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For the past 25 years, Krishndhaam Astrology and Spiritual Consultancy has been here to serve our customers, readers, and seekers, providing advisory and consultation services both publicly and privately on a wide range of transcendental issues. Earlier we served as Krishnadhaam and now we are an official Body as Vedic Siddhanta but our Consultancy division is still krishndhaam Astrology consultancy. Despite the fact that we are occasionally faced with situations that could result in either life or death, we have been able to deliver successful services and Jyotish advice to thousands of readers from all over the world. These readers have written us to inquire about the best course of action, and some have sought assistance through the most difficult moments of their life. Being of assistance to our readers and offering them with the greatest advise, on the other hand, has always been a source of genuine joy for our crew.

At Krishndhaam, we are always grateful when one of our clients takes the time to provide us with feedback in the form of testimonials on the standard of our Jyotish consultations and services. It is an exceedingly humbling opportunity for us to be of aid to you all.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time, even if you merely suspect that you will require our assistance at some point in the future. You have our word that we will always pay close attention to and consider your needs. I genuinely hope that you have learned something fascinating and beneficial from your reading. I truly hope that I was able to handle all of your concerns and questions in a satisfactory manner.

We are delighted that you have chosen to make your reservation with us.

Misha Singh
Misha Singh
I have taken many consultations but Rakesh Jamwal sir's session is so detailed and worth it! I am very happy with the service.
Arunabh Awasthi
Arunabh Awasthi
I can't thank Rakesh Ji and Vedic Siddhanta team enough for helping me out with my struggles. This is a wonderful team that helps its clients by explaining the situation and probable solutions in easy to understand language. They were spot on with the assessment of past and understood my current struggles perfectly. In addition to that, they explained things very calmly and gently. Once again, loads of gratitude and happiness to the team. :)
Madhoolica Dear
Madhoolica Dear
I am so happy that I chose to take consultancy with Rakeshji! He took his time, explained in depth about the issues which no other astrologer did till now..believe me I have gone to to so many. He was spot on almost on everything. He gave me simple solutions and guidance for future. Highly recommending Rocky/Rakeshji! I listened to the recording a couple of times after consulting and realized how honest he is as a person! Thanks Rakeshji and aap par Prabhu kripa banaye rankain!
Vibha Tripathi
Vibha Tripathi
Rakesh ji has a strong command on his subject. His calculations are spot on. Suggests effective vedic remedies which helps you to deal with the problematic areas in your lives and ultimately connect you to the almighty (god) whom we generally forget in our daily coarse of time. Emphasises on importance of karma. Thanks Rakesh ji for guiding us like a true well wisher. Lots of gratitude 🙏
Varron Attrri
Varron Attrri
I am very much thankful about the right direction given by Shr. Rocky Jamwal sir. I was moving dirrctionless since 8 years and due to his kindness and remedy provided by him helped me miraculously and a mental peace troubles that's unwanted but he helped me a lot and getting benefit the remedies he given to me. For me he's like a saviours and a god who come to save a person. I must reccomend people to follow him and his guidance 🙏 thank you so much sir for your help
Shweta Mehta
Shweta Mehta
In-Depth analysis from Rocky bhai Jamwal ji was awesome and with depth taking every segment of your life. I found my purpose of life of what i have to focus, where will be my growth, where i will get peace, what i should avoid and many more things. I strongly recommend each and every one to get this reading and know your purpose of life! Thanks a lot Rocky bhai.

Consultations are open for May and June 2024 Month

Consultations details and information
How do we do a consultation ?

Before proceeding consultation from us seeker must know how we do consultations, what sort of internal procedures one has to follow and what sort of services, Case studies, and readers can avail from us, and how we schedule our consultation sessions. Please click on the below links to know more on our consultation procedure, Appointment details  and Methodologies :

  1. Our Astrological Sessions are meant for those users who want to understand & decode root areas of life issues.
  2. We do not do general horoscope analysis, we prefer to do specialized consultations in different life areas, that’s the reason it takes time for our consultation booking procedure.
  3. We follow a holistic astrological approach for studying charts of readers via multiple astrological methodologies i.e. Jamini System, Nakshatra’s, Nadi Progressions & fundamentals of the Parashara system.
  4. These Case studies selections are depends on the situations user is facing in his life.
  5. Users should check the rules, regulations & processes we follow for  our consultations by clicking on below mentioned link :
Appointment details and information
How to Schedule Appointment ?

We do case studies and consultations on weekends, i.e., Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Friday in the week. We can also do consultations on special days, i.e., national holidays or any weekday holiday, all depending on the availability of national holidays or weekdays, as we are not conducting Jyotish sessions on regular days due to our research work, our daily routines and teaching work, etc. Make sure to book a consultation in advance through the Jyotish Consultation Portal, based on your case study (brief or detailed) and the available slots. This process may take up to 2–3 weeks, but it can sometimes extend up to months due to advance booking in the appointment scheduler. (Applicable only for voice sessions.).

