Retrogression of Saturn in Scorpio in Jyestha : Impact of Retrograde Saturn on ascendant, its a Time to evaluate your true goals hidden beneath in subconscious side.

o EXOPLANET facebook Retrogression of Saturn in Scorpio in Jyestha : Impact of Retrograde Saturn on ascendant, its a Time to evaluate your true goals hidden beneath in subconscious side.

Retrogression of Saturn in Scorpio in Jyestha – Time to evaluate your true goals hidden beneath in subconscious side.

Saturn is currently in Retrograde in Sign of water (Scorpio) in Jyestha Nakashtra placed in Square to Retrograde Jupiter in Fiery sign. Nakashtra Lord Mercury is in Debilitation state too. Two Retrogression elemental energies Clashing with each other and creating a situation of rebellion in deep inner side – that’s what is called retrogression – A new prospective hidden in your original personality. Later After April 2016 – A True Rebellion Leader will born in you either you will become too rude or too Rigid. those who can handle such immense retrogression energy  will be a born leader in near future.This is the high time to think deeply in deeper emotional side what were you doing wrong from the last couple of months, where were you stuck in middle of way, why you were not real, why you were not able to fix your situation and why you ignoring your real karmic duties. Saturn will force you or give you plenty of time to think more and more to evaluate your real practical personality simply to get evolve in practical world. May be you stuck in challenges or in hidden jealously prevail in working environment by the people try to challenge your credibility but ultimately you have to fight back those situations given by people and get rise ultimately.

Saturn will warn or make you more tough and serious and will make a complete changeover in your viewpoint of life. You will see many new values in you whom you might be ignoring in past months or years.You will see why world is so rude out your boundaries and why you are not enough competent to fight back. This phase of transformation will keep up-to till Sun reach to Highest  Retrogression energy in Taurus sign. After attaining highest chesta bala in Taurus Saturn will totally transform you in real and practical world. After this you will become real you who can survive in any situation. Till Sun reach at Taurus you see many challenges in life from many known and unknown people around you. Kendras are representative of public life, so you will you see many new challenges in society from your very own people whom you were trying to totally dependable on them.  It might  change your ideology regarding your daily routines, might be your ignorance in work, might be negligence toward your real motives and true thoughts.

Saturn is telling you currently try to make yourself independent  in emotional side. Release all your Emotional thoughts which keep burdening you and try to be in an independent state of all duties and think of those karmic duties which you were neglecting from long pending time. this is the time to think from much more deeper prospective level about whats your true goal in your life are, will show you who is real and who is unreal and whom you going to rely. Challenges and challenging people (Mars) will keep try to shatter your dreams and try to make you weaker from inner side in deep emotional nature. Its the time when you only have to think from your own soul level not from any other such Outer prospective thoughts  of people.

Its the time you have to spent your thinking to yourself only leave all people aside. your deeper Level of Sixth sense will develop during this time period and you will able to think more on your real targets of life. you will either try to change your profession or you will take your life too seriously might be you were ignoring from many months. Retrogression of Saturn only meant to make more disciplined ideology in life , be more realistic, thinking on big projects on real ground not in imaginary world. It will make you much stronger internally in emotional side and your deep hidden independent talent will come up after deep challenges you will meet in your Work areas, as Jupiter is also retrograde in fiery sign with Nodes. The Firing and igniting Deeper wisdom of Jupiter will transform your internal side of Saturn very soon after April.

4/10 Relationship is always be a time to work on ground reality rather than totally depending on people and what time is giving you. Trines works like a driver is ruling your life but in Kendras you have to work on your own wisdom, you have to make efforts and you have to work in actual one will move you further. its the only your deeper hidden thoughts will build your inner personality much stronger. This is the time to agitate your thoughts and ideology to bring real you in society.

People (Mars – Fiery Nature – turbulence in emotional values will increase) will challenge you after April 2016 to till August 2016. Situation will calm down when Jupiter will be in 3/11 Relationship with Saturn.

Its a High challenging time for Aquarius, Capricorn, Gemini, Libra, Leo, Scorpio  and Taurus Lagana people.

Saturn Transit in Scorpio: Return of Saturn in Scorpio in November 2014, Complete understanding on transit of saturn in different nakashtras in scorpio with mundane analysis

Return of Saturn in Scorpio on 2nd November 2014

Scorpio – Sign of Transformation and Regeneration

maxresdefault Saturn Transit in Scorpio: Return of Saturn in Scorpio in November 2014, Complete understanding on transit of saturn in different nakashtras in scorpio with mundane analysis

In 2nd November Saturn will ingress in Scorpio approximately about after 2.00 AM start moving toward its next sign exactly in Nakashtra of Jupiter ( Visakha- Star of Purpose).

With this transit Sadhe-sati will start for Sagittarius sign , Dhahia & Ashtam Saturn will be start for Aries and Leo signs. Libra Sign will be facing last phase of sadhe-sati and Scorpio will be facing 2nd phase of Sadhe-sati.1st Phase of Sadhe-sati is about managing your close relationships , 2nd phase of Sadhe-sati is about managing yourself , your thoughts transformations and mental courage and strength and last phase of Sadhe-sati is about your personal , family responsibilities and values and managing your wealth and assets.

No need to worry Vedic Astrology is purely a divine science having deep Cosmological mathematics behind transits of planets in different signs.

In Simple language Saturn transit is about fixing those areas of life which are you lacking and which you have to fix it till transit period of 2.5 , it is simply What god Wanted you should focus on some certain areas of life and balance those areas during that transit or what you can deserve because of your past actions or what you can get during that transit – they are simply indicator of fruits , Deeds and karma.

Some Myths and hypocrisy of Transits and correct System of transits

Checking Transits results always be a difficult task for any of an amateur and beginner astrologer reason is very simple there is very less knowledge distributed in online portals and most of the people who are running online portals simply predict results from moon signs that is very wrong practice for transit system.

Reason is simple there are millions of people and millions of people who having same moon signs so results can’t be same for each and everyone for same 12 moon signs.

In Every horoscope moon is having lordship of 12 signs and 12 houses and having 12 house properties associated with each lagna , question is how could moon will show same results for every human being during transit.

In My opinion Moon cant be the reference point for transits but it could be reference point for Dashas lord who is having current transits in lagna and divisional charts.

