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When you don’t have your horoscope & somehow confused with the accuracy of your birth time and birth date along with surety about the horoscope results as you have seen many times? Don’t worry you can still get answers to your queries with the Ask a prashna astrology Methodology. This is a report includes using the method of “ The Prashna Chart” as well as the use of “The Natal chart ” to elaborate on the minutest detail of the specific queries being put forward. Single Query analysis is specially made for those people who are looking for specific answers to their queries.

What is Prashna Chart Analysis?

The word Prashna literally means a question. The Prashna chart or Prashna Kundali answers a query without using or in addition to the natal birth chart of a person. The Prashna chart is cast for the time of the query. If the astrologer is in a different place from the person asking the question, the time and place of the astrologer are usually considered for the chart. The idea to ask the question, or the very question is born at the moment the person asks it. So, the birth chart of the question (Prashna chart) can answer the query. Area of the Prashnas ( Questions ) could be like Job, Court case, Problems in finance, Problem in career, Problems in education, etc.
Ask a prashna astrology consultation can opt if you are interested to know the outcome of a certain query/event in your mind, those who just want to know about a certain query, those who do not have their birth horoscope and still want to ask about something very specific bothering them. Those who do not want to opt for other reports and just want to focus on one query can take this service. This is the best option to select for astrology consultation if you just one to know about any particular query. Whether you want to know if you will clear your IAS exam Bank exam or government job exam ? or do you want to know about getting admission to any particular college? or you want to know whether you should accept a new job offer that has come your way? Or do you want to know whether you will have a child or not? 
Ask a prashna is the right astrology consultation service you should choose.
Your Question could be related to anything specific i.e

I lost my gold ring/chain/bracelet, Will I get it back?
I gave an interview, will I be selected for this job?
I have applied for a Visa, will I get it?
Will I get a Green card? When?
Will I go abroad?
Will I get admission to desired college/university/institution?
I have appeared for a so and so competitive exam, will I be able to clear it?
Will I get success in stock markets?
Will I clear the interview?
Will I get married? When?
Will I have a child? When?
Will I get Finance for my project/start-up?
Will I get a producer for my movie?
Will I get admission to medical college this year?
I am trying to sell my property, Will it get sold?
Will I buy a house this year?
Will my loan get sanctioned?
Will I win the court case?
When will I get a new job?
My money is stuck with someone, Will I get my money back? When?
I love someone. Will he Marry me?
I love Someone, Should I propose to her? Will He/She say Yes?

Ask a prashna to cover queries that cannot be answered by the birth horoscope independently. These queries are checked from prashna horoscope along with your birth horoscope for more accuracy.

Purpose of this report:

1. The purpose of this report is to resolve unsolved life-specific problems occurring in a single area of life.
2. This is a fast-track horoscope analysis process that is mainly focused on understanding and predicting the timing of the root event seeker is looking for a solution.
3. It helps to understand the root of the problem area.
4. This report is prepared after studying your Prashna chart, various Varga charts, Planetary combinations, Dashas, yogas, and all the 12 houses of the natal chart, depending on the area which needs to be focused on or covered in the session to decode the unsolved issues that arise in native’s life and accordingly provide them with remedial measures to overcome those issues to make their life smooth.
Note:  This report doesn’t include a whole chart analysis. Our purpose is to decode and resolve the root cause of the problem affecting life.

Procedure to Send question :

1. Your question should be a single question without any confusion whatsoever. Think of your exact prashna or query in your mind and focus your query for a few seconds. Pray to god with closed eyes for the right guidance through the astrologer.
2. You should not be disturbed while ordering this report.
3. You should first pay respect to your Preceptor and the divine before you order this report.
4. This is not a phone consultation so you cannot call me on my phone for this question. The report will be emailed in PDF format.
5. You should first select an auspicious lunar day or a favorable time.
6. You should order the report in the early hours of the morning (Your time). You should ask this question (Praśna) with a reverential approach.
7. If you are thinking about asking me a question, then you need to follow the approach as well. You should not ask the query in a casual manner.
8. You should be anxious to know about yourself and you should follow the proper approach to the question.
9. You should first seek blessings from your Preceptor or the Primordial energy. That energy will help me to help you. I am just a clear channel and I can only channelize things when the querist initiates them properly.
10. If you will be genuine and clear, only then you will be able to get a clear picture through me. I am just a mirror; you can reflect on anything you want.11. Think of any number between 1 to 108 and send the exact query along with the number to us after filling the following link:
Note: Do not mix other queries with your main prashna, otherwise the horoscope cast will not reflect your query and hence the answer. Please mention while booking which one specific area you want to focus on for your consultation when you are choosing Prashna Report and then Send an exact query with the number between 1 to 108 in the above-mentioned Prashna link.

How to Conduct Reading?

  • Upon receiving your consultation request, as well as your payment reference, expect 10-14 days (1.5 weeks to 2 weeks, because of ongoing consultation booking & written report sometime take time ) of processing time before your consultation report is given in pdf format.
  • After Booking your Consultation, Kindly send us your questions via this link:
  • If you do not receive notice within 7-10 working days, please contact us at:[email protected]


Fees are payable through Cash, IMPS, NEFT, PayPal or Credit Card, Debit card as well as Bank Transfer. You can choose those options at the end of the booking case study.

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