Vedicsiddhanta Research Journal Series : Download and read in-depth Analysis on principals of wheel of time based on Mundane and Vedic cosmological principals

After seeing great dedication of the Demon Maya
toward the Sun god, The Immortal god of Light and Energy himself said, I will
present you this deep and immemorial
knowledge on speed and motions of planetary structure closely based on
Space-Time system.
Neither anyone has any potential or tolerance to
accept my violent and aggressive bright lights nor have I much time to deliver
it but your deep devotion and dedication earned this and part of my brightness
will sure present this deep immortal knowledge on Time to you. Henceforth, the
person immerged from the Sun god said, oh! Maya, Lord of the Demon, Listen
carefully with great dedication, and This Deep knowledge on time is same as
preached to Seers by the sun god itself since the beginning of creations and
from many eras’. This Deep secret on time is still same as mentioned in Veda’s
and Scriptures only the difference is of speed and motion of the time with the
changes in era and revolution of time.
Further explaining, the person said; listen
carefully on secrets of time, what is time and how we can understand true
definition of the time in both the terms:
– Surya Siddhaant, Intro chapter, Verse 10)

and Explanation –
 As preached by the Sun god
himself, the person said; Time is based on two schemes, one is used for
creation and destruction of planetary structures for
human beings and it is endless, eternal and cyclic in nature and
other part of time is purely mathematical also cyclic in nature
and preciously exist in both material and non material

Here the Sun-God revealing secrets and understanding
on time and how it is connected with never ending cycle of cosmos. First one is
purely based on space-time formulation on cyclic nature of time that the
process of Creation and destruction of planetary structures always moves in a
continuous, it is endless and connected with never ending life cycle in cosmos.
In Modern saying, life started after 13.7 billion years ago after a huge
explosion, we called it big-bang and further planetary structures in our universe
formed and thus we are able to understand how time and evolution process
started in earth. 
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