During a child birth planets aligns with specific degrees and nakashtras that’s holds the qualities of that birth but it cant be same for whole birth , it keep on changing like water finds its way during its flow. Same applicable for planets in Vedic astrology, birth planets keep changing after birth and they return back few years back in transits.

More the planet huge in size and mass , more the planet is closer to earth more having effect on earth and living being.

That’s why planets which are closer to us are having smaller rotation period around earth and having more physiological effects on us and we count them as Fast moving planets. Sun , Moon , Mars, Mercury and Venus are Fast moving planets and they impact us much more in our daily life events but only for few days , weeks and months not for whole year.

Development need some time that’s why we count Slow moving planet as Development initiated planets whose only motive is to enhancing our strengths , will and Stability. etc.

In my Opinion Slow moving planets have much stronger impact on us during the transits in different signs and nakashtras and we should have to carefully verify their results on the bases of Lagna as reference point not Moon.

Moon role is when we are dealing with their dasha period , So , Saturn , Rahu and Jupiter can’t Give same results to everyone from Moon signs.Clarifying this Parashara given a clue to Properly check the transit system from Ashtaka-varga .

Here Indian Astronomical & Sidereal system plays major role to understand the ashtaka-varga concepts scientifically as its typically depend on the progressions’of the planets as a reference point and during their progressions planets emits certain beneficial Influencing beams to certain houses means those houses which sun basically influence like Sun has Beneficial argalas on those houses. Such beneficial Beams of Influence contributed by different planets act as a catalytic agent augmenting the good effects of Radical as transit.

So ,Before drawing the opinion about important event of transit, cross check rules of transit before making any assumptions for Saturn transits.

What is Saturn about – A complete Story ?

In Sanskrit Saturn is called Shani or Shana-ish-chara (the slow mover), because it takes about two and a half years to coverup a zodiacal sign or so to pass through each constellation of the sidereal zodiac.

In the Linga Purana it is said that Saturn was born from the solar deity Rudra. The Markandeya Purana states that Saturn is the son of the Sun god by his wife Chaya (shadow.Saturn is cold and dry because of its  internal core structure made of , tamasik (lethargic) and an elderly planet. His sight is bad, and he is said to be “malefic amongst the malefic).

Saturn destroys the house is aspects (except if positioned in the seventh house, where it receives directional strength) and any houses it aspects or any planet it conjoins or aspects.When well placed it gives its natives integrity, wisdom, spirituality, fame, patience, ability to lead, authority, long life, organizational abilities, sincerity, honesty, love of justice and awareness of right and wrong.

When ill-posited it brings miseries,sorrow, delay, obstruction, disappointment, disputes, dejection, difficulties. Saturnine natives are defensive, nervous and secretive.Saturn rules the direction west,Saturday is its day, black is its color and is the gemstone of Saturn. Saturn rules number 8(Year 2015) in Indian numerology.

According to legends, Saturn was born to Sun and Chaya, also known as Swarna. During the time of Saturn’s birth, Sun fell severely ill due to Saturn’s inauspicious aspect when he opened his eyes. Hence, there have always been disputes between the father and son (Sun-Saturn Aspect).

According to Hindu Puranas (scriptures), Shani is considered to be a son of Surya (Sun) and Chhaya (shadow). His brother is Yamaraj and sister is Yamuna. His color is considered to be same as an Indraneel Mani, also known as Neelam (Blue Sapphire).

According to Brahma Purana, Saturn was totally devoted to Lord Krishna and was mesmerized by him. Seeing this inclination, Sun married Saturn to Chitra rath’s daughter. Saturn’s wife was extremely strong, powerful and modest.The wife of Saturn is Param Tejasvi and one day she went to him to request a son. But Shani Dev was busy meditating and praying to Lord Krishna.

After waiting a long time, his wife got agitated and cursed Shani that wherever, and whoever he sees will get destroyed.Hence, she cursed Saturn saying that anyone seen by him would be totally destroyed because of these facts we called Saturn as Impotent and can destroy anyone by its aspect.

Saturn tried to convince her and she eventually accepted her mistake. But, she could not take back the curse. So, Saturn started looking downwards as he didn’t want anyone to get hurt.This causes Shani to keep his head down all the time.

This is the mythology behind the harmful drishti (aspect) of Shani.

According to Vedic Astrology, Saturn is beneficial in the house it occupies, but harmful to the houses which it aspects. Shani aspects 3rd, 7th and 10th house and covers 270 degree of orbital distance  angle and you can imagine how power magnetic influence of Saturn would be from the one it occupies.

Shani hates actions such as fraud, deceit, telling lies, consuming alcohol, gambling, staying unclean, animal cruelty, and disrespect of God, parents or elders.

If Shani occupies a favorable position in a birth chart then that person progresses in several aspects of life. That person is hardworking, fair in dealings and justice-loving. His/her social standing is also very good and that person does not suffer from any major ailments. On the other hand, if Shani is not positioned well in a chart, then damage to the house, fires, debt, disputes and loss of wealth and property will occur.

Early defects in teeth and eyes are also the effects of bad Shani positioning.The movements of Saturn, also known as the “Great Malefic,” used to be observed with fear and came with warnings passed from the astrologer to client about pending shortages, bad luck, great loss or punishing circumstances.

Saturn’s gift is the pressure that keeps us focused on our own path. It’s seriousness, like the sign it rules, Capricorn, comes from knowing that some goals require us to plod through dread to generate more inner discipline. Jupiter balances this out faith, optimism and trust that all the hard work will pay off.

Saturn doesn’t promise success, but by laying out the steps, and sticking to the path despite the distractions and doubts, you start to gain Saturn-approved mastery regardless of the outcome. It is the path to unshakable self-esteem.

Saturn’s influence may seem heavy and limiting, but that is the nature of the physical realm. When you toss up your hands and claim to be overwhelmed, inert, depressed, someone else has to be the authority in your life. This authority can be given to a boss, father, spouse, teacher, friend, or even a punishing voice inside your head. Once you’ve been humbled-humiliated enough, you might decide to pull yourself up and be your own boss.

