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Full Life Horoscope Consultation (3 Parts) | Complete Horoscope Analysis in 3 Sessions | 180 Minute Voice Sessions

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Birth Time Rectification & Birth chart analysis
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Full-Life Horoscope Analysis

This is a comprehensive Zoom session designed for people who are interested in receiving a full-life analysis based on their birth charts. It will be broken up into three sections and spread out over a period of three weeks; the total time allotment of 180 minutes will be split evenly among the three sessions.

Beginning with the correction of the birth time, then moving on to the study of the complete D1 chart, the 12 Bhavas and Nakshatra's, the entirety of the Dasha periods, yearly transits, and the divisional chart that corresponds to them, we will wrap off the session with corrective steps.

The user is required to book three Sessions over the course of three consecutive weeks, namely at the same hour each Sunday. In order to completely examine, comprehend, and investigate the entire chart, this Case examine will require one month's time.

When booking this consultation, Native needs to remember to have patience because it is a time-consuming consultation that also requires a significant amount of both time and money to complete.

Users have the option of paying in full, via EMI payments, or using their credit cards. We have made sure that users have access to all of the available options.

This is a difficult consultation for a Complete horoscope analysis, but it does not require any prior understanding of Jyotish. This is because it will cover every facet of horoscope analysis in a way that even a non-specialist can comprehend, as the purpose of this session is to explain the micro points on the chart.

Part A : The first section will discuss the time of birth. An examination of one's birth and natal chart (60 Minutes)

  • The Correction of the Birth Time
  • Panchang analysis (5 Limbs).
  • An examination of the 12 Bhava using the lagna chart
  • Nakashtra Analysis
  • An Examination of the Ascendant
  • Study of the D1 chart based on the planetary placement

Part B : A variety of topics related to life will be discussed in Part 2 (60 Minutes).

  • Walk through the analysis of the divisional chart.
  • Navamsa Analysis (D9): Marriage.
  • According to the Dasamsa (D10): Profession.
  • Analysis of the Hora Chart (D2) with Regard to Wealth and Finance.
  • An Analysis of the D4 and D16 Charts, Focusing on the Home, Comfort, and Vehicles.
  • A breakdown of the D6 and D30 Charts in terms of diseases, health risks, and difficulties.

Part C : The third section will discuss the timing of important life events (60–90 Minutes).

  • An Analysis of the Vimshotri Dasha for the Next Thirty Years
  • The Chara Dasha Method for the Timing of Important Life Events
  • The calculation of timing based on the progression of the nadis and major transits of Jupiter, Saturn, and Rahu/Ketu
  • Acquiring an Understanding of the Doshas, Root Causes, and Curses
  • An Evaluation of Corrective Actions

The following is the procedure for booking and reading:

Methods for Carrying Out Reading

  • Expect a processing time of 30 days (or 5 weeks, because continuing consultation booking and a written report can take time), after which your consultation will be held within a month through either Zoom or Skype. This processing time will begin after we have received both your consultation request and your payment reference.
  • After you have booked your consultation, if you have any questions for us, please submit them to us through this link: https://vedicsiddhanta.in/ask-a-question-prashana-.... Alternatively, you can send your questions to us by email at krishndhaam@gmail.com. However, please ensure that all of your questions are of a specific character rather than sending questions that are more general in nature.
  • In the event that you do not receive notification within the span of seven working days, kindly get in touch with us at krishndhaam@gmail.com.


SESSION MODE: Voice Session with Remedies Provided in PDF Format (if Relevant).


Cash, IMPS, NEFT, PayPal, credit cards, debit cards, or bank transfers can all be used to make payments towards the fees. At the conclusion of the reservation case study, you will have the opportunity to select one of those options.

I hope you have a fruitful Jyotish reading session today.


Vedicsiddhanta, the team

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