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The Vedic Siddhanta is an initiative of Center for Scientific Research on Vedic Science founded with the motive of research, publication & sharing of ancient knowledge on Vedic science i.e. cosmology, ancient astronomy, medini (mundane astrology ), vedic astrology, ayurveda, spiritual & transcendental subjects.

It is not limited to astrology, about whole vedic science and culture. We are a research organization on ancient vedic science and culture. We drive and create different astrological research databases based on our research system with the use of Advance technologies. 

For the past 23 years, Krishndhaam Consultancy has been here to serve our customers, readers, and seekers, providing advisory services both publicly and privately on a wide range of transcendental issues.

At Krishndhaam, we are always grateful when one of our clients takes the time to provide us with feedback in the form of testimonials on the standard of our Jyotish consultations and services. It is an exceedingly humbling opportunity for us to be of aid to you all.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time, even if you merely suspect that you will require our assistance at some point in the future.

You have our word that we will always pay close attention to and consider your needs. I genuinely hope that you have learned something fascinating and beneficial from your reading. I truly hope that I was able to handle all of your concerns and questions in a satisfactory manner.

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    Our consulting and educational services established in the year 2009. Its main area of operations was to provide and deliver quality Research & Analysis in the world of Astrology, Astronomy, and Cosmology via magazines & Articles on global platforms. We believe in the divine and spiritual connection with people who uses our product is priceless.

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    We are serving our readers for almost 22 years & provided successful Astrological consultancy to thousands of readers all over the world contacted us to seek guidance for their righteous path.
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    Users can schedule their astrological appointment via our platform to know about their fortune via our fully automated system. We believes in quality over quantity, as research is our key.
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    Vedic Siddhanta constantly works on spreading ancient knowledge on Vedic Science , Astrology and Astronomy with their research videos, video podcasts and informative stories.
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    Vedic Siddhanta contributes hardcore research work in ancient vedic wisdom extracted from Vedas, Puranas, Samhitas, Siddhantas and various ancient modules in the form of Articles, Magazines & Journals
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    We are continuously expanding and growing our research database's and information via our research ,education and courses for exploring different line of Vedic science via our Vedic School of education.
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    Vedic Gyan podcast of astrology & vedic science is a weekly podcast that covers a variety of topics related to the vedic astrology, & other spiritual subjects hosted by astrologer Rocky Jamwal.
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    Rahu and Ketu in Past Life Astrology: Unveiling Karmic Influences

    Introduction to Rahu and Ketu In Vedic astrology, Rahu and Ketu hold a distinctive place, as they are not physical celestial bodies but rather mathematical points that mark the intersection of the moon’s orbit with the ecliptic plane. These shadow planets, referred to...

    Exploring Astro-meteorological Analysis of Nautapa and Extreme heatwave patterns in India and the world for the monsoon condition of 2024

      What is Nautapa ? Nautapa in mundane astrology , is a traditional nine-day period of extreme heat in India, occurs during the pre-monsoon season and significantly impacts agriculture, water resources, and public health. This blog post delves into the meteorological factors...

    Astro-Metrology and blizzard winter of 2024 : The enigma of planetary alignment causing dense fog, blizzard cold and dry winter spell in India and globally

    Introduction In light of the fact that we are looking forward to the winter of 2024, it is essential that we have a solid understanding of the potential meteorological issues that may be encountered in various regions of the world. We will be concentrating on the winter forecast...

    Stock market trend of 2024 and Impact of Uranus, Neptune and Saturn

    Stock Market trend of 2024 Introduction  As we enter the year 2024 in stock market world , investors and traders around the world are eagerly anticipating the stock market trends of 2024 i.e whether we have bull rally or bear rally unlike in year 2023 when Indian Stock market has...

    Decoding Past Life Astrology & Past life Regression – Part 2 : Unveiling Life’s Truths by Astrological Case Study

      Written by Rocky Jamwal | Based on True life events    Introduction In the preceding section of the study on the Mystery of Past Birth, we explored the use of past life astrology, karma, past life regression therapy, and the Bhagwat Geeta to get insights into the...

    Abstract concept of time passing by. Human silhouette and old cl

    Decoding Astrological Mystery of Past Life Astrology and Past Life Regression : Past, Present, and Beyond – Part 1

    Abstract concept of time passing by. Human silhouette and old clock representing past time. Turn back time concept. Melancholic mood. Generative AI,  (Image Source- Adobe Stock ) Decoding Astrological Mystery of Past Life Astrology and Past Life Regression : Past, Present, and...

    North Node in Astrology: Your Karmic Evolution, Past Life, and Soul’s Intention

       Guest Article Written by Jane Angel  Author Bio : Jane is a passionate hobbyist in the art of astrology, a co-owner of Wisdom Tavern is a deep playground for curious learners of astrology, where self-knowledge, self-elevation, and self-enlightenment become...

    The Saturn, Mysterious Shani Sadesati and Karmic Remedies : Therapeutic Guide of Saturn – Part 2

    The Saturn, Mysterious Shani Sadesati, and Karmic Remedies: A Therapeutic Guide to Saturn, Part 2 Compiled, Researched & Written by Rocky Jamwal | Vedic Siddhanta | Author Introduction  The phenomenon known as Shani Sade Sati holds considerable importance within the realm...

    The Saturn, Sadesati and Lord of Karma in Vedic Astrology : Comprehensive Therapeutic Guide of Saturn – Part 1

    The Saturn, Sadesati and Lord of Karma in Vedic Astrology Introduction Saturn occupies a significant position in Vedic astrology, being recognized as a highly potent and prominent celestial body. Saturn referred to as ‘Shani’ in the Sanskrit language, this celestial...

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