Career in Astrology: how to indentify your career in vedic astrology, Profession type, work profile and choice of ideal Profession

Case Study: How to find or determine Career in Astrology, Profession type, work profile and choice of ideal Profession by use of Varnada Lagna Technique.

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Career Identification or choice of Profession in society by Varnada Lagana (VL)


Varnada Lagna (VL) is an Another important tool to identify true nature of Career or Karama in society by  Determining the in-between sign of the Lagna and Hora Lagna. The question is what actually is VL or Varṇa-da Lagna?. Varna-Da Lagana simply responsible for sustaining the Lagna or Native as by its actions in the society based on the past actions or Karma one got in current birth as an individual Varna. It simply gives food or provides Necessary Karama to the Lagna to sustain it.AL shows what actually you are doing in society but VL shows how you are sustaining the Image in society by doing certain karmas in society. What karma we do simply proceed our life in that direction in society.

Varna Means – Caste or class we get in this birth by our past actions based on we do occupation  i.e if we are indulging in Brahmin Karma in past even we are Belong from Kshatriya in past we preciously belongs to Brahmin via Karma our actions in past i.e We might be Reading Shashtras, Vedas, Mantras or might be doing traditional works and result of this  we will get the birth in Brahmin Class in next birth.

The ‘da’ in ‘Varnada’ means “To Give, Like Da-Da-ti in Sanskrit is Dadaati is to give ” – Here Da is three objectives given by the Lord bramaha to each different classes in Deva, Mansuhya, and Rakashas. Here three Gana’s are Inherent nature of human being, Godly, humanly or Devilish means what is required in society for the creation and need for creating the harmonic balance in Samaj- Society.

Deva – (Dama- Means one has to control senses or conquering) – Devas Inherent nature is Enjoyment -Living in Sukha – So One should observe self-control, try to keep avoid over indulgence and pleasurable life, unlike the devas who always enjoy promiscuously.

Manusya- (Dana- Means one has to give without any desire) –  Manshuya Bhava of Humanity, Helping each other, giving others to those are in need – giving others – One should give, sacrifice for the social cause, not unlike those manusya who always lives in greed and seek for motives.

Rakshasa – (Daya- Karuna, Being Human, Forgiveness, means having let it go nature) –  Try to forgive others –  One should be merciful, Soft, Polite, forgiver unlike the raksasa who are always ruthless.

The Varnada Lagna is simply a clue to or a presentation of the class in society, through humans fulfill’s, or neglect, these objectives or goals gave by the Lord Brahma as a prime objective or role in society to have a smooth work of creation for Mansuhya Yoni. Simply VL shows what we should do in society in order to sustain our karma  given based on the past duties.

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Varna-Da preciously depends on the karma we did in the previous life those decides our birth varna and those karma we are performing in this current life can redefine our varna for next birth. Both the two Lagans (D1 and VL) work in pairs whereas the Lagna in actual reality act and reacts for the body need and requirement and the Varṇada sustains those acts of the Lagna as Karama in society. Varṇada Lagna doesn’t show any abilities or one skill  or sources of income, instead, it shows what you are meant for doing and what you mean to do to sustain yourself in the society.

According to Classical approach as mentioned in Bhagwad Geeta, There are four main Varṇas systems which are meant to uphold dharma and Karama. Therefore it is for sure from Dharma that one finds a purpose of life and performs that karma in Society.

In Simpler language, Varna means caste, a division of system based on one’s class of Karama. 

There are 4 main basic caste systems –

Brahmin (Priest)Scholarly and Knowledgeably Work – to Guide and Show path of light those are living in darkness.

Kshatriya (warrior) – Work of Courage i.e Army and Engineering – Protect others, work for society and fight for those who are need of Society.

Vaishya (Traders) – Business Class i.e Work of Import and export – Feed others, keep flowing the system of trade in order to maintain a balance.

Shudras (servants) – Service Industry or Day to day tasks – Serve others and nourish others in ground reality – Seva Bhav.

These varnas are important or vital clues to give a hint of one’s profession in current birth based on our past actions.

