Career Analysis : Sudden Downfall of native in Marketing Career

Case History : ” Sudden Fall-back in Career & Lost the Job after 25 Year of Experience in Marketing Career and Still not able to Get it after 3 year.
How Could it possible Native not able to get After huge experience ?Which circumstances or Dasha’s are blocking the New Job Event ?

This is a Horoscope of native having a well established Career in Marketing Sector and having 24 years of rich experience in it.After Some Deep Conspiracy in office environment native Suddenly lost the job in year 2012 but still not able to get it. Almost 3 year already done. Can you time the Month and year of When native lost the job.Native Saturn Mahadasha is running from 1996 and Saturn is in Sarvan nakashtra who is 7th lord and in 6th house (12th from own house – although benefic so not much trouble for marriage ) .Same Moon is in the Nakshtra of Rahu ( Ardara) and 2nd from 7th lord so act as a marak for MD nakashtra Lord .So, Overall i can say in this Saturn Md native had faced lot of trouble in married life as well as in work environment as MD lord Saturn is 8th from the Moon lagna ( Suffering w.r.t to Mental Health & Peace , financial prospects and in Service Sector too ) as same thing is We are seeing in D9 chart too in Saturn with Ketu in Aries in Debilitation.

Saturn is also 4th from Surya lagna in its own Sign and in 1st house lord in 1st giving Strong urge to Hold back all the nativities D9 chart and providing Strength to same and pretty sure in-spite of all odd physical as well as mental conditions native sure going to reach higher in Saturn Mahadasha as Saturn 4th placement from Surya lagna clearly confirming this.So we can say overall due to the Conditional factors of others planets and losing dignity in D9 and d10 being present in the axis of Rahu and Ketu it is quite indicative native must have to face much mental agony( 4th from Surya ) and Suffering( 8th from Moon) in Work front as Saturn being a natural Karka for Service and Chara Amk being afflicted in D1 , D9 and D10 chart .

Although 8th from the Moon in D1 is Saturn own Sign( Capricorn) and Lagna Sign too so native is well determined and Hard Working guy and have great resistant power to overcome any situation.So it is quite clear Saturn wont be a much comfortable dasha period for the native.Native have to Do most of the work against his will and wish in usually in most of the industrial and production sector as Saturn being karka for the Industry and Service ruling Mass People and labour class and aspects the 10th house having exalted Sign there( libra).

As Saturn aspects the debilitated Surya present in the 10th house , native usually have to face negativity and trap of politics from the people who are belong to the Higher authorities or those who having good relations with the Higher authorities’ ( karka Surya – 8th lord in 10th house ). As Surya is Chara Dara karka these people usually be his own competitor who is working in same environment with the same designation’s (Business partners). General we see 10th house for the work environment are the people Who are working with us. Clear picture can be drawn frrom 10th from A10 Arudha or 10th from AL in D1 and D10.But Being Lagnesh in lagna they never going to harm the native and native always fight back and do work against all the odd condition which are set by them and this is making native quite much hard-worker , balanced , intelligent and strong mental strength.

Main reason of problem in work environment is (Rahu- Ketu) axis formation with the lagnesh who is also be the Dasha lord and Amk lord too and the 4th and 11th lord mars also afflicted by the Rahu – Ketu axis ( Mars – Rahu ) in 7th house.Eventually this Mars also a first Bhadkesha lord Afflicted by the 2nd Lord Rahu( Wealth , Status) in 7th house ( Business partners) So troubles from the Friends in the work environment , team mates or colleague is for sure.Ketu is also supporting in this front too as ketu being a Second sub- lord of 11th house ( Sub – bhadkesh lord) Conjugated with Saturn in 1st house and 4th from the Arudh lagna ( AL) clearly telling a disturbance in the Work environment, Hampering the mental decisions making power and distorting image( by Rahu aspect on Saturn) of the native in the society or in work area .

