Flood Fury & Catestrophic Event of Heavy Rain in Jammu and Kashmir 2014

 Flood Fury and Heavy Rain  in Jammu and Kashmir 2014 

Compiled & Research Done by Rocky Jamwal

Environmentalists say last year’s devastating flash floods in
Uttarakhand, in which at least 5,000 were killed, and the unprecedented
deluge in Jammu and Kashmir this year, both have the same cause –
urbanization, reduced forest cover and erratic monsoon.

meteorological department says it had issued warnings about very heavy
rainfall in Jammu and Kashmir practically every day since September 2.
But while a few families did move to higher regions, the state
government seems to have failed to anticipate the extent of the crisis
and effectively convince those who stayed back. Now point is very simple
within short span of meteorological department predictions within a
days of 2 , nobody can safe guard their family and move into safer
places. The situations in Uttarakhand and Jammu and Kashmir are
uncannily similar, experts say. In both cases the trigger was incessant
rain, set off by the merging of the western disturbance and the monsoon.

The mega floods responsible for wreaking misery, havoc and devastation
across Whole Jammu and Srinagar and most parts of south-west Kashmir is a
calamity that was waiting to happen and it has same Pattern which we
had seen last year.

Even i am living in Jammu and Kashmir from
last 30 years, haven’t seen such type of heavy rain and massive level of
most of rivers in valley and in our city too, even my grand-grand
ancestors had never seen such a devastating conditions after 1984, when
flood water entered in most part of the city lie in the western regions
of Jammu near river.

If we see deeply it has some Astrological
and Astronomical pattern which are mentioned in our ancient treaties.
Last year we faced such kind of national disaster in uttrakhand after
June 15 , 2013 to June 17 , 2013
, due to conjugation of 4-5 planets in
one of most destructive nakashtra – ardra nakashtra ruled by Lord

Ardara nakashtra falls in India’s North-east region as per
the Koorma chakra methodology presented by Varahmihira in Brihat
Samhita and extracted from rig –Veda where it was already mentioned
kritika nakshtra risen from eastern directions from central India(Varanasi).

Lets have a look at Koorma chakra in India Chart with Uttrakhand chart and we can clearly see Bharani , Ashwani , Revti and ardara Nakashtras are Influencing  the North-east region.

These are the cities i.e Bihar, Jharkhand, uttrakhand, Mizoram, eastern
MP , Bhutan, Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur,
Sikkim which are fall in Taurus- Gemini Signs and mainly in Kritika ,
Rohini , Ashwani & Ardara nakashtras.

Punuravasu and Pushya
is closer to Indian central east-West region favoring Gujraat ,
Rajasthan , Mumbai etc.

At the time of Uttrakhand Catastrophic sun
ingresses into Ardara nakashtra and when Moon closely conjugated with
Mercury we saw India most disastrous event ever in history on 15th of
june 2013.

This year J & k was point of catastrophe and it
has a deep astrological reason even after meteorological department
failed prediction on dry Monsoon in most of the north region this year,
We faced Such type of havoc.

Now point is why recent catastrophe
happened during monsoon back movement exactly in month of the
September when usually monsoon move their path to western directions
mainly to Bihar and other north- eastern regions and usually in a
mid-way of dropping out from the northern region when Sun enters into
Virgo Sign.

Why we faced Flood fury in Jammu and Kashmir even
meteorological department clearly predicted there will be less than
average rain in most of the regions in India and North India specially ?
, Reason is here , at the time of heavy rain , when flood were
destroying most of regions of jammu & Kashmir , 4 major planets
were in ” Jala Rasi “ ( watery Signs) and giving a clue of Something
natural catastrophe related to water i.e rains , floods etc going to
take place from India’s Geographical Ruling Sign – Virgo and also the
Sign of Western Kashmir ( India Geographical Ruling Sign is Virgo as
Suggested by Sh. B.V Raman but Varahmihir was in favor of Capricorn to
be Ruling Sign of India as per , Brihat Samhita and Taurus should be
India Political Lagna after Independence, 15 August , 1947 , 12:00 Hr)

Virgo also ruled Western and Southern region of Kashmir, Pok ,
Baluchistan, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Afghanistan and Some part of Jammu
i.e Rajouri , poonch etc. Whenever anything Happen to Virgo Sign
Kashmir has to face controversies , in 2008 Virgo Sign having
conjugation of Mars and Saturn, India faced Amaranth Conflict most
heated issue which was continued for 3 month in both the states and
effected normalcy of people.

