This Sections has quality of well researched books those are belong to our author database of vedic siddhanta, those we think should get acclaimed. "Sarfarosh" is one of its kind book written by my very good friend of mine Mr. Guru Rajesh Kotekal that meets the exact expectation of Readers and one should read it to know more about on Nandi Nadi concepts and tributes given to the hard-work of Indian freedom fighters.Even he has written lot more books on other classical concepts too. Please go through this section and enjoy the happy book readings with vedicsiddhanta quality reads.

The life events of 108 revolutionaries belonging to the Indian Independence Struggle have been described using the Nandi Naadi principles discovered by the author.Besides the astrological angle, this book presents the biographical details of the revolutionaries, their poignant tales of courage and struggle against a giant colonial power and the tremendous sacrifices they made for the cause of Mother India.This book is indispensable for anyone who wants to grasp the application of Nandi Naadi principles to various facets of human life including longevity, mode of death, ill-health, misfortunes, married life, progeny, career and so on.