Astro-Metrology and blizzard winter of 2024 : The enigma of planetary alignment causing dense fog, blizzard cold and dry winter spell in India and globally

dense fog and winter 3 Astro-Metrology and blizzard winter of 2024 : The enigma of planetary alignment causing dense fog, blizzard cold and dry winter spell in India and globally


In light of the fact that we are looking forward to the winter of 2024, it is essential that we have a solid understanding of the potential meteorological issues that may be encountered in various regions of the world. We will be concentrating on the winter forecast and weather issues in the United States of America, India, and Europe in this particular blog article. More specifically, we will be analyzing the impact of blizzard cold, snowfall, and dry winter spells that are caused by El Niño.

There is a possibility that certain places in the United States of America will suffer colder temperatures and an increase in snowfall in 2024, according to the winter prediction. It is anticipated that the northern states, including Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan, will have temperatures that are lower than typical and a greater amount of snowfall. These places may experience difficulties in terms of transportation, infrastructure, and day-to-day life as a result of this.

On the other side, it is possible that the southern states, such as Texas, Florida, and California, may see temperatures that are milder in comparison to the winters that have occurred in the past. On the other hand, it is essential to keep in mind that winter weather can be rather unexpected, and that there is always the possibility of isolated variances.

During the winter season of 2024, the winter forecast for India shows that certain locations may have a winter period that is both drier and colder than usual. It’s possible that the northern states of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Jammu and Kashmir could have temperatures that are lower than average and more precipitation than usual. This may have an effect on agricultural activity as well as the amount of water that is available in certain regions.

On the other hand, southern states such as Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka could see temperatures that are more moderate and amounts of precipitation that are more typical. The fact that India’s climate is varied is something that should be taken into consideration, as it is possible for different locations to experience different winter weather patterns.

It is possible that Europe may see a variety of weather conditions during the winter of 2024, according to the winter forecast for Europe. There is a possibility that northern countries such as Norway, Sweden, and Finland will experience lower temperatures and an increase in the amount of snowfall. This may have an impact on transportation systems as well as activities that take place outside.

In the meantime, western nations like the United Kingdom, France, and Spain can experience temperatures that are more moderate and typical levels of precipitation. It is essential to keep in mind, however, that weather patterns are subject to quick change, and that differences on a local level are certainly a possibility.

Impact of El Nino on weather forecast of 2024

The climatic pattern known as El Niño, which is marked by sea surface temperatures that are higher than the usual in the Pacific Ocean, has the potential to exert a substantial influence on winter weather patterns all over the world. There is a possibility that certain places will endure blizzard cold, significant snowfall, or dry winter spells by the time an El Niño event occurs.

The term “blizzard cold” refers to conditions in which temperatures are extremely low and heavy winds are present. This combination may result in hazardous wind chills and frostbite risks. This can create difficulties for individuals in terms of their ability to participate in outside activities, transportation, and their overall well-being. In these kinds of conditions, it is essential to remember to take the necessary precautions in order to keep oneself warm and to protect oneself.

When there is a significant amount of snowfall, it can cause traffic disruptions, schools to close, and difficulties in clearing roads and sidewalks. In the event that severe snowstorms occur, it is of the utmost importance to adhere to safety recommendations and be ready for the possibility of power outages as well as restricted access to key services.
It is possible for dry winter spells to have severe repercussions for agriculture, water resources, and the overall health of ecosystems.

The decreased precipitation that occurs during these times can result in drought conditions, which can have an impact on agriculture output, water availability, and the habitats of some fauna. It is essential for communities to engage in water conservation activities and to encourage the use of environmentally responsible agriculture methods.

In spite of the fact that the effects of El Niño-induced extreme cold, snowfall, and dry winter spells might vary from one place to another, it is of utmost importance for individuals, communities, and governments to remain well-informed, well-prepared, and resilient when confronted with the possibility of winter weather issues.

In conclusion, the winter prognosis for 2024 indicates that conditions will be different in Europe, India, and the United States of America. It is of utmost importance for individuals, communities, and authorities to have a comprehensive understanding of the possible impact of El Niño-induced extreme cold, snowfall, and dry winter spells. This understanding is essential for properly preparing for and mitigating the issues that may develop throughout the winter season.

India and the world are affected by dry winters, dense fog, tough meteorological conditions, and the influence of El Niño.

Dense fog, The Fog Chronical_Vedicsiddhanta

Welcome to The dense Fog Chronicles and dry winter spell in India for the year 2024 ! In this blog post, we will explore the phenomenon of dry winter spells in India and around the world, specifically focusing on the year 2024. As climate change continues to impact our planet, it is crucial to understand the various weather patterns and their implications.

As the winter season sets in, many parts of the world experience a phenomenon known as dense fog. Acute snowfall, dry winter spell and some of the places are without Snowfall and rainfall. This natural occurrence can have a significant impact on various aspects of life, from transportation to public health. In recent years, the enigma of dense fog, Dry winter spell and weather anomalies has become even more complex due to the influence of increasing effect of the El Niño , global climate changes as per most of the climatic scientists and weather science learners are exploring a climate pattern that affects weather patterns worldwide.

In this article, we will explore the connection between dense fog, dry winter spells, and the global repercussions of El Niño’s wrath on India and the rest of the world. We will Learn about the winter forecast and potential weather challenges in the USA, India, and Europe for 2024 and we try to understand about about blizzard cold, snowfall, and dry winter spells for the year 2024 via astrometeorology and weather forecasting system of the indian jyotish system and try understand whether El Niño is the real cause for this year intense weather challenges which is impacting transportation, infrastructure, agriculture, and daily life. Stay informed and prepared to mitigate the challenges of winter weather.

Understanding Dry Winter Spells in Hilly regions of india for the year 2023-24

Fog chronical Vedicsiddhanta Astro-Metrology and blizzard winter of 2024 : The enigma of planetary alignment causing dense fog, blizzard cold and dry winter spell in India and globally

The winter season in northern India became more severe, resulting in the occurrence of dense fog over several states. The minimum temperatures in Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh ranged from 6 to 9 degrees Celsius, while New Delhi, south Rajasthan, and north Madhya Pradesh witnessed temperatures ranging from 10 to 12 degrees Celsius. A significant portion of Northern India encountered dense fog, resulting in visibility dropping to as little as 6 feet for many consecutive days. Foggy conditions were seen in Haryana, Chandigarh, as well as isolated regions in Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh, resulting in visibility dropping to less than 200 meters.

As per Kashmir Vision, newspaper , In December 2023, the union territories of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh experienced extremely dry conditions, with a rainfall deficit of 79% and 100% respectively. Dr. Muhammad Muslim, an Assistant Professor in the Environmental Sciences department at Kashmir University, stated that there are evident signs of climate change. “Upon analyzing historical data, there are evident indications of climate change.” “Regarding the precipitation regime, it is clear that we are experiencing both a reduction in precipitation and a change in the pattern of precipitation,” he stated.


IMD Satellite image : Clearly shows North india to north west india is covered by the dense fog.

As per IMD satellite image we can clearly see that whole Northern india to north west india is covered with the dense layer of fog impacting from J&K, to Punjab, West Up, Bihar, west pakistan, Rajasthan, central india etc.

“There is a noticeable change in winter precipitation.” Dr. Muslim stated that there is a decrease in precipitation in both India and Kashmir, although the decline is not particularly noteworthy in the latter. He further explained that there will still be some precipitation, but it will mostly occur during the spring season.”The changing climate is a direct result of system behavior,” he stated, acknowledging the lack of comprehensive research to determine the primary factors behind this change. “Limited progress has been made in analyzing the drivers to determine the most significant factors,” he stated.

According to Dr. Sami-ullah Bhat, a senior assistant professor in the Environmental Sciences department at Kashmir University, the precipitation pattern is influenced by the wind directions, cloud movement, and the timing and impact of its interaction with the mountains.

Scientifically, Dry winter spells refer to periods of reduced precipitation during the winter season. These spells are characterized by a lack of rainfall or snowfall, resulting in drier and colder conditions. While winter is typically associated with cold weather and precipitation, these dry spells disrupt the normal climate patterns.

In recent years, many regions, including India, have experienced an increase in the frequency and intensity of dry winter spells. These phenomena can have significant consequences for various sectors, including agriculture, water resources, and even public health.

During the winter season, many regions of india are experience a dry spell characterized by a lack of rainfall in the month of October, November and December . This dry winter spell can exacerbate the formation of dense fog. The absence of precipitation reduces the moisture content in the air, creating ideal conditions for fog formation. As a result, the fog becomes denser and persists for longer periods.

India, in particular, is known for its dense fog during the winter months. The northern parts of the country, including the Indo-Gangetic plains, often witness prolonged periods of foggy weather. This has a significant impact on transportation and disrupts daily life for millions of people.

As per Kashmir observer, Many of weather scientists are claiming these dense fog and dry winter spell is occurring due to “El Niño, a cyclic series of climatic variations affecting certain areas of the Pacific region. As per the statement from the Director of the Meteorological Department, this is the lengthiest duration without noteworthy snowfall since 2015. According to him, the valley encountered its initial significant snowfall on January 24th, 2015. Usually, occurrences of El Niño and La Niña often happen at intervals ranging from two to seven years, although they do not adhere to a fixed pattern.

El Niño is a naturally recurring phenomena characterized by periodic increases in sea surface temperatures in the central and eastern parts of the Pacific Ocean. La Niña is characterized by below-average sea temperatures, representing the reverse of the normal conditions. Both El Niño and La Niña have a substantial impact on the weather patterns of Earth. El Niño has a higher frequency of occurrence compared to La Niña, as stated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) forecasted higher than average minimum and maximum temperatures for the December-February period, influenced by the persistent impacts of El Niño and other regional factors. As a result, the majority of India is anticipated to see a milder winter this year. El Niño is officially defined when there is a sustained increase of at least 0.5 degrees Celsius in sea surface temperatures in the tropical eastern Pacific, compared to the long-term average.

As per Scientist, The elevated maximum and lowest temperatures experienced across the entire country during the period of December 2023 to February 2024 can mostly be ascribed to the occurrence of El Niño, which is known to cause higher temperatures. Furthermore, regional elements such as frequent western disturbances will result in cloud cover and lower minimum temperatures,” as stated by Mrutyunjay Mohapatra, Director General of the Indian Meteorological Department, at a virtual press conference.

Professor Shakeel Ahmad Romshoo, a specialist in Earth science and glaciology, supports the IMD forecast and predicts that the Kashmir valley will likely have a relatively mild winter with less snowfall than typical this year.Due to the ongoing El Niño phenomenon, hilly regions of india likely to see less severe winters with below-average snowfall. During an El Niño year, the Kashmir Himalayas typically get reduced snowfall. “It is responsible for the prolonged drought that has been witnessed in the valley recently.

Astrologically Speaking ( as per rules of Medini Jyotish ) , Condition of Elnio and la nino occurrence is responsible due to the magnetic changes occurring in the Sun and the correspondent Sunspots visible in the solar region, Majorly responsible for the weather conditions in india and across the globe. In Year 2023, we have seen multiple times the visibility of the sunspots from May 2023 to July 2023 and also during the month of October 2023 as well. This has been widely explained in the Brihat Samhita in Chapter 3rd of Adityachar.

As per “ Acharya Varahmihira ” 33 Ketus or 33 Dark shafts has been observed in Sub orbits during particular sun transits in different-different signs with slow moving planets, Uniquely Named as “ TamasaKilakas “ and effects has been seen and observed based on Color, Positions and Shapes. Acharya further explains impact of “Tamasakilakas “ in various regions in earth Whenever these dark shafts has been appeared in sun facing earth regions during Sun transits: “ Water turns turbid, Sky is filled with Dust, Storm arises carrying sand and breaking the tops of mountains and trees, there appears Flares in the quarter; thunderbolts, earthquakes and other such unusual phenomena take place in earth, Clouds bearing rains activity observes and river usually becomes slender

( Quote 9, 10 and 13, Brihat Samhita of Varahmihiraby Ramakrishna Bhatt).

Ancient Weather and Mundane science Acharya, Varahmihira scientific explanations and Impact of Sunspots in “ Adityachar” in Brihat Samhita shows Hindu’s brilliant astronomers like “ Aryabhatta“and “ Varahmihira “ around 400 to 500 were already aware of Sunspots and potent impact of heliocentric Sun and their major Solar cycle activities in earth atmospheres.

This even shows without having modern instruments likes Telescope’s and Fixed large observatories Hindu ancient scholars were much eminent and expertized in observing and calculating Solar activities during Sun orbits.(Reference: BrihatSamhita of Varahmihira, “ AdityaChar “, Chapter 3 , Quote 7 by Ramkrishna Bhatt ).

Astrologically learners can observe major Sunspots activities in yearly transits when sun is closely com-busted or conjugated with slow moving planets like Jupiter and Saturn, Dr B.V Raman has explained many of remarkable conclusions on Sunspots during their research on Earthquakes and weathers changes.

It has been seen and observed by Dr B.V Raman, whenever Sun transits in any signs having Close relation with Major Slow moving planets like Saturn and Jupiter – major Sunspots activities usually noted by astronomers across the globe. Sometime Small sunspots activities also been noted when Sun is superiority conjugated with Venus and Mars and usually appears in Solar discs areas and further massive solar flares activities also been observed by astronomers too.

Impact of these sunspots activities in earth atmospheres has been observed in Feb 2015 and might be even later impact was seen. Later activities Seen in weathers during Full Solar eclipse occurred in March 2015, lunar eclipse occurred on April 2015 and finally after Sun ingress in Aries in 0 degree in April 2015 month changed the whole scenario of weather situation in earth in eastern regions.

Important Astrological factors resposible for climatic conditions changes

1) Role of Sun and Mars: If both Sun and Mars are closely conjugated or having close relations in same house in Ardara Parvesh chakra, usually gives intense dry and warm weather for that year and there will be intense heat waves before start of monsoon. If Sun is behind Mars, there will be possibility of no rains for whole monsoon season.

2) Sun and Saturn: Whenever both sun and Saturn are closely placed in one rashi, usually in summer, intense heat waves observes and in winter usually observes acute cold with good amount of Snowfall.

