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The Vedic Siddhanta is an initiative of Vedic School of Krishndhaam.Our Idea behind designing the Application of Vedic Siddhanta is to spread the Vedic knowledge globally.

Our ancestors from long kept preserving wisdom through which we able to get right guidance for our future. One of the oldest traditional technique which was followed by them to show our insight of life with the help of ancient dictums was VEDIC ASTROLOGY.
These old Vedic methods of astrology,Siddhant and other vedic sciences are followed and taught with lots of practice of sadhanas & meditations to predict correctly about the outcomes of an Individual efforts.Now the same method is followed by our next generation to guide the individuals to the divine path with best of their knowledge.
This is the platform to discuss and gather knowledge through learning from various articles on astrology, cosmology & astronomy etc.Our aim is to motivate, encourage & educate everyone to learn Vedic astrology in the best and ethical way.

With our classical experience we are trying to guide mankind to know the right karmic path by following systematic approach of Vedic knowledge and Astrology.

Remember its the God who is the dispenser of all the fruits to the one who deserves based on his karmas. We are nothing just a channel of the god to inspire people. 

“Do good to others and good deeds will follow you.”

App Silent Features

1. Motto of the app is to build a learning platform for the beginners and who are in the process of learning astrology.
2. User friendly – Easy access to all articles with few clicks on our app.
3. Push notification will keep you updated on new articles.
4. App is designed to keep best view and fast way to search any article.For which we have categorised the various articles under proper Headers/Sections keeping in view the reader‘s choice of preference.i.e Vedic Astrology, Mundane Astrology, Nadi Jyotish etc
5. Now you can download, Share and Save all the Free editions of our magazine ” The Divine Codes “.
6. Please checkout our Section on “Vedic Press” where you can find Best astrology books to Readout.
7. Consult with Vedic Astrology authors who are part of our Team.
8. Connect with us to get weekly and monthly updates on Vedic Astrology (Jyotish)

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