The sign and house position of your Saturn shows where these life dramas will likely take place.Whatever are the apprehensions attached with this planet, Saturn is not the planet to be feared of. After all, a success gained after winning over obstacles is the truly satisfying one, accompanied by a deeper, and eternal knowledge about life. And that is the invaluable reward Shani imparts in our destinies.

Prajapati and Yam are believed to be Saturn’s Adhidevta and Pratyadhidevta respectively.

Saturn belongs to Lord Krishna’s caste, rides a vulture and a chariot made of iron.Saturn is also known by many different names like Asit, Aarki, Chhayatmaj, Mand, Shanaishchar, Suryaputra, Ravij, Pangu and Saur, Bhaskari.

According to Vedic astrology, Saturn is the Karak planet for the 6th, 8th and 10th house , Along with this, it is the Karak planet for detachment.

Saturn is also the Karak planet for coal, iron, brinjals, black or blue clothes, Udat dal, black grapes and jamun.

It is considered to be a Karak planet for almost all blue coloured things.Saturn is often associated with ligaments and stomach. Being a Karak planet for detachment, Saturn should be strong in the Kundali in order to achieve success.Saturn can also be associated with sculpting, service, farmer, labor class etc.Saturn is connected with the age and longevity of an individual. He gives long life if placed favorably in horoscope.

In spite of his bad name, Saturn is actually considered as a teacher. He behaves like a teacher, who punishes the students when they err and rewards them for their good deeds.Saturn is also the planet of justice, behaves like judge and gives justice depending upon the deeds of a person. The person who commits sin and bad karma’s are rewarded results accordingly.

Saturn rules over bones. All the large bones in the body of legs are governed by Saturn. Saturn, as per his nature, gives long-term diseases. Such diseases are long termed and hardly curable. So a person has to bear with the long illness.A person under influence of Saturn has to work hard in life. Saturn represents labor class who work die hard to earn a little livelihood. Land and all the products beneath earth are governed by Saturn. As such, all the mining items are ruled by him. Iron is his metal and his color is black/ blue. Zodiac sings which Saturn governs are Capricorn and Aquarius. He is exalted in Libra and debilitated in Aries. His mool-trikona sign is Aquarius.

Saturn believes in discipline and strictness and never likes chaos and disobeys. In Hindu Astrology, Saturn has great significance. People are afraid of this planet due to his strictness and discipline. The slow transit of this planet offers two important common periods namely Sadhe-Sati and Dhaiya. Every person undergoes the period of Sadhe-Sati and Dhaiya many a times in his life. Sadhe-Sati is a period when Saturn transits the twelfth and second house of the natal Moon. Similarly, if Saturn is placed fourth and eight from the natal moon, period of Dhaiya takes place. Period of Sadhe-Sati is seven and a half year and period of Dhaiya is two and a half year.

These two periods are considered very difficult time in a native’s life. He has to face many hardship and problems in life and gets no respite from any circle. Astrologically, speaking, this is the time when a person experiences enlightenment while going through the hard time.

By suffering hardship, a person is balancing his sins. Here, we can understand the difference in the nature of Mars and Saturn. Hardship faced by a person under the influence of Mars can make him a dacoit or thief. But, this is not the case with Saturn. In such circumstances, the Saturn will turn a person towards spirituality and forces him to think what is the cause of his misery i.e. bad deeds are responsible of his present situation. Slowly he becomes pious.

what is Scorpio sign means ? 

Basic Qualities of Scorpio
Triplicity – Water
Heat – Cold
Moisture – Wet
Temperament – Phlegmatic
Constellation – Fertile, Mute
Quadruplicate – Fixed
Gender Feminine
Degrees 210 – 240
Season – Fall
Other -Long ascension, Obeying, Hears Virgo, Sees Pisces


There are three symbols for Scorpio – The Scorpion, the eagle and the Dove. In working with the symbolism, it is important to remember this – as all scorpions are not the same.


Widening Experience to see alternatives. Emotions and feelings help you find significance.Drawing strength to expand our consciousness through feelings. This is achieved through understanding and experiencing the Power and strength of a collective – learning through study of achievements of others and experiencing new or alternative ways of life.
Huge possibilities, mystery, profundity and Renaissance. Take that which feels stressful and emotionally complicated, and transform it using your mind, concentration and self-discipline to find strength and personal growth.

General Meaning

instinctive, ductile, mistrustfully, aggressive, extremely, fighting, seductive, speculative, magic, destructive, secretive, powerful, domineering, resistant, intuitive, asserted, charismatic, magnetic, strong-willed, perspicacious, passionate, creative, independent, vigorous, generous, loyal, hard-working, persevering, untameable, possessive, cunning, ambitious, sexual, proud, intense, competitive but also aggressive, destructive, stubborn, anxious, tyrannical, perverse, sadistic, violent, self-centered, complex, jealous
When the leaves fall to the ground, revealing the trees. Exposed emotions must be avoided, or deep passions. Action or passion valued about beauty for the sake of beauty. Water acting powerfully.

Some of Important Aspects of Scorpion Sign:

• Regeneration
• Greed: Desire for energy from others without giving back
• Lust: Self gratification; comes from a sense of defeat. Criminals are thwarted men of action
• Regeneration comes from exchange of energy with others.
• Scorpio is more of a Phoenix than a scorpion.
• Scorpio is a cosmic gate.
• Magical qualities or the vampire, secrets
• Detective, can sense the root of problems or issues or won’t stop until they are discovered.
• Penetrating beneath the surface
• Impulsiveness, temptation
• To feel together. “I probe”, “I desire”
• Previous image was of an Eagle.
• Magnetic, determined, secretive, shrewd, dignified, self-confident, masterful, sensitive, tenacious and critical
• Negative – a tendency to be cruel, selfish , violent, indulgent and domineering, a destroyer or to attract others who do these things.
• A wish to change, break taboos, refuse to compromise.
• A detective or fanatic, cynical and stubborn.
• Emotional strengths can be compelling to others so can rise to power. Can also use these powers to be an energy vampire to such others dry of emotional energy acting in jealous, vindictive, sadistic ways.

