Dear Readers, 

All consultations are closed till 1st of August 2020 and we are not taking any Appointment till further notification

Rules for Booking the Appointment

1. Once you are done with the registration process for the appointment, we take your birth details ( clear date, *Accurate time & place of birth) .

2. We also ask for the main area of concern. This has very specific relevance for the pre-analysis of your horoscope before the appointment starts so that the appointment sessions start straightaway with the main subject.

3. During the appointment, firstly the main area of concern is discussed & subsequently, you can discuss other major areas of concern in this session.

4. You have to Specify your queries in detail and should be relevant to the Case study you are looking for. Do not write down generic queries or explain irrelevant questions in the  Query section.

5. In case you have even iota of doubt on the birth time, please speak to us before taking any decision of booking the appointment.

6. This session lasts for 30-60  minutes Depending on the Case Study.

7. We can change the date of appointment based on the availability of the Appointment date and time if there are overbooking of the case studies in the calendar.

8. We can reschedule the Appointment dates that are falling on the days of Amavasya (dark moon), Chathurhi (4th day), Chaturdashi (14th tithi), Eclipse and Ashtami (8th day), when the day of Muhurata for conducting Horoscope reading is not auspicious.

9. We Do the Case studies only on the weekends (Saturday and Sundays) at 3 Pm (Indians) and 10 pm ( for people those are living in Abroad).

10. All the sessions would be done in either skype or Zoom Meeting App.


  • You get connected to our Vedic Scholar and Research team who would explain all minute things about Upaya / remedial measures & Karma Correction tips.
  • Subsequently, the support team also in touch with you following the same in email.
  • Within about 1 month’s time after the 1st appointment, we expect you to share your 1st feedback with us.
  • Payments can be made Online, in our bank via Consultation Portal link, or via Google Pay or Paytm or via Paypal (for people those are living in abroad), details of which are given in the link.

For any other query please feel free to contact us in our email ([email protected]) or via our Support number (+91-7006278041).

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