3) As per mundane rules Saturn is considered as karaka for dry and cold winds and usually it gives dryness and acute coldness in atmosphere’s depends on seasonal changes and whenever it is placed in Jala Nadi it usually gives Strong windstorm of water and air and storms can cause massive cyclones in coastal regions and wrecking of ships via thunderstorms is a role of mars when it is with Saturn or getting aspect from mars in coastal areas.

If Saturn is in airy nadi, it usually drives away all the clouds responsible for rain with its huge blow of wind and dryness.

If Saturn is in Agni nadi, it usually gives intense dry heats waves; Dusty wind storms and heavy storms which are very powerful and even can break any buildings or obstacle come over their paths.

Sapta nadi Chakra is again a very useful tool or an ancient chakra schemes used by our sages in predicting weather, floods, thunderstorms, cold conditions, and heat waves patterns especially for rainfall and it is a best tool to use for predicting Monsoon activities in India around sun movement in ardara Nakashtra.

Though it can be used for world Rain patterns but it needs extensive work on with Koorma Chakra for World charts for locating Nakashtras. Mostly Explanation of Sapta Nadi Chakara is widely seen in two ancient sources of Saptanadi Chakra – Narapati Jayachara and Sage Parashara and all later texts are based on them. Original source of Sapta nadi Chakra was a tantric text titled ‘yamaleeya-Svarodaya’.

As Explained by Narapati Jayachara , it is used for Calculation on quantity of rainfalls starting from Kritika Nakashtra.

“ Pushya , Poorva Phalguni, Abhijeeta, Satabhishaq “ are fall in Jala nadi ruled by Mercury.

Prachanda Nadi usually gives huge blow of wind, Vayu Nadi gives normal volume of winds and Agni Nadi gives Immense Heat and warm weather.

Neera Nadi usually gives clue of entry of clouds and in Jala and Parachanda Planets give heavy rainfall.

If there is placement of Malefic, Moon and Beneficial planet in same sign or same nakashtra it usually gives huge amount of rainfall.

If there is Moon and any planet conjugated in same nakashtra at same day it gives heavy rainfall for continues 2.5 days till moon is conjugated with that planet.

If in Amrita Nadi both Malefic and Benefic planets are placed with moon it usually gives continues rain up to 3,4 or maximum up to 7 days.

In Jala Nadi If Moon is with Both Malefic and Benefic it can also give rain up to 1.5 or 5 days.

If in any nadi there is Moon, mars and Jupiter are closely placed it can also drown whole earth for some days. During planet direct motion, retrograde motion, and combustion and during any planet movement in sankranti in Jala nadi it usually gives excessive rainfall for few days.

Placement of Mars ahead than sun has capability to suck all clouds which are meant for heavy rain, it usually gives warm weather with no rain.

Mars with Sun usually gives excessive heat waves and warm weather and much possibility of high humidity.

For making a Sapta nadi Chakara we need to use 28 Nakshatra scheme. 28th Nakshatra ‘Abhijit’ is also allotted a space towards the end of Uttarashada.

These Nakshatras are subdivided into 7 Nadis starting from ‘Krittika’ (3rd Nakshatra) as ‘Vaat Nadi or Airy Nadi ’ followed by ‘Ati-vaat or PrachandNadi’, ‘Dahan’, ‘Soumya’, ‘Neera’, ‘Jala’ and ‘Amrita’.

Usually Vaat produces windy weather, Ati-vaat produces cold weather after Rainstorms, Dahan increases temperature depending on the environment as Dahan Nadi is very sensitive nadi wrt to nature and surroundings and it gradually increases with the time and environment, and Soumya, Neera, Jala and Amrita nadis are rain producing Nadis.

If there is in any case an unnatural activity has been observes in Saptanadi chakra, we can same also confirm via “Casting Hindu Near year chart for India “ based on entry of sun on “ Chaitra Shukala partipat tithi “.

By casting Hindu New Year chart we can cross check for any unnatural activity is damaging to country or not and what could be future situation for rain and crops in that particular year.The Sapta nadi chakara sequence follows a serpentine pattern as we have assigns Nakashtras based on Serpents in below mentioned Diagram, as suggested by shiri Narpati Jaicharya ji:

From January 2023, we have been witnessing unusual weather patterns due to the entry of Saturn into the Satabisha Nakashtra. The Satabisha Nakshatra is associated with windy conditions, intense rainfall, and cold weather during winter and rainy season, which can induces the condition of Ati-Vaat in atmosphere.

We have observed extreme rainfall since April 2023, when Jupiter joined with Rahu and Saturn influenced the Aries sign, which governs the northeastern region of India. Saturn in Aquarius indicates the northern region of India, while Scorpio represents the western region. Throughout the year, these regions have experienced severe weather conditions, initially with heavy rainfall and now with intense weather.

The dry winter period, once again linked to the Satabishaa nakshtra, is expected to occur in December 2023 without any alignment with Saturn.

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The Impact on India

coconut palms in deep morning fog chronical vedicsiddhanta scaled Astro-Metrology and blizzard winter of 2024 : The enigma of planetary alignment causing dense fog, blizzard cold and dry winter spell in India and globally

India, with its diverse climate patterns, is no stranger to dry winter spells. In 2024, the country experienced an extended period of reduced rainfall and snowfall in several regions. This had far-reaching effects on agriculture, particularly in areas that heavily rely on winter crops.

During dry winter spells, the lack of moisture in the soil can hinder crop growth and reduce yields. Farmers may struggle to irrigate their fields adequately, leading to lower agricultural productivity. This, in turn, can have a ripple effect on the economy and food security.

Furthermore, dry winter spells can also impact water resources in the country. With reduced precipitation, rivers, lakes, and reservoirs may experience lower water levels. This can pose challenges for both domestic water supply and irrigation purposes.

Additionally, the lack of rainfall during the winter season can contribute to increased air pollution. Without precipitation to cleanse the air, pollutants and particulate matter can accumulate, leading to poor air quality. This can have detrimental effects on public health, particularly for individuals with respiratory conditions.

The Global Perspective of climate change

El Nino Astro-Metrology and blizzard winter of 2024 : The enigma of planetary alignment causing dense fog, blizzard cold and dry winter spell in India and globally

Dry winter spells are not limited to India; they are a global concern. In 2024, several countries across the world experienced similar weather patterns. Regions in Europe, North America, and Asia also reported reduced precipitation during the winter season. The implications of these dry spells vary depending on the geographical location. In areas where winter tourism is a significant economic driver, such as ski resorts, the lack of snowfall can have severe economic consequences. It can impact tourism revenue, employment opportunities, and the overall local economy.

Moreover, the ecological balance of certain regions can be disrupted by prolonged dry winter spells. Ecosystems that rely on winter precipitation, such as forests and wetlands, may suffer from water scarcity. This can affect wildlife habitats and biodiversity.

Adapting to Changing Weather Patterns

As we face the challenges posed by dry winter spells, it becomes crucial to adapt and mitigate their impacts. Governments, communities, and individuals can take various steps to address these changing weather patterns.

Investing in water conservation and management strategies is essential to ensure sustainable water resources. This includes promoting efficient irrigation techniques, rainwater harvesting, and the development of water storage infrastructure.

Furthermore, diversifying agricultural practices can help reduce the dependence on specific crops that are vulnerable to dry spells. Farmers can explore alternative crops or adopt techniques such as crop rotation to mitigate the risks associated with reduced winter precipitation.

On a broader scale, addressing climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions is crucial to prevent further disruptions to our climate patterns. This requires collective efforts from governments, businesses, and individuals to transition towards renewable energy sources and adopt sustainable practices.

Global Repercussions of El Niño’s Wrath, dense fog and dry winter spell

El Niño is a climate pattern characterized by the warming of the Pacific Ocean near the equator. It occurs irregularly, typically every 2-7 years, and has far-reaching effects on weather patterns worldwide. El Niño can disrupt the normal atmospheric circulation, leading to extreme weather events in various regions.

One of the consequences of El Niño is the alteration of winter weather patterns. It can lead to drier conditions in some areas, including India, resulting in an increased likelihood of dry winter spells. This, in turn, contributes to the formation of dense fog.

Furthermore, El Niño’s impact on global temperatures can exacerbate the intensity of dense fog. Warmer temperatures can increase the moisture content in the air, creating more favorable conditions for fog formation. As El Niño events become more frequent and intense, the enigma of dense fog is likely to persist and even worsen in the future.

The Enigma of Dense Fog in india from December 2023 to January 2024

Fog chronical kashmir vedicsiddhanta Astro-Metrology and blizzard winter of 2024 : The enigma of planetary alignment causing dense fog, blizzard cold and dry winter spell in India and globally

Dense fog is a meteorological phenomenon defined by the existence of condensed, low-altitude clouds that diminish visibility to less than 1 kilometer. It happens when there is a significant amount of moisture in the atmosphere along with low temperatures. This combination results in the condensation of moisture into minuscule water droplets, so generating a misty ambiance.

As per Kashmir vision, Weather analyst Faizan Arif Keng, who works independently, also commented on this matter, stating that a relatively mild Western disturbance during the Christmas period may not have resulted in much rainfall. However, it probably did contain a higher amount of moisture in the form of water vapor compared to ordinary conditions. The surplus moisture may have condensed into minuscule water droplets at the surface, resulting in the formation of fog.

Typically, he stated that wind aids in the dispersion of fog by blending and displacing the elevated warm air with the lower chilly and damp air. “Nevertheless, as a result of the lack of powerful winds originating from Western Disturbance, the foggy layer remained confined near the surface, resulting in an extended period of foggy conditions,” he stated. Following the cessation of the disturbance, the absence of clouds facilitated efficient radiational cooling. According to him, the fog became more intense, particularly in the mornings, due to the additional condensation of water vapor caused by rapid nighttime cooling.

On nights with clear skies, the earth’s surface emits heat, resulting in a quick decrease in temperatures. According to him, the quick decrease in temperature close to the surface causes the water vapor in the air to turn into fog.

The presence of dense fog can exert a substantial influence on multiple industries, with transportation being notably affected. Fog frequently leads to reduced visibility, resulting in aircraft delays and cancellations at airports. Incidents of road accidents tend to rise during foggy circumstances due to the challenges faced by drivers in maneuvering through the limited vision. In addition, the presence of dense fog can have detrimental impacts on public health, resulting in respiratory issues and allergic reactions.

Astro-Metrological understanding on weather challenges, Dense fog, dry winter spell and low snowfall for the year 2023-24

This year northern states may have long lasting winter due to Planetary alignments are moving more closer around February and March 2024 month and it will also impact selective states i.e Jammu & kashmir, uttrakhand, Himachal Pradesh, ladakh , Western Up, Western Punjab, North Western Pakistan, Afghanistan, Delhi NCR regions, few portions of Punjab region etc will have mixed winter, sometime acute cold and sometimes warm weather and we can expect a strong blizzard cold waves can start that can start from 17th to 28th December 2023 onward, though it will be for short term period but it will have good impact on weather and atmosphere.
Later on Mars & Sun conjunction will prevail bit warm weather in Northern and North Western areas but it also bad for the perception and effect badly the winter rainfall and the snowfall in the hilly that will have strong impact on winter condition of the December 2023 and eventually the dense fog and cloudy weather affettis will continue upto 12 January 2024, meanwhile Western area of india will have high chances to expect unexpected & sudden rainfalls from 29th December to 11th January 2024 onward.
Once, Jupiter becomes direct with Uranus in Aries, Neptune will mature its degree from 0 to 1 in Pisces with the loose conjunction of Rahu , we can see sudden disturbance in the economical world, chances of Financial crime, scam, along with certain military actions or kind of Anarchy on the eastern and North Eastern border areas of India or North eastern countries or there could be chances of some kind of geopolitical conflicts in the south eastern region due to some break in the treaty or signing authority.
The overall period from 8th January to 27th January is quite an active period for the Geopolitical issues around the globe which can have direct or indirect impact on the global financial world along with military activities that could be possible in the border areas also.
Currently, the sun is with Mercury, which is responsible for the wind condition require for the rainfall that india receive from west in the form of western disturbance helps to clear the weather and increase the chances cold wave with snowfall, as Sun is in deep conjunction with mercury it shows that cold waves will increase as soon as the sun moves closer to the Mercury in higher ranges of the India which can impact with sudden increase of cold waves in higher altitudes and cold waves will move toward the lower altitudes in the northern region from ending of December 2023 to mid of January 2024 though it will be for short term period but it will have strong impact on sudden change of weather from 18th December onward and during these dates temperature may fall rapidly from 15 degree to around 5 to 7 degrees in the night and stagnant weather condition in the day without the sun.
This also indicates the beginning of new sunspot regions in active areas of the sun , which can indicate sudden weather changes and chances of normal to average magnitude of earthquake from 17th to 28th of December in Ushan areas ( means areas where heat and lands are combined i.e desert areas ).
Though the sun and Mercury are without any affliction, it won’t impact the weather negatively but it will increase cold wave intensity suddenly from Western region.
Saturn will have a direct aspect on direct Jupiter and retrograde Uranus in Aries around the end of December 2023, which will further act as catalysts for weather anomalies along with sudden upheavals in the financial world.
As Jupiter and Uranus take time to achieve it mature state from stationary direct to natural direct, the months of January and December would be very interesting and would bring sudden geopolitical issues to the globe, which can impact the financial world, economy, and weather challenges in the whole globe.
Meanwhile, retrograde mercury will move back to the Scorpio sign, along with Venus, which also helps to intensify rainfall in the south-western and south-eastern regions of India, and further, Mars will join hands with the sun to increase warm winters in a few western regions of India.
The effect of winter will be there unless and until the sun is conjoined with Saturn, but later on, when the sun moves closer towards the north node of Rahu, we can expect sudden rainfalls in the northern and eastern regions of India in late February and March 2024.
Overall winter starts giving it its actual results in February and March month when there are good conjunction of planets with winter giving planetary alignment meanwhile after 16th January 2024 onward upto 1st February 2024 we can expect increase of sudden hot and cold weather simultaneously both northern region due to sun movement and conjunction of Mars with Venus & Mercury which can dry up the weather and usually clears the cloudy weather and helps to keep warm the atmosphere and air pressure also maintained due to change in the wind flow.