Body Parts – the sexual organs and the anus
Colors – black or dark red
Stones – malachite
Day – Tuesday
Professions – gynecologist, psychiatrist, detective, the military, army, stockbroker, asset management
Countries – Morocco, Norway, Algeria, Syria, Korea, Uruguay, Transvaal
Cities – Washington, New Orleans, Valencia, Liverpool, Milwaukee, Fes, Halifax, Hull, Cincinnati
Animals – insects and other invertebrates
Food – red meat, garlic, onions, leeks, spices
Herbs and Spices – aloes, witch hazels, nepeta, mustard, capers, peppers
Flowers and plants – geraniums, rhododendrons, thistles, mint, honeysuckle
Trees – blackthorns, bushes
Metals – steel and iron
Salts – calcium and sodium sulphate

Conclusion of Saturn in Scorpio Sign:

Saturn will Be more Serious and more determined during this transit and will work like “Scorpion movement – Slowy and Stingy nature – Can say silent but dangerous ” – is about Slow and Steady nature but in a Secretive way and can make  a surprise move with full of confident and active energy in near future  being in fixed sign- Slow and Steady will be the key for everyone to get success during this transit.

Saturn in Scorpio will become more impatient  than more contend like in earlier sign Libra – sign of relaxation and peace within self and around environment, but they will be so much determine to do anything or to bring any change in society secretly.

During Saturn in Scorpio , people who are having Saturn in Scorpio in D1 , D10 or having Saturn dasha running will be become more workaholic  in their hidden tasks or internally to overcome weaknesses.

They will  demand a lot from themselves and from those around them. Sometime they can be so intense that it can be overwhelming to those who are not as directed as they are, having Full of willpower and energy, they  will be so determined to meet their goals it is hard for them to remain calm.
Scorpions  are not the type to stop and smell the roses. Instead of going gung  for their goals, however, they are usually more subtle and calculating.
Saturn in Scorpio is a secretive work indications. When hurt, they can be unforgiving. They don’t like to be treated unfairly. They may be cunning, resentful, jealous, or possessive but still will  be much confident. They will act like shrewd and determined  bird and will like to come out on top of any type of deal.

Scorpio Saturn fears emotional rejection and being inadequate. This fear may cause them to overcompensate in other areas. This fear may also be self-fulfilling. They are afraid of being taken advantage of. By examining their true motives, they may be able to overcome these fears and break the cycle through healing during this whole  phase.

Scorpio Saturn keeps their motivations hidden deeply. They may be from psychological, emotional or psychic causes. By revealing their motivations, they may master their issues.

People will  often seek power through covert means. They may dabble in the occult during this phase. They will work very diligently to achieve self-control. Passionate and intense, Saturn in Scorpio can also find themselves deep in denial. Struggling through their issues will help them deal with their emotional nature.

Scorpio Saturn is resourceful, but they can be vindictive or withdrawn. They do well if they learn to be responsible enough to handle other people’s possessions. They must learn to be calm, efficient and thorough. Emotional restraint will do them well.

Physically, Scorpio Saturn may be beset with issues in the reproductive system or the organs of elimination. Bowel obstructions may be a problem. Often associated with negative energy, Saturn in Scorpio must battle to overcome it if they wish to succeed.

In Scorpio, Lord Saturn says “no” to the mysterious, invasive, penetrating, sometimes sneaky, unexpected, disastrous, implosive, catastrophic, emergent, surgical, trans-formative characteristics of Scorpions.

Although Saturn cannot prevent the existence of Vrischika’s hidden agitations, its sexual mysteries, or its ability to discover hidden assets, Saturn can prevent these behaviors from moving forward.

The people around Him will be are controlling, subtly manipulative, unpredictable, harboring hidden forces which threaten to attack Saturn at any time during this transit. Saturn’s job will be  to say “no” to sudden changes, particularly identity changes; He resists surgeons and psychiatrists; He resists anyone trying to invade His secret inner world; He freezes their predatory actions in real time; He stalls and prevaricates to distract and discourage the predators. Saturn tries to prevent drilling, mining, incursion, discovery, revelation of secrets.

Saturn  in Scorpio is typically rather hard to interpret because their defensive stone wall (Saturn) protecting their inner reinvigorating life-force writhing fuel core (the inner snake, Vrischika) is so cold and so thick and so determined to ward off intruders.

More than anything, Saturn-Scorpio dislikes sudden upheavals and forced changes of identity; yet this is precisely the karmic situation which must be apprehended and regulated.During this transit Saturn has to learn to order this hostile environment through regulation of behavior not cessation of behavior. He must to apply His resistance judiciously so that life itself does not come to a halt via His inability to respond and adapt in a disastrous upheaval.

The particular karma of Saturn-Scorpios often poisoning, albeit typically not physical poison but rather the psychological poison of fear of annihilation by shadowy, controlling predators and resentment of a lifetime under attack by an unending series of emergencies.

Saturn periods tends to generate various emergency scenarios, including unexpected deaths or difficult births, urgent need to defend hidden assets or keep the cover on occult knowledge, or profound but slow invalidation of an outdated identity which forces a painful emergence of a new social role.

 Saturn 1st Phase ( 0′ 00” to 3′ 20”  till 30th November 2014)

During Saturn first phase , will be transiting over  Scorpio  in Visakha Nakashtra  till 30th November – Nakashtra of purpose-  Vishaka is one the twenty seven nakshatras according to Hindu astrological beliefs. Agni and Indra are the ruling elements of Vishaka Nakshatra and it spans across the constellation Libra in the night sky.

The natives of this nakshatra are very sharp and keen to learn new things, due to this positive trait they like to be more inclined towards modern practices and do not like orthodox procedures and beliefs. They are full of energy and enthusiasm and quite single minded. Their resolution to something that they decided to do is another of their positive traits, and they will work exceptionally hard and go to any lengths for their accomplishments so till November 30th people will be more on learning new things and trying to find-out hidden secrets of cosmology.

This period  when Saturn will be upto 3′ 20 Degree in Visakha nakashtra be Good for Space research , Astrologers and Spritual people and good for Ar , Ge,  Le , Aq , CP , Sg , Pi lagana who are running Jupiter Mahadasha , Antardasha and Pratyantar dasha or those who Moon are in Visakasha nakashtras- good For wealth , Name,  Fame  , research and Spritual Purpose.