Each sign and planets have its own varna (caste).Whereas the placement of varnada lagna (VL) in Natal chart and the planet which it is conjoined tells us about the possible Karama may do or job one is likely to do in society for e.g.

Varnada lagna in fiery signs conjoined with fiery Mars/Sun/Ketu – Shows fiery jobs like engineering where one has to working with tools and higher level of technologies i.e working with Mathematical and Advanced Computing system as shown by Ketu.

Government, Army, Police Signified By Sun, whereas Working with Mechanical tools  like Screws, nuts, bolts  etc that’s too involves work of soldering, Mechanical or electrical sort work etc where one has to Serve & protect the society or serve the society via own abilities or skills, work for society for the necessitates and requirements all works are signified by Mars.

In Earlier times Mars Signifies by – Swords and Armours, Sun Signifies – Kingdom and Ketu – signifies Work of Seers.

In Actual Reality, Warriors do work for the society for uplifting the moral of the common man and to protect others those who are in need. In Other sense, they simply Protect and Serve Society via Political knowledge and bravery.

That’s why these days, all those public sectors jobs where bravery required is ruled by Kshatriya planets like Mars and Sun.

The purpose is to provide balance in law and order and to maintain equal balance and harmony in all the varnas in society for a smooth system.

In Modern days Scenarios Situation has been a bit changed, Mars taking place Jobs of Army, Mechanical Engineering, Working with Higher computing modular machines whereas in earlier days mars only rules War and Warriors. In Current time Sun Signifying govt Sector and Jobs involved in Administration sector like I.A.S, K.A.S, I.P.S etc. So this way one can easily identify nature of work via Karmas associated with the planets.

This is to be studied in conjunction with other indications of the chart. for e.g If Varnada(VL) is placed in watery signs (Brahmin) conjoined with Venus ( Brahmin Planet Signifies Material Knowledge)  then one can be involves in working in Mantra Shashtra, Astrology, Healing sciences or therapist, Counselling work, working in jeweler shop if there is link of Mercury involved to or in  film sector, Media sector or it can be in Movies or similar Venusian field means those works where one need to show path of light or cure or heal both physically, entertain other, as well as physiologically or emotionally.Entertaining is also another sort of healing therapy one when used to cheer up other via witty dialogues and character presentation.

Varnada lagna (VL) in watery signs conjoined Saturn can also shows one might be involved in doing daily day to day jobs where one has to follow same routines and same type of job every day. Due to conjunction with Watery Signs jobs those are linked with Food, Hotel or Restaurant industry like waiter or cook in hotels and restaurants can also be predicted.

Placement of VL in Kendras, trikona or Trik Bhavas plays important role in understanding how much level of work we can contribute to society with the support of society. VL placed in a Kendra to the Lagna shows a person who has the full support from his own society and family members in initiating his career. Kendras Bhavas are Vishnu Sthan – Signifies Sustaining power in society. Whenever VL is placed in 1,4,7 and 10th house one can easily get supports from his own society and his own family members to establish the career with good prosperity.This is considered as an one of Best placement for seeing good level of Material growth in Society.   If Varnada Lagana is occupied and owned by naturally beneficial planets then the native is strongly supported by the community and such family members indicated by that planets i.e Moon – Mother,Venus – Wife and Mars – Brothers, Mercury – Friend circle etc.

If malefic planets conjoin or lord the Varnada, then many strife, challenges and battles are indicated in sustain one work in Society. It may also indicated one has to fight for it against the society to sustain one Karamas. Varnada Lagna placed in trines to the Lagna shows a Skilled and Learned person with good level of adaptability and understanding to any community, and upholding the laws of that community for sustaining Karma.It usually indicated flexible kind of Personality who can easily work with any community to gain prosperity.

The Lord of  the Varnada, if it is a natural beneficial and so well placed in Natal Chart shows that the native can easily adapts into his career and is a strong supporter for his professional colleagues, but if that same planet is afflicted he is tormented by his colleagues and life in the office can be very difficult to sustain i.e VL is placed in 6th, 8th or 12th houses.