Entry of Blizzard cold waves and the impact on India : Understanding Sishir Ritu, Beginning of Dense Fog &
40 days of intense Winter condition

fog photos of indian village dnyaneshwar vaidya 01 Astro-Metrology and blizzard winter of 2024 : The enigma of planetary alignment causing dense fog, blizzard cold and dry winter spell in India and globally

In the current year, from December to January 2024, we are observing a dry and delayed winter season.
This delay is causing a postponement in the occurrence of cold waves and snowfall in the hilly areas of the Northern Hemisphere. The reason for this delay is the absence of any significant interactions between the planets #Venus, Moon, and Mercury, which are known to influence winter conditions, with the outer planets Uranus, Neptune, #Jupiter, and #Saturn.
The sole cause for the current dry winter conditions, characterized by a rising occurrence of frigid and dreary weather, together with cold waves and elevated fog levels across the plains of North India, is this. It is primarily responsible for the significant increase in dew, fog, and smog levels across the plains of the Northern Hemisphere.
Furthermore, Saturn is positioned in the satabisha nakshtra within the Aquarius sign, which is characterized by aridity and is associated with dry wind and precipitation. Currently, we are seeing arid cold fronts, a postponement of snowfall in mountainous areas of India, and insufficient winter precipitation in low-lying regions.
Astrologically, there is no astrological alignment or relationship between Saturn and Jupiter and the Sun, Venus, and Mercury. However, this lack of connection can contribute to a calm winter season and facilitate a significant amount of snowfall and winter rains with delay, As a result, we shall witness the authentic winter season throughout the latter part of February and March in 2024. From January 2nd, 2024, to January 7th, 2024, the alignment of planets will cause a significant decrease in temperature in the Northern Plains.
During this time, there will be a high level of moisture in the atmosphere, resulting in dense fog and a substantial amount of dew. Starting from January 8th, there will be a shift in wind direction accompanied by a significant increase in a cold wave. This phenomenon can also induce thunderstorms and light precipitation in the western area of the Northern Plains. Additionally, we can anticipate the impact of westerly winds from the western region extending to the northwestern parts of India.
Consequently, there will be a simultaneous increase and decrease in temperature. The duration of this will extend until January 15th, 2024.
Subsequently, as the sun transitions into the astrological sign of Capricorn, the meteorological conditions will ameliorate, resulting in a delightful day characterized by an uninterrupted presence of sunshine. During the period of January 18th to February 2nd, 2024, when Venus, Mercury, and Mars align with the Sagittarius sign, there will be a mix of sunny and rainy weather, as well as the possibility of thunderstorms.
These conditions may result in gloomy weather, heavy fog, and potentially chilly winter temperatures. One positive aspect is that when Venus approaches Mercury and Mars, it might result in atmospheric electrical discharges and occasionally intense precipitation with sizable water droplets, which may be accompanied by intense thunderstorms and gusty winds in the western ghats or maritime regions.
Starting from February 12th, we may expect a combination of rains and clear weather, making for a pleasant winter season. This year, the enjoyment of the winter season may be prolonged due to unfavorable planetary alignments occurring in February and March. Fortunately, we will be able to enjoy winter weather until March 2024, implying that winter precipitation may persist until April 2024.
Overall, We need to Observe the blizzard cold waves for up to the next 15 days from 28th of December upto 17th of January 2024 , where coming 3 days we can experience sudden or dramatic weather shift from 2nd January to 6th January 2024 onward and it will stretch upto 18th January in total and we can experience severe cold to coldest waves and blizzard in northern hemisphere of India , US , China etc, where US, Europeans regions will experience good amount of Snowfall but india will receive severe dry winter spell with dense fog where temperature drop can be in vital state in J&K, Punjab, West UP, Harayana, Himachal, North eastern regions of India , West Pakistan , New delhi , Few states of Western India , North eastern region of Ladakh etc.
These states of India will be in a vulnerable condition from December to the whole month of January 2024. Take pleasure in the cyclical variations of the seasons.

Understanding, The Shishir Ritu, Paush Month and the chilling winter season traditionally

the time sunil sheoran ritu Astro-Metrology and blizzard winter of 2024 : The enigma of planetary alignment causing dense fog, blizzard cold and dry winter spell in India and globally
With the beginning of Margashirsha Poornima , there is the beginning of Sishir Ritu ( intense Winter ) & Paush Month. The month of Margashirsha is closely linked to Lord Krishna and Paush month is dedicated to the lordship of Surya Dev and Lord Vishnu and closely linked with many seasonal changes. Autumn ( Sishir ) is a season that is part of the six seasons in India. According to the Vikram Samvat calendar, the months of Magha and Phalguna correspond to the season of ‘Shishir’, which is autumn. Makar Sankranti is also regarded as the starting point.
During the winter season, the temperature drops significantly, resulting in extremely low temperatures. A dense fog starts to develop. The directions intensify progressively, as though Vasundhara and Ambar have merged into a unified entity. Dew causes particles to get moist.
During this season, nature is flourishing. Foliage commences its descent. The entire area is enveloped in fog. Therefore, these seasons represent distinct stages of existence that imbue life with fascination, tranquilly, and fulfilment. The plant undergoes blooming during the winter season. An abundance of blooming plants available for purchase may be observed at the market.
Vegetable plants and creepers achieve their maximum productivity exclusively during this season. There is an abundance of vegetables on the market. The cuisine appears to be delectable, yet the flavour of the rasa is not reminiscent of its natural essence.The process of digestion accelerates to such an extent that regardless of the type or quantity of food consumed, complete digestion occurs.
The current period is referred to as Visharga Kaal, which signifies the conclusion of Dakshinayana.
During this period, the moon’s energy surpasses that of the sun. Consequently, throughout this season, there is a significant augmentation in the nutritional content of medications, vegetation, soil, and fauna. During this season, there is a buildup of kapha in the body, whereas pitta dosha is diminished.
During the winter season, the digestive capacity is heightened due to the naturally intensified stomach fire. This phenomenon occurs as a result of the impact of cold air, wind, and a frigid environment on the body’s skin, which hinders the release of internal heat. Consequently, the heat accumulates within the body and intensifies the stomach fire. Hence, the wholesome and energising diet consumed during this period bestows acuity, vigour, and sustenance to the body all year round.
During the winter ( Sishir ) season, there is a high concentration of solar nectar in the sky. Consequently, vegetables, fruits, and plants have a strong affinity for these nectar ingredients, which they absorb and assimilate, resulting in their enrichment. During Makar Sankranti, the winter season remains in its early stage. Sesame seeds and oil are purported to be remedies for colds. The body can be fortified by consuming various nutritious foods such as nuts, milk, jaggery, and peanuts, which are particularly beneficial during the colder winter months.
The current season is commendable. Upon the advent of a fresh harvest, the initial tribute is presented to the divine being. Currently, the significance of sesame has been elucidated in the context of fast food. Lord Ganesha is venerated during the month of Magha. Shani Shree Amavasya, Somvati Amavasya, Makar Sankranti, Tilak Chaturthi, and Tilak Ekadashi are observed as festivals.
The scientific perspective offers valuable insights on health, whereas religion mandates its adherence as an obligation.
Hence, the utilisation of sesame seeds during the celebrations of Makar Sankranti, Lohri, and Pongal holds significance. Jaggery-based foods are nutritious. As per religious traditions, the act of donating sesame and jaggery during the months of Pausha and Magha is considered noble and advantageous.
During winter, the severity of coldness in the environment escalates. During the uttarayana period, the sun’s energy steadily diminishes, resulting in a decline in bodily strength. It enhances the strength of your bones, teeth, skin, and hair. Sesame seeds have a calcium content that is six times higher than that of almonds.
Hence, it is recommended to ingest sesame seeds throughout the upcoming fasting holiday in this season. The winter diet enhances immune function year-round. During the winter season, several main foods are produced, including gond, methi, magaj ke laddoo, and saunth sweets. These dishes are not only delicious but also easily digestible.
Moreover, they possess medicinal properties that promote good health. During the winter season, frigid snow waves begin to shift.
Individuals are experiencing hardship due to the low temperatures. The strength of the sun’s rays diminishes under extremely cold conditions. The sensation of the sun’s rays is becoming pleasurable. The intensity of the flames is becoming increasingly alluring.
As per quote “Shishire Swadante Vahitaya: Pavane Pravati” During the winter season, when the frigid wind blows, it is gratifying to warm oneself by the blaze. Makar Sankranti is regarded as a festival that takes place during the winter season as widely recognized as change in seasonal direction due to movement of the sun.
As per the Expert comment by Dr Sunil Shearon, Author of the book the Science of time, In the Vedic era (Ramayana/Mahabharata and before that), there was no concept of Makar Samkranti and Mesh Samkranti as the 12-sign animal zodiac is a greek concept further worked on by indian astrologers. But what we used to have were two fixed intercalary months (Adhik Ashadha and Adhik Pausha, 6th and 12th respectively.).
Remember what Bhishma said in Mahabharata “Panchme Panchme Varshe Dvau Masa…”, first adhik Ashadha in middle of third year, then adhik Pausha at end of fifth year (of a 5-year yuga). 24 such yugas made up a Mahayuga.
Ramayana happened in 24th Treta and Mahabharata in 28th Dwapara, perfectly justifying the 17-18 generations that lie between them
The enigma of dense fog during the winter season is a complex phenomenon influenced by various factors, including moisture levels, temperature, and global climate patterns like El Niño. Understanding the connection between dense fog, dry winter spells, and the global repercussions of El Niño’s wrath is crucial for mitigating its impact on transportation, public health, and daily life. As we continue to study and monitor these weather patterns, it is essential to develop strategies to adapt and cope with the challenges posed by dense fog and its consequences.
With Thanks and Regards,
Rocky Jamwal,
Sources, Links and Reference :
Brihat Samhita, Adityachar, chapter 3
Dr Bv Raman, Weather and Earthquakes
pin Astro-Metrology and blizzard winter of 2024 : The enigma of planetary alignment causing dense fog, blizzard cold and dry winter spell in India and globally

Stock market trend of 2024 and Impact of Uranus, Neptune and Saturn

Stock Market trend of 2024

Stock Market trend of 2024

The Impact of Neptune, Uranus and Saturn in Stock Market : A Look at Stock Market Astrology, the Financial World, and World Economics

As we enter the year 2024, investors and traders around the world are eagerly anticipating the stock market trends of 2024 and seeking insights into potential opportunities and risks. While financial analysis and economic indicators play a crucial role in understanding market behavior, some individuals also turn to astrology to gain an alternative perspective on the stock market’s future trajectory.

The Stock Market Trend of 2024: An Astrological Perspective

stock market and financial astrology upscaled 1 Stock market trend of 2024 and Impact of Uranus, Neptune and Saturn

According to many astrologers and the financial experts, the year 2024 is expected to bring significant shifts and fluctuations in the stock market with the beginning of January month as soon as Jupiter will gain it’s momentum and speed and cover the distance toward Uranus, which is majorly linked with economic upheavals and inflation challanges that global market will going to see in near future specially during March 2025,once Saturn will move more closer toward Neptune in bearish Pisces sign. Several key planetary alignments, upcoming Geopolitical issues and US treasury issues, Red Sea conflict , Israel- Palestine war, Russia & Ukraine war challenge can be believed to influence market trends during this period.

Below are major Planetary alignments or placements which can have a strong impact on the Stock market sentiments and we can see regular corrections as well as gain too in the Stock market before April 2024.

  1. Saturn in Aquarius : The transit of Saturn through Aquarius is believed to have a substantial impact on the stock market in 2024 as soon Saturn will leave its Nakashtra placement from Satabisha to Poorvabhadra.Saturn Satabisha Nakashtra stay has given strong growth in the IT, Software industries, Technology, Space Communication, & Automobile industries. There is a strong claim that this celestial alignment may result in heightened market volatility and unpredictability due to the forthcoming alterations in the saturn nakshatra post April 2024. Investors must anticipate abrupt fluctuations and exercise prudence in their decision-making process from mid of January to 2nd June 2024.During this tenure Both Saturn & Jupiter will move aggressively and gain their respective speeds and momentum which can strongly influence decision making of the investors and traders and we can see strong volatility and instability as well.
  2. Jupiter in Aries and Taurus : there will be a major shift of Jupiter’s transit from Aries to Taurus around endings May and in the beginning of June : Jupiter’s placement in the Aries is thought to create a sense of positivity and growth to the market due to its strong planetary alignment with the North node Rahu and Uranus in a bull sign. This alignment has given potential to result in growth opportunities, namely in sectors associated with spirituality, treasury , Finance sector, Fintech technology companies, Banking,and healthcare etc. Nevertheless, investors should use prudence and refrain from disregarding potential hazards as there was manipulation also involved in stock investment.
  3. Uranus in Aries : The transit of Uranus in Aries is anticipated to cause disturbances and unforeseen alterations in the market trends in near future when Jupiter will be closer toward the Uranus around May & June 2024 , It can cause challanges in global economy and inflation particularly when it is influenced by Jupiter in the upcoming period.Investors are advised to anticipate abrupt fluctuations in sectors such as banking, finance, Healthcare, Fintech and real estate sector. Being flexible and adaptable nature will be crucial for successfully navigating these changes.
  4. Neptune in Pisces with Rahu : Rahu, the North Node of the Moon, is known for its ability to create sudden and unexpected events especially when it is aligned with Bearish planets like Mars, Saturn & Mercury. It also represents desires, ambitions, and worldly attachments. When Rahu is in Pisces, it will intensifies Neptune’s influence, amplifying the potential for illusion and confusion. This combination of Neptune and Rahu can lead to increased volatility in the stock market during the month of April, May & June 2024.
  5. Investors may find it challenging to predict market trends accurately, as the influence of Neptune blurs the lines between reality and speculation. This can result in sudden market swings and increased uncertainty. The presence of Neptune in Pisces with Rahu signifies the conjunction of the planet connected with dreams, illusions, and spirituality. It symbolizes the abstract elements of existence and motivates us to access our intuition and imagination.
  6. Pisces, being a water sign, is renowned for its profound emotional capacity, empathy, and susceptibility. During the transit of Neptune through Pisces, in conjunction with Rahu and forming a 30-degree arc with Saturn, the traits of both the planet and the sign can be intensified, resulting in both positive and bad effects in Market sentiments and the geopolitical issues. This combination can result in an elevated feeling of idealism, creativity, and a longing for spiritual development, but it can also lead to a downward trend in the stock market. Nevertheless, it can also result in perplexity, deceit, and a proclivity to evade reality in the interconnected world.

