The Vedic Sidhanta is an initiative of  Vedic School of Krishndhaam – Center for Scientific Research on Vedic Science founded with the motive of spreading true knowledge on ancient vedic science i.e vedic cosmology, astronomy, medini (mundane astrology), vedic astrology, ayurveda and other spiritual science.It is not limited up to jyotish, its about as a whole vedic science.With the motive of contributing hardcore research work in ancient vedic wisdom extracted from Vedas, Puranas, Samhitas, Siddhantas and various ancient modules for establishing scientific truth on a Vedic school of systems.




Our aim is to motivate, encourage & educate everyone to learn vedic astrology in the best and ethical way.With our classical experience, we are trying to guide mankind to know the right karmic path by following the systematic approach of vedic knowledge and astrology.
Our main motive for this research foundation is to code and decode vedic astrology era and establish better systematic and scientific correlation with modern & vedic astrology.This will be the platform to discuss real-time case studies on vedic astrology and vedic hora systems, highlighting global issues via vedic mundane Astrology (Often known as Medini Jyotish), clarifying Vedic Jyotish ( Vedic Astrology ) rules and principals connected with every branch of Astrology (Hora System, Samhita and Siddhanta, Cosmology).
We should never forget and always respect our Vedic knowledge as they are the “Siddhanta of our life”. Similarly, Vedic Astrology is always carried for the good cause by guiding people towards the right path. On other hands an astrologer with the wrong intention uses Vedic Astrology will never help him/ her to receive true results and accordingly may spoil his/ her karmas.
Remember its God who is the dispenser of the fruits to the one who deserves, based on his karmas. We are nothing just a channel of the god to inspire people.


Our Journey Started from Krishnadhaam Educational Services, which was established and formed in the year 2009 conceptualized by Mr Rakesh Singh Jamwal. Its main area of operations was to provide and deliver quality research & analysis in the world of Astrology, Astronomy, and Cosmology.The constant aim of the company has been adopting new ways to expand the focus and vision in the field, by including readers and consultants perspective, as we believe the growth of our research is not possible without all of you.Whether you are a reader, consultant or consultancy seeker, we are all part of a well-oiled machine that needs each and every part to run smoothly.
I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere appreciation to our Team for their hard work and dedication and also to our readers and consultants for their help to spread krishnadhaam message to everyone about its brilliancy, true facts on classical astrology and astronomy.
We are continuously expanding and growing our research database’s and information as a Research Center and Project Vedicsiddhanta is a Hardcore effort and Initiative taken for exploring the different line of Jyotish, Divine sciences for highlighting, Understanding and revealing Universal and world events ( Mundane Astrology) to the global mass.
Even we have other plans in the pipeline, soon we are planning to open Vedic Research School.The growth of Krishnadham, would not be possible without the support of all the members of our team.Above all, I would like to make a promise to you that Krishnadhaam will continue to give top priority service to exceptional internal and external Astro Research.
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