This year Rahu was conjoined with Mercury, we faced sudden changes in weather conditions of Jammu and Kashmir.

Mercury rules Climate, weathers, rains and floods etc and Rahu rules sudden calamities or sudden changes in weather.

This time There were More added flavours who was promoting the event to
be more devastating, Jupiter ( Lord of Droughty atmosphere and
famine) was in Cancer sign ( Waters Sign- Indicates there will be Much
humidity , high atmospheric pressure in areas which are closer to
rivers , canals , rivers etc ) in Pushya nakashtra ( Lord Saturn – rules
dryness and Natural disaster) in 11th house from the Lagna aspecting
Scorpio Sign , Pisces Sign indicating high impact of Jupiter on Watery
Mars was in last quarter degree of Libra and further
Moved to Scorpio( again watery Sign) Sign of Destruction and sudden
transformation , exactly at 0 degree in Vishakha Nakashtra ( Lord
Jupiter) in 2nd house of National wealth from Virgo; Marak for any
national wealth Mars and Saturn Combinly doing this job for Kashmir
and India.

Ketu was in Pisces with Uranus in 7th house in
Revti Nakashtra ( Lord Mercury who is in lagna with 6th lord Rahu ,
indicating Something sudden , major calamity going to be happen which
can give massive loss to nation , trade , life and business etc ) ,
lord of 6th house(Debt , loss , Diseases or sudden miseries etc) in 7th
( house of Business and trade ) indicating something major going to be
transform in the living condition of people who are majorly dependent
on business or trade.
Uranus is 6th lord in 7th house clearly
telling there will be major destruction going to happen for whole
nation, as it is a planet of sudden transformation.

Neptune was in
Aquarius, 12th house of Destruction from its own sign ( Pisces – 7th
house) in Satabisha Nakashtra whose lord Rahu is in lagna with Lagnesh
Mercury also lord of 10th house too , lord of 7th in 6th house 12th
from its own sign , again indicating something destructive or loss to
the nation.

Pluto was in 4th house in Sagittarius sign in (Poorva
ashda ) nakashtra , lord of 9th house (Scorpio- hidden , buried under
the ground , destruction , nature fury etc ) in 4th house again
indicating properties going to be destruct.

Everything indicating
Strong Gravitational pull at given angular point ( In Virgo Sign)
When Mercury conjugated Rahu in Virgo Sign and movement of the Moon at
Scorpio Sign on Sep 1 2014 increased the atmospheric pressure in Jammu
and Kashmir which worked as a catalyst in current weather conditions.

On September 2 , 2014 , 1:23 Am at night when Moon Was in the asterism
of Saturn ( Anuradha Nakashtra) Heavy Rain started in both the States
charts (Leo Mainly seen for Jammu and Virgo Mainly Seen for Kashmir)
for continues 3 days , planets were as follows from India as well as
kashmir Ruling Sign:

Lagna Lord( mercury – Lord of Wind , Rains ,
floods and Weather Conditions ) in Lagna in Utra- Phalugni nakashtra (
Lord Sun placed in 12th house from the lagna ) afflicted with 6th Lord
Rahu , 2nd House heavily Damaged by Saturn and Mars, 12th House Having
Strong & High order of Heat effect from two hot bodies ( Sun and
Venus – enough to create high atmospheric pressure and also Indication
of Increase in Heavy Rains as refer in Brihat Samhita & B.V Raman
Research papers ).
Both Jupiter and Moon were in Jala rasi (
Cancer – 100 % Rain , Scorpio – 100 % Rains or Neera Nadi ( Composite
of 100 % rains).

Ketu closely conjugated with Uranus in Revti
nakashtra whose lord Mercury also in Lagna with Rahu again indicating
there will be many frequent changes in weather within short span of
time. Everything telling me State gone suffer & face fury of
Heavy Rains, floods situation , rise in water level of all major rivers
and all those areas which are closed to rivers gone face a situation of
un-expectations and sudden floods , as after all conjugations are
telling me there will be a high atmospheric pressure by Mars + Saturn ,
Sun + Venus , Mercury + Rahu and Moon and Jupiter on Jala Nadis.