Placement of Varnada Lagna in a dusthana (sixth, eighth or twelfth house) from Lagna makes the native either shy away from the community or it can be indicated enjoying a life in seclusion, avoiding regular social functions and the community gatherings or it usually indicates one who always stand against the social society for opposing its view point or native might fight those view points in the society in an isolated way. Usually these kind of people are either work like a Filter in society or they act against societies.The reasons for the distancing are known from the nature of the lord of the dusthana. Varnada Lagna in the twelfth house makes the native highly antisocial but if beneficial planet is conjoined in VL or if VL lord is well placed with beneficial planet than results can be opposite. This placement can, if other factors are present,  can show demoniacal attitude towards his own community, which would enable him to do unlawful acts, such as crime etc or he act like a warrior to serve it or protect it.

The nature of the Lord of the Varnada shows the source of the Rajayoga. If afflicted then the native abdicates the throne. Varnada in 3rd house makes a native free of enemies and his relationship with the community constantly improving making the native happy and content. The native has parakrama (enterprise and daring) if associated with malefic planets. Similarly, if the Varnada is in the eleventh house, the community will be source of achieving the desires of the individual.

Benefic in Upchaya houses(2nd, 6th, 10th and 11th) from VL Shows what karma Sustains the Varnada in doing his natural work in society.

For e.g if Mercury is in 2nd form VL – One Will rise in Publishing business or any business where knowledge, logic and intelligence required and native will get help from social links to sustain his profession in society.

Rashi and Planets of Nature shows what type of work one do in society i.e all Watery trines Shows Brahmin work, All fiery trines shows engineering or courage’s work . all Earthy signs shows Business related work and all Airy signs shows day to day tasks or service oriented work .

Case Study:

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In above mentioned case VL is  in Taurus Sign (Vaisya Varna – Business class) placed in 10th( Feeding to society) house from Lagana( Leo Lagana) which means there will be  full fledge support in society and family in whatever business or career one initiate. Natural Tendency or inherited work given based on past birth Karma would be working in some business linked with Venus.

In above mentioned Case Venus is Placed in 1st house(leo Lagana) with Mercury ( indicates Work those are connected with Engineering, telecommunication, IT, Mathematics and Computer oriented or business of those) and Saturn (Shudra Class – Works those are connected with Service industry or Managing other people or resources where day to day work involves in serving other).

So, choice of work is bit modified because of conjunction of Mercury and Saturn in Fiery Sign, reason being all are placed in Fiery  Sign – this clearly indicates Work based on Engineering and technologies.

As No planet is conjugated in VL in 10th house – VL Lord Leading choice of work in Society.

Lord of VL is Venus but fall in Brahmin Class but as it is placed in 1st House (Creative and Designing related work Will bring name and Fame in Society) in Leo Sign (Fiery – Engineering and Technologies Field will rule choice of work in society).

As Venus is placed in Uttraphalguni Nakashtra  (Venus Nakashtra also bit modifying it and Emphasis is given on work those of  healing others or Earning money via that learning Where public contact is required. This success is attributable to the inherent quality of behavioral techniques. Clearly indicating earning as commission out of the public dealings.  Based on Nakashtra and Venus Nature native is best suited in doing profession those linked with teacher, writer or research fellow in some sort of the scientific field, Work those are linked with mathematics, engineering, astronomy and astrology and even can also be successful in advertising business of those types.)

This has been clearly indicated in Varna-Da Lagana, as Ketu (Mathematical and computational work) is placed in 11th (Gain Via Same) from VL in 8th house (Work of Occult, Astrology, Astronomy and Mathematics related with it).

Now from above all it is clearly indicated Native is doing work of engineering related work where one need to manage, design and Work related technology- that’s pretty much true Native has own business related with software technologies and involves in Project management work where native need to to deal public-ally with clients as there is no planet placed in VL – Native is doing work of based on his learning in current.Planet in VL shows what is your natural work or profession one should do based on his past karmic actions. Lord of VL shows understanding and learning after getting concious as after one progress n this birth.

As Native has Ketu in 11th from VL – if Native try to work on Occult subjects I,e software related occult he will be more successful in society.

