Ramadas Rao

Diversity of Experiences

I have born in a traditional Madhva Brahmin family and I belong to Udupi Sode Mutt ( One of the 8 mutts in Udupi to make Poojas to Lord Krishna ).From my age of 12-13 years,I developed interest in Palmistry and at the age of 23-24,I learnt Palmistry from one of my friend who learnt Palmistry from a Kerala Guru.Then in 1983,suddenly  I got interest in Jyotish Shastra.So I got the Blessings of Mantralaya Shri Raghavendra Swami Ji and I started learning Astrology.After that It did not stop.In 1990,I got a spiritual Guru,Shri Sripathy Achar from Ambalapadi,Udupi who initiated me a Devi Mantra and in 1992,the Sadhana got completed.After that I learned myself more in Parashari Astrology and then in 2001,I started learning Jaimini Astrology and in 2001,Nadi Astrology from Shri R.G.Rao.Now I am doing consultations mostly in Nadi Astrology.

Expertise & Skills

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I have written articles in Jyotish Digest somewhere in 2004,2005 etc.I also wrote an article to Express Star Teller Magazine.( Of course,I am not keeping any notes when actually these articles are published.

Career Management

In my FB page, I have written mostly Nadi based articles and a research article based on Nadi Astrology.I have a lot of clients from all over the world and also from many parts of India.

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