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What is Atmakarka ?

Atma means the self or the soul. This is what we really are – the spiritual connection inside our body as distinct from what we mistakenly think we are our body and mind.

Therefore, although atma sometimes refers to one’s temporary body, mind, or intelligence, the atma is ultimately the eternal consciousness (the spirit, or soul) that is present within the body of every living being. This atma – higher than the senses, the mind, and even the intelligence -is most mysterious and subtle.The Bhagavad-gita describes it in this way: “For the atma there is neither birth nor death at any time. He does not come to be, has not come to be, and will not come to be. He is unborn, eternal, undying, and primeval. He is not slain when the body is slain . . . .The atma can never be cut to pieces by any weapon, nor burned by fire, moistened by water, nor withered by the wind. This individual atma is unbreakable and insoluble, and can be neither burned nor dried. He is everlasting, all-pervading, unchangeable, immovable, and eternally the same.

One who realizes this eternal atma within himself—that is, one who recognizes himself to be the eternal consciousness or soul within the body—becomes a perfectly self-realized person. There are innumerable atmas, all in essence the same yet each eternally distinct. And above all these atmas is the Paramatma, or supreme atma—God. God, too, is distinct from all other living beings, and this distinction is eternal. God, the supreme infinite, is the complete spiritual whole, and all other living beings are infinitesimal parts of God. A living being can never “become God” any more than a drop of water can become the entire ocean.

What is Arma-Karka ?

Now point is What is Atmakarka – A planet with the highest longitudes without considering sign is known as Atmakarka who is the karka of the Soul not the Lagna. Now question ia why we give so much emphasizing on AK , reason is very simple one with the highest longitude is much mature than the one with the younger longitudes planets.The planet who got this opportunity is the one who can give maturity and learning to the atma for its next level.Atmakarka is Considered to be as King of the Soul whose responsibly is to Filter all the karmic Debits to liberate it to final destination- the Moksha by Spiritual teaching , Self learning , life hard Lessons or bad experiences or by past karma Good and Bad results.

Natural Atmakarka in kundli is Surya whose responsibility is to follow the dharma and perform all religious as well as social duties.

Some Says Maharishi Parashara Considered 8 Planet Scheme for Chara karkas including Rahu but Jamini Maha rishi considered 7 Planet Scheme for Chara Karkas and Pitra-Karaka is excluded from the list which are as follows as per order of Higher Degrees.

1) Atmakaraka – AK – (Own self, Self Teacher , Soul Filter , considered the strongest planet)

2) Amatyakaraka – AMK – (Social Work , Bosses in Office , Career , Action )

3) Bhratrukaraka – BK – (Once Guru , Spiritual Mentors Brothers and sisters)

4) Matrukaraka – Mk – (Mother)

5) Putrakaraka – PK – ( Childrens and Followers )

6) Gnatikaraka – GK – (Once Enemies, Cousins and Far off relations )

7) Darakaraka – Dk- (Once Spouse , Husband & wife)

Highest Degree in Horoscope is Atmakarka or Chara Atma karka and lowest degree is Dara-Karka.Exalted Atma-Karka in D9 and D1 gives highest order of Spiritual Experience and transformation in the native if it is a malefic planet.Saturn is considered as the best Karka for Ak in the category for Best spiritual transformation being Saturn as Natural Karmic Planet.

If AK is debilitated in D1 & D9 Native is more prone toward Materialism & Gratification of Senses.

If one has Exalted Ak in D1 but Debilitated in D9 than native Soul will fall by its own karma or Simply its a Fallen Soul – A case of Yogi to Bhogi.

AK only role is Guiding one Soul in the path of rightness and debilitation of AK Means you are not following what your Soul expect or want in this birth.

Vedic astrology is Eye of the vedas and Based on the rebirth and the karma So Ak plays a major role in Deciding karma in this birth.Bad soul earn bad karma and again rise to birth.