Source, Reference and links
A course on Jaimini Maharsi’s Updesha Sutras by Sanjay Rath
Varnada Lagana by Visti Larsen 

Jamini Astrology: What is Jamini chara dasha in vedic astrology, Prediction using chara dasha, Method of calculations, Timing events, Micro astrology using chara dasha: Complete Insight in chara dasha Explained and Demonstrated with Example charts

Understanding Jamini Astrology: What is Jamini chara dasha in vedic astrology, Prediction using chara dasha, Method of calculations, Timing events, Micro astrology using chara dasha: Complete Insight in chara dasha Explained and Demonstrated with Example charts

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Char Dasha: explained using example and some basic concepts

A horoscope have so many facets as we humans have, but in astrology two things matter the most in the order that is first judging the effect of the planets and then watching what will happen, and then the next question arises when. Let we deal with both of them one by one

1.       Promises in a horoscope – not everyone is going to be billionaire not everyone is dying of poverty, people have their own standards and their own things to do.  What a person can do, what he can be, everything is in horoscope and deciding that first is the first and foremost thing. For that we use different techniques like judging natal chart, divisional charts, and so on and using these various techniques what a horoscope promises can be identified and a person can only do or become the thing his horoscope promises, this is a vast concept that I am leaving for now

2.       Timing the events – this can be done using various tools of Vedic astrology those are Dasha (there are more than 40 Dasha’s in Vedic  astrology – I know around 15 of them and use them interchangeably) Transit (there are so many methods of using transit – I personally know about 5 types and uses them) then there are also other special tools like Solar chart as known as varshapravesh that is the chart given to us by Arabians and that is casted on the date of birth when sun comes to the same point where he was in birth time and then based on that chart, result for coming one year can be found, it have one special point named Muntha. Very important in reading solar chart, it remains valid for one year only, and dasha can also be used in this to know which events will happen when, another technique is Tithi Pravesh, given to us by Sanjay Rath ji, that is based on Vedic tithi of birth, that takes sun and moon both into consideration, it doesn’t have any special planet like muntha, this is also valid for one year and can give very accurate results, but it is not our topic for today. All these tools namely Transit, Varshaphal and Tithi Pravesh is bound under Dasha, if A dasha or more specifically birth doesn’t promise an event then it will not happen no matter what happens. Dasha is also under control of birth chart, if anything is not promised in birth chart then it will never happen, it have to be kept in mind.

3.       Types of Dasha – there are 3 types of dasha those based on constellation like (vimshottari, ashtottari) those based on rashi (char,narayan,shool) those based on other things (panchswar dasha). The dashas are further divided into two more types those are Phalit dasha dealing with prediction and timing of event and second is Ayur dasha, used for prediction fatal periods or death. In other articles following this one, I will write on all of these dashas, for this I am confining myself to char dasha only. One thing that must be kept in mind is, every dasha have its own purpose and use thus no-one can be neglected, for example char dasha, and narayan dasha both are used for predicting/timing events, char dasha has its USP in getting the trademark of K.N.Rao he have worked extensively on this dasha and his research makes it infallible, whereas Narayan dasha is unique in the way as It can be counted for any divisional chart. Whereas char dasha can only be applied to birth chart, but I do also use it in other divisional too.

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4.       Methods of calculation – there are so many different methods of calculating char dasha, there is one system propounded by parashara that we find in Brihat parashara hora shastra, another version if of Irangati Rangacharya ji and another one is of K.N.Rao ji, as the system propounded by K.N.Rao ji is most pervasively used because it contains his years of research on the subject we will use his method only, in his method he doesn’t deduct or increase periods of planets in exaltation or debilitation sign. Because he says imagine case of Jupiter debilitated if we deduct one year for that then Sagittarius sign will have no years of dasha thus he doesn’t use this exception and says my method have been tested widely by me. And it gives accurate timing of events thus this should be used and we will be using that only. If time permits and my knowledge expands I will also write on other methods of using different variations of char dasha,