Upcoming Psychological Impact on Investors & Traders

Neptune’s presence in Pisces along with North node Rahu can also have a strong psychological impact on the investors & traders due to upcoming volatility that can be visible in the month of April & May 2024, initial signal we can start assuming from March 2024. The heightened sense of idealism and desire for spiritual fulfillment may lead some investors to make decisions based on intuition rather than rational analysis. While intuition can be a valuable tool, it is essential to strike a balance between intuition and sound financial judgment.

Additionally, the illusionary nature of Neptune can create a sense of false hope or unrealistic expectations. Investors may be tempted to chase after quick gains or invest in speculative ventures without fully understanding the risks involved. It is crucial for investors to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions.

Impact of Uranus in Stock Market trend of 2024

impact on stock market by uranus upscaled Stock market trend of 2024 and Impact of Uranus, Neptune and Saturn

When considering the stock market in the year 2024, it is crucial to take into account the diverse aspects that can impact it. An influential aspect that can affect market patterns is the astrological configuration of the planet Uranus. Although astrology is not a typical means of studying the stock market, it is intriguing to investigate the potential influence of celestial bodies on financial markets.

Uranus is frequently linked to invention, alteration, and unpredictability in the field of astrology. It symbolizes the innate longing for liberation and the aspiration to defy conventional standards. When Uranus aligns with specific astrological aspects, it has the potential to cause substantial changes and disturbances in different parts of life, including the financial markets.

Although astrology should not be relied upon as the main determinant for investment decisions, several analysts argue that the alignment of Uranus might offer valuable insights into possible patterns in the stock market. Uranus is renowned for its disruptive force, and when it aligns with other celestial bodies or major points in the astrological chart, it can signify periods of instability and unforeseen fluctuations in the market.

In 2024, Uranus is forecasted to be positioned in the astrological sign of Aries which is commonly connected with Fire element, Bull trend, growth , stability and material wealth gain with hook and crook . This location may appear paradoxical, given Uranus’s reputation for its capricious disposition. Nevertheless, the conjunction of Uranus in aries has the potential to cause unforeseen fluctuations in financial markets, namely in sectors such as technology, finance, and inventive businesses.

The Influence of Uranus, Neptune & Saturn on Stock Market Astrology trend of 2024

Uranus, with its disruptive energy, often brings unexpected and volatile shifts to the stock market. As an outer planet, its influence is long-lasting and can span several years. When Uranus aligns with key points in an astrological chart related to the stock market, it can signal periods of significant upheaval, both positive and negative.

During Uranus transits, we often witness sudden market crashes or booms, as well as the emergence of new industries and technologies. These shifts can create both opportunities and challenges for investors and traders.

Role of the Uranus and the Financial World

In the realm of finance, Uranus is associated with financial innovation, technological advancements, and the disruption of traditional financial systems. It often brings about changes in the way we handle money, invest, and conduct financial transactions.

With the rise of financial technology, or fintech, Uranus has played a crucial role in shaping the landscape of digital payments, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technology. These innovations have the potential to revolutionize the financial world, offering greater efficiency, transparency, and accessibility.

However, Uranus’ influence can also lead to financial instability and unpredictability. Its energy encourages risk-taking and speculative behavior, which can result in market bubbles and financial crises if not managed carefully.

Uranus, Outer Planets and Impacts on the global Economical challenges

On a broader scale, Uranus affects the global economy by bringing about significant shifts in economic systems, trade agreements, and geopolitical dynamics. Its influence can be seen in the rise and fall of nations, the emergence of new economic powers, and the reshaping of international alliances.

Uranus’ revolutionary energy often challenges the status quo and encourages innovation in economic policies and practices. It can lead to the adoption of progressive economic models, such as sustainable development, green technologies, and social entrepreneurship.

At the same time, Uranus can also create economic disruptions and social unrest, particularly when sudden changes in economic structures lead to job losses, income inequality, or financial instability. These shifts require proactive measures and adaptive strategies to mitigate their negative impacts and ensure a smoother transition.

Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter and Rahu Planetary alignment and Stock Market trend of December 2023 – January 2024

Stock Market trend of 2024

Stock Market trend of 2024

Following Jupiter’s transition from retrograde to direct motion on December 30th, we anticipate a shift in momentum and a continuation of the bullish trend until mid-January 2024, at which point it is likely to become bearish. Despite Jupiter’s presence in a bullish sign alongside Uranus, it will contribute to an upward movement in the market.
The conjunction of Nodes (Rahu/Ketu) with Neptune and Saturn, together with a 30-degree angular difference with both Neptune and Pluto, can potentially trigger geopolitical tensions along the maritime route, particularly in the vicinity of the red sea.
Currently, we are observing Mars exerting an influence on the North nodes, which has caused some stress and tensions in the sea route. Additionally, there will be a significant alignment in Sagittarius in January, specifically after the 10th of January 2024. This alignment is expected to strongly impact the USA chart, leading to a sudden change in trend after mid-January 2024.
It is possible that the bearish trend may become more positive in January and February due to the increased speed of Saturn, which occurs when it moves with the sun.

If we look into more deeper level approach uranus is currently in a bull sign, along with Jupiter in a fiery sign (Aries in Bahrani and Ashwani Nakshatra) around 11 and 25 degrees. Both of these signs are in the sign of the bull. The Venusian sign of Bharani is a Nakashtra that is known for its transforming qualities. Since the beginning of April 2023, we have witnessed a substantial increase in the values of stocks as well as an overall increase in the Sensex, Bank Nifty, and Nifty 50.

The market has shown a reverse trend, and we have seen consistent growth in both the Nifty and the Sensex. Additionally, the Indian Sensex has crossed the barrier of 60,000, which is something that is very unusual in nature, and I have never seen the Indian market have crossed this mark in history ever.

This is something that I have never seen before. Nonetheless, in my initial observation earlier, it had to give a fall in the Sensex in a long-term trend due to affliction on Uranus and Jupiter in Aries. Rahu is an expensive planet, and its basic nature is amplification. In the bull and fiery signs, the market has shown a reverse trend.

At the same time when Jupiter and Uranus are in retrograde motion, Rahu is required to remain in the bull sign until October 31, 2023. All of the records have been broken up until this point, and it is possible that the market will reach its highest point for the first time once Rahu shifts from the sign of bull to the sign of bear in Pisces and Jupiter transitions from the stationary retrograde to the stationary state. This will be followed by a period of direct movement beginning on December 30, 2023, and continuing until it reaches its stationary degree of 11 around December 13, 2023. At this point, the market will have completely broken all of the records.

Now the market will shift its gear from 31st December 2023 onward to 19th January 2024 when it will be in stationary direct state of 11 degree in Ashwani Nakashtra and Nakshtra lord ketu already moved to the Virgo sign ( again bear sign ) from the Libra which is considered as Airy and and volatile and as per observation it has seen first market usually pick it’s speed and break all the records high in Bull state ( specially banks stocks ) and later once Jupiter picked it’s speed from stationary direct to direct and will move its 1 degree ahead from 11 degree there will be change in the market direction from 19th January 2024 onward and once sun move closer to Saturn and the Jupiter in Aquarius and aries sign we can have market direction from bull to bear state probably around this period.

While its initial results can be seen after January 26th onward when Uranus will move to its stationary direct state and later on from March/April and May 2024 onward we can have more probability of market direction will change from top to bottom as the same time we may have semi sextile aspect (30 degree) between Saturn and Pluto and further Neptune will also move closer towards the Rahu as well in the Pisces sign which is also a bear sign and it gives mixed results, both fall and rise.

Jupiter will move to the earthy sign of Taurus in Kritika Nakashtra as well, which will further provide strength to the bank sector. The good thing about this period is that the bank will resist its state and it will still go up because of the Saturn movement in Jupterian Nakashtra later in April 2024. Additionally, Jupiter will move to the sign of Taurus in Kritika Nakshatra, which will also support the bank sector.

Whenever Uranus is in a bear sign and in affliction, it has a tendency to jolt the market and issues that are related to the financial sector.

Uranus is the significator of unseen and unexpected developments in the world, particularly in matters pertaining to finances, market rise and fall, and issues relating to inflation. This is the explanation behind this.In the same way as Saturn does, it also causes market values to rise, and it even generates flutters due to the fact that it behaves in an uncertain manner. Additionally, it brings about sudden shifts in wild variations in the procedure while they are in ailment and in bear indications.

When Uranus has a partnership with two expanding planets like Rahu and Jupiter, the market might suddenly become bullish in bull signs like Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. This can happen when the market is connected to Uranus.

When taken as a whole, we are able to assert that the bank, together with the sensex and the Nifty, will continue to be in a healthy position until such time as Uranus is in conjunction with Jupiter in the sign of Aries in April and May of 2024.

solely a competition We are able to recognize the issue as a result of the conjunction between Rahu and Neptune, as well as the 22-degree arc with Pluto and Saturn. Additionally, as a result of this additional assignment forming in bear signs, we may observe some adjustments at the beginning of the following month.

Let us keep our fingers crossed that the Indian market will act in a positive manner during the approaching geopolitical wars that could break out at any point between March and April of 2024 for any reason.

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Mercury Retrogression and Effect on Stock Market and Commodities trading

Mercury Retrogression and Effect on Stock Market and Commodities trading ( 31st October to 21st November 2019)

The Impact of Astrology on Stock Market Decisions

stock market Stock market trend of 2024 and Impact of Uranus, Neptune and Saturn

It is important to note that astrology should not be the sole basis for making investment decisions. While astrological insights can provide an additional perspective, they should be used in conjunction with thorough financial analysis, market research, and consultation with financial advisors.

1. Psychological Impact: Astrology can have a psychological impact on investors. Believing in certain astrological predictions may influence their confidence and decision-making process. Positive or negative expectations based on astrological insights may lead to self-fulfilling prophecies in the market.

2. Market Sentiment: Astrological predictions can also impact overall market sentiment. If a significant number of investors believe in certain astrological forecasts, it may influence their buying and selling decisions, leading to market movements that align with those predictions.

3. Risk Management: Astrology can serve as a risk management tool by highlighting potential periods of market volatility or unexpected events. Investors who are aware of astrological forecasts can take precautionary measures, such as diversifying their portfolios or adjusting their investment strategies accordingly.


Over we can say with the combine energy of Uranus, Neptune and Saturn with their transformative energy, it can plays a significant role in mundane and financial astrology in year 2024, particularly in relation to the stock market, Geo-politics, the financial world, and global economics. Its influence can bring about sudden changes, both positive and negative, in these areas.

While Uranus can create volatility and uncertainty, it also offers opportunities for innovation, growth, and progress. Understanding its influence can help investors, financial institutions, and policymakers navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the stock market, the financial world, and world economics.

As with any astrological analysis, it is important to approach it with a balanced perspective, considering other factors and variables that contribute to the complexities of the financial and economic systems. Astrology can provide insights and guidance, but it should not be the sole basis for decision-making.

Reference, Links and Resources :

With Best Regards,

Rocky Jamwal

pin Stock market trend of 2024 and Impact of Uranus, Neptune and Saturn

North Node in Astrology: Your Karmic Evolution, Past Life, and Soul’s Intention

North Node in Astrology: Your Karmic Evolution, Past Life, and Soul’s Intention

North node in astrology 

Guest Article Written by Jane Angel 

Author Bio : Jane is a passionate hobbyist in the art of astrology, a co-owner of Wisdom Tavern is a deep playground for curious learners of astrology, where self-knowledge, self-elevation, and self-enlightenment become the central theme. It serves as a platform to help you develop the power of “self”.

What is the North Node in Astrology?

Did you know that in astrology, the North Node­ symbolizes your soul’s mission and karmic journey in this lifetime­?

According to Vedic Science, it’s often referre­d to as the “Dragon’s Head” and is associated with your life­’s purpose and spiritual developme­nt.

Interestingly, it always directly oppose­s the South Node, which repre­sents your past lives and dee­ply ingrained habits.

In your natal birth chart, your North Node place­ment reveals the­ areas of life that require­ development and the­ lessons meant for your soul’s growth.

It shines a light on the­ qualities and experie­nces that will aid in your soul’s evolution. On the othe­r hand, while the South Node re­presents comfort zones, the­ North Node signifies uncharted te­rritory beckoning your soul to explore ane­w.

The North Node’s sign, house placement, and aspects show the energies and themes you should embrace to align with your soul’s purpose.

Indeed, your nodal axis can provide the key to understanding your karmic journey in this incarnation.

The Sign Placement of the North Node

Curious about your North Node and its significance­? Your zodiac sign reveals the qualitie­s your soul must embrace to fulfill its divine purpose­!

Let’s dive into what each North Node­ sign placement signifies:

North Node in Aries

With your North Node in Arie­s, the growth of your soul depends on de­veloping initiative, courage, and inde­pendence. This life­time revolves around taking action for yourse­lf, overcoming fears, and learning to le­ad.

Embrace your natural competitive nature­ and don’t shy away from confrontation. It is crucial to develop a strong sense­ of personal identity. Be willing to e­mbark on new endeavors and e­mbrace risks.

North Node in Taurus

In astrology, if your North Node is in Taurus, this life­time centers around attaining stability, savoring life­’s pleasures, and cultivating patience­. Nurture your unique talents and skills, e­ven if you must begin from scratch. Construct a depe­ndable support system and embrace­ the value of loyalty.

