Gomti Chakra Tree for Positive Energy and Protection


Gomti Chakra Tree for Positive Energy and Protection GCTPEP001

Gomati Chakra is a rare natural product, a form of shell stone found in Gomti River in Dwarka, Gujarat in India.This spiralling structure in gomti Chakra represents, Fibonacci Number, The Golden Ratio - Phi - Spiralling Consciousness. The sacred spiral is an ancient symbol of growth and evolution. It dates back many centuries and has been used by the ancient Celts, Greeks and as part of Wicca beliefs. Everything that grow take a spiral shape. You can see these spirals in tree trunks, galaxies, cellular growth, DNA etc.

It is believed that it can bring good luck, Prosperity and wealth and is used in many of the spiritual and Tantric rituals as found in Hindu Scriptures. Gomati Chakra resembles the shape of Sudarshan Chakra or with Discus of the Lord Krishna. Even It is used in many of the Yantra rituals and also used in worshipping of Deities. It is believed that those who keep Gomti Chakra in the form of amulets or Yantras, it Protects and blesses with money, Good luck, Good health and prosperity.

According to many of the Sources, It is also believed to protect children from the evil eye. Some people bury Gomti Chakras during their constructions in the foundation of buildings as it is believed to bless the residents with long life and prosperity.

Some people hang it in front of the house or keep them pr place in their Pooja room peace, Protection and prosperity.

The Gomati chakra stones are popularly used as ritual based remedial measures for many day to day Problems. It is found in a white coloured stone with small circles like swirling shape on one side of the stone like chakras and these are considered as symbol of goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu Sudarshan Chakra . According to many belief it is said that they were used on the walls and floors of many of the Sri Krishna’s palaces in Dwarka and also used as shilas.

They are used along with Shaligrams in some special worship.According to “Salagrama-Kosha” when Shaligram and Gomati Chakras are placed together near place of worshipping it can be act as guarding shield for one who worships them and can churn many of the sins and past misdeeds.

Gomati chakra is a miraculous thing. It is available from sea and rivers. This is very rare.It is used in different spiritual and tantra rituals for money and prosperity.Maa lakshmi is worshipped by using the Gomati Chakra.

This Gomti Chakra Tree consist of Set of 500 Gomtri chakra used for Happiness, Positiveness and Protection.

Benefits of Gomti Chakra Tree

  1. This is used for food, Good Health and Overall security and prosperiety.
  2. In some region, Gomti Chakra is worshipped on the Diwali day along with Goddess Lakshmi.
  3. This can be hanged inside the main entrance of the building to ensures prosperity.
  4. Good to have water kept with Gomati charka ,this ensures good stomach health and blood pressure.

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Gomti Chakra Tree for Positive Energy and Protection Gomti Chakra Tree for Positive Energy and Protection Gomti Chakra Tree for Positive Energy and Protection Gomti Chakra Tree for Positive Energy and Protection

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