How char dasha is calculated I am leaving this due to 3 reasons, first because of there are now a day’s computer programs like jagganath hora which counts the dasha by one click so writing about calculation and expanding the article is something I will not do. Second this is over the internet there are so many articles dealing with the method of calculation readers can refer to those articles, and also I highly advise 2 books of K.N.rao 1. Predicting through jaimini char dasha 2. Advanced uses of char dasha to be read from which readers can get the idea on how he uses the system and how calculations have to be done. Third is I dislike teaching or writing about basics, and also I am in the favor that new immature students of astrology should not be spoon feeded thus I am leaving the part concerning with how to calculate char dasha and now I am giving few rules of analyze char dasha, and in the end we will understand the working of char dasha using one example chart and we will analyze few things in the chart using jaimini system of astrology and char dasha. For learning the basics readers can search my website also there they can find a basic article on char dasha in which they can find those things that I am using here but not explaining, and in readers encounter any problem they can contact me using any medium.


1.       Treat the sign as ascendant and see the relative position of karakas (char karakas – 7 char karkas are advised, sthir karkas, naisargik karkas)
2.       see the aspects on the sign
3.       Relative position of Arudh of different houses from that sign
4.       planets placed in the sign.  
5.       Also read the Arudh of the sign/house as jaimini treats sign and house as one, also examine the Arudh of the sign and effects on it.
6.       See the position of sign lord, and analyze the chart from that aspect too.
7.       See the position of AK, AmK from the dasha sign
8.       See in which house the sign is falling
9.       Raajyogas in the sign or with respect to the sign. Simple method is conjunction or relationship between AK, AmK, PK, DK and 5th lord makes jaimini raajyoga. Also see them in navamsha and note if the number of raajyogas increased or decreased.

10.   Aspect of Jupiter, mercury, sign lord, AK, AmK is good whereas aspect of mars, Saturn, Rahu, GK can be termed as bad
11.   Malefic planets in 3rd and 6th from dasha sigh and benefics in trine and quadrants will be good, otherwise choose accordingly. For example bad planet in 2nd sign can show monetary loss in the periods and also disturbance in family, whereas good planets will show increase in money and comfort at home.
12.   See the position of AK from the sign that will show in which direction interest of soul is going through the dasha
13.   AK is significator of 1st  12th (for liberation) house, AmK of 10th house, BK of 3rd, 9th, 11th house, MK of 4th house, PK of 5th house, GK of 6th 8th 12th (for malefic) house, and DK of 2nd and 7th house.
14.   In choosing sthir karakas there are two options in between choosing karaka for father battle is between sun and Venus and for mother option is between Moon and mars. As sthir karak is used for timing death the one more afflicted will have to be chosen as sthir karak for example if Venus be with sun then he will be sthir karak for father as being with a mild malefic he is more afflicted other have normal karkatwa like Jupiter for progeny. Etc.
15.   K.N.Rao doesn’t uses argala as he says their use haven’t been discovered till now, and I am of the opinion (till now ) that argala have to be seen only on yogda planet as Mudra Krishnmurthy Shastri and Irangati Rangacharya ji says so I am not using them, people can use them as they wish.
16.   The affliction or prosperity of lord will also work like the same way as affliction or prosperity of house/sign
17.   Abhimukh rashi will have stronger say into aspect, being aspected or aspecting in both ways, abhimukh rashi will be 7th from dual signs, 8th for movable and 6th for fixed signs.
Now let we examine a chart in the light of the rules presented above. (I can also use some rules which you will notice being used but not being discussed I will discuss them in another articles)
Birth details of the native is, 14 August 1988, 07:54AM, Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh) I have rectified the birth time to be  07:53:15AM. Using paranpada and D108 method. The rules used are
1.       At birth time Pranpada have to be in trine to moon or in 1/7 axis to moon in navamsha
2.       At birth time D108 ascendant have to show the gender. Male sign for male birth and female sign for female birth.