Written consultations of any type, i.e., Prasana, and detailed reports usually take 1 month to finish because of hectic appointments and daily routine work.

Please show patience while booking the appointment, as we take selective cases in a month depending on the complexity of the problem, and that too on weekends only, so request the seeker to keep this in mind while booking the case study, as appointments sometimes might stretch from a few days to months.

Domestic Appointment Details

Morning timing and slots are only for domestic clients. For individuals residing in India, charges will be in Indian currency (INR).

International Appointment Details

Night times and slots are only available to foreign clients. For individuals residing outside India, the consultancy charges will be in US currency ($). So, I request that you book accordingly. For any further information, please feel free to contact us via email at krishndhaam@gmail.com. We will try to get back to you within 24 hours or within 3-5 working days.

Consultations details, charges and information
How to Book your Consultations

This website, or Jyotish Consultation Portal, contains important information (i.e., consultation technical specifics, fees, and how we undertake consultations) about Jyotish Consultations for Indian as well as international users. Our pricing structure aligns with the research-based Jyotish services we offer, which include detailed case studies, brief consultations, Prashna, miscellaneous written reports, and recorded audios.

Jyotish Readings: Gaining Some Clarity

Once you have a firm grasp of the philosophy underpinning the appointment and consultation process, you can begin to tailor the case studies and reports you read on our platform to your specific set of questions and challenges. Before scheduling your consultation and session, please contact us with any questions you may have about the Jyotish services you have selected from the website.

Our consultations are primarily divided into 5 consultation services which i have listed down below, where in-depth horosope consultations are meant for first-time users who want to understand the life scenarios in detail to identify root issues of life that are connected with multiple life challenges, such as consultation with BTR (birth time rectification and without BTR, in 60 or 90 minute zoom sessions consultations, etc.).

Brief horoscope consultations are for those users who want to have short and brief sessions for their particular life challenges in a budget-friendly consultation session. The Full Life Consultation, a premium consultation, caters to users seeking a comprehensive understanding of their lives through three in-depth Zoom sessions, which they must consistently schedule in the appointment section.

We design specific life-area consultations for users seeking guidance on specific life challenges. These specialized Jyotish consultations aim to identify the underlying issues affecting specific life areas, such as career, marriage, etc. The Last Jyotish Service is a specialized written report that addresses miscellaneous life issues such as Prashna, Past Life, Muhurta, Yearly Life Analysis via Tithi Parvesh, Astro Vastu Prashna Analysis, and Stock Market and Financial Investment Analysis, among others.

1. In-Depth Horoscope Consultation

2. Brief Horoscope Consultation

3. Full-life horoscope consultation

4. Specific Life Area Consultations

5. Written Miscellaneous Consultation

I hope you have a brief overview of our Jyotish services. For detailed information on individual services, users must visit the Jyotish portal.

Consultations details, Astrology Service, charges and information
Our Astrological Services

The following links will take you to detailed descriptions of service costs, consultation specifics, and payment procedures. Please go through all the links individual and accordingly you can book consultation and schedule your appointment’s. If you have any challenges regarding consultation and appointment you can drop your message in the below form. will get back you as soon as possible and assist you accordingly.

Consultation for Domestic Users
This Portal carries important details about Jyotish Consultations Services for Domestic Users. Based on readers queries, challenges and problems of life readers can choose astrological services those are majorly categorized in Brief, In-Depth, Prashna & Urgent case studies.
Prashna Jyotish Consultation
Ask a Prashna chart astrology consultation can be opt if you are interested to know the outcome of a certain query/event in your mind that you are unsure about the results from your natal chart and you are looking specific answers for specific questions.
Consultation for International Users
This portal carries important details about Jyotish Consultations for International Users those are living other then IST time zone. We have made specialized consultation session meant for those users who want to understand, decode and resolve root areas of life issues by advance jyotish principals.
Life Specific Consultations
Specific Life Area Consultations are meant for those users who want to decode and resolve their specific life area issues i.e Post Marriage Conflicts, Pre/ Post Relationships Issues & Timing of Marriage, Progeny problems, long Financial Crunches', Chronic Health issues, Past life Issue & Karma etc
Schedule your Appointment
After selecting your desired Jyotish Service from the Consultation Portal next step is to schedule your appointment date, time and block your slot for the consultation where you need to share your information related to your birth chart and life events that we will use for birth time rectification.
Full Life Consultations - Coming Soon
Full Life Analysis will be based on advance Jyotish consultation and this consultation will cover everything about your life that too in 3 hour of duration in 3 different sessions that we conduct in 3 weeks sessions to understand deep insights of your life.
Contact us
Contact us for Appointment and Consultation challenges

Please contact us by e-mail at krishndhaam@gmail.com or using the website’s contact form if you have any questions or comments concerning the consultation, appointment and Jyotish services.

If  you are experiencing challenges while booking the consultation or scheduling the appointment please drop your message on the below contact form or you can call us at our Support number +91-7006278941 or you can drop your message on the same WhatsApp number .

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