Rather than rushing into de­cisions, take the time to make­ thoughtful choices based on solid grounding. Delight in the­ sensual joys and comforts that surround you while mastering the­ art of simplicity.

North Node in Gemini

With a North Node in Gemini, you are here to follow your curiosity, engage with people, and explore ideas. Focus on learning as much as possible in this lifetime and developing excellent communication skills. Welcome change and intellectual stimulation.

Share your thoughts, speak your truth, and make connections. Avoid being tied down to just one belief system, approach, or relationship. Stay youthful, witty, and quick on your feet.

North Node in Cancer

If your North Node is locate­d in Cancer, this lifetime will re­volve around nurturing your sensitive and e­motional side. You should focus on developing de­ep connections with your family and loved one­s by remaining loyal, supportive, and affectionate­ towards them.

It is also important to take care of othe­rs while respecting your own ne­eds. Trust in your intuition and harness your creative­ abilities. Prioritize building a secure­ foundation, especially within the comforts of your home­. Remember not to shy away from vulne­rability.

North Node in Leo

According to Wisdom Tavern, with the North Node­ positioned in Leo, your true purpose­ is to emit warmth and creativity, leading with passion while­ showcasing your unique talents. Allow yourself to radiate­ without apologies or false modesty.

Embrace­ fearless self-e­xpression and embrace your inhe­rently noble and gene­rous nature. Nurture your abilities, share­ your gifts, and make meaningful contributions. Open yourse­lf up to receiving love and appre­ciation while infusing playfulness and vibrant colors into eve­ry aspect of your life.

North Node in Virgo

If your North Node is in Virgo, this life­time is all about applying yourself, paying attention to de­tails, striving for personal growth, and serving others. You should aim to de­velop practical systems and sharpen your analytical skills.

Maste­r the art of troubleshooting and have the­ ability to fix any flaws that arise. Share your intellige­nce humbly while assisting others inste­ad of showing off. Moreover, make sure­ to establish a connection with the broade­r environment around you. Lastly, reme­mber not to take yourself too se­riously.

North Node in Libra

With a North Node in Libra, your purpose­ is to cultivate balanced and harmonious relationships and e­nvironments. Strive for fairness and avoid e­xtremes. Embrace the­ ability to see both sides of e­very issue.

Deve­lop charm, grace, and mediation skills while appre­ciating beauty in all its forms. Instead of competing, focus on coope­ration and compromise. Recognize the­ power that words hold. Surround yourself with art, music, and people­ who inspire you.

North Node in Scorpio

If your North Node is in the­ sign of Scorpio, this lifetime will be focuse­d on exploring deep aspe­cts of yourself and forging intimate connections. Embrace­ significant transformations as you delve into the de­pths of your being. Take part in profound bonding expe­riences that lay your soul bare.

Se­ek understanding by embracing both your shadow side­ and the darkness within, rather than avoiding the­m. Nurture your psychic abilities, trust your intuition, and learn to e­mbrace vulnerability with great de­pth. Discover the art of unraveling myste­ries as you let go of obsessive­ thoughts and paranoia through direct experience­s.

North Node in Sagittarius

You have arrive­d with the North Node in Sagittarius, guiding you on a journey of e­xploration and questioning assumptions. Embrace the fre­edom that surrounds you and envision the bigge­r picture. Take bold leaps of faith, chase­ after thrilling adventures, and e­mbrace new expe­riences wholehe­artedly.

Nurture an optimistic outlook on life and uphold e­thical integrity in all you do. Share your eve­r-expanding wisdom with others and find joy in defying socie­tal norms. Keep an open mind, avoiding arrogance­ and instead nurturing a curious spirit.

North Node in Capricorn

If your North Node is in Capricorn, this lifetime is about establishing yourself professionally, taking responsibility, and gaining maturity. Learn the value of structural discipline versus total spontaneity.

Develop sound strategies and master essential skills. Welcome a degree of conventional success. Practice realistic self-reliance versus depending heavily on others. Lead by example.

North Node in Aquarius

With a North Node in Aquarius, you are here to innovate, unite communities, and cultivate humanitarian ideals. Detach from biases and outdated paradigms. Embrace the unusual, eccentric, or avant-garde.

Consider the needs of the collective versus just yourself. Develop an independent, progressive spirit and use technology mindfully. Be willing to be different and challenge the status quo.

North Node in Pisces

If your North Node is in Pisce­s, this lifetime is all about delving into the­ depths of your spirituality. It’s about cultivating empathy, letting go of e­go boundaries, and embracing your intuitive side­. Nurture your imagination and practice mystical expe­riences, creative­ pursuits, and visionary thinking.

Discover the power of de­votion instead of excessive­ skepticism. Embrace surrende­r and go with the flow rather than aiming to control eve­rything. Allow music, poetry, and time spent in nature­ to inspire you deeply.


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The House Placement of the North Node

In this lifetime­, your soul growth is determined by the house­ location of the North Node in your chart. It signifies the­ area in your life where­ spiritual development ne­eds to occur.

Let’s explore­ the soul work associated with each house­!

North Node in 1st House

With the North Node in the 1st house, your soul growth depends on establishing a strong identity, overcoming shyness, and learning independence.

Develop self-confidence, embrace your special talents and appearance, and shine as an individual. Take the initiative.

North Node in 2nd House

If your North Node is place­d in the 2nd house, this lifetime­ will revolve around building self-worth, e­nsuring material security, indulging in life’s ple­asures, and nurturing your talents.

Make sure­ to cultivate and nourish your resources and skills while­ seeking meaningful work that aligns with your value­s. Embrace and appreciate the­ delightful experie­nces offered by e­ach of your five senses. 

North Node in 3rd House

With a North Node positione­d in your 3rd house, you are encourage­d to embrace curiosity, explore­ concepts, nurture intelle­ct, forge connections, and refine­ your skills.

Embrace change as the vibrant e­ssence of life itse­lf. Engage in open discussions and strive to be­come an effective­ communicator who shares smart thoughts while also actively se­eking knowledge from othe­rs.

North Node in 4th House

If your North Node is in the 4th house, this lifetime is about developing your inner foundations, deepening your roots, nurturing your sensitive side, and absorbing emotional nourishment from home and family. Establish security.

North Node in 5th House

With the North Node in the 5th house, your soul growth depends on embracing your inner child, expressing individual creativity, accepting praise, leading passionately, and sharing your special gifts. Take risks to shine.

North Node in 6th House

If your North Node is locate­d in the 6th house, this lifetime­ is all about dedicating yourself and fostering e­xpertise while se­rving others. It involves deve­loping practical systems and honing analytical skills. Take steps to re­fine yourself and pay attention to the­ finer details.

North Node in 7th House

With a North Node in your 7th house­, your purpose is to create balance­d and harmonious relationships. Embrace cooperation ove­r competition and nurture charming social skills, an appreciation for be­auty, and strong diplomacy skills.

North Node in 8th House

If your North Node is in the­ 8th house, this lifetime focuse­s on exploring deep e­motions, forming intimate connections, overcoming inse­curities, finding healing through self-discove­ry, and managing shared resources. It’s a journe­y of developing intuition.

North Node in 9th House

In the 9th house­, when the North Node aligns with your soul’s journe­y, it becomes esse­ntial for you to embark on explorations, see­k truth, embrace life’s adve­ntures, gain wisdom, and find faith in something greate­r than yourself. North Node in the Ninth House urges you to question old, outdated assumptions along your spiritual journey. 

North Node in 10th House

If your North Node is locate­d in the 10th house, this lifetime­ revolves around attaining significant goals. It entails achie­ving career success, gaining re­cognition in public circles, embracing responsibilitie­s, and eventually becoming an influe­ntial authority figure. A core aspect guiding this journe­y is leading by example.

North Node in 11th House

You have a North Node­ in the 11th house, which means your purpose­ is to actively participate in groups, advocate for humanitarian ide­als, let go of biases, foster inde­pendence, and unite­ people through innovative approache­s. It’s important to consider the collective­ when navigating this path.

North Node in 12th House

If your North Node re­sides in the 12th house, this life­time centers around dissolving your e­go, enhancing intuition, nurturing compassion, delving into your subconscious and spiritual depths, and e­mbracing inner growth.



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Monsoon Mayhem: Witnessing the Catastrophic Downpour in Himachal Pradesh, India (July-August 2023)

Catastrophic Downpour in Himachal Pradesh

Monsoon Mayhem: Witnessing the Catastrophic Downpour in Himachal Pradesh, India (July-August 2023)

Astrological News: 

Encounter Himachal’s tumultuous downpour. Traverse July-August 2023’s unprecedented Monsoon Mayhem’s drama and discovery. Astrological alignments have been observed and studied for centuries, providing insights into various aspects of our lives. In July and August 2023, an alignment of Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus in the Leo sign occurred. This alignment signifies a powerful combination of energies and has the potential to impact various areas of our lives, including weather patterns and rainfall. Its implications for weather patterns and rainfall are analogies we have seen in various regions of the north of India, i.e., Himachal Pradesh, Jammu, Delhi, Uttarpradesh, Punjab, Chandigarh etc.


Welcome, readers, to this exciting astrological exploration of the alignment of Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus in the Leo sign during July and August 2023, and its potential implications on weather patterns and rainfall in the beautiful region of Himachal Pradesh. Astrology has long been regarded as a tool for understanding the interplay between celestial bodies and their influence on our daily lives. In this blog post, we will delve into the significance of this celestial event and its potential effects on the weather and rainfall in Himachal Pradesh.

The Insanity of India’s Monsoon Season: July 2023 Rainfall Breaks All Records

The month of July 2023 witnessed an unprecedented rainfall event in India, particularly impacting regions such as Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, and Punjab. As a professional observer of mundane astrology, I have been closely monitoring the celestial movements to understand the reasons behind this extraordinary weather phenomenon. In Delhi, the capital city, the monsoon rains during July 2023 broke all previous records, resulting in severe flooding and disruption of daily life. The excessive precipitation overwhelmed the city’s drainage systems, leading to waterlogging and traffic chaos. This exceptional rainfall can be attributed to a combination of astrological factors that influenced the atmospheric conditions over the region. Similarly, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab experienced an unusually high amount of rainfall during the same period. The abnormal weather patterns caused widespread landslides, flash floods, and damage to infrastructure. Understanding the astrological aspects at play helps shed light on the underlying reasons for these extreme weather events.

Astrological analogy and the onset of heavy rainfall 


nautapa 2022 1 Monsoon Mayhem: Witnessing the Catastrophic Downpour in Himachal Pradesh, India (July-August 2023)


According to my analysis, the alignment of certain celestial bodies during July 2023 created a unique configuration that intensified the monsoon activity in these regions. Planetary positions, such as the influence of Jupiter and Saturn, played a significant role in amplifying the moisture-laden winds from the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal, resulting in heavy downpours. Furthermore, the interaction between Mars and Venus further contributed to the intensification of rainfall.

The combined effect of these planetary alignments disrupted the usual monsoon patterns, causing an excessive influx of moisture-laden clouds over Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, and Punjab. While it is essential to acknowledge the natural variability of weather patterns, understanding the astrological influences provides valuable insights into the reasons behind the extraordinary rainfall witnessed in July 2023. By studying these celestial phenomena, we can enhance our preparedness and response strategies to mitigate the impacts of such extreme weather events in the future.

Below are the points that have a major role in bringing heavy rainfall and downpours for many days:

1. Even if it is not the rainy season, there may be a catastrophic downpour if a number of planets are congregated in the same rashi. This is especially true if Mars, the Sun, and Rahu are also congregated in the same nakshatra as the other planets.

2. When the Moon conjuncts Venus or is in the constellation Trikona, there is a change in the weather; during the rainy season, good showers take place unless there are preventing elements present.

3. The movement of Mars from one rashi to another, which brings about a discernible shift in the climate within a span of two days and, if it occurs during the wet season, favorable precipitation. Mars, the most powerful planet, is responsible for precipitation on Earth.

4. When a prominent planet shifts its position within a rashi, there is a discernible shift in the prevailing weather patterns.

5. There is a shift in the temperature and humidity levels whenever a planet goes into retrograde or direct motion. Mercury is an essential planet that should not be overlooked. Venus cannot independently affect the climate, either directly or by its retrograde motion.

6. The sky will be cloudy and rainy if the dispositor aspects a powerful moon.

7. If there are more favorable stars in Dakshina Nadi, rain will fall; if there are more unfavorable stars in Uttara Nadi, rain will not fall.

8. The development of clouds takes place when the planets Mercury and Venus, Mercury and Jupiter, and Venus and Jupiter are in the same rashi together and have favourable aspects to one another.

9.Venus, behind the slow-moving planet, causes wind. Many planets in Pawannadi are destructive nadis.

More can be learned from : ” Astro Meteorology Research study on Monsoon 2015 “


Effects in North of India
0.40273600 1689056772 julymonsoon 01 1072023 Monsoon Mayhem: Witnessing the Catastrophic Downpour in Himachal Pradesh, India (July-August 2023)

Source : IMD & Downtoearth


In many parts of India, notably in the country’s northern regions, the month of July 2023 was marked by a deluge of rainfall on a scale never before seen. Because of the unprecedented amount of precipitation that has fallen, the states of Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, and Uttarakhand have all been seriously hit. In what can only be described as monsoon craziness, these regions have been hit by a monstrous rainfall that has shattered previous records and caused widespread anarchy and destruction.

The persistent rainfall has caused flash floods, landslides, and waterlogging, which have resulted in the isolation of populations and the crippling of infrastructure. Heavy rains are continuing to cause chaos in the nation’s capital, Delhi, which is known for its lively streets and culture but has came to a complete halt as a result of the storm. Roads have been flooded, transit has been interrupted, and power has been cut off as a result since the drainage system of the city has shown to be incapable of managing such an overwhelming volume of water. Residents are struggling to cope with the aftereffects of this severe weather event, which has prompted many of them to flee their homes and seek refuge in other locations temporarily.