Unexpected Rain in J&k Exactly Started after 29th of August 2014
at 15:15 , in Jammu when Moon conjugated with Virgo Sign in Nakashtra
of Chitra with North Node Rahu which is a ruling sign of India and Westen
Kashmir and some part of western Jammu also ( Western Sign of Jk is
Virgo – which Is Kashmir , Rajouri , Punch , west & South west Jammu
) with Rahu and Mercury.

We can easily predict With Nodel
Affliction there will be Sudden climatic change in weather. With these
Combination gentle and soothing Rain Started in Both the states but it
was Unusual not in a fixed pattern; Sometime high , some time slow and
for sometime places seen massive rains and some are purely dry, but it
was not like whole day and night rain till Septemer 2 , after When Moon
moved to Jala Nadi ( in Scoprio) , Venus joined With Sun and rain
suddenly increased for continues 3 days till Moon was in Scorpio for 2.5
days after than Destructive part played by Mars.

Destruction in
Jammu and Kashmi
r exactly happend after 5th of September 2014 @ 01:50 Am
when Mars transited to Scorpio Sign at night which gave massive rain
and flood to both the states and whole Jammu and Kashmir state drowned
in Flood, Many bridges destoryed , water level of Jhelum river rise
above upto to 80 which is above than normal 35, broke the damn and moved
to Southern and western Kashmir. All buildings Drowned with level of 15
to 20 feet water in kashmir. In Jammu Tawi River water Level rise above
to red mark Destoyed 2 main Brigdes , All major way of city got choked
for full 2 days by the destrcutive Flood, Heavy Rain and Flood almost
destroyed all the Southern and western region of Jammu. Poonch Bridge
was already destroyed at fortnight , akhnoor water level rise above to
Danger Level with Chenab River , two busses drowned by it.

5th September 2014 , exactly at 1:50:00 Am , when mars entered in Scorpio Sign

Can see in Mars Parvesh Rasi in Scorpio Sign , Mars was in 6th house
of destruction from lagna , Rahu and Mercury was in 4th house of
properties , Sun and Venus were in 3rd house of communications also in
sign of Jammu and Saturn was in 5th house In libra Marak to Virgo Sign
,everything thing indicating destructoins and Damage as what 2nd and
12th to Virgo Sign signify , it was purely a conditon of Destruction and
natural calamity for whole nation.

So , this was mine
observation as per the present condition which I have seen and observed
for those catastrophic days with the failed predictions of
meteorological department for monsoon of India 2014.

I have
predicted the above condition’s by our old classical sages techniques
which i am going to explain you further, how I approached to these

Unexpected Monsoon rain in Jammu and Kashmir
answer lie in one of ancient technique used by our sages which is called
” Ardra Pravesha Chakra “ for year 2014 which is acclaimed to be one
of oldest and ancient technique used in ancients period for forecasting
rains , floods, tsunamis , cyclones, droughty atmosphere, for seeing
crops wellbeing and earth quakes factors etc.

Usually Monsoon
rains start in North India when Sun enters in “Ardra Nakshatra” in
Gemini sign. Horoscope cast for that time gives us information about the
rains that take place in that year. Delhi is taken as point of
reference; some astrologers opine that Varanasi should be considered.
Monsoon continues till Sun enters Swati at the Starting of November
month around about 1st week of November after Sun enter in western
hemisphere and we can observe sudden cold waves in north region of

Sun in Western hemisphere usually gives rain in western
& Southern regions of India , Cold wave & winter solstices in
northern Region of India.

Role of Rashis in Aradara Parvesh Chakra :

There are twelve rashis which have been divided in to following categories on the basis of water content they have:

1. Fiery:  Aries 25%, Leo 0% and Sagittarius 50%
2. Earthy:  Taurus 50%, Virgo 0%, and Capricorn 100%
3. Airy:  Gemini 0%, Libra 25%, Aquarius 50%
4. Cancer :  100%, Scorpio 25%, Pisces 100%

Moon, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter gives plenty of rain while, malefic planets Sun, Mars and Saturn are dry, preventing rain.