At the given time, the moon of native is in Leo navamsha and Pranpada was in Aquarius navamsha making it perfect but D108 ascendant was Taurus not a male sign a defect here, we have moved time to be Aries ascendant in D108 and Pranpada being in  Sagittarius in D9, it can also be settled to Aries navamsha so we have seen Deity of D60 lagna that was Kaala, why we settled that will be explained in another article, that will be exclusively on rectification of birth time. Now let we analyze the chart.

I am not using char dasha in divisional that I do but not illustrating, also not going further than PD, whereas in reality I usually go till PD in it mainly focusing on MA-AD as it is just a hint of the life direction, as Rashi dasha shows life direction, for minute prediction with time frame always mix more than 2 dasha, to come at a conclusion, also no future prediction are being made. (Abbreviations are being used be careful while reading)

Event 1 – Divorce between mother and father on 27-November-1994.

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First of all let we see why divorce happened, lord of 4th and 9th is one planet mars in 12th from 9th house in a bad house in 8th house, aspected by DK Saturn who is also indicative of 7th and 2nd house and also used from timing death as he becomes marak, A6 is in 4th house (10th from 9th is karma of father that is 6th house) A9 and A4 have 6-8 relationship. Sun moon is in 2-12,Mars lord of 4th and 9th house in D9 aspected by Saturn ( use bhrigu rule that says a retrograde planet will also influence from last house then use aspect of jaimini), 9th lord of D9 is also lord of 12th house that is in 9th house, being aspected by Mars and Saturn two malefic, now see they are influencing 9th house as well as lord, this is the basic reason behind the basic rules of Karako Bhav nasay. Mercury is not karak of 9th house but think on the rule then you will get the clue. Ascendant and 8th lord Venus is in 4th house in D9. He is 8th lord in 4th. Wherever bad house lord goes he destroys the house, in D12 mars is in 6th house aspected by 2 malefic Sun and Saturn. He is a mild malefic but with Saturn he becomes more malefic, also they both have classic enmity as we all know. Jupiter-Moon 4th and 9th lord of D12 is in 2-12 relationship in D12. BK-MK is in 6-8 relationship in D9, BK shows 9th house and MK 4th house.

Now see the event – Libra MD. Lord of Libra is MK, Libra is 7th marak from 9th and 12th loss from 4th. Libra aspected by BK, GK, PK, showing no raajyoga and involved GK shows fights in his period. In life of the native. Lord of Libra is in 8th from 4th and 3rd from 9th both bad houses and remember benefic in 3rd is not so good, and any planet in 8th is we all know destroyed. Sun in Maran Karak Sthan in 10th from Libra showing the karma of the MD of the sign is influenced by SUN in MKS, dying, sun in natural significator of Father. It is 3rd from Ascendant dasha sign is In bad house from ascendant, as lord of Libra is a benefic planet, its presence in 3rd and 6th will not be desirable. Lord of Libra is in 12th from Ascendant lord.

Taurus AD – 7th from 4th and 2nd from 9th both marak house, aspected by sun that is in Maran Karak Sthan, 8th and 5th lord Jupiter is in the AD sign, 8th is 12th from 9th and 5th is 2nd from 4th again marak, that Jupiter that is in AD sign that is depositor of Saturn and Mars. Dwar rashi from Libra have Saturn in it aspected by mars and Dwar rashi from Taurus have rahu in it aspected by Sun of MKS (Maran Karak Sthan) the concept of Dwar and Bhay rashi will be explained sometimes later.
Event 2 – minor accident at age 2. Virgo Md. – aspected by Saturn and mars, Saturn is DK (marak significator of 2nd and 7th both marak houses and also signifies accidents and death and Mars in 8th is danger), it is 2nd from ascendant that is marak from ascendant and 3rd from AK that is for harm to body, longevity and also a house indicating accident, minor and major too, being 8th from 8th.
Event 3 – first job at 1 April 2012 – Indu lagna is in cancer where sun is of MKS. (MKS – Maran Karak Sthan, use of indu lagna will be dealt in another article, it is used to time first salary then automatically it will also indicate job, sun AK there in MKS shows troubled career ). Sagittarius MD – it is 6th (job house) from Indu Lagna. Natural Karm Karak Saturn is there, It is also 6th from AK, and 10th from AmK (significator of 10th house). Libra PD – it is abhimukh sign from 10th house, it have A11 showing start of gains, in Transit, AK and AmK both were aspecting Sagittarius, I have used Jaimini aspects only and in Using jaimini rules apply them only (as K.N.Rao, Irangati Rangacharya, Hart DeFouw  and almost all significant astrologers says keep these systems separate) Natural Karm Karak Saturn was in Libra in the same time in Transit, and lord of indu lagna moon was in indu lagna cancer.

