Devakeralam – Chandrakala Nadi – Chart 1

Devakeralam – Chandrakala Nadi
By Dr. K. Guru Rajesh
Dear friends,

“The Sanskrit text of Devakeralam has its own problems in its current form. Portions of some horoscopes are incomplete or mixed up, while same horoscopes have been explained at multiple places. 
Devakeralam requires thorough study, re-editing, re-interpretation and re-translation. The initial step would be to group the text according to the different horoscopes described. Then the conventional and Nadi Amsa analysis applied in the interpretation of the horoscopes are to be documented and separated into different categories based on the techniques employed. 
The next step includes the extraction of general rules from this study. Finally, these rules have to be applied on real-life horoscopes to check their veracity.”


With this statement I had concluded my article series ‘Decoding Devakeralam’.Readers can read my previous article too for more understanding on Devakeralam nadi.

Accordingly, I have taken up the job of re-editing, re-interpretation and re-translation of the text. Here I am presenting the English translation of the slokas. This is a draft translation and does not include the deductions and interpretations. As I said earlier, some charts are explained at multiple places. I have translated every sloka where the chart appears in the first instance and in the subsequent places, I have translated only the slokas which give extra information or differ from the first. It can be seen that the internal information within the slokas will help many corruptions in the Sanskrit text and sometimes better meaning emerges when the text of different places is compared.I know this is a huge project and it may take much time to finish. And perhaps, no publisher may come forward to bring out the entire re-translation. Hence, I am sharing my work as and when it progresses. This entire translation is hoped to form the basis of a book where specific astrological rules applicable for horoscopic analysis will be explained.

I believe this endeavour of mine will add value to the extant astrological literature and the learned astrological fraternity will welcome it.

This chart has been discussed from Sloka 1 to 53 in Book-1 and Slokas 1443 to 1509 in Book 2. The birth star of the native is Jyeshtha 2nd quarter.
1. Born in the first half of Malinyamsha while Jupiter is placed in the Kalakootaamsha, the native born in Matangayoga will be good looking with reddish complexion.2. Jupiter exalted and placed in Pisces Navamsa joins Venus forming Matanga yoga which makes the native famous, while Moon is placed in his debilitation sign occupying Capricorn Navamsa (नीचे नक्रांशगे wrongly typed as निजे ऋक्षांशके).

3. Moon having malefic planets Saturn joining Rahu in a trine makes the native’s birth in a blemished family (Malinya Kula).

4. The native will be bereft of brothers but will half half-brothers and his father will have three consorts.

5. Mother will have long life while a sister will have questionable character. Mother will be devoted to her husband but will be worried because of the family troubles (grihachchidra).

6. She will remain a widow for a long time suffering after the death of her husband.

7. One sister will have long life and remaining siblings will all die. Maternal or paternal uncle or anyone belonging to the same lineage,

8. Will join in spouse, but she will die of separation and widowhood.

9. This may happen before the marriage of the native’s father or in the childhood of the native. 4th lord being Moon occupying his debilitation sign in Capricorn navamsa,

10. And aspected by the 9th lord and attaining Durbhagavastha (Special avastha for Moon), makes the native bereft of brothers.

11. He will have one long lived sister while his mother will have a long life. When Moon has attained Durbhagavastha, his sister will be a Durbhaga (ugly or unfortunate).

12. His half-brothers will die and his father will have two wives. The native’s father will acquire lot of wealth during the native’s 3rd or 5th year.

13. He will roam in various places and countries and live by trading of goods. He will carry out business in goods like precious stones, grains, clothes and various different goods.

14. The native’s father will have a flourishing career in business and is blessed with siblings.

14. When the transit Saturn moves in a sign that is in trine to the navamsa occupied by the Sun, or Saturn moves in a trinal sign to the navamsa sign occupies by the 4th lord, father’s death will happen.15. This will happen when Saturn attains the same longitude as of Sun or 4th lord respectively. The death of father will happen in the birth dasa (Mercury Dasa, birth star is Jyeshtha 2). If this does not happen then,

16. It may happen in Mercury bhuktis of other dasas. Father will die suffering diseases.

17. During the birth dasa (Mercury dasa), the native will experience some comforts and will have his thread ceremony performed. He will get married in the 3rd dasa, Vipat dasa (Venus dasa) during the bhukti of 10th lord Saturn.
18. This will happen during the native’s 22nd or 25th year. The native’s marriage in childhood will face with obstructions.

