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The Krishndhaam Jyotish Services is a portal that carries information and details about various Jyotish services and Consultations. Serving our readers for almost 22  years now officially or unofficially, we have provided successful services and Jyotish consultancy to thousand of the readers all over the world who have contacted us to seek guidance for their righteous path, some for assistance during their most adverse situations in life, even we face sometimes do and die situations. But it has always been a pleasure helping our readers and giving them the best suggestions. At Krishndhaam ( The Consultation Divison of The Vedicsiddhanta ), we are happy when our readers give us a positive response to our services and Jyotish sessions in the form of testimonials. We feel privileged by serving you all. Anytime you need our help, please feel free to contact us and we promise to give you our best as always.

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Consultations details and information
How do we do a consultation ?

Before proceeding with any consultation from us, the seeker must know how we do consultations, what sort of internal procedures one has to follow and what sort of services, Case studies, and Consultation seeker can avail from us, and how we schedule our consultation sessions. Please click on the below to know more on our consultation procedure and methodologies :

Brief and In-Depth Horoscope Consultation
For Indian Users

This Portal carries important details about Jyotish Consultations for Indian Users. Once you are able to understand the underlying process and methodology of our consultation, the Next step is to select Case studies or reports those are mentioned in our e-Commerce platform based on your desired queries or problems you are experiencing in your life. If you have doubts regarding your selection of Jyotish services from the web portal before booking your consultation and appointment,

Kindly send us a mail @ [email protected]  or you can drop your query via the contact us form regarding your queries and life problems so that we can have a better guide on service selection.

Prashna Chart Analysis

Ask a Prashna chart astrology consultation can opt if you are interested to know the outcome of a certain query/event in your mind, those who just want to know about a certain query, those who do not have their birth horoscope, or birth time is in approximation and still want to ask about something very specific bothering them. Those who do not want to opt for other reports and just want to focus on one query can take this service.

This is the best option to select for astrology consultation if you just one to know about any particular query.

Detail Horoscope Consultation
For International Users

This portal carries important details about Jyotish Consultations for International Users. We deal in services that comprise of Case studies/ Consultation with written reports or recorded audios within the same price.

Kindly send us your Appointment Request so that we can better understand your Questions & suggest Jyotish services accordingly.

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