Check out the Rules before booking the Appointment

  • We receive your consultation request along with your payment reference via the website portal link ( Jyotish e-Commerce platform).
  • If you do not receive confirmation within 3 days, please contact us at
  • Once you receive our confirmation, please book your appointment on the link provided on e-mail or through our website, so that once your appointment is booked we start working on your case study orTo book your reading click on this “Appointment “option and fill in the necessary details required for chart analysis.
  • The reading can be conducted through Phone at +91-700-627-8941, Zoom App (, or by personal visit to Krishndhaam local office. Only readings over the Phone or Zoom are recorded.
  • Written Reports are requested based on time availabilities and available time in  appointments

Kindly Schedule your appointment date and time based on availability in the calendar & requirement by clicking on the below-mentioned links :

  1. In-Depth Case Studies for Domestic Users: 60 Minute Detailed Voice Session

Schedule Appointment

2.  Brief Case Studies: 30 Minute Short Voice Session
Schedule Appointment

3. In-Depth Case Studies for International Users: 60 Minute Detailed Voice Session
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4.Instant Case Studies for Domestic Users: 20-30 Minute Short Voice Session