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How we do consultation

This is a portal carries important informations and details about various Jyotish services and Consultations we.take. Before proceeding any consultation from us seeker must know how we do provide consultations, what sort of internal procedures one has to follow  and what sort of services, Case studies and Consultation seeker can avail from us and how we schedule our consultation sessions.

Majorly we only deals only in written, voice sessions and prashna Reports depending on complexities, seriousness and problem area or root areas of the case.

We believes in root cause analysis of the Horoscope  thats the reasons we only deals in an analysis of selective areas  or problem’s of life that is troubling the seeker most. We do not take consultation  for whole chart analysis of the horoscope as it will not serve the purpose of consultation and resolving the root area of problem’s. We believes in holistic analysis of the life problem via different astrological methodologies.

We take very selective cases in a month based on complexity of problem areas so before booking the appointment seeker must keep in mind that he has to be patient after booking the case study as an appointment might stretch into few days to a month.

As we do case studies only on weekends ( Saturday’s and Sunday) so you have to book accordingly as per availability of an appointment  slots on weekends. We do not provide  any consultations on weekdays.

Instant appointments are only available for Single Query Prashna Reports that are delivered in 3-5 days in pdf format.

Please go through the below process in details before booking for the consultation.

Our Jyotish consultations are divided under 05 sections

  • A) Brief reports ( Voice Report |  Available only on weekends )
  • B) Detailed reports ( Written/Voice Reports | Available  only on Saturday’s or Sundays  )
  • C) Prashna Reports ( Written Report | Available only on Weekdays – Monday to Friday’s )
  • D) Followup Consultation ( Voice Report | Available only on weekends )
  • E) International Consultation ( Voice + Written | Available  only on Sunday’s | Voice meeting on Sunday and conclusive written report later )

A) Brief report is specially made for those people who are new to the terminologies of Jyotish. Being a layman in this field we make it easy for them to understand difficult principles of Jyotish in the simple language. It reflects only one specific area related to any one life problems mentioned in Objective. Please mention while booking which one specific area you want to focus for your consultation.

Objective of this report:

To understand the predictive part of their life problems i.e

I. Career – Choice of Field, Problems faced in Jobs, promotion etc. ( Brief Career Analysis Report)

II. Health problems ( Brief Health Consultation)

III. Single Query Analysis Report ( Single Query analysis )

IV. Marriage predictions or in timing of marriage.

B) Detailed reports are specially designed for those who understand the basic jyotish principals, which help them to understand underlying technical logic’s behind case analysis. In this report we will explain every minute details from Natal charts to Divisional charts, Nakashtras, Transits, birth time rectification process etc.

I.In depth Analysis life issue :- Focusing mainly on specific area of your life which are creating problems or you want to know more about the prospects ahead related to these areas in life. i.e. Career & Marriage or Finance or Career etc.

II.In depth Childbirth Analysis :- Focusing mainly on related to childbirth issues.

III.In Depth Financial Life analysis : Focusing mainly on Stock market analysis, Financial life and Business analysis

IV. In Depth Marriage Analysis : Focusing mainly on all the issues related to marriage, Post married life and relationship related issues.

C) Prashna Reports :  Prashna Jyotish is used to predict an answer for the query presented by a querist to an astrologer at the time of asking question.The answers for certain questions are difficult to get from the birth Kundli but they can be found easily from the Prashna Kundali. The Prashna Kundli can reveal whether a desire will be fulfilled or not. Prashna Kundli can give answers in either a yes or no. For example, win or lose in any case, Question’s related to health, or A person who has left his home will come back or not and so on.

D) Followup Consultation : Follow-up consultations are for those who previously had a full chart reading before 6 months and want to consult regarding the life events ahead in their life

Confirmation procedure 

Once you book a consultation with us :

  • We receive your consultation request along with your payment reference.
  • Sometime due to ongoing bookings appointment may take more then 2 weeks so kindly bear with the delays.
  • If you do not receive confirmation within 3 days, please contact us at:
  • Once you receive our confirmation, please book your appointment on the link provided on e-mail or through our website, so that once your appointment are booked we start working on your case study or To book your reading click on this “Appointment “option and fill the necessary details required for chart analysis.
  • The reading or session will be conducted through Email, PDF,  Skype, Zoom App ( or by personal visit to Krishndhaam local office. Only readings over the Zoom are recorded.

Consultation Booking

For Indians Users

Once you are able to understand the underlying process and methodology of our consultation, Next step is to select Case studies or reports those are mentioned in our e-Commerce platform based on your desired queries or problems you are experiencing in your life.

Please click the button below to begin your process of booking your Consultations or Reports from our consultation Portal

For International Users

This portal carries important details about Jyotish services , Reports, Charges, and Consultations available for the international users.We deal in services which comprises of Case studies/ Consultation with written reports or recorded audios within the same price.

Please click the button below to begin your process of booking your Consultations or Reports from our consultation Portal

Direct Payment Details

All the fees are payable through Cash, IMPS, NEFT, PayPal or Debit/Credit card as well as through Bank Transfer. All these options are available for payment for booking case study. Those users who are not comfortable with the Online payment via Website portal can use below mentioned Direct payment methods i.e Paypal, Google pay, Paytm, or Payu.

For Bank Details and Direct Payment information , Here is link for the Same :

Schedule your Appointment

After Selecting your desired consultation from the portal next step is to schedule your appointment date or block the date and you need to share past event details  to us if you are booking “In-Depth Analysis Reports “, ” Brief  Reports “ does not require any appointment dates or need to share any past events details to us.After booking your consultation. we request you to book your appointment by clicking on the below link so that we can block the slot (date with time) for you and start working on your case. We take Selective case studies in weekends only , So before booking the appointment and the case study kindly make sure about the delays.

Please note:-

Morning timing/slots are only for domestic clients. (people residing within India – Sessions Only on Saturdays )

Night timing/slots are only for Foreign clients. (people residing outside India –  Sessions Only on Sundays )

So request you to book accordingly.Also, as our slots are usually occupied so we request you to show patience with the booking of dates and time.As you aware it’s a research work and needs lots of time and energy to go through each aspect of your life and our focus is more on the client’s satisfaction with their questions fully answered pertaining to their life with remedies.

“Our motto is Happy & satisfied client always remember, give blessing and with the suggestion, we improve too”

For any further information, please feel free to contact us through an e-mail ( ) We will try to get back to you within 24 hours