Krishndhaam Jyotish Services


The Krishndhaam Jyotish Services is a portal that carries information and details about various Jyotish services and Consultations.

How do we do a consultation?

Before proceeding with any consultation from us, the seeker must know how we do consultations, what sort of internal procedures one has to follow and what sort of services, Case studies, and Consultation seeker can avail from us, and how we schedule our consultation sessions.

Read all the details properly before booking the consultation :
  1. Majorly we only deal in Voice sessions and Prashna Reports (written) depending on complexities, seriousness & problem area, or root areas of the case. ( so choose voice session accordingly )
  2. To know the root cause in the chart we only deal in selective areas or problems area which is faced by the seeker.
  3. We do not take consultation for whole chart analysis of the horoscope unless it is required, as it will not serve the purpose of consultation and resolving the root area of problems. We believe in a holistic analysis of the life problem via different astrological methodologies.
  4. Please show patience as we take selective cases in a month depending on the complexity of the problem, so request the seeker to keep this in mind while booking the case study as appointments sometimes might stretch from few days to months
  5. As we do case studies/ consultation only on specific days (Sundays & Tuesdays – For International Users, Monday & Tuesday for Indian Users  ), so book your appointment for a case study as per the availability of slots on weekends. ( This is only for the Voice session).
  6. Indian Users will get appointments based on the availability of the Time slot on the appointment page.
  7. Instant appointments are only Applicable for Followups, Single Query, Prashna Reports & Medical Astrology sessions conducted by our team members that are deliveredin5-7 days.
  8. Written reports (Closed for now) are delivered within 20-30 days from the date of booking or before depending on the availability of time. ( We are not conducting any written  report now )
  9. Indepth chart analysis doesn’t include chart reading of your partner it only provides reading related to the individual chart. For knowing details regarding another person request you to book separately. We can only provide specific information about another person/ partner from your chart.
  10. Free follow-up questions if any, regarding your chart after the consultation I.e the area in which you booked your consultation should be asked within 3 months, not after 8-9 months, that we reply over email or over the phone after 7 days mostly Sundays.
  11. Request you all to give your feedback after your consultation is finish or after 3 months so that we can work on ourselves if there is a requirement.
  12. Remember We do not deal in Pre & Post Marriage or Relationship analysis/issues or Match Making as Matches are made in heaven & corresponding issues after marriage or relationships are part of their Rinanubandhan ( karmic debts with each other because of past life ) which has no Jyotish solution.

How to Book Consultation?

Step 1: Before booking your consultation and appointment from the portal Kindly send us a mail @ [email protected]regarding your queries and life problems so that we can provide a better solution or you can drop your query for consultation via the ” Appointment request form for the appointment date, time and other details”. As we take selective cases in a month and most of the time slots are pre-occupied and blocked so, to get the right advice, and the time slot mailing before consultation is advisable.

Step 2:To book your reading click on the “Appointment “ link and fill in the necessary details required in the form for chart analysis. Once you book your appointment, you will receive a confirmation mail for the appointment date and time from us. (Sometimes due to heavy traffic, availability for appointment slots may take 2-3 weeks, request you to please bear with us.).

Step 3: Download the Zoom Meeting Applications we do Jyotish reading or sessions only through Skype &  Zoom App (, or you can have a consultation by personal visit to Krishndhaam local office. Only readings over the Zoom and Skype are recorded and send to you within 7- 10 days after the session including remedies.