Saturn 2nd Phase ( 3′ 20” to 16′ 44”  till 29th December 2015)

After 30th November to 2014 – 3 ‘ 20″  to December 29th 2015- upto 16 ‘ 44” Degree  , Saturn  will be in Anuradha Nakashtra – Nakashtra of Success – Extending in the realm of Scorpio – Mars, governed by the planetary lordship of Saturn, Anuradha Nakshatra dictates the cosmic firmament with balance, honor and harmony. Striking a harmonious nexus with ‘Vishakha Nakshatra’; Anuradha Nakshatra derives its divine strength from Mitra- its ruling deity, god of Friendship and partnership who promotes cooperation among humanity.

During this Saturn-Anuradha Phase primary target will be to maintain dharma or rightoeus activities in social mass , society  and will in promotion of peace and Saturn will spread lesson of fame and recognition can be attainted through frienfly cooperation with other people and will be good for Aq , Cp , Ta , Ge , Le , Sc  Lagana who are havingbenefic Saturn MD , AD and PD periods having Good shadbala and Sav points in thier laganas or in thier Divisional charts.

Social Leaders , Social Mass medias , NGO’s  Spritual Societies will get Rise and will do thier work for sake of Society.

Saturn 3rd Phase ( 3′ 20” to 16′ 44”  29th December 2015 to 17th Janurary 2017 )

After 29th ,  December  2015 – 16 ‘ 44’  to 17th Janurary 2017- upto 29 ‘ 56” Degree  , Saturn  will be in Jyestha(Mercury) Nakashtra – Nakashtra of Brilliance-  Existent in the zodiac of Scorpio, Jyeshtha Nakshatra epitomizes the quintessence divinity of Indra-its governing deity.

Implying the meaning of ‘the eldest one’; Jyeshtha Nakshatra reflecting the planetary force of Mars and Mercury happens to be the eighteenth Nakshatra in the celestial horizon.Mental Brilliance analytical ability are experienced here – which means Saturn will focus learned members of Members to achieve elevated position in life and accomplish things skillfully.

Creative Genius are true picture of jyestha .Primary Motivation of Jyestha is Artha and Material Prosperity.Ge, Vi ,Cp , Aq ,Ta ,Sg ,Pi people will rise in this phase those are having Beneficial Mercury placed in D1 and Divisional Charts  having Good Shadbala and SAV points in thier lagnas.

In Mundane Astrology-World and India

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The sign of Scorpio has been associated with birth, sex ,  Sexual abuse in marriage or in partnerships , Sexual diseases , Secret Societies , Spy agents , Underground organizations i,e RAW , CIA or Interpol etc ,research organizations , Micro-biology organizations ,  Gynecological problems , and death in nations and world.

Saturn Rules Agriculture , Land , Real estate , oil , coal and petroleum , underground mines and minerals , old people , diseases of old age  ,arthritis , backache etc. Rebellion , Common people , Democracy and all forms of democratic institutions , municipals elections , Farmers , Famines , Drought and earthquakes  in nations,During this transit Saturn will be  in aster-ism of Ju , sa and Mercury so all those things which are ruled by Ju , Sa and Me will enhance or get fixed soon.

In My opinion , Whole world Will be more focused around above mentioned activities during this whole phase of 2.5 years.

In Nations Hidden conspiracies will prevail around every environment , hidden jealousy will increase and everyone will try to overcome each other in inner competitions with each other. Competitor nations will try to let down each other in their foreign policies and foreign trades.

Its an Indication of wars , battles , open warfare between countries  , increase in  enemies , dacoits will increase  , robbers , foreign secret agents will work against each others , international affairs will be more highlighted , international disputes  with other countries will be get pick like fire  , death of Secret enemies cam be seen , so i can  say it will give more like Hidden and Cold war between nations.

Impact of Saturn in India

In Indian This transit will in 7th house of Foreign affairs – although Saturn will be in Digbali Place but in Area of mars always be an Indication of war , fights and conflicts with each others.

India has to deal with patiently with foreign and international  policies in order to avoid disputes.there can be increase in Issues between Western countries  and also with Pakistan in internationals environment.

Scorpio rules Coastal areas and South- western Directions  of India such as In india Gujraat  , Khach and Bhuj area , Goa , Mumbai , Maharashtra , Western Pakistan etc , More issue will be seen over here , political disputes will be more in these areas .

there will be increase in Hidden diseases , frequent earthquakes will be seen more  in coastal areas of india , North America , Canada , Israel , Norway , Bavaria , Algeria , North Syria , Sweden , Brazil m Morocco, Washington , Dover , Liverpool  , Baltimore , cincinnati , Halifox etc.

In USA Scorpio will be in 4th house – US Will be more busy in their Internal Issues , there will be lack of peace in nation , weather conditions will be sudden and strange, can be seen increase in Volcanic eruptions and mining disasters, Fall of Govt can be seen, there will be increase in Democratic movement in US.

Will extended to see larger survival and mortality issues which affect society. An example of this is the awareness of safe sex, sexual abuse and the aids pandemic which came into focus during the 1980’s as Saturn were traveling through Scorpio.

When Scorpio is triggered, crime and abuse will be key areas of exposure. Interestingly, Amnesty International, which campaigns against torture, was founded in 1961 when Saturn  was traveling through Scorpio.

Scorpio also rules other people’s money so industries such as banking, stock markets, insurance, accounting and financial services will become spotlighted and made accountable whilst this sign is visited.

Scorpio is also about seeing things through a magnifying glass. Therefore much of which has been buried will come into the light. This can range from the developments of crime detectors, weaponry, probing technologies and CCTV.

Planets traveling through this sign will also highlight changes and developments within the gynecological and obstetrics industry. Note that the first commercial hand held ultrasound scanner was launched in 1963 when Neptune was transiting this sign.

How To check Transit results from Parashara Most accurate

          and Logical System – The Ashtakavarga System

Now what is Ashtavarga System ?

Now coming to Main point how to Check transits via Parashra Ashatakavarga System.The Ashtakavarga system is a method of calculating the Strength of the planets in a Hora lagna, a transit chart and also for the Strength of the planets in Vimsotri dasha too. Therefore, it can be used in any chart including all the divisional charts. It is not restricted to Lagna chart. This system also gives the facility to check each planet results for all the twelve houses.Logic and Science behind Ashtakvarga ?

