiness will given be in the form of children's Happiness. I hope this will help you understanding why children's has major role in Rinanubandhan.

What's more would be blissful than seeing his creation or new life in form of his gift. It's a way of seeing oneself or one's image and fruits of our deeds.Life is so beautiful that it gives us responsibility to feed another life, to serve his creation for a greater cause. All of us we can't see our own child birth in our own eyes but we can feel feel the positive vibrancy in a little baby which is again a image of our own-self. Childbirth is the rebirth of a mother in a new form , in a new role, in a new responsibility ( its not birth of a child iit's actually a rebirth of a mother, its a transition from a lady to mother ), which would brings the memories of your own mother hardships and moments she has given to you or felt when you was actually a child Indeed that moment is the true bliss for any human. being That's the reason why we all of us turn happy and enjoy the bliss of the the moment we see in a new born godly life.Every child is special only mother need to become special for every child.Enjoy the bliss of happiness.

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