Deep Blue Lapis Lazuli Healing Crystal Bracelet

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Lapis is said to activate the throat chakra and has often been used to support a higher more advanced form of communication, encouraging one to always discern and speak the truth.

Lapis Lazuli consists of the compound sodium aluminum silicate with sulfur, chlorine, and hydroxyl. It is often flecked with Pyrite and white Calcite. Most of the world’s Lapis Lazuli is currently mined in Afghanistan. Other deposits of a generally lower quality are in Chile and Russia. The ancient Greeks and Romans called the stone “sapphirus” until the term “Lapis Lazuli” began to be used in the Middle Ages. In Latin the name simply means “blue stone.” This name came from the ancient Persian word “lazhuward,” which meant “blue.” The Egyptians used Lapis in beads, pendants, and other jewelry. They were also known to grind the stone into a powder for use as a medicine and for cosmetic eye shadows. The brilliant color was also ground and used by artists as paint. Lapis was often used in the burial ornaments of Egyptian kings and queens.

In the healing arts, Lapis Lazuli can be beneficial to the respiratory system (especially the throat and lungs), the cleansing organs, and the nervous system. Perhaps the greatest single attribute of Lapis is its relationship to the mind and the mental state. Lapis is a powerful ‘thought amplifier’ and is helpful in aligning all the elements of the body and the mind.The color blue is related to water, peace, and spiritual attainment. While powerful, it is also soothing and cooling. Above all, Lapis is a stone inspiring self-knowledge and reflection. Reflect on its many gifts as you choose it for jewelry, healing, and meditation.

Uses of Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli Stones resonate with the vibration of truth and enlightenment.They are powerful intense blue stones for opening the third eye and stimulating the pineal gland.The energy of these blue crystals may intensify the growth of intuition, channeling and psychic abilities, and may aid you to contact your guardian angels.The capacity of this crystals energy to stimulate the development of psychic gifts, makes it a stone that is in demand.

  • It is beneficial for the throat, larynx and vocal chords.
  • It helps regulate the endocrine and thyroid glands.
  • It overcomes hearing loss and other
  • problems with ear and nasal passages.
  • Lapis Lazuli enhances circulation and improves cardiac rhythm.
  • It reduces vertigo and lowers blood pressure, and is thought to alleviate insomnia.
  • Lapis is beneficial for women suffering from menstrual irregularities, and relieves cramps, stiffness and lumbago.
  • Lapis Lazuli relieves general pain and inflammations, and is especially effective against migraine headaches.
  • It aids the nervous system and brain disorders, and is believed to help with attention-deficit, autism and Asperger's syndrome.
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