In a similar vein, the magnificent hill stations of the states of Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, and Uttarakhand have taken the brunt of the damage caused by this monsoon lunacy. Overnight, these well-known tourist destinations, which are located in the midst of the gorgeous Himalayas, were transformed into disaster areas. The relentless rains has not only caused key routes to become impassable, but it has also been responsible for the loss of countless lives. The search for people who have gone missing has begun, and relief efforts have been organised for those who have been impacted.

Impacts on Agriculture and Infrastructure


0.18519800 1688980454 44 Monsoon Mayhem: Witnessing the Catastrophic Downpour in Himachal Pradesh, India (July-August 2023)


Both the authorities and the citizens of this area have been taken aback by the extraordinary nature of this rainfall. As a result of the magnitude of the issue, the administration at the local level is having trouble keeping up with the demands placed on emergency services. Efforts are being made to get things back to normal as quickly as possible while also providing aid to those who are in desperate need. However, it seems as though the path to recovery will be a long and difficult one.

It is imperative that, while we struggle to deal with the aftermath of this monsoon mayhem, we take some time to think about the ramifications of climate change. There is no doubt that our climate is shifting as a direct result of the increasing severity and frequency of extreme weather events like these. It is vital that we take preventative actions to lessen the effects of climate change and establish resilient communities that are able to weather the difficulties that will be presented.


In summary, the rainfall that occurred in northern India in July 2023 broke records and left a path of devastation in its wake. The territories that have been impacted by this extraordinary monsoon mayhem, which includes Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, and Uttarakhand, are currently attempting to deal with the aftermath of the disaster. As we work towards recovery, it is crucial that we address the underlying causes of such catastrophic weather events and prioritise sustainable solutions for a more resilient future. This can only be accomplished if we focus our efforts.

The alignment of Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus in Leo sign in July and August 2023 holds significant implications for weather patterns and rainfall in Himachal Pradesh. While astrology cannot provide specific predictions, it offers valuable insights into the general trends and tendencies that may arise during this period. The potential for increased rainfall and erratic weather patterns calls for preparedness, early warning systems, and environmental conservation measures to mitigate the risks and ensure the safety and well-being of Himachal Pradesh and its inhabitants. Let us embrace the celestial dance and its potential impacts with mindfulness and proactive action.

Note:  Astrology is a belief system and should be approached with an open mind and used for entertainment purposes only. Always rely on established meteorological organizations and expert advice for accurate weather forecasts and disaster preparedness.



Team Vedicsiddhanta

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Trading Alert in Stock Market : Saturn & Mercury Stationary Motion would possibly bring a sudden short-term bearish trend in the Market from 3rd June to 11th June 2022 onward 


Trading Alert in Stock Market

Trading Alert in Stock Market : Saturn & Mercury Movement will bring change in Trends for the coming 10-12 Days


Within the context of the global stock market, the week beginning June 3 and ending June 15 brings with it a great deal of unpredictability, a wide range of possibilities, and a variety of investment openings. Primarily, we notice an effect on the stock markets in the United States and India. There is a good chance that the upcoming planetary movement will bring about some interesting developments in the world of finance. This is due to the fact that two significant celestial shifts are going to take place: first, Saturn will enter into a retrograde stationary state beginning on June 5th, and Mercury will go into a stationary direct state beginning on June 3rd and continuing forward. Mercury’s ongoing stationary direct state and Saturn’s retrograde state will have an effect on a variety of commodities related to crude oil, gas, coal, iron, IT, telecom, technology, and financial institutions; it is possible that either there will be an increase in stock prices or there will be chances of a sudden slash in prices of these commodities being seen in the business world as well. Saturn’s retrograde state will remain in effect until the end of the year.


Trading Alert in stock market

Actual Events of Stock Market 

During this stationary motion of slow-moving Saturn and fast-moving Mercury from June 3rd, 2022 onward, both will form an angle of 89 degrees to each other, which will completely change the ongoing short bullish trend towards downward starting from May 23rd, 2022 onward (as already mentioned in my earlier tweets for the short and temporary bullish trend we will see from May 23rd, 2022 onward after Venus movement over the Aries sign).

There will be a sudden shock, break, and fear factor that will apply to the ongoing trend of the stock market. There is a high chance that we can start observing a new bearish trend from June 3rd, 5th, and 6th, onward up to June 11th, 2022. This is because these changes in the celestial sphere will result in fast and slow-moving planets attaining stationary motion.

As the earlier Venus Movement in the Bullish Sign from May 23rd onwards has given a sudden boost or kick in the market’s upward trend, but more Venus will move towards Uranus in Aries around 22 degrees, and there is also a great chance of a sudden upset or sudden bearish trend in the financial world that may begin from June 11th and 12th, though it will be for a shorter period,

Later on, when Venus reaches the degree occupied by Uranus, which is 22 degrees, its passage towards the North Node Rahu will once again produce an upward trend beginning on the 15th of June, 2022, but this time it is possible that this trend will be a shorter one.

The Russia-Ukraine geopolitical situation has already produced inflation in the market over the course of the past two to three months as a direct result of Uranus’s close movement towards North Node Rahu.

The beginning of a pattern in trade

The upcoming shift in trend (from June 3rd to June 11th and 12th, 2022) will be favourable for the information technology sector, telecom, financial institutions, trading sector, and infrastructure stocks, and it will boost the good cash flow in the market. On the other hand, price increases will be observed in steel, crude oil, gas, leather, metal, and other commodities.

People can start observing or investigating the ongoing trend on the 3rd of June 2022, which I have posted on the Twitter : :


” From Morning 9:15 Onward Buying will be high & Selling/Buying both will be seen high from 12:30 Noon onward Today & Sudden Kick will be observed from 2:15 PM up to 3:30 PM. whereas The period from 2:15 is very crucial for Selling “

After observing the whole day, the Majority of the timings and stock information fall true.

Here are screenshots attached for reference :

Timing 1 Trading Alert in Stock Market : Saturn & Mercury Stationary Motion would possibly bring a sudden short-term bearish trend in the Market from 3rd June to 11th June 2022 onward 

timing2 Trading Alert in Stock Market : Saturn & Mercury Stationary Motion would possibly bring a sudden short-term bearish trend in the Market from 3rd June to 11th June 2022 onward 

So in the end, I can only conclude: Keep on observing the coming 10 days for new trends that can affect the ongoing short bullish trend.


Rocky Jamwal.

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Decoding Scientific reasons for 9 Days of extreme Heatwave in Nautapa in the upcoming summer during the Pre-monsoon season

[web_stories title=”true” excerpt=”false” author=”false” date=”false” archive_link=”true” archive_link_label=”” circle_size=”150″ sharp_corners=”false” image_alignment=”left” number_of_columns=”1″ number_of_stories=”5″ order=”DESC” orderby=”post_title” view=”circles” /]Nautapa Decoding Scientific reasons for 9 Days of extreme Heatwave in Nautapa in the upcoming summer during the Pre-monsoon season
Mundane Astrology : Decoding Scientific reasons for 9 Days of extreme Heatwave in Nautapa in the upcoming summer during the Pre-monsoon season 


What is Nautapa ( 9 days of Extreme Heatwaves )?



Nautapa means 9 days of scorching heat generated due to the solar movement over Rohini Nakshatra,. As per the Koorma chakra, Rohini Nakshatra rules the center of the earth, and also rules the center point of India falls in central India. The beginning of Nautapa starts in the Rohini region and lasts for 9 days due to the Solar & Lunar Movement around these 9 days during the Lunar month of Jyestha ( as per the Georgian calendar it is ending in May and beginning of June ).  Nau-Tapa usually starts From May 25 to June 2 every year approximately, and the effect of Nautapa can be seen majorly across the globe. Its Most Severe impact is over South Western monsoon conditions.
Reasons for intense warm weather during Nautapa
Due to the scorching heat of the Sun, and as per Siddhantic belief, the direct rays of the sun fall on the earth whenever the sun transits over the Taurus sign and especially around Kritika and Rohini nakshatra, and the atmosphere becomes hot, which creates a situation of storms and windstorms, as a result, the outbreak of heat in most parts of the country increases, dust storms and severe heat disrupts the life.  This year, with the entry of the Sun in Rohini Nakshatra, the 9 days of the Scorching heat usually start in the Jyestha Month of May & June from the 25th of May 2022. During this lunar month, the sun will stay in Rohini Nakshatra till 15th June 2022 & journey of the Sun in Rohini nakshatra usually gives an intense weather scenario because of its direct connection with the earth’s atmosphere as per the majority of views observed in Sahimta Shashtra.
During Sun entry in Rohini Nakshatra Sun will be very closer to earth and its Rays will have a direct impact on the majority of places across the globe specially from Central India to Northern India, especially on one side of place will have More Impact on earth due to maximum planetary alignment have a stronger impact on one side of earth sphere during this movement & Sun will be transiting very closely to earth in the northern hemisphere, whereas first 9 days of Sun traveling toward Rohini Nakashtra gives intense heat & warm weather that helps in the strong conception of clouds for upcoming Monsoon for 2-3 Months ( From June to November – will have an effect on both Southwest & southeast monsoon ).
This time Sun will enter Rohini Nakshatra on the 25th of May 2022 in the afternoon time and its effect will remain till June 3 (9 days). These nine nights/days are called the 9 hottest days of the year when the Sun is closest to the Earth, which usually causes severe heat and warm weather almost in all the states of India or other countries as well.


ahmx alromeadheen taurus con zod 02 by ahmx alromeadheen Decoding Scientific reasons for 9 Days of extreme Heatwave in Nautapa in the upcoming summer during the Pre-monsoon season
Vedic Reason for Nau-tapa in Jyestha Month


When Sun Entered the Constellation of the Moon ( Rohini), Moon usually travels to 9 Nakashtras and starts grabbing the heat, which is why it is called Nau-Tapa which usually brings inconsistent warm weather and heat in the Atmosphere. It has been said that the whenever Moon during these transits causes rain it will give the signal for the upcoming days that the monsoon will bring low rainfall, which is called the Rohini Throat.
The reason being, As per the early Ancient observations the four days commencing from the eighth day in the light half of the month of Jyeshta (i.e 4 days after the mid of the month of May and June – from 15th May to 15th June), which falls in half of  May ( Jyestha ) and June ( Ashada)  month are Known as Vayu Dharan months –  The days when the movements of the wind are seen and observed in the Jyeshta month freely from North-west to East direction with full of the rich amount of moisture in it ( In Scientific terms the process of condensation is high during these days near coastal regions).
Those 4 days when the wind is heavy moving near around moon movement in Swati to Visakha nakshatra are vital clues for judging the nature of the health of the Pregnancy of the rain clouds for upcoming monsoon seasons. Here observation of wind direction and its richness with Apah ( Water) movement in these particular 4 days is most important. If there is no wind in those 4 days we can expect the coming months will be much dry in nature and humidity will be higher. If there are enough winds in those 4 days, should be gentle, and agreeable and if the Sky Should be covered by fine, bright clouds then there will be the possibility of good rainfall in the Monsoon else monsoon will be a bit delayed and the level of humidity will be more. 
From 15th June onward if you observe any possibility of raindrops or moisture contents in the air then there should be enough rainfall in continues 4 days when the Moon will Pass through Swati to Jyestha Nakshatra (Libra Sign to the First Half of Vishkha). If there is rainfall during Swati to Viskhka Nakshatra for full 4 days, we can say with surety that the monsoon is near to Shower full of insistent rainfall in Shravana to Karttika Month (August to November, else there will be the possibility of a drought-like situation in the rainy season )
These 9 days of Nautapa are like 9 days of pregnancy of clouds where the more the heat generates due to the Sun and Moon movement over Rohini Nakshatra and more it can carry rain causing clouds for the coming monsoon seasons. These 9 days are actually called Pregnancy clouds of the monsoon and mother earth bears it for the goodwill of mankind. Because of the extreme heat of the Sun in the Jala Tattva of Rohini Nakashtras ( Rohini is actually a star name  Aldebaran, the eye of the Bull,  Aldebaran is about 44 times the Sun’s diameter ), it increases or fastens the cycle of the Condensation process from the coastal regions, that’s the reason it is called the Monsoon Garabhdharan period. This year the process of Nau-Tapa starts when Sun will enter Rohini Nakshatra on the 25th of May from 10 degrees 00 ‘ 40′ and it will remain till the 3rd of June 2022.
During this period, The sun which is actually considered to be a symbol of glory and furious heat enters the moon’s constellation Rohini and takes its constellation fully under its influence and the earth’s elements of Fire & water will go in a process to create Regeneration process for crops, plants, forests, animals & river to balance the nature and the level of heat usually increases at a greater level. Due to the heat rise during this period storms usually start coming on the earth which we will see in the coming Ashad Month ( from 15th of June 2022 onward till 13th July ) & later in Shravan month when Sun will oppose the Saturn from 14th July to 12th August chances are higher than we can see the maximum impact of SolarWinds and rainstorms in the earth along with windstorm in coastal regions of India, as Saturn will impact Both Rahu & Mars by 90 degree that can give much damage in Southwestern & Eastern regions via cyclone, floods or via damage in the seashore.


Solarwinds vedicsiddhanta Decoding Scientific reasons for 9 Days of extreme Heatwave in Nautapa in the upcoming summer during the Pre-monsoon season
Understanding the Scientific Reason


Scientifically, the unknown reason behind this scorching heat is could be due to the inner solar activities happening in the sun which usually start when the sun gets influenced by Mercury, Jupiter & Saturn which triggers Solar activities in the sun’s inner region and black spots usually appears on sun surface that helps in the change in weather scenario of earth. Scientists are never able to understand The Sun’s influence on the earth’s weather conditions but researchers are slowly figuring out how the solar wind can indirectly affect clouds over the poles, its effects on the Earth’s weather and climate are still a mystery for most of the researchers.
FSVfykGagAAYdO0 Decoding Scientific reasons for 9 Days of extreme Heatwave in Nautapa in the upcoming summer during the Pre-monsoon season
According to JoAnna Wendel, research has found that the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) can cause certain effects in the Earth’s ionosphere but its impact on changes in climate remains still a mystery. According to Lam, et al., there are strong correlations found between the changes in the IMF and atmospheric pressure anomalies for the Earth’s polar troposphere which can result in a change in the atmospheric pressure to cause changes in cloud physics. Thus it can be said that it has a wider effect on weather and climate.


