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All Domestic Voice Consultations/ Zoom Sessions/Appointments are closed for further notice. Previously booked Appointments are open for Users. Only Written Prashna & Email consultation are open for purchase.

How to Schedule  an Appointment ?

Welcoming you to Krishndhaam Astrological Services of Vedicsiddhanta appointment system , where appointments can be scheduled for domestic clients (only Indian citizens residing in India are eligible for Jyotish services). We conduct consultations and case studies on weekends, specifically Saturdays and Sundays, and on occasion, Mondays and Fridays during the week. Consultations may also be conducted on special days, such as weekday holidays or national holidays, contingent upon the availability of said days. This is because our research, teaching, and daily obligations prevent us from conducting Jyotish sessions on regular days.

To Know our Consultation Services charges details and Consultation process, please click on the below link to book consultation from the portal

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Rules and Regulations for Scheduling the appointment : 

  • We do consultations during the day time only for domestic consultations, i.e., from 12 PM to 7 PM (from sunrise to sunset), and we can reschedule, cancel, or sometimes preschedule the consultation if the days of consultations are falling on odd days or inauspicious times, i.e., Amavasya, Eclipses, Chaturthi, Chaturdashi, Navami, etc., or due to health challenges, emergency situations, or some family commitment of the astrologer.
  • The user can only cancel the appointment two hours before conducting the Jyotish session.
  • If the user misses the appointment due to urgency, incident, or health challenge and cannot attend the session, he can drop us an email or SMS us about rescheduling it to another day as per the available slots in the calendar.
  • Make sure to book a consultation in advance through the Jyotish Consultation Portal only, based on your case study (brief or detailed) and the available slots. This process may take up to 2–3 weeks, but it can sometimes extend up to months due to advance booking in the appointment scheduler. (Applicable only for voice sessions.).
  • Written consultations of any type, i.e., Prasana, and detailed reports usually take 1 month to finish because of hectic appointments and daily routine work.
  • Please show patience while booking the appointment, as we take selective cases in a month depending on the complexity of the problem, and that too on weekends only, so request the seeker to keep this in mind while booking the case study, as appointments sometimes might stretch from a few days to months.
  • After choosing your preferred Jyotish service from the consultation portal, the next step is to book your appointment. During this time, you must share with us the details of your birth chart and life events necessary for the birth time rectification process, enabling us to begin working on your case study ahead of time.
  • BTR is only applicable to in-depth horoscope consultations for a 90-minute zoom session, not a 60-minute zoom session.
  • We only accept selective case studies on weekends, so please confirm the available dates before booking the appointment and the case study, as they can sometimes extend from weeks to months.
  • Once you book your appointment, we will send you a confirmation email with the appointment date and time. (Sometimes, due to heavy traffic, availability for appointment slots may take 2-3 weeks to 1/2 month; we request that you please bear the delay with us.).
  • For any further information, please feel free to contact us through email (, or you can call us at +91-7006278941 during off-peak hours (after 7 p.m.). We will try to get back to you as soon as possible.
  • We conduct all our voice and video consultations either on Zoom or Skype, so kindly download the Zoom Meeting or Skype applications. The link for Zoom is
  • Local residents can also have a personal visit to our resident office for a consultation.
  • We will only record readings over Zoom and Skype and send them to you within 7–10 days, along with remedial measures in PDF format, after thoroughly analyzing your chart as required.

We request you book your Astrological appointment schedule by clicking on the below links based on your requirement as per the availability.  For any further information, please feel free to contact us through an e-mail ( ) We will try to get back to you within 24 hours

  1. Appointment for In-depth Horoscope Consultation : For Domestic Users

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2. Appointment for Brief horoscope Consultations : For Domestic Users

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3.Appointment for Urgent Horoscope Consultation ( For Urgent cases only ) : For Domestic Users 

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4.Appointment for In-Depth written Reports Delivery | Detailed Past Life Karma Analysis : For Domestic Users

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5. Appointment for Written Prashna Report Delivery | Single Prashna Report Analysis

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