As per Shiri late B.V Raman research Ashtakvarga is the result of the Progression of the Seven Actual Planets (including two luminaries )in the Universe from their respective radical Places and from the lagna and the collective results which is arise from the influence the planets is called Ashtakavarga.

We can Say for Sun Is Actually Exalted in Aries and as per Kalachakra Chart Sun Starts its rotation from the lagna(east) to west(7th house) and while its progression from east to west it emits certain beneficial Influencing beams to certain houses means those houses which sun basically influence like Sun has Beneficial argalas on those houses. Such beneficial Beams of Influence contributed by different planets  act as a catalytic agent augmenting the good effects of Radical as transit influences.

For eg when we are dealing with Sun Ashtakavarga , We actually mean the collective factor due to the projection of positive beams with reference to sun itself and other six planets including lagna.

Parashara Actually made this system into Some numerical Values and arranges in some  way for interpretation and timing of events which is one of marvelous piece of work Parashara Rishi.

Ashtakvarga System should be used for accurate predictions with transiting planets and while predicting Vimsotri dasha   lords results.

Ashtakavarga also takes into cognizance the actions and interactions of the transiting planets with regard to their radical situations and by a certain manipulations of the beneficial and malefic influences given rise to by such movements and measures numerically as some units which we can use to time important events in the native life or in world in Mundane astrology too.

Usage of  Ashtakavarga System for Transits

All seven planets contribute their strength in terms of numerical value from 0 to 8 points. Rahu and Ketu is excluded from the list but you can check from their lords Houses (Aquarius ruled by Saturn and Also ruled by Saturn too so for Rahu check Saturn Strength or points in Individual lagan’s and same apply for Ketu – Lord of Ketu is Scorpio and Mars but i used to avoid it mostly as Rahu- Ketu Positions in universe is still a Mystery) as they don’t have any physical body and they have no physical influence on the other planets so we should avoid Rahu and Ketu in Ashtkavarga System.

In Ashtkavarga System Strength of the planets depends on its relative position or the radical position  with other planets. We can’t do judgment of the strength of the planets mere by its sign or placement in a particular house without considering the planets strength with respect to other planets.

There is no other system presents which can give exact view and strengths of all the planets.During my Research in Transits Systems with Ashtakavarga System I have found we can use the Ashtakavarga system  in the following areas of life:

1) General strengths of the planets and the houses in D1 chart for different areas of life represented by the houses for e.g More than 30 Points in SAV in 10th house in D1 for Mars Gives Success in Army and some Dynamic Jobs.
2) Parashra Exclusively Said an Honest Astrologer Should Use Ashtkavarga System for Identifying the Age or Longevity of the Native.
2) We Can use Ashtkavarga for Specific life Events based on Divisonal charts ( i.e D7 , D9 and D10 charts ) with respect to transits for analyzing specific events.
2) For Events timing in all major issues in Native Life.
3) For Predicting Vimsotri Dasha results.
4) For Professional and Social Success of the native VIA SAV
5) For Casting Horary Charts results.
6) Majorly use in Transit results (Commonly used for Transit results in individual horoscopy) with respect to Vimsotri Dashas.
7) For Predicting World Level Issues like earthquakes , Drought, Rains etc in Mundane Astrology

In the Ashta-ka-varga system ( Means dividing each of the 12 rasis into eight sub divisions) the charts are cast using the Individual natal chart or the Transit chart on Natal Chart and it is majorly Divided into three parts:

1) Bhina- Ashtkavarga Charts or Individual  Ashtkavarga Charts.
2) Sarva- Ashtkavarga Chart or total Ashtkavarga Charts.
3) Prashthara or Spread Out Ashtkavarga Charts.


The individual Ashtakavarga chart is known as the Bhina-ashtakavarga. Bhina-ashtakavarga charts prepared for the lagna and the 7 planets – total 8 charts are made. The Bhina-ashtakavarga charts of planets are very useful to study the transiting effects of planets. The total of beneficial and malefic points in a house, for a planet is eight.

Ashtakavarga beneficial placement of planets are:

• Sun beneficial places are 1st , 2nd , 4th , 7th , 8th , 9th , 10th , 11th from himself producing 48 Points.
• Mars beneficial places are 1st , 3rd ,5th ,6th ,7th, 10th ,11th from  himself producing 39 points.
• Mercury beneficial places are 1st , 2nd , 4th , 6th , 8th , 10th , 11th , 12th from himself producing 54 points.
• Moon beneficial places are 1st , 3rd , 6th , 7th , 10th , 11th from himself producing 49 points.
• Jupiter  beneficial places are  1st , 2nd , 3rd ,4th , 7th , 8th , 10th , 11th  from himself producing 56 Highest points.
• Venus beneficial places are 1st , 2nd , 3rd ,4th ,5th , 8th , 9th,  10th , 11th  from himself producing  52 points..
• Saturn beneficial places are  3rd ,5th ,6th ,11th from  himself producing 39 points.

The total Individual Contribution of beneficial points by any planet in any horoscope will be same and it will be equal to 337 for any horoscope and this is constant value.( SAV total 337 = 48+56 +39+39+52+54+49)If the beneficial points are known, then automatically we know the malefic points. Eight minus the beneficial points gives the malefic points ( if Guru Contributes 6 Beneficial points in Libra 9th house than Malefic would be (8-6= 2).

We have total seven planets and 1 Ascendant lagna that are 8 main reference points where we constitutes the 8 Bindus for reference check in Vimsotri and transiting planets so we called 8 Ashtavargka Lagnas charts , and there are twelve houses and 12 Signs in them, hence the total points should be 12 X 8 = 96, for each planet.

These 96 points may be beneficial or malefic. Jupiter contributes a huge 56 beneficial points out of 96 points reason it has much beneficial influence on other planets in 12 houses in a transit due to which it got more beneficial points, which means that 96 – 56 = 40 , Jupiter has 40 malefic points out of 96 Points and 56 Beneficial points.

This is the reason Jupiter is called the great beneficial because it got highest Beneficial Points in transits with respect to the radical positions from other planets. Similarly, Sun Contributes 48 Beneficial points, Mercury contributes 54 points, Venus contributes 52 points , Moon Contributes  49 Beneficial points. Mars and Saturn however, give only 39 beneficial points each, which means 96-39 = 57 malefic points.