19. A person born in Matanga yoga while Jupiter is placed in Kaala Koota amsa, will have some money obtained by the selling of a virgin, his own sister.20. The native born with Saturn in the 12th house obtaining Cancer navamsa and joined with a planet that is placed in the Libra navamsa will have money earned by his sister.

21. He will have some money earned on his own and in his childhood he will enjoy the wealth earned by his father. Otherwise he will enjoy the wealth earned by his kinsmen or his sister.

22. 600 or 300 or 400 or more than 10, the native will earn amount by doing business in trees and plants.

23. During the dasa of a planet that owns the navamsa of 10th lord the native will see destruction of his friends. His sister will face troubles and his mother will perish later.24. When Jupiter occupies Malinyamsa, the native’s mother will have mental imbalance in his old age and will die in a forest because of a wild and cruel animal.

25. As per other texts, when the 11th lord is joined with Rahu and occupies a cruel shashtyamsa, the native’s mother will have unnatural and painful death.

26. The native’s father also, during the native’s childhood, will face death because of a woman. He will die in a distant place because of Sannipatha Jwara.

27. The native will be wealthy during his middle age, but will suffer penury in his old age. He will have few comforts during his childhood.28. During the Pratyak dasa (Moon Dasa), after the completion of his 43rd year, the native will have difficult time for next 3 years. This will coincide with civil unrest in his native’s country.

29. The Mandaladhipathi will die and after the change of the ruler peace will be restored. After the 16th year of the native, there will be famine and shortage of food grains in the world.

30. When Saturn transits in the navamsa sign of Sun or in its trinal signs, the native’s king will face death in enemy lands.

31. The death of King may also happen when Saturn moves in the navamsa sign of 9th lord, or its trines or in the 7th sign.

32. When transit Saturn moves in the sign occupied by Mars in navamsa, or in its trines attaining the same longitude of Mars, there will be great famine in the country of the native.

33. During the Pratyak dasa, Moon Dasa, of the native, when transit Saturn moves in Libra, there will be a great famine and shortage of food grains that lead to deaths of many people.

34. When Saturn joins Rahu in the 12th house aspected by benefic planets, the native will suffer rekha yoga for some time and kemadruma yoga for some time.35. Saturn in the 12th, Jupiter in the 4th and Moon in the 8th will give the native Rajayoga sometimes and Kartari yoga some other times.

36. When such Moon is placed in Kartari, the native will suffer huge difficulties in the first half of Moon dasa.

37. When the native attains 46th year, he will have Surya yoga for 3 years. He will have comforts from his other wife (second wife) and will have gain of wealth.

38. (Same as 36).

39. The native will have arishtha to his wife.

40. He will marry for the 2nd time immediately after the death of his 1st wife and will enjoy comforts in the next Saturn antara. (So death of the first wife will happen in Moon-Rahu). He will have fortunate period starting with Jupiter bhukti and continuing into the Saturn bhukti.

41. The native will have marriage in Pratyak dasa (Moon dasa) and will have auspicious events happening in his house. He will gain wealth and comforts as a result of the Koorma Yoga.

42. During the Pratyak dasa, and the bhuktis of Moon or Mars, the native will have children in other islands (????).

43. Because of the Koorma Yoga, the native will have great wealth and comforts because of many endeavours in the 2nd half of the dasa.

44. When transit Saturn attains the same longitude of 11th lord or the 6th lord while moving in the sign occupied by them in navamsa or their trines, the native’s sister will die.45. This shall happen during the 51st year or 48th year of the native.

46. The native born in Koorma yoga will enjoy comforts during the dasa of the ascendant lord. He will have comforts from his 2nd wife and will enjoy the women in his old age.

47. During the currency of the dasa of Mars, the lord of Chandra lagna, and the bhukti of Jupiter, the native will have very difficult times and may have fear of untimely death.

48. He may suffer because of the death of his equivalents in the family or of his female children. If this does not happen, he may suffer because of loss of wealth at the end of the dasa.

49. For the native who was born in Aries ascendant and Cancer navamsa, the dasa of Mars will be comfortable. During the Rahu dasa also the native will have happy events like marriage of his son.