Decoding Scientific reasons for 9 Days of extreme Heatwave in Nautapa in the upcoming summer during the Pre-monsoon season
Understanding Medini Jyotish Reason


It has been seen that whenever Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn closely or loosely conjugate, influence, or Aspects sun in any sign, a high amount of solar activities in the surface area of the sun usually increases for the whole month. Such solar activities have also been noticed during Lunar and Solar eclipses too but depend on eclipse type, Half or full or partial, etc. During these combustion or conjugation periods,” Black Dark shafts” in Solar discs have usually been observed with different shapes and sizes in addition to the increasing amount of temperature and heat also being noticed in the earth’s atmosphere too. This has been noticed on the 17th of August 2015 when the sun ingresses on Leo, Sun was closely Conjugated with Jupiter in the Leo sign, in a close combustion state with an orbital distance of 9 degrees opp to earth – ” Tamasa karakas or Sunspot ” appeared in the Sun.
FSVg7WTaIAAi 4 Decoding Scientific reasons for 9 Days of extreme Heatwave in Nautapa in the upcoming summer during the Pre-monsoon season
The same is the case when In august 2015 Scientists observed two sun spots with rod and key-like shapes. During these sunspot phases, a major break in power (Electricity) and satellite Communication channels is usually observed. In the “August-September” 2015 month sun-spot impact has been seen more in the Northern Hemisphere Regions, which were closer to the line of Cancer. The rise of temperature in atmospheres has also been noticed after these dark shafts. It has been further noticed during these dark shafts rain clouds are usually unable to shower rain and the weather behaves strangely and also raises the possibility of earthquakes in those areas wherever these sunspots appear geographically. (Source   : Brihat Samhita, Adityachar) .
” Tamasakilakas ” or Dark Shafts in the Solar disc region is ancient wisdom on Sunspots research as described by Acharya Varahamihira in Brihat Samhita around 500 AD when there was no science and any scientists available to analyze the impact of Sunspots. This shows Ancient astronomers were already known to most of the Facts in nature “
– Source – Brihat Samhita of Acharya Varahmihira, by Ramakrishna Bhat , Adityachara, Chapter 3,Verse 9,10,11,12 &13


FSViEqVaMAAqTig Decoding Scientific reasons for 9 Days of extreme Heatwave in Nautapa in the upcoming summer during the Pre-monsoon season
Heatwave scenario of India for the Pre-Monsoon season of 2022


Now coming back to Nau-Tapa Process, there will be sudden shift weather scenario from 22nd May 2022 onward When Sun will join Saturn, later on will be in conjunction in Dhanistha nakahstra, further conjoin with Jupiter, Mars & venhs on 23rd May 2022 and we may see dynamic change in weather from 24th of May when Venus will Join Rahu in Aries sign and Moon will starts its journey of grabbing water from environment 25th of May 2022, from rohini Nakashtra and move toward Ardara Nakashtra whereas Moon will Join Ju, Mars & venus in uttrabhadra nakshtra , Ruled by Soumya Nadi ( Rain Causing Nakshtra), to ashwini to Krittika Nakashtra that will increase heat from and higher level of humidity from 27th of May to 3rd June and this scrotching heat will slow down from 10th of June when Moon will Joins Ketu in Visaksha nakshtra that will give first rainfall shower from 10th june to 13th June onward to Majority of South western states of india i.e Maharashtra, Banglore, Western ghat, Goa, kerela, AP, Gujarat and few northern states, with this condition of weather will improve and will be smoother but Major problem of extreme temperature, Dry and warm weather will still remain persistently until Saturn and Jupiter turns to direct motion. People of Madhya-Pradesh will experience relaxed weather when Sun will transits in Gemini Sign in Ardara Nakashtra from 22nd June onward.
Conclusion :


When Sun will reach Mrigshira nakshatra in Agni Nadi from the 8th of June 2022 onward, the condensation process will increase in the Coastal and other regions of southern India which will increase the chances of rainfall but with heat and moisture in the atmosphere will still remain. The same will apply to North India, though the Weather will be a bit relaxed from the Scorching heat the presence of moisture content will increase from the 10th of June 2022 onward. As a Vedic Remedial measure, Keep on distributing Sweet & lime water to people during these 9 days that will please the almighty and nature eventually nature will bless them with good rainfall & crops for the well-being of people. I hope this would be helped you to understand how mother nature has a deep influence on our weather in mundane astrology., Stay connected and keep on reading my articles on Medini and  Astro Metrology.
Rocky Jamwal
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Video : The Great conjunction of Jupiter​ and Saturn​ of 2020 and World Predictions

maxresdefault 2 Video : The Great conjunction of Jupiter​ and Saturn​ of 2020 and World Predictions











The Great conjunction of Jupiter​ and Saturn​ of 2020 and World Predictions

Host: Rocky Jamwal | Guest Speaker & Content  by: Mr. Navroop Singh 



The great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn video is all about the upcoming Saturn and Jupiter conjunction that was triggered in the year 2020 in the Capricorn sign and the exact conjunction we may experience around 21st December 2020, this video is all about its impact on the Mundane world, India, and World.  This is a corrected version of the Last Jupiter and Saturn conjunction Video that we uploaded a few days back and in this video, we covered all the concepts that were missing last time due to an audio issue. we have rerecorded with fresh audio and video. Saturn-Jupiter conJunction is most important In mundane astrology and takes place once every twenty years in each of the twelve signs, In a retrograde order In trine from the previous ones.


For example, In January 1842 the conjunction took place In Sagittarius, In 1861 It happened In Leo, in 1881 In Aries sign, and In 1901 In Sagittarius. The conjunction In earthy triplites falls In Virgo, then In Taurus, and then in Capricorn. After going through the four triplites In this manner the whole series of conjunctions repeats again.


Traits of Both Jupiter and Saturn 


Signification of Jupiter: The nature of events to be experienced as a result of this conjunction will depend upon the significance of both planets. Jupiter signifies religion, philosophy, ) udldary, finances, business, trade, capitalism, treaties, external affairs, ministers, ambassadors, nobility, prosperity and peace, international cooperation, birth rate, and arbitration between the countries.

Jupiter is a Jeeva planet and represents resurrection and a new order. Jupiter Is also the planet of kings, queens, and royalty and is also associated with the constitutional type of government.

Signification of Saturn: Saturn signifies death, national calamities, contraction, diseases, war, loss or gain of territory, agitation, strikes, labor dasses, democracy, farmers, miners, land, and crops. It has been noticed that the first conjunction falling In each triplite, which is also called a “Great Mutation”, has a very important and lasting effect, and when the places of other conjunctions, eclipses, and lunation, which occur after It, fall therein, or In opposition thereto, Important events are triggered. Saturn Is also a democracy, death, and dictators, being the lord of ten houses in the natural zodiac It has much to do with rulers of the country. Saturn is death- death of rulers also.

The Conjunctions: 21st December 2020 – great Shani Guru Conjunction – Grah Yudh


One of the most transformative conjunction is the Shani-Guru conjunction. Both are now Conjunct in Dhanu Rashi & later from 30th March to 30th June Shani & Guru would be conjunct in Makar Rashi before Guru retrogrades back from 14th May into Dhanu and back into Makar on 20th November. From 20th Nov 2020 to 6th April 2021 Guru wud again conjunct Shani and the exact conjunction will happen on 21st December 2020 at 5 Degrees where Guru is debilitated. This conjunction will have a profound effect on Politics Globally as Geo Politically well as Economically. Guru Shani conjunctions after every 20 years and the cycles keep repeating. This time it is happening in Makar Rashi is an Earthy sign that governs political rulers. Historically this conjunction has brought wars, assignations, and deeper political & ideological changes across the world.

Guru then moves to Kumbh Rashi on 6th April 2021 till before it starts retrograding on 20th June and moves back to Makar on 14th September making a short conjunction once again before it moves back to Kumbha rashi on 21st Nov 2021 & moves to its Swarashi Meen on 13 April 2022.

Guru finally ends this conjunction with Shani and the next 10 years from 2022 will be very good for Global Economy, Trade, Boom, and Liberal Elite marking the rise of the liberal left across the world before reaches in Opposition to Shani when the cycle reverses to Contraction once again.

Rise does not mean the left liberals will come to power but that the Right Wing Nationalism across the world would face challenges in many countries from resurgent left liberals. In some, it may succeed & in some, it will give serious opposition. Depends from country to country.

It has been observed that in the USA President elected under or about the time of this combination dies in office. The cases dated are of President William Henry Harrison, Abraham Lincoln, and A Garfield.

Other Presidents who died In office were William McKinley, Warren J Harding, Franklin J Roosevelt, and John F Kennedy. With Leo as the Lagna of USA, Saturn becomes lord of six and seven (marak,l) and hence evil.


Past Events: Great Jupiter and Saturn conjunctions of the past 100 years 

Other events on Guru Shani Conjunctions: In September 1803, the English army led by General Lake defeated Maratha forces at Aligarh & again on September 11 at Delhi establishing its Supremacy. Saturn, Jupiter & Mars were conjunct in Virgo then).


On 8th August 1940-1941:  Saturn Guru Conjunction happened in Aries (which is considered the deadliest of all conjunctions in 12 houses).

• Hitler launched a massive attack on Russia on 22nd June 1941

• Japan’s Pearl Harbour Attack on 7th December 1941

• Civil Disobedience movement.


1961 – Shani Guru Conjunction happened in Dhanu


• Indo-China war 1962 under its shadow

• liberation of goa from Portuguese

• Major Yuri Gagarin of the USSR made his first flight into space.


1961 – Conjunction in Capricorn:

•Decolonization of Africa – Britain & French

• Bombay was bifurcated into MH & Gujarat

• India took Goa, Daman & Diu

• In Africa, Rwanda, and Burundi became republics.


Guru Shani Conjunction in Virgo:

• 1980- Iran Iraq War

• 1981 – Zia Ul Rehman President of Bdesh was shot dead

• President Anwar Sadat of Egypt Assassinated

• mass suicide in Uganda

• Crash of Air France Concorde

• Attack on US Warship.


In September- November 1989, Shani in Dhanu & retrograde Guru in Mithun opposed each other:

• Collapse of Berlin War

• Breakup of the Soviet Union

• Mandal Commission protests in India

• Unification of East-West Germany, Eastern Europe, Russia & CIS States

• Gulf War 1.


The Shani Guru opposition continued in Capricorn-Cancer on 16th March 1991

• Devi Lal was sacked as Deputy PM

• Benazir Bhutto PM of Pakistan was removed from office

• Cauvery Water dispute between TN & Karnataka.


Shani Guru Conjunction is one of the most significant ones in Mundane Astrology it redefines the world so much. Though placement & aspects of other planets too differ since these two are big planets & move slowly far bigger impact they have on the world.


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Effects of Conjunction on India & Globe:


Jupiter is the planet of expansion. It rules the 9″‘ and 12″‘ signs of the natural zodiac Sagittarius and Pisces. Its nakshatras are Punarvasu (7), Vishakha ( 16), and Purvabhadra (25). Saturn has been designated by Kalidas as  Dukhakarka. Earthquakes, war, and calamities happen when Saturn Is moving through the asterism of Mars, Rahu, and Ketu.  The position becomes worse if Saturn Is afflicted by Rahu/Ketu or Mars by aspect or association. Harm would be more If Saturn Is In retrograde motion. Its position vis-a-vis Jupiter in 2/12. 6/8 or 3/ I I Is not good and Jupiter Is not capable of giving Its benefic results fully. If Jupiter Is In the 6/8 position from Saturn It can even cause Raj Bhang Yoga.

Conclusion :

This video will cover a brief idea of Jupiter and Saturn’s conjunction and its impact on India, the world, the Mundane world, and Spirituality.  The session mode will be in Hindi, Today’s Guest will be  Mr.Navroop Singh.

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Video : Impact of Jupiter​ and Saturn​ great conjunction of year 2020 on 12 Ascendants


maxresdefault 1 Video : Impact of Jupiter​ and Saturn​ great conjunction of year 2020 on 12 Ascendants

Impact of Jupiter​ and Saturn’s​ great conjunction of the year 2020 on 12 Ascendants

Host: Rocky Jamwal | Guest Speaker: Mr.Navroop Singh.


This video is all about the impact of Jupiter and Saturn’s great conjunction that will trigger in the year 2020 and we will discuss various implications related to this great conjunction with  Mr. Navroop Singh who will be our today’s guest in our you-tube channel. Jupiter- Saturn conjunction is most important In mundane astrology and takes place once every twenty years in each of the twelve signs, In a retrograde order In trine from the previous ones.

In the Previous Video Article, we talk about Jupiter and Saturn’s great conjunction and its relationship with the Mundane world and geo-political activities.

Users can check the previous from the given link :

The Great conjunction of Jupiter​ and Saturn​ of 2020 and World Predictions

Video : The Great conjunction of Jupiter​ and Saturn​ of 2020 and World Predictions

Youtube Link:

Events of Jupiter and Saturn 

For example, In January 1842 the conjunction took place In Sagittarius, In 1861 It happened In Leo, in 1881 in Aries sign and in 1901  In Sagittarius. The conjunction In earthy triplites falls In Virgo, then In Taurus, and then in Capricorn. After going through the four triplites In this manner the whole series of conjunctions repeats again.


Jupiter and Saturn Video 

Users can watch our interactive discussions with Navroop ji in the below-mentioned video link :

This Video will explain about Jupiter and Saturn that are going to soon conjugate around 21st December 2020 in the Capricorn sign in this video we will talk about the impact of Jupiter and Saturn’s conjunction on 12  ascendents along with that we will talk about all the remedial measures that native can perform at their own that can help native to pacify the malefic impact we can observe during the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. This video covers the remedial measures required for 12 lagnas or descendants.


About Guest Speaker


The session mode will be in Hindi and our Guest for the session will be Mr. Navroop Singh and he is currently practicing law, and is a 3rd generation intellectual property attorney in Delhi High Court, he has also co-authored two books on Geo Politics and International Affairs, Foreign Policy. He is an avid reader & most of all an Astro enthusiast with a keen interest in mundane astrology.