That’s why Transiting effect of Saturn and Mars is Most imp in National Horoscopy  because of the  maximum malefic points they got in Ashtkavarga System and we have to see their placements in disastrous area to see their impact so we considered them as naturally malefic planets although Sun is not fully Malefic Planets as it has Got good number of Beneficial points in Ashtkavarga System so we can called it as mild Malefic planet.

This is the reason that Mars , Saturn and Sun are mostly Considered in Mundane astrology for their malefic influence of in Nation , World and individual Horoscopy Since the malefic points outnumber the benefic points they are called malefic planets and Sun as Mild Malefic. From the above, it can be observed that each and every planet gives both malefic and benefic results.

Following are the BAV Points or Bindus based on 12 Rasi’s in 12 houses with respect to the angular influence from other planets:

1) 0 Points gives Very bad result its like a dead planet.
2) 1 point better than nil results but still it is considered as very bad.
3) 3 point are also considered as malefic result and bad for transit.
4) 4 Points are neutral results for transits.
5) 5 Points are very good results in transits.
6) 6 Points are excellent for transits.
7) 7 points are Rare but it is like raaj yoga.
8) 8 Rare to see but if one get this results native usually get sudden rise and Sudden name and fame in this transits

How to Check  Saturn Transit ?

Checking a transit result from Ashtvarga System is a tricky part but if it get its very easy for you to predict the results based on transits of planets in Individual horoscopy.

The first basic rule is Never judge the results of the transits of Major planets like Saturn , Jupiter , Rahu and Ketu from Moon Signs always see the transits planets results from Individual lagna kundli based on Major points:

1) Birth sign : Check the  birth Sign having link with Saturn in kundli or not or Birth Sign is in the Nakashtra of Saturn or not  ,  If the natal Moon is placed in Capricorn or Aquarius, Saturn becomes the Moon’s Dispositor. Moon is actual indicator of your inner thoughts and your area of comfortable etc. So for Capricorn and Saturn Moon Sign or those having any link with Saturn in their Lagna chart, they must have to be discipline in thoughts processing level and  should have to cultivate or adopt disciplinarian ways of Saturn for those who are ignoring the way of discipline  and it will not be affected so much when Saturn actually transits over that signs and combinations.

2) Birth Nakashtra  :  check whether  moon is in Saturn Constellation  or not  if the natal Moon is placed in any of the 3 nakshatras owned by Saturn, i.e Pushya, Anuradha or uttaraBhadrapada, then following the principle given above, sadhesati or dhaiyya will not be very stressful for such a native.

3) Sign of Saturn transit:  check Sign of Saturn , When Saturn transit over its own sign, or those of its natural friends i.e, mercury and Venus it’s normally gives the better results as compared to its transit over the sign of its natural enemies i.e. the sun, the moon or mars.

4) Functional Lordship of planet:  Check the  functional lordship of Saturn or relation with functional beneficial lords during this saturn. lords of trines (trikonas) in a horoscope are always beneficial (i.e, lords of the 1st, 5th, and 9th house). If either the moon or Saturn are the lord of the trinal may not give bad case of fiery signs i.e. Aries, leo, and Sagittarius, neither Saturn nor the moon are lord of trines. Transit of Saturn is bad for natives with these moon signs .In all the other signs, one of the 2 planets i.e ,Saturn or the Moon is a functional beneficial and the results are better.

5) Strength in shadbala and bhavabala:  Check Strength of Saturn for individual Lagna in Strengths tools, i,e 8 types of strengths  – Shadbala ,  Bhavbala , chesta bala , Kala bala , dig-bala , drig bala and Naisargik bala ,  ishta and kashtha bala etc . if saturn and the moon have obtained the required strength in shadbala and their required ratio of the ratio that the strength is more than 1.0 then the transit effects of Saturn are better as compared to those where one or both of them are weak. The lower the ratio, the worse are the results .Similarly, in Bhavabala, if the house over which Saturn is transiting has more than 7.5 rupas in bhavabala. and in ranking is placed among the first six bhava then the evil effects of Saturn transit are lessened to a large extent and vice-verse.

6) Strength from AL :  Check strength of Saturn transit from Arudha lagna to see what it will  bring to you  in society i.e Saturn in 11th from AL – . Wealth , Financial Gain in this transit , 3rd from Al – Courage and Strength in this transits. This way you can better understand Saturn transit for Scorpio, what actually it indicate your directions in society.

7) Strength from Divisional charts : check Saturn transit from Different divisional charts i.e D9(Marriage and Dharma) , D4(Home , assets and Peace) , D7(Children) , D24 (education) , D10 ( work and career) from AL , A10 , UL , A7 , Sun , Moon and Lagna in Divisional chart lagans.

8)  Check the transits results from Natal Chart :  for the results as Natal lagna gives the actual results, not the moon lagna. Moon lagna should be check after the natal lagna as moon is about to perceive from the mind or from the state of mind. Means what we are feeling after we get the results means positive or negative feeling we are getting form the results as described in below mentioned cases :

for eg for Taurus lagna Guru is 8th and 11th lord which means in current Transit(20th june 2014) Guru going to be transit in Taurus 3rd house in cancer sign and will aspects the 7th , 9th and 11th house as Guru Mool trikona sign is in 8th house.

So, Guru will give its beneficial results to the native with respect to new initiatives in the business in new partnerships with loans or might start his marriage life with the partner .As it is in the 3rd house so it indicates good initiatives in the field of business , courage , communication and initiativeness etc.

It can give huge loan to the native in business matters as guru is 8th to the 8th house means new step with respect to the Loans and partnership in business/Marriage .As it is in 3rd house so native can start his business with their siblings or cousins with the loans they get from their initiatives .

Quite possibly with maternal cousins. Also aspecting the 7th house – the house of marriage and partnership , native might get married and also get success in the Marriage/business  partnership too and it will also give good interest into deep sciences in occult i.e study of the 8th house matters like the secret sciences like astrology , tantra mantra and all deep mystical knowledge’s of yoga , sidhis or mantra etc too.

Person might involve into deep research in all philosophical and advance knowledge in religion or might start his higher studies like MBA in financial studies as per the beneficial aspect of the guru on 9th house and aspecting 11th house too which means native will get good gain in all his perspective or every effort he put to achieve .