50. During the 63rd year of the native when Jupiter bhukti was current in Rahu dasa, the native will have the fear of untimely death. But he will attain peace after performing remedial measures.51. The native will die in his 77th year during the dasa of naidhanesha (8th star lord, Rahu dasa).

52. He will die in the three solar months starting with Taurus or in the solar month of Capricorn. He will die on a Monday during early morning.

53. The native having malefic planets in the 12th house will have unnatural and painful death. He will have a son in his old age. His next birth will be of abominable nature.

1448. The native will have three sisters.1451. Swabharyanugamishyati (Wife will follow him in death).

1452. His own half-sister will also follow her husband in death unable to bear the pain of separation.

1456. According to others’ opinion, father will have three wives.

1459. Father’s death may happen in the birth dasa (Mercury dasa), or otherwise in the vipat dasa (Venus dasa). 1460. Father will die in the same bhukti of Sampat dasa (Ketu-Ketu) suffering with diseases.

1463. The native will have many female children and will be longing to have sons.

1464. When the dispositor of the 7th lord occupies his debilitation sign, the native will be blessed with sons from his 2nd wife and he will lose his elder brother.

1465. When two malefic planets occupy the 12th house, the native will be fickle minded because of lack of sons. He will be bereft of comforts from his wife and will suffer because of death of brothers.

1466. His sister will suffer widowhood and the native will always be of sinful thoughts. When the 7th lord occupies Scorpio in navamsa,

1467-1468. The native will join prostitutes and will have two wives, during the pratyak dasa (Moon dasa), when transit Saturn reaches the longitude of the 5th lord while moving in a sign identical with the sign occupies by the 5th lord in navamsa, the native’s mother will meet an unnatural and painful death. Later he will be in great pain because of the death of his wife.

1469. The native may lose his wife in his 32nd or 38th or 42nd or 44th year.

1470. During the dasa of Moon who is in durbhagavastha, the native will suffer the loss of his brother and wife. There may be trouble to an infant in the house also.1471. During the currency of the kshema dasa (Sun dasa) the native will be blessed with daughters. In the pratyak dasa (Moon dasa) he will have mental affliction after the marriage of his daughter.

1472. During the dasa of debilitated planet (Moon) the native will have severe difficulties and will lose his accumulated wealth.

1473. When the 2nd lord Venus is placed in a Kendra and joined with Jupiter, the native will have a wealth of more than 300 (gold coins).1474. When the 10th lord joins Rahu, the native born in Cancer navamsa will carry out business joined with his friends.

1475. He will be endowed with quadrupeds, grains and money but will be a miser. He will not have faith in anybody because of Moon occupying his debilitation sign (Tribhagage?).

1476. He will live in another village or in a town and will be fortunate throughout his life.

1477. When Saturn joins Rahu in the 12th in the birth chart, the native will lose money in the year of his marriage. He will suffer some loss in business in the Pratyak dasa (Moon dasa).

1478. Some money will be lost because of some official works and some more will be lost because of his sister’s friend. He will have unfortunate periods in between and fewer comforts.

1482. At the least he will have more than 100 coins of wealth continuously.

1484. Mother’s death will happen because of cruel animals like tigers.

1488-1489. During the middle of pratyak dasa (Moon dasa), the native will suffer loss of wife. During the Vipat dasa (Venus dasa) there will be change of king in his native kingdom or in the country where he lives.1491. When transit Saturn moves in the sign occupied by Sun in navamsa, or in its trines attaining the same longitude of Sun, there will be great famine in the country of the native.

1493. Because of kemadruma, the native have severe mental affliction.

1494. The kartari yoga is akin to the kemadruma in its effects.

1495. During the dasa of Moon who is making these two malefic yogas, and in the antara of Jupiter, the native will lose his wife to death.

1498. In all the dasa and especially in the pratyak dasa (Moon dasa), the native will suffer sorrow (Santapam not Santanam) in the bhuktis of Moon, Mars and Jupiter.

1500. When transit Saturn attains the same longitude of 11th lord or the 6th lord while moving in the sign occupied by them in navamsa or their trines, the native’s siblings will die.

1502. For the native who is born in kurma yoga the dasa of Mars will be auspicious.

1507. Death will be during the end of naidhanesha dasa (Rahu-Mars).