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Krishndhaam Jyotish & Spiritual Services

This portal carries important details about various Jyotish services and Consultations. We deal in services which comprises of Case studies/ Consultation with written reports or recorded audios within the same price.
Please go through the below process in detail before booking for the consultation.
Jyotish consultations are divided under 04 sections
  • A) Brief reports (Voice Reports)
  • B) Detailed reports (Written Reports)
  • C) Prashna Reports (Written or Voice Both)
  • D) Single Query Reports (Written or Voice Both)
A) A Brief report is specially made for those people who are new to the terminologies of Jyotish. Being a layman in this field we make it easy for them to understand the difficult principles of Jyotish in simple language. It reflects only one specific area related to anyone’s life problem mentioned in Objective.This is a voice Report which will cover sessions within 30 minutes.
Please mention while booking which one specific area you want to focus on your consultation.
The objective of this report:
To understand the predictive part of their life problems i.e
a) Career – Choice of Field, Problems faced in Jobs, promotion etc.
b) Health problems
c) Financial problems
d) Marriage- Time of Marriage, Divorce, Separation, etc
e) Past karmic Problems & Debts etc
B) Detailed reports are specially designed for those who understand the basic Jyotish principals, which help them to understand underlying technical logic’s behind case analysis. In this report, we will explain every minute detail from Natal charts to Divisional charts, Nakashtras, Transits, birth time rectification process etc.All the Detailed Reports are in written PDF format and will be deliver in email within duration of 10-15 days.
They are subdivided under 04 categories:-
I.In-depth details for 3 aspects of life :- Focusing mainly on 03 specific areas of your life which are creating problems or you want to know more about the prospects ahead related to these areas in life. i.e. Career & Marriage or Finance or Career etc.It is a written report and will be deliver in Email in pdf format.
II.Whole Chart Analysis for 5 Aspects of life : To know about any of your 5 life aspects of life i.e. Health, career, marriage, finance, children, spiritual path etc.It is a written report and will be deliver in Email in pdf format.
III. Past life Karma and Karmic Relationships Analysis Report : To know about Past life Karmas, Karmic Relationships, curses and Debts etc.It is a written report and will be deliver in Email in pdf format.
IV. Detailed Stock Market, Financial, Investment, and Bussiness Analysis Report  : To know about Stock Market, Financial Investment and Business analysis.It is a written report and will be deliver in Email in pdf format.
The objective of this report: Understanding complex life problems from Birth till Marriage Issues i.e. Divorce, Separations, Misunderstanding- in-relationships, Acute financial life, Children’s problems in couples, Past life karmic issues, curses & debts etc. , Also knowing your Soul purpose and Spiritual Path.
Finally, Root cause analysis is done – This is a process for identifying the underlying causes of an incident/ event so that the most effective solutions/ remedy can be identified and implemented. It is used when something goes worse in life or can also be used when something goes well.
Confirmation Procedure  : Once you book a consultation with us.
  • We receive your consultation request along with your payment reference.
  • Please expect 10-14 days ( i.e 2 weeks – due to ongoing consultation booking) of processing time before your consultation is scheduled.
  • If you do not receive confirmation within 3 days, please contact us at [email protected]
  • Once you receive our confirmation, please book your appointment on the link provided on e-mail or through our website, so that once your appointment are booked we start working on your case study or To book your reading click on this “Appointment “option and fill the necessary details required for chart analysis.
  • The reading can be conducted through Phone, Zoom App ( for Voice reports or by personal visit to Krishndhaam local office. Only readings over the Phone or Zoom are recorded.Detailed Reports are delivered through email in PDF format.
After booking your consultation. we request you to book your appointment by clicking on the below link so that we can block the slot (date with time) for you and start working on your case.
Appointment link:
Please note:-
Morning timing/slots are only for domestic clients. (People residing within India for Voice Reports only )
Night timing/slots are only for Foreign clients. (People residing outside India for voice Reports only)
So request you to book accordingly.
Also, as our slots are usually occupied so we request you to show patience with the booking of dates and time.
As you aware it’s a research work and needs lots of time and energy to go through each aspect of your life and our focus is more on the client’s satisfaction with their questions fully answered pertaining to their life with remedies.
“Our motto is Happy & satisfied client always remember, give blessing and with the suggestion, we improve too”
For any further information, please feel free to contact us through a call or an e-mail. We will try to get back to you within 24 hours
Fees are payable through Cash, IMPS, NEFT, PayPal or Debit/Credit card as well as through Bank Transfer. All these options are available for payment for booking case study. For More details on Payment process and details kindly click on Shipment and Payment Info
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