Directions and Places in the Horoscope

Lagna is always considered as East of india; 10th house as South of
india ; 7th West of india and 4th North of India and states which are
belong to these directions are as follows:

1. East: Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Mizoram, eastern MP
2. North East: 2ndand 3rd houses: Bhutan, Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Sikkim
3. North: 4th house: Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, HP, UP, Nepal, Parts of J & K, Tibet, Uttaranchal
4. North West: 5th and 6th houses: Baluchistan, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Afghanistan, western region of Jammu & Kashmir.
5. West: 7th house: Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, western part of MP, Sindh, West Punjab, Multan, Daman and Diu
6. South West: 8th and 9th houses: Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, West coast and Goa
7. South: 10th house: TN< parts of AP, Pondicherry
8. South East: 11th and 12th houses: Orissa, parts of West Bengal, parts of Andhra, East Coast, Andaman and Nicobar

1) Role of Sun and Mars: If together, they become intensely dry. Also if
Sun is behind Mars, there will be no rains for whole monsoon season.

2) Sun and Saturn: Together in one rashi: in summer, they will give intense heat; in winter, they will acute and severe cold

3) Saturn is karaka for wind and dryness, in Jala Nadi gives Strong
windstorm of water and storms will caused massive cyclones etc.

If in airy nadi, it drives away all clouds.

In Agni nadi, there will be intense heats waves , Dusty and heavy storms.

Date of rains we can expect:

1. When Sun enters to Mrigashira nakashtra around about Mid of May or
end of May , southwest monsoon will strikes the coastal region of
Kerala and andhara pardesh.

2. When Sun’s enter in to Kanya, beginning of Monsoon withdrawal from North which is mainly due to western disturbance.

3. When Sun’s enter into Hastha nakashtra in Virgo Sign , there will
backward rains in Bihar regin which we called “ hathiya rain “.

4. When Sun when Sun enters into Chitra , there will be Some occasional
rains or it may mean withdrawal of South-West monsoon from India.

Now look at the “Ardra Parvesh” chart for India 2014 which I have
casted on @ 22 June 2014 , 10:08:00 Am , New Delhi or you can take
Varanasi as suggested by Varahmihra when Sun enters into Ardara

Ardara Parvesh chakra on 22 June 2014 , 10:08:00 Am , New Delhi or Varanasi

Leo lagna is Rising which is having fiery
Sign having 0 % reason, clearly indicating whole Nation will face
Drought this year for sure ( take Lagna as Nation @India) as Fiery signs
usually gives 0 or 25 % throughout the Monsoon seasons and there is no
aspect from Jala Planets i.e Venus and Moon.

7th house having no
benefices aspect from any planet but presence of Airy Rasi indicates
there will be 50 % rain with solid windy storms in western states of
India and Same is with Southern region of india having earth sign –
Taurus sign , there will be 50 % rains and will be heavy rains as what
Jala Planet Venus signifies for southern States but there will be plenty
of Dusty storms , unexpected floods and rains in north eastern and
south-west regions of india as what Ardara parvesh chart telling me.

Now coming to main Point, northern region Having Scorpio Sign( 100 %
Rain) again a Jala rasi aspected by jala graha Venus , Moon and Huge
planet Jupiter indicating there will be heavy rain but at later stage
of Monsoon, as in yearly chart it has been seen Mars is much away from
the Sun indicating there will be average rain for whole nation till Sun
having greater distance from Mars , at later Stage when Mars will move
to North region around about September of Ardara Parvesh Charka ,
Mercury will move to Virgo sign of Kashmir , Venus and Sun will move to
Leo sign of Jammu in August 2014, it will be much closer to Mars and
also to region of Jammu also , indicating July 22 to August 22 we will
expect Normal Monsoon but after we will experience something sudden
& unexpected event as what I have already predicted about Monsoon
for india in my earlier article on Monsoon 2014 ; “Meteorological
Astrology and Astronomical Observation for Coming Monsoons for North
India Region “.

Now for checking at how much level rain we can
expect for our nations or our areas we need to make Sapta Nadi Chakra
for India which is as mention below (as suggested by Maharishi
Varahmihira and K.N Rao ) based on 28 Nakashtras scheme and all are
spread in 7 Nadis.
It is very evident that Sun controls all the seasons
and weather uncertainties, role of Moon , Venus and Mercury is very
effective in sudden calamities as all three planets are much closer to
Sun as well as to earth also, so their role in maintain earth atmosphere
is much :

1. Soumya Nadiis also known as Madhya Nadi ( after
Sankranti Season), ruled by Jupiter which indicates maintaining &
balance in season to give Soothing monsoon.

2. Prachand, Pawan and Dahan: also known as Yamya Nadis or Dakshina Nadis ( Sankranti Season) means extreme heat of the summer.

