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This portal carries important details about Jyotish Consultations for International Users. We deal in services that comprise of Case studies/ Consultation with written reports or recorded audios within the same price.

In-Depth Horoscope Analysis | Voice Session + Diagnostic & Root Cause Analysis PDF Report (Remedies & Snapshot Points )


In-Depth Horoscope Analysis reports

This report is meant for those users who want to understand, decode and resolve root areas of life issues by Different Jyotish principles, which help them to understand the underlying technical logic’s behind their life-specific case study. This Case study is for the Analysis Single chart of the native. For more than 1 chart Native needs to Pay and take an Extra Time slot later.

In this report, we will explain every minute detail from Natal charts to Divisional charts, Nakshatras, Transits, Birth time rectification process to know the root cause of the life specific event which native is experiencing from a long period, etc.

Covering 03 Life’s aspects:

User’s Questions should be related to any 3 specific areas of life that users would like to focus on. i.e. Career & Marriage or Finance & Career, Health, etc.

Purpose of this report:

The purpose of this report is to resolve unsolved life-specific problems occurring in any specific area of life.

  • This report is specially designed for resolving unknown trouble, life mysteries that are unresolved, which are hidden in nature for many years and are hard to understand by the common man, and also the problem which native is experiencing for a long period and want to decode it through chart analysis by various astrological methodologies like yoga, remedies, etc.
  • To cover & study only three areas of the life events which you want to highlight or areas due to which you might be facing acute problems in your life. Whenever your book the case study, please highlight those major 3 areas of life in the comment section in the appointment form.
  • That native who is interested in knowing their Soul purpose & Spiritual Path of life can also book this report.
  • This Report is for those users who have a thorough or basic understanding of basic Jyotish principles and wanted to get deep insight into their birth chart in technical Jyotish terms.
This report doesn’t include a whole chart analysis. Our purpose is to decode and resolve the root cause of life-specific problems in a specific areas of your life.


  • Finally, Root cause analysis is done – This is a process for identifying the underlying causes of an incident/ event so that the most effective solutions/ remedy can be identified and implemented.

What we offer:

Session Mode: Voice Session ( 60 Minutes )  + Diagnostic Report including Remedies in PDF  format.

  • Birth chart rectification will be covered in this session before starting the consultation. This process includes panchanga (including Nakṣatras), Transits, Nadi Kāraka, Nadi Progressions, Rasi, Bhava, Aruḍha details, Varnada (In Case of career analysis), Varga’s, Dashas (Both Chara and Vimshotri dasha).
  • The Price is only for hard work, time, and energy spent on delivering that suggestive and Spiritual Guidance. Our only Motive is to provide detailed and hidden insights into seeker life via our analysis. We through our experience and research will guide you through the best months to invest in and how beneficial it will be for you.
  • Users will get the flexibility to get 3 follow-up Queries sessions within 6 months period, after performing the initial remedial measure given in the main session for understanding the remedies process in the improvement of the root cause of the problem.
  • Users cannot take the next follow-up session before the 6 month period without doing the remedial measures but before that user has to send us the update on the remedies performed by him after 3 months via e-mail so that we know about the case progress.

Process for Booking & reading:-

  • Once you receive our confirmation, please book your appointment on the link provided by e-mail or through our website, so that once your appointment is booked we start working on your case study or Book your appointment for reading by clicking on this “Appointment “option and fill the necessary details required for chart analysis.
  • Once you book a consultation with us. We will receive your consultation request along with your payment reference.
  • If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail within 7 days, please contact us at [email protected]. As you are aware the detailed case study required more time to study the root cause of life.


Fees are payable through Cash, IMPS/NEFT, PayPal or Debit/Credit card, Direct Bank Transfer.

All these options are available for payment for the booking case study or you can directly Pay via Paypal id : [email protected]

Consultation charges: 99.00 $



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