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pin Video : Impact of Jupiter​ and Saturn​ great conjunction of year 2020 on 12 Ascendants

Vedic Astrology Remedies for Jupiter​ and Saturn​ Conjunction in 2020 for 12 ascendants

Vedic Astrology Remedies for Jupiter​ and Saturn​ Conjunction in 2020 for 12 ascendants

Vedic Astrology Remedies for Jupiter​ and Saturn​ Conjunction in 2020 for 12 ascendants
Host: Rocky Jamwal | Guest Speaker & Content  by: Mr. Navroop Singh 

The great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn video is all about the upcoming Saturn and Jupiter conjunction that was triggered in the year 2020 in the Capricorn sign and the exact conjunction we may experience around 21st December 2020, this video is all about its impact on the Mundane world, India, and World.  This is a corrected version of the Last Jupiter and Saturn conjunction Video that we uploaded a few days back and in this video, we covered all the concepts that were missing last time due to an audio issue. we have rerecorded with fresh audio and video. Saturn-Jupiter conJunction is most important In mundane astrology and takes place once every twenty years in each of the twelve signs, In a retrograde order In trine from the previous ones.

About this Video 

This Video is all about the upcoming Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn that is going to soon conjugate around 21st December 2020 in the Capricorn sign, in this video, we have talked about all the remedial measures that natives can perform on their own that can help native to pacify the malefic impact we can observe during the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn.  Jupiter- Saturn conjunction is most important In mundane astrology as well as in natal astrology usually takes place once every twenty years in each of the twelve signs, In a retrograde order In trine from the previous ones.

Last Video 

In the Previous Video Article, we talk about Jupiter and Saturn’s great conjunction and its relationship with the 12 Ascendants. Users can check the previous from the given link: This video will cover the remedial measures required for 12 lagnas or ascendants, session mode will be in Hindi, and our Guest for the session was Navroop Singh.

Impact of Jupiter​ and Saturn’s​ great conjunction of the year 2020 on 12 Ascendants.

Youtube Link:


Video : Impact of Jupiter​ and Saturn​ great conjunction of year 2020 on 12 Ascendants

Users can watch our interactive discussions with Navroop ji in below-mentioned video link :

Youtube Link:



Conclusion :

This video will cover a brief idea of Jupiter and Saturn’s conjunction remedies that will be applicable to all 12 lagnas and their impact on an individual chart, the world, the Mundane world, and Spirituality.  


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Nadi Astrology based analysis on present pandemic disease of Covid-19 in year 2020

coronavirus tech istock Nadi Astrology based analysis on present pandemic disease of Covid-19 in year 2020
ॐ श्री गुरुभ्यो नमः
With the Blessings of my Kula Guru,Kula Devatha and my Naadi Guru Shri R.G.Rao,I am going to analyse the present pandemic disease Covid-19 through Naadi Astrology principles.


By this time many experienced Astrologers have analysed about this deadly disease and gave their expert predictions.Even an young boy of 16 also has predicted almost 7 months before about this disease but it got published very recently.Even the famous Nostradamus has written about this disease in 1551 through his prophesis.Anyhow this is only an analysis of this disease as when it started and which planetary combinations have taken part in the formation of this deadly virus and when it may end etc.
To start with we must know some basic Karakatwas of planets.Here the most important planet in consideration is Shani whom we consider him for day to day life activities or the Karma of everybody.Ketu is a planet of breaking anything related to Karma.Ketu is also responsible for the formation of deadly viruses when he gets certain planetary configuration.Rahu is the planet of communication or spreading the virus.As he is in Mithuna Rashi,it indicates nose and throat parts of human beings.Dhanu Rashi is the Moola Trikona Rashi of Guru,the Jiva Karaka.To start with in 2019 ,Shani was retrograde from 30/4/2019 to 18/9/2019.At this time,Shani Retrograde was in Dhanu Rashi and Ketu also was in Dhanu Rashi and both were in Dhanu Rashi ruled by Guru,the Jiva Karaka while Guru was in Keeta Rashi of Vrishcika.Shani eventhough retrograde till 18/9/2019,he lost Graha Yuddha with Ketu on 24/6/2019 and it was decided by Ketu to stop day to day activities ruled by Shani .



Shani Ketu Graha Yuddha 1 2 Nadi Astrology based analysis on present pandemic disease of Covid-19 in year 2020
But the time has to come to take over by Ketu.For 2 days from 16/9/2019 to 18/9/2019,Shani was in Retro-Stambhana.When Shani became direct on 18/9/2019,again he was in Stambhana mode.

Shani Stambhana 1 Nadi Astrology based analysis on present pandemic disease of Covid-19 in year 2020

So totally Shani was helpless and Ketu ,the significator of virus started acting. Now the sign lord of these 2 planets is Guru and was placed in Vrishcika Rashi which is a Keeta Rashi lorded by Kuja. Now if we look at the sign lord of Guru,Kuja is with Surya in Simha Rashi on 16th of September which gives a suspicion that some country leader may be involved in this deadly virus production.But Surya was in end of Simha Rashi and next day,he was about to move to Kanya Rashi lorded by Budha.So this leader wants to involve in a business through which he can control the world. Now on the same day, if we look to Chandra’s position it was in Meena Rashi/Pisces sign ruled by Guru.Thus Ketu links with Chandra indicating the virus testing was started as Guru,the Jiva Karaka was in trine to Chandra and also he is the sign lord of Ketu+Shani.Also Budha,the planet of multiplicity was exalted but the time has to come to spread this deadly virus.Please note that all planets are held between Ketu and Rahu forming a perfect Kalamrita Yoga.


1st case of Corona Virus 1 Nadi Astrology based analysis on present pandemic disease of Covid-19 in year 2020
As per live science website,the 1st case of known Coronavirus was traced back on 17/11/2019.
On this day, Chandra was in Mithuna Rashi along with Rahu and are in trines to Budha (V) + Kuja placed in Tula Rashi, and in Dhanu Rashi, we have Guru +Shani + Ketu. This is the perfect combination of planets for virus transmission. Guru has just entered Dhanu Rashi indicating Jiva Karaka. Day to day life Karaka Shani has already crossed Ketu in Dhanu Rashi which indicates Shani has taken the malefic energy of Ketu. Ketu was heading towards Guru, the Jiva Karaka. But it was kept secret as Shukra was in Keeta Rashi of Vrishcika ruled by Kuja.
Solar Eclipse on 26th Dec.2019 1 Nadi Astrology based analysis on present pandemic disease of Covid-19 in year 2020
On 26/12/2019, there was Annular Solar Eclipse and it occurred On Dhanu Rashi, Moola Nakshatra where along with Surya and Chandra, Ketu , Budha, and Guru were also in Moola Nakshatra indicating a dreaded danger to the universe due to Virus outbreak.
The above is Ketu Grasta Surya Grahan. In Dhanu Rashi there is a cluster of planets ie., Surya +Chandra+Budha+Guru+Shani+Ketu. Surya and Chandra indicate eyes and they are afflicted by Ketu as he is coming near to both of them. This means the universe has been made blind by Ketu, the Karaka for Virus. Shani has already crossed Ketu and has started to enter in day to day lives of human beings. Guru, the Jiva, or Prana is running in his own Moola Trikona Sthana to protect himself as Ketu is coming in the opposite direction ( behind ) to swallow him. But during this running of Guru called Ati Chara, he became afraid or Bheeta and gets in the hand of Ketu. This happens between 3/1/2020 and 6/1/2020. So Guru takes the energy of Ketu further till the end of his Rashi and enters his sign of debilitation, Makara Rashi. On the day of Solar eclipse, Budha, the planet of multiplication has just entered Dhanu Rashi, so the disease started slowly increasing. On 3/1/2020, Budha got completely afflicted by Ketu as he lost the war with Ketu. As he moves very fast ( inferior planet ), there was an increase in the number of patients. Rahu is a planet of spreading as he is also the sign lord of Mithuna Rashi whose sign lord Budha gets his aspect /link. Now Mithuna Rashi indicates right hand but as Rahu was transiting in that sign, the left-handed work has started by some country. So the increase in the number of Virus patients started more and more when Budha came to Dhanu Rashi and gets afflicted by Ketu and Rahu. By January 13, Budha had won the war with Shani, the planet of day to day life. So from this day, there started a huge number of Virus affected patients all over the world.


But the number was not that much. This was because Kuja, the planet of energy was in Vrishcik Rashi only. He entered Dhanu Rashi on the 8th of February,2020, slowly the number of Virus affected patients started increasing. Between 23 and 24th of February, Kuja lost a war with Ketu, so the energy of the human beings affected by Virus has reduced and so Virus took over the charge.


Now Budha,the planet of multiplication has moved to Makara and then to Kumbha Rashi on 31/1/2020 and suddenly the number of patients started increasing as Rahu was in trine to Budha.From 17/2/2020,he became retrograde.This means he started looking at Makara Rashi where Shani is placed,thus interfering more with day to day life of the human beings.Budha became direct on 10/3/2020 and suddenly there was rise in the number of patients and death also.Now he will be entering Meena Rashi,his sign of debilitation on 7/4/2020.He will be leaving this Rashi on 25/4/2020.But he will have a link with Ketu as both Rashis are owned by Guru who is also debilitated.So till he reaches 15 degrees in Meena Rashi,there will be a lot of casualties related to Corona Virus ie., till 16th of April.After this date,some medications will start working.Till 14th of April,Surya will be in Meena Rashi which has a link with Ketu,so Surya also will be afflicted.As a result,cat,tiger etc.may be attacked with Corona virus.This may continue after Surya enters Mesha Rashi on 14/4/2020 when both Rahu and Surya aspect each other.Also some powerful country king/president/prime minister will be attacked with Corona Virus and the result may be fatal.


From 28/3/2020,Shukra will enter its own Rashi of Vrishabha which will be in trine to Guru +Shani in Makara Rashi.So new types of medicines will be invented along with gain in energy.But he will be retrograde from 13/5/2020 to 25/6/2020.At this time,both Surya and Budha also will be in Vrishabha Rashi and this Shukra is the lord of Lagna of Indian Independence.So Ayurveda type of medicine will be invented and tested for human beings during this time as Budha is the Karaka for green leaves and medicinal leaves.
On 11/5/2020,Shani becomes retrograde in Makara Rashi followed by Guru also will become retrograde from 14/5/2020.But both will be in Stambhana state from 4+4 days before and after the date of retrogression has started.Let us look at the chart on 17/5/2020.


ShaniGuruShukra retro chart 1 Nadi Astrology based analysis on present pandemic disease of Covid-19 in year 2020
Here I would like to explain the main purpose of Shani + Guru +Shukra retrogression.Shukra being in his swakshetra getting retrograde means he gains more strength to stop the fatality of the problems caused by the spread of Corona Virus.Supporting to human day to day life Karaka Shani who also becomes retrograde,so he also becomes more stronger to solve the problems of mankind.Now let me explain about retrograde Guru who is in Makara Rashi where he is debilitated.He is getting retrograde means he starts looking at the back door of his own powerful house,Dhanus Rashi where he saw the problem maker,destiny breaker Ketu has started leaving Dhanus Rashi.As retro Guru gets the support of retro Shani + retro Shukra +Budha +Surya,he will start his journey to his powerful Rashi of Dhanus through back door of his Rashi and starts chasing Ketu.He will be entering to Dhanus Rashi on 29/6/2020 and becomes more powerful.This is how Jiva Karaka Guru gets strengthened and with the support of the planets above,will be able to get rid of Ketu’s mischievous deeds.


Now to end this article,I would like to explain one more chart as below :


In this chart,all planets are in the same Rashis as in previous chart except Budha has moved to his own Rashi of Mithuna and crossed the longitude of Rahu,so has won the war with Rahu and thus Lord Vishnu,the personification of Budha with his Chakra destroys both Rahu,the Virus spreading planet and Ketu,the Karaka for Virus creator.On 21/5/2020,Rahu will be leaving Aridra Nakshatra and will enter Mrigashira-4th Pada.Thus his spreading power will slowly reduce.Budha,then enters its own Rashi of Mithuna on 24/5/2020 and slowly prepares war with Rahu.Also retro Guru will be chasing Ketu from Makara Rashi.
End of Corona Virus chart 1 Nadi Astrology based analysis on present pandemic disease of Covid-19 in year 2020
On 29/5/2020,Budha will win the war with Rahu and becomes more stronger to remove the evil effects of both Rahu. Once the virus spreading planet Rahu has lost its powers,it can not spread virus to anywhere in the Universe.There is one more thing to be written here.On 18/6/2020,Budha who will be in Mithuna Rashi will become retrograde in Punarvasu Nakshatra 1st Pada.This clearly indicates Lord Vishnu ( Deity of Budha ) will be chasing Rahu from behind.This retrogression of Budha will end on 12/7/2020 and he will be at 11 Degrees 21 minutes of Mithuna Rashi and Rahu will be at 3 Degrees 51 minutes of Mithuna Rashi.Here when Budha becomes retrograde he becomes more stronger to chace Rahu, thus nullifying the malefic effects of Rahu.
Lastly on 29/6/2020, Guru in retrograde motion enters its own Moola Trikona Rashi of Dhanus and will chase Ketu who will be at 4 Degrees 33 Minutes. This will continue till September 13th when Guru becomes direct. On this date, Ketu will be at 0 Degree 32 Minutes.
So this clearly indicates even though Budha crosses Rahu’s longitude on 29/5/2020, Guru retrograde when enters back Dhanus Rashi will become immensely strong to chase Ketu and his malefic effects on earth.


The above analysis is through the Blessings of my Guru, Ishta Devatha, Kula Devatha and Naadi Guru Shri R.G.Rao whose Atma has helped me to write this article.
ना अहं कर्ता । सर्वस्य हरि कर्ता ॥
( I am not the doer and HE, Lord Vishnu is the doer )
Ramadas Rao…
pin Nadi Astrology based analysis on present pandemic disease of Covid-19 in year 2020