There are multiple biological functions happening in the body at any given time the liver alone has 500 functions all determining the balance of the body. On a daily basis things are changing from one season to another, the weather, what stage of life we are in and ones lifestyle and diet all work in a complex dynamic way making the treatment program and diagnosis hard to manage and at times alluring. Ayurveda, Naturopath and Medical Astrology are few deeper ancient science that can explains the deeper functions of the body very clearly and in a simple manner the functional aspects of the 3 doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha the body’s intelligence responsible for the dynamics behind the balance of the body governing all physiological activity.

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Case analysis should be based on Health related issues you are facing in life etc, Make sure it should be only on 1 detailed subject to get complete in-depth analysis. As it is based on detail analysis on current issues you are facing in life, you need to share complete past event details with a time of events in order to cross verify past events, if it is required in the case study.

Krishndhaam Research Team offers a variety of Holistic Health services based on medical astrological tools that can lead a seeker or learner through the process of exploring and defining a concrete understanding on health factors.