Event 4 – second job. – readers can notice he have left first job very soon that was of professor due to Jupiter in 10th house, why he did this will be explained later. Till the time of second job PD was changed to Taurus that is 10th house, aspected by AK, he is having PK that will signify Raajyoga. Also this sign is aspected by AK. (AK+PK+5th lord raajyoga. In navamsha they are in same sign. Only due to this reason this job was stable for some time till January 2015, and then he left the job. And after that he haven’t been employed till now, we have talked today morning, he got jobs but he haven’t did that for more than 15 days, as a result haven’t got anything, see the effect of AK in 12th house in MKS. In navamsha in 6th house with Jupiter showing at some later time he can gain intelligence but this time as AK is in 12th house in MKS aspected by Rahu his mind is like Grahan/clouded.

Event 5 – left job. Aquarius MD – having A9 and A3 both are bad houses from 10th house A9 12th from 10th loss of Job. And 3rd 6th from 10th difficulties in Job. (it also makes some doubt on a parashara raajyoga, about which we need to have deep understanding, that secret will be revealed in another write-up) lord of sign is in 5th house that is 8th loss from 10th profession and 12th loss from 6th employment, also he is aspected by malefic, Bhaya rashi have GK, 12th lord, and ketu 3 de-attaching factors that have de-attached him from Job, 7th is 10th from 10th. And his bhaya rashi is in that much condition terrible. Also his lord is malefic that is retrograde aspected by another retrograde malefic (a malefic retrograde aspected by another malefic is like living hell. And it have made all types of problem from him, also see the hell is in 5th house 9th from 9th and now see Event one) Rahu that is in dasha rashi is aspected by Sun who is AK in MKS. Making a garahan yoga, eclipse to life, till august 2015 he was under the grahan that made his life hell. Now he is in pisces dasha that can be expected to be good, as per job is concerned as it have AmK and AK is in 5th house from there but this AmK is aspected by Saturn a retrograde malefic and AK is in MKS, the blemish will be on until he gets a guru to guide his soul, as AK is in Pisces in D9 with lord of Pisces that is Jupiter, D9 is dhrama and Jupiter is guru, and 6th house is overcoming shad ripus, sign Pisces shows blessing of goddess saraswati that can be through knowledge or from upadesh, or by reading holy books. Only Jupiter can save sun from being under grahan that is being caused by Rahu aspecting Sun in MKS. Only Jupiter have the power to save him and as sun is in 6th house in D9 that is overcoming enemies weather internal or external, we can hope for good times. The Dasha rashi Aquarius is 12th from AmK, and 6th from AK and A10, and due to these reasons even after having its co-lord in Aquarius it was not good for career. Scorpio sign was running under AD – it is 7th from 10th house that is marak house, death of Karma/Profession. It have A6, that shows noticeable event related to 6th house that was loss of job signification of 10th house from a long time (1 year till now). It is also aspected by sun that is in MKS.

K.N.Rao in his book “Predicting through Jaimini Char Dasha” In one chapter writes that position of AmK from ascendant will show how the profession life will be of the native, see AmK in 8th from D1 ascendant aspected by Saturn a malefic as well as DK cause of death. In D9 3rd from Ascendant again bad house showing rise after a lot of struggle, as it will also be aspected by malefic and DK Saturn in D9 using Bhrigu rule of aspect from last sign when a planet is retrograde. In D9 it is also aspected by GK (GK is significator of 6th house in char karak scheme but in jaimini AmK shows profession not GK, but yes A6 will still be showing profession. )

With obscene to lord Shiva I close this article.

Om Namah Shivaye

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