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Research Dated – 5th of November 2015
This post was originally Published in my facebook research group on 5th of November 2015.

Another Alignment is forming in uttraphalguni Nakashtra.South eastern States of India and Upper hills of Himalayian Ranges in North-Eastern states of India need special attention regarding weather uncertainties.
There could be stronger possibilities of earthquake like activities before 26th of November as mostly what we have observed in Agni Mandala Nakashtras earthquakes usually, (repetitions within 1 month), if it is not in November, Next Nodes transit in Leo/Aquarius axis with Jupiter around feb 2016 could be an epic point for another seismic activities.

Reason being, Leo would be under Range of Saturn after feb 2016, so natural calamities like activity could be possible.Next Node transit will bring Upset in throne of kings who are ruling central India and it usually bring Upsets in national activities and increase in Anti social activities etc. 
Apart from this, there would be higher chances of sudden changes in weather conditions, specially regarding winter seasons, or there would be sudden or massive amount of Snow fall in higher altitudes of north of India soon, lowering of temperature in northern states could be one of main concern or reason for next few months in India. 
Winter would be long lasting and dense in next few months.People who are living in hilly areas needed special care and attention regarding sudden weather changes.There would be possibility of Cyclic storm around bay of Bengal effecting South eastern states.
Right now Mercury is closely conjugated with sun (Earlier indications of Sunspots), and soon sun also going to join with Saturn in Scorpio, so there would be chances of bigger formation of sunspot in sun, from 29th October to 16/18/19th of November. formations of Sunspots are always be concern for sudden weather changes.So,Be Alert for weather uncertainties in India and enjoy the Energies changes in nature.

Today’s close encounter of Earth with Venus, Jupiter and Mercury within
same alignment in Magha Nakashtra in fire Circle Aspect-ed by Saturn
triggered strong earthquake in Fiery and dry zone of Afghanistan and
tremors effect felt across 1,078 km(623.56 miles) up-to New Delhi, UP,
Kashmir and Pakistan with 6 Magnitude
. As per ancient texts earthquakes
in Fire circle gives clues of earthquakes before three fortnights and
can shake earth up-to 110 Yojnaas (1 Yojnaa = 8 or 5 miles
= 15 or 13 Km, approximately around 880 Miles it can impact lands and
which was quite true to close extent as per ancient theories for
trending earthquake. Today’s Earthquake depth was around 224 km clearly
shows the impact level and resonance of nearby 700 miles, triggered
around 3:30 PM in krishana Dwadashi, Tithi lord was Mercury closely
conjugated in Leo in Magha with Jupiter and Venus near Zenith Point (10th
indicating Sign and Nakashtra are valuable clue for tracing Epic
center.At the same time Sun was around 240 degree with Ascendent lord
Mars,12th from Zenith point
and trine to Saturn.The length of the yojana
varies depending on the different standards adopted by different Indian
astronomers. In the Surya Siddhanta of the 5th century, for example, a
yojana was equivalent to 8.0 km (5 mi).

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