As both are closely conjugated within same orbital degree of 11 in Capricon , a natural sign of Karma – clearly telling me troubles in work environment will be there by the team mates who are working with the native as 7th house is also afflicted much by the bhadkesha Lord Rahu and Aspecting the lagna the same.Bhadkesh lord always gives unknown troubles and hurdles in the native progress either it is mental or physical progress. that’s why Ketu always involves native into those work which native don’t like and act like hurdles or some sort of karmic blockage in decision making( or you can Say inconsistency or triggering the events or making it unstable ) because of this native have to worked on those areas which native usually don’t wanted to do But because of environmental factor and lagnesh Dasha native did it and overcome it well.

Bhadkesh in lagna never be considered as good for undertaking any work as in most of the cases it usually illusion the intelligence and decision making power of the native but although it is movable Rasi its negative factor can be cure by travelling or doing all those works which involves travel and greater care. But usually most of the cases it always hamper the intelligence of the native and while keep indulging them in wrong choices and bad decision making.

This is the first Reason native might be in most of the cases in Production industries( Ruled by Saturn) and have to work in negative circumstances( 10th from the 10th house).It is also indicating some sort of bhadhka or trouble from the Female side( as Venus ( female associates ) is the lord 10th lord present in the Bhadka House and Bhadkesha lord present in the 7th house with Rahu ) and telling me Some Sort of Conspiracy in the office environment by the female sides in Rahu AD.It could be business associates, female’s associates or your business partner. Motive is only to Harm the Work Status and financial status and Making wrong impact to higher authorities.Rahu and Mars both are in 7th house 10th from 10th house ( work environment) and 10th from Arudha lagna ( actual work area) clearly indicating Some negative circumstances or issue’s with the Opp- Sex in office environment or with business partner conspiracy involvement which can leads to problem in the job.

Problem Should be crop up during the Rahu AD period and native must faced the actual result in the Jupiter AD who is in Nakashtra of Rahu ( so Guru is acting like Rahu and giving the guiding result of the Rahu ).Shani MD – Rahu AD – Mars PD ( July 2014 to September 2014).Conditions made in Rahu AD and Native must have to faced in Guru AD – Guru PD ( 08 Sep 2012 to 07 Jan 2013).

Reason is very Simple Guru is Retro , lord 12th house in 2nd house and Most imp Point it is in the nakashtra of Rahu who is 2nd house to 6th house with Bhadkesha mars ( Maraka for the Service related matters) and also giving Delays , Hurdles , Pressure and bad attitude from the authorities and Team mates and somehow loss in the financial matters.Although Same Guru is 9th from the Moon clearly telling native will manage somehow in this PD by any mean( By Wisdom and Patience ).

But Guru Guidance Force is Rahu & Guru is in the nakashtra of Rahu and Rahu is in 7th house with Bhadkesha Lord Mars who is 10th from the 10th house Native have to leave its job as a result of some deep conspiracy.There is clearly a Conspiracy or cheating in the work environment.This is the main Reason Native have to Suffer in the Guru AD and During the December 2012 month Rahu Moved into the 10th house ( Libra Sign Lord Venus – A lady Involved in it ) with Surya( DK) and also in the AL , 10th from Amk , confirmed this event and native might got cheated or got trap of conspiracy by own co -workers .

Rahu in the Al always shows a Bad image or some sort of Conspiracy to spoil the image in the work front or in the society.Involvement of the lady in the Conspiracy was also quite confirmed as Venus is in the bhadkesh Sign of Sc ( always considered as one of Secretive sign used for ending up something ) and it is 2nd from 10th house it act as Marka for the 10th House and it ends the Work and forced to leave the job.After End of Guru AD and Shani MD Native life will gone change for ever and it might lead to some major transformation into native life and Native will improve much better in all life sphere physically , materially as well as spiritually .After March 2015 Native will be in good position.

But there are good chances too after 18th Jul 2014 after when Rahu move into Native 9th house and Native may travel to nearby states and possibility is quite sure native will get job .There are quite good chances for getting good job in between 18th July to 18th November 2014 exactly when Saturn ( the lagnesh ) be in the 11th house from the Lagna and 6th from the Moon Sign( Gemini) and Guru –Shani will play a Major role of Double Transition in native Financial and Gain front and I am pretty sure both will provide native a good Job not as per the Expectation’s but would be good Expected Job will be there in Mercury Dasha after March 2015.

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