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Bhrigu Rishi NadiReports Advance Nadi and Prashna Jyotish Reports

Advance  Prashna Marga and Nadi Jyotish Reports  are meant for an Advance analysis on a different line of Jyotish services those are based on Life Specific queries i.e Marriage, Career, House, Wealth, Finance, Travels, Health, and Children’s etc based on Nadi and Prashna Marga Principals in a holistic way.Those users who are seeking an exact answer for their queries in deep and micro level advance nadi Services are recommended for them.

Advance Nadi and Prashna Reports available only in PDF format based on Nadi Prashna, Blind chart (Interactive Chat System) as well as Natal chart analysis where the user will get Detailed report. Reports will be given to user including a remedial part in a pdf document with 15 to 20 Days, if users have opted for remedies in Vedic reading form sections.

1) To book your Advance Nadi Jyotish reports, choose any of the suitable services from the below mentioned list and the confirmation will be sent to your email instantly.Later you will receive the schedule or delivery date of your Reports.These Services are majorly available in written formats as it is based on thorough analysis of Birth chart with many advanced Jyotish tools.It normally takes approximately 20-30 days to write down complete hand written reports.
2) After the Payment, used need to fill the Vedic Reading form too for Past events details required for Studying the chart in depth.Click here for filling the Vedic Reading Form

We can give below-mentioned advance reports and readings based on a different aspect of life in one or more of the following areas:

1. Option A: Advance 5 (Five Questions) Nadi Prashna Report
2. Option B : Advance Nadi (Single question) Prashna Report
3. Option C : Advance Life Specific (3 Questions) Nadi  Report

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