Now the picture of moon Sign came for eg If the Native Moon Sign is in Taurus than Guru will be in 3rd from it so it’s simply mean native will get huge mental courage and wisdom knowledge (as guru is in 3rd house in a sign of Cancer – So its all about mental courage and mental peace ) w.r.t to the 8th house and 11th house so native might able to handle all his tasks with its deep wisdom and mental balance got from the guru and will put his more metal initiative into getting every of all his works either marriage , business dealings , higher studies or deep studies also.

Take another example , for Capricorn and Aquarius lagna Saturn is lagnesh so we can Say Saturn is benefice for  Both the lagnas, For Capricorn Saturn will be in 11th house  which means Monetary gain , increase name and fame with respect 11th matters, sign Lord mars will indicate what native has to do in order to get gain. For eg. one Saturn has 5 Points(BAV) in 11th house- it means native will Get good gain and beneficial results. More than 28 Points(SAV)  of indicates native will get Clear Boom in that area. If moon is in Taurus which Means 5th house for Capricorn- Native will expect or feel comfortable gain regarding 7th house  matters, may be child will born , couple may get Wealth gain etc.

9) Vimsotri Dasa Lords : Transits are More effectively seen in any Horoscope so always check whether your Guru , Saturn , Ketu and Rahu Vimsotri Mahadashas , Antardashas and Pratyantar Dasha is running or not if any of them is Currently running than Major planets will give its most of the results in their transits.

I can say they can give results 99% majorly more fast and More Accurate and with maximum results . For e.g for Taurus lagna Guru act as Functionally Malefic as it is the lord 8th house and also lord of the 11th too so When it is transits to Taurus lagna Native may fall sick and have Some health issues too and we can see this result when a native Guru Mahadasha , Antardasha or Pratyantar dasha will be running else results will be less to see but Final verdict will be predicted on ashta-varga system.

10) Finally time the results of the transits Based on the Individual Bhina Ashta varga and Sarvashtakavarga chart for Major transit Planets for eg – for Taurus lagna Guru Mahadasha , Saturn AD is running and Guru is transiting In 3rd house in cancer , Saturn is transiting in 7th house and in BAV Chart of Guru has having 4 Beneficial points out of 8 ( 4 Negative point too ) , saturn has 5 Benefic points ( Indicates very good State of Saturn) which means native will get the transit result of the Guru in 70-50 %  manner or you can say 50% negative 50 % positive for Guru and 70 % Beneficial results for Saturn.

As 4 points gives neutral results not much bad or not much less and when there is Guru MD dasha and Sat AD  too than we can assume both the results at maximum level and we Can expect Something around result of 7th house – Marriage , Business and Partnership etc , Native may marry during this time period. we can  confirm this in SAV Chart too ,  Guru has having 27 Beneficial Points in 3rd house out of 56 which means 2 negative points are more so this transit of Guru will give its 50-50 results wrt to Marriage , Business dealings , higher studies , Deep occult studies and Saturn 31 Points which means – Professional Brilliance, Spiritual gain  and Ring for marriage and gain in partnership too.

I Hope now you will able to cast your transits results with more accurate and scientifically way for any major transits of any planets.


On 2nd of November Saturn is going to enter Scorpio a Slow moving planet whose only motive is Make a balance or to fix things cosmologically , in mundane or in Individual Horoscopy.

Saturn Aspects are Killer aspects for Enemic signs but good for beneficial or friends signs.Place where Saturn transits indicates what you have to fix or what you have to rectify regarding that house or that sign or that traits natives possess.

for E.g for Aries Native native has to face some sort of transformation w.r.t to income , career prospects , it will be positive transformation but it will goes form negative to positive side, so  this way you can check for any lagna transit for Saturn.

Current Saturn transit Will be good for Taurus , Gemini , Leo , Virgo , Capricorn , Aquarius , Pisces lagna- Taursian can  experience good Professional rise and ring for marriage , Gemini can hear news for some sudden moment or travel w.r.t to work and career purpose ,  Leo will get time to fix their home matters and relationship with their partners.

Virgo will get courage to cross the barrier of restrictions and and gain in professional front,  Capricorn will hear good news in Wealth , gain or increase in bank balance or news for change in job area , Aquarius will get new prospect to change their work profile , they will get new opportunities to change their work front or think around what they really wanted to in career.

Aries , Cancer and Libra has to work more on their issues of transformations and Regeneration energies to fix their Children’s , studies , affairs matters and Family issues , values and wealth matters.For Scorpion and Sagittarius People they need to fix their ideology and they need some time to fix what is going around their environment, what is running in their mind or thoughts or in their brain, so everything related to Brain and thoughts. they need to fix their Persona and Spiritual belief , family issues.

For India Saturn will be in Scorpio Sign  which is again a sign opp of Taurus and Sign placed in Western direction and coastal regions of India, we need to take more proactive actions against earthquakes, cyclonic issues in  coastal areas of India and to those countries which are lying near Taurus and Scorpio.

We need to work with patience and smooth dealing with foreign affairs as we can see there will be a downfall in external affairs with other countries or there may be Loss in foreign trade or fall in foreign policies , Hidden conspiracy will increase against Nation of India we can see a condition or situation like war by western countries lying to our western zone, so India need to be self aware and Self protective against any secret activities by our Opp Parties , agencies, rivalries  or Opp Countries .


For  natal Horoscope , Best Remedy is to Recite and Propitiate Lord Saturn by ” Neela Shani Stotra ” Created by King Dashratha or Read Whole Story of King Vikrama aditya , Read About lord Saturn in Padma Puran and Read Shani Shaman Book and understand its course for different zodiacs and do remedies as mentioned in ” Shani Shaman ” , Be calm and down to earth and do your responsibilities of Real world seriously , make your self more serious towards your moral duties, respect women, Saturn is more serious in Scorpio Sign so do everything more seriously with more serious approach in life.

With Thanks and Regards,
Rocky Jamwal

Download Research Papers :

Download Research paper in PDF :


Ashtakavarga System – Dr B.V Raman
Double transit theory for transit –  Shiri K.N Rao
Wikipedia ,  Shani Shaman , Nakashtra – By Dennis Harness

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