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This portal carries important details about various Vastu services and Consultations.We deal in services which comprises of Case studies/ Consultation with written reports or recorded audios within the same price.

Vastu Consultation

Vastu Shastra is a Sanskrit term that translates to the “science of architecture.” It incorporates many architectural design ideas, such as space, arrangement, layout and measurements.Vastu Shastra is known as the yoga of design and its guidelines come from the ancient Indian knowledge contained in the “Vastu Vidya.” Buildings constructed using the principles of Vastu Shastra are said to provide a healthier living space and a better energy balance, making them ideal for practicing yoga.The idea behind Vastu Shastra is the integration of functional architectural designs with nature and spiritual beliefs. This principle has been used in Indian construction since ancient times and continues to be used in modern architecture.
Practicing yoga in the right sort of balanced and spiritual environment is crucial for connecting with our spiritual sides and entering into spells of deep, meaningful meditation. In this sense, the use of Vastu Shastra in the architecture and design of a room or home can be deeply beneficial when that space is used to practice yoga. It can help one achieve a more beautiful and balanced place to live and work, and may even be used to guide the decoration of a yoga room or studio to encourage more spiritual practice.
Please go through the below process in details before booking for the consultation.
Vastu consultations are divided under 04 sections
A) Site Visit Consultancy ( Brief Analysis Report )
B) Detailed Vastu Report ( Detailed Analysis Report )
C) Complete Vastu Analysis ( Advance Analysis Report )
A) Site Visit Consultancy Report is a brief form of service or consultancy that we offer to our clients locally based on mutual communication. In this form of consultation our expert / Vastu consultant visit the client’s plot, House or property to discusses or examine the site for construction or existing property.
B) Detailed Vastu Report only meant for those customers who want to get analyze their plots before or after its construction along with paying site visit charges via an Vastu Expert. This report analysis will be done after Site visit and we will be sharing PDF of the report and customer need to share Plot maps, Site coordinates and Photographs of the Plot to us either via Hard-copy form or via Email.This applies to plots both the plots , If the plot is constructed we need to visit the site which will be chargeable (Only applicable to Jammu and Kashmir Location). For Rest of India, Charges will be depending on Travel, Fooding and lodging charges of the city.
C) Complete Vastu Analysis
Prashna Jyotish is used to predict an answer for the query presented by a querist to an astrologer at the time of asking question.The answers for certain questions are difficult to get from the birth Kundli but they can be found easily from the Prashna Kundali. The Prashna Kundli can reveal whether a desire will be fulfilled or not. Prashna Kundli can give answers in either a yes or no. For example, win or lose in any case, Question’s related to health, or A person who has left his home will come back or not and so on.
Confirmation procedure 
Once you book a consultation with us :
  • We receive your consultation request along with your payment reference.
  • Please expect 7-10 days for Brief Reports & 10-14 days for Detail Reports.Written Report exactly take time around 2 weeks as it take much energy and time to analysis.Sometime due to ongoing bookings appointment may take more then 2 weeks so kindly bear with the delays. ( i.e 2 weeks – due to ongoing consultation booking) of processing time before your consultation is scheduled.
  • If you do not receive confirmation within 3 days, please contact us at:
  • The reading can be conducted through Email, PDF, Phone, Zoom App ( or by personal visit to Krishndhaam local office. Only readings over the Phone or Zoom are recorded.

Consultation Booking

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