3. Neera, Jal and Amrit: also known as Uttara Nadis ( Rainy Season)
neera ruled by watery planet venus indicates first showers of Monsoon ,
Jala ruled by Mercury , also means water and indicates plenty of rain in
monsoon and Amrita ruled by Moon a Watery planet signifies rain in
abundance and also torrential down pour too. they are also sajala rasis.

4. Amrit is also known as Sheetal ( Winter Season) which also indicates plenty of rain or winter season too

Some Important Principles:

1. When many planets are in a single rashi, esp in one nakshatra with
Mars and Sun joini them and Mars is with Rahu, there can be terrible
downpour, even if it is not rainy season.

2. If Moon joins Venus or
in Trikona, weather fluctuation takes place; in rainy season, good
rains, unless preventing factors are present

3. Transit of Mars from
one rashi to another, perceptible change in weather within 2 days; if
in rainy season, good rainfall. Mars is the most powerful planet causing

4. if a major planet changes rashi, noticeable change in weather.

5. When planets retrograde or become direct, change in temperature,
humidity. Mercury important planet to notice. Venus alone, either retro
or direct, cannot influence weather.

6. If strong Moon is aspected by the dispositor, rains

7. More benefics in Dakshina Nadi: rains; more malefics in UttaraNadi: no rains.

8. Cloud formation when Mercury and Venus, Mercury and Jupiter and
Venus-Jupiter are together. In favorable rashi and favorable aspects,
rains occur.

9. Venus behind slow moving planet causes wind. Many planets in Pawannadi: destructive nadi.

Factors preventing Rains

1. Sun in between Venus and Mercury, dry spell for a few days; a break in rains

2. Jupiter-Mars within 30 degrees, prevents rain

Now let us prepare Saptanadi chakra for Year 2014 on the basis of Ardara Parvesh Chakra.

 Sapta Nadi Chart for 2014

After Making Worksheet of Ardara Parvesh Chakra we need to cast its
Sapta nadi Chakra to see how much rain we can expect.

For whole process
we need to assign all the planets in 28 nakashtras which are casted in
Ardara parvesh chakra to prepare Sapta Nadis chart for 2014. Now Divide
Kendra bhavas into 4 parts as suggested above, there is a clear
indication in above mentioned chart north region will get enough rain
during this monsoon season, North having Scorpio sign ( jala Rasi )
aspected by Venus who is in Prachand Nadi indicating a catalyst who can
bring sudden rain storms in addition with Saturn also in Parachand
Nadi. Both Moon and Ketu are in Pawan Nadi indicating Moon will be the
main key in telling sudden change of weather conditions. Mercury , Rahu
and Uranus will be responsible for creating hot atmosphere for whole

Important point is Sun , Mars and Pluto are in Soumya
Nadi indicating whenever Jupiter , Sun and Mars will change their
location we can expect sudden rain in those areas as what we have seen,
when sun moved into Leo , and Jupiter moved in Cancer and Mars into
Scorpio Sign we saw terrible rainstorm and flood fury in J&K. So it
is quite evident Major planets were in Neera and Soumya nadi gave rain
above than average in J& K and when other Supportive planets moved
into Prachand Nadi we saw Nature fury in the form of heavy rain , Flood
and natural Calamity.

The World chart prepared by Mr Vinay Jhaa ( As per Surya-sidhantika Mode) also revealed same about the Monsoon condition for India 2014.

Official documents are saying this was never happened till after a long
64 years and the main reason for all of sudden was due to transit of
most important planets in watery Sign ( Cancer , Pisces and Scorpio)
happened in Sign of India & Kashmir western region ( i.e Mercury in
Virgo Sign ; Particularly Western J&K – mostly Kashmir region) with
Rahu- Node , With Jupiter- Ketu transformative trinal Energy –
Saturn 4/10 relation + Movement of Mars in watery Sign gives Massive
destruction and huge loss of property , trade and business etc ( lord
mercury) .
So this way can see any events which are happening in any country.

References :

Vinay Jhaa
Weathers and Earthquakes by Dr B.V Raman
Time Tested Techniques on Mundane Astrology by K.N Rao
Planets influence on Human affairs by Dr B.V Raman
Brihat Samhita by Varahmihira
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 News Reference on Report on J&K Catastrophe 2014  : http://www.indiatvnews.com/news/india/jk-floods-straight-from-the-tawi-bridge-jammu-41457.html.