Books Authored by Rakesh Singh Jawmal 

The Vedic Siddhanta 

Cosmological and Astronomical Manual of Vedic Astrology

This Research Textbook will be in 2 Volume, Volume 1 will be Consist of Astronomical Principals and Mathematical logic’s of ancient Siddhantas which are deeply linked or related with Vedic Astrological treaties and Volume 2 will be Composed of Astrological calculations & Mathematical phenomena’s behind Predictive Vedic Astrology.

                                                                                                                      — By Rakesh Singh Jamwal


Written for Serious students of vedic astrology, who want to explore true Astronomical and Cosmological reasoning of Vedic Astrology , it will covers all Scientifically proven Research of 12 planets, 28 nakshatras as per Rig Veda and Atharveda Puranic and most of Scriptural texts , including Mundane rules based on 12 planets, new way of understanding Retrogression theory – Based on Sages principals as well as based on ancient siddhantas and it will covers all other such important aspects of Vedic Astronomical and mathematical principals mostly required for understanding Predictive Astrology.