Different planets has different lesson Connected with the soul as Ak , Merc as Ak means Guiding Soul Via Rising once Knowledge , controlling Speech and communication matters , learning in right manner.Sun as AK lesson included controlling once ego and proud in this birth.

Saturn as Ak lesson is to Caring and Nourishing downtrodden people who are in real need and native must help those who are helpless and shouldn’t hurt anybody else native has to face loneliness in whole birth as a lesson.

This way you can check different – different factors for other planets as Ak , or any Chara karka for lesson connected with it.Position of Ak Sign in D9 is Karka-Amsa and if it is placed in D9 lagna than it is called Lagnamsa the best placement for any AK.

From Karkamsa you check can many factors required for skills and soul natural abilities and desires i.e 2nd Venus from AK good for material growth but also indicates too much indulgence in sensual activities. from 4th from karka-amsa we can check Soul desire or soul pure intention to live in this birth. 4th house is one of main house for Moksha and 4th is also the primary house of the education and knowledge required for moksha and spiritual activities.

5th from Karkamsa is best for working on inherited skills in this birth, Ketu gives an excellent skills in calculus and mathematical abilities if it is 5th from KAK and native must be expert in mathematics ,astrology , engineering and all technical gadgets work etc.

If AK is in lagna or trine it is also one of best Raja- Yoga and indicator of good Sanchit karma or birth in a Pious family. For eg Prince Charles. If it is in lagna , 5th and 9th house in D9 lagna chart than it gives Birth in Royal family or soul will rise after birth materially as well as spiritually too.

As Per Jamini System Ketu is excluded from chara AK list reason is ketu is moksha karka planet and it only shows what are the karmic debits left in next birth , indicating finger toward Rahu which bound souls in the cycle of birth.

Ketu has abilities to liberate soul from all karmic debits and helps to liberate from continues rebirth of Soul. Ketu as the significator of moksha does not form part of the scheme of chara karakas. Moksha is the destination of the soul, the ultimate aim, it is not important in revealing the on the soul’s more worldly desires. As Rahu and Ketu form part of the karmic axis, Rahu will show Ketu’s desire for spiritual fulfillment. So Maharishi Jamini Excluded Ketu from the List of chara Karkas. Ketu in 4th and 12th from Karkamas is best placement for final emancipation of the soul.

Some people also consider Rahu in Chara Karka Scheme, for Rahu Highest/Lowest Degree in chart gives clues for AK. As per Sjc – Rahu is a very beneficial combination for attaining highest order of spirituality level because of too much negative experience of soul which can results highly Spiritual transformation. Soul negative experience can helps to move in the path of Spirituality That’s why Maharishi Parashara gives much priority to rahu.

It has deep reason connected with all the desires of soul from all the birth. Rahu is the planet who never satisfied materially so it means Soul is bounded in birth cycles and liberation of soul need to be free from it which he cant so best way is to teach and learn lesson after attaining all material gain and it can only happen if soul get negative experiences and lesson.

Rahu is karka for all the Diabolical activities , cheating plots , deceiving others and the best way to teach a soul is experiencing all the negative lessons in any birth which are fall under this. This is the main reason Parashara set highest priority for rahu as Ak and best for Spiritual enlightenment.

Rahu and Saturn has the efficiency to produce 100% Karmic results based on our past karma’s.

But Many of Learned people is not in favoring of Rahu as AK because it bounds soul to all karmic cycles so how could Rahu as Ak gives Moksha.

Rahu is an exceptional planet and its calculation for AK is little bit different from other chara Karkas. for rest of the planet we take Highest degrees for Ak calculation but for Rahu we take lowest degree for Ak calculation. For eg if rahu is at 2 degrees as AK in the chart than in reality Rahu will be at 28 degree ( Rahu Natural Direction is Retro) because we count Rahu degree in reverse order being its Natural retro movement.

Subtracting Rahu’s degrees from the 30 degrees will tell its actual degree and also indicate whether we will take Rahu as AK or not. If it is under 2 degree than it is AK else not.

Thanks and Regards,
Rakesh Singh Jamwal

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