Narendra Modi Be Next Prime Minister of India ? – Research Insight on Narendra
Modi for Next PM 2014 

(Case Study Done on Wednesday, November 13, 2013)

Narender Modi Natal Chart , Date : 17 September 1950 , Time : 11 Am , Birth Place : Mehsana , Gujraat

Narendra Modi born with Scorpio lagna and 9th lord Moon also in Lagna with Mars. Lagna Degree is about 5 Degree which quite indicates Young , talented and youthful and dynamic personality.

Mars( Lagna Lord) and Moon (9th Lord) Forming a Ruchuka -Mahaprush yoga Which
means naturally born leader who is daring, bold with enterprising quality and
willing to cross any hurdles and can overcome any battle with his strong will
and intellectual power, Making him Naturally born leader and giving him
conqueror abilities much look alike having quality like Sikander ( Alexandra
the Great).

The Ruchaka yoga is one of the five Royal Yogas of Vedic Astrology Panchmaha
Purusha Yoga.

With Ruchka mahaprusha yoga Also having Neech-bhagna Yoga giving Strength back
to Moon as well but Weak mars in D9 chat some- how nullifying the excellent
result of Mars too. Usually with these combination native have to face Great
fall after great rise vice-versa.

Currently Modi ji I having moon Mahadasha whose Nakshtra lord is Saturn Placed
in 10th house with Venus and forming a Vosi Yoga and Making him natural Name
& fame in its social life, native usually born in this yoga act like a
natural Human resource manager or apt in social management , a great social
personality, a reformer and most important making him great level of charitable
human being.

Saturn is also Atmakarka too which also means a person born with natural
quality for helping down trodden people and great rise after lots of struggle
in life.

Aatmakarka in 10th house in D1 Making him Natural Karam Yogi Born for
Fulfilling its duty toward Social reform and raising the bar of mankind. ,
that’s why modi ji always ready to help those people who are in great trouble
to raise their bar and very popular in weak society masses and also giving
qualities of natural Management and expert dealing in social masses.

Currently Modi ji is Facing Sade-sati from his Moon sign and lagna too and Rahu
also joined with Saturn In his 12th house from Lagna as well as from Moon ,
only hurdle in achieving success in ministry as it indicates person has to work
hard to earn name in the society and have to face false and dirty political
traps. The Trap Combination of Rahu with Sat in its 12th from Moon and Lagna
chart giving him lots of physical distress as well as Acute mental troubles due
to enemic acts by opponents.Reason being Rahu and Sat both are Karka for 4th
house wrt to Modi ji Lagna kundli and Moon Kundli , natural karka for Peace , home
and Mind and thoughts so this combination clearly imbalanced all the qualities
of 4th house.

Here Saturn is teaching him the lesson of social relationships, how to balance
social relationships and telling him who is with him and who is not with him so
that in near future he is able to handle himself in all odd conditions. This is
the only hurdle what my analysis telling me and modi ji have to face all this
Due to oppositions dirty traps ,conflicts and Blame games etc etc all due to
Rahu & Shani Kroor Yukti in 12th from his Moon sign and which keep
disturbing him from few years( Started from 2011 nov -Saturn & after dec
2012 -Rahu).
Reason Being is Rahu is an expert in diabolic qualities ,
manipulative game plannings & being cheat nature and here Rahu is completely
Merge up with Saturn and keep disturbing him for doing his free work but Soon
condition gone change after July 13 2014 when Rahu will move into the Next
powerful sign of Virgo in Lagna as well as in moon kundli.

That time Rahu will be in his Friend house sign and will give him huge amount
of gain and power through the Social environment which he will make to get work
done.11th house is the natural house of Social network and making alliances
with your Social circle you have in your environment so you will see after july
2013 a great friendly alliance going to be happen.

From Modi ji Moon sign and lagna chart Rahu will be in 11th house after 13th
july 2013 and which clearly shows huge gain over enemies and Getting in power
and Forming new alliances with many friends.
Reason being Rahu Antar dasha is going on and Rahu is Modi AMK (Amtya karka)
forming a Raja Sambhanha yoga which simply means a Famous Minister known for
his good deeds and intellectual knowledge’s. From 26th April 2013 and Modi
having highest order of Fame yoga (Rahu in 5th house in Satvic sign of pisces –
giving him Good level of Intuitive power, Sharp Mind and well versed in
speculative works and a imaginative planning ) in Lagna kundli but due to Rahu
basic nature of False image deployment , Modi ji also facing lots of social
conflicts, blames and opponents Issues regarding conspiracies and traps
implemented by opponents and in his own BJP camps( Rahu is in 9th from Al –
Modi own member Betray him and leave his Companies ) but everything gone
useless due to Modi other beneficial yoga’s in kundli.

Moreover Rahu is also Amatya-karka and in 5th house of Natural sign of name and
fame and Social and political house ( A minister or an Imp person in a Kingdom)
for Modi ji and placed in trikona which clearly indicates A famous Minister and
will shine as a great personality as a politician. Rahu is Seen for Success in
Political careers and Providing Name and fame to the native and in 5th it Gives
Huge and massive Fame & Rahu is very powerful For modi ji reason being Rahu
is an Amatya karka and in trine too, lord of kendra and also in trikona house
which making him very much skilled ,technically very sharp minded and creative
too and will give him huge and massive fame in all sort of creative work for
growth and development, these types of combinations are seen in very technocrat
people who are very well versed in IT Technologies.
As Same things is seen from 9th from Al ( Outer perceptions of what other
people think on our self) Making him Very much skilled and knowledgeable and
Same is seen from 9th from Karkamsa where Rahu and Venus Present making Modi ji
naturally creative(With Planet of creativity- Venus) ,Very much skilled in
Political and Technical stuffs.

I can say a natural Skilled and creative person born with Great Social and
Political knowledge. If we See his D9 chart ,10th house from Karkamsa (saturn)
Moon is there which  clearly indicates A man with natural leadership
quality born to help Society and raise the level of Society, making him a
natural Social leader who can Move large number of mass by his social nature
and oratory abilities.
That’s why after Starting of Rahu antardasha from april 2013 Modi Ji natrual
name and Fame increased suddenly but due to rahu diabolical nature Modi ji also
have to face lots of false accusation from oppositions too.

Same for mars is also there who is 10th lord from Arudha lagna (AL) and present
in 5th from it with Arudha lagna lord which clearly telling me A Bold &
courageous man born with self-dependent qualities who can shake anyone with his
strong dedication, courage , will power & with strong mind power ,that’s
why Modi ji is very much Strong In his view point and its not easy for anyone
to break his Strong will power to force him to step back once he decides.
Jupiter is 6th from AL making him a satvic nature person believes in helping
and guiding people.

After 12 april 2014 he will be in very Comfortable position wrt to Political
position. As per My calculations when Jupiter will Move from from Gemini sign
to Cancer Sign on 19th june 2014 Modi ji will be in full administrative and
ministerial power as Jupiter will be in its most exalted Position and for Modi ji Guru will be in 9th house from Lagna as well
as from Moon sign and also aspects Mars and moon too who is also 9th lord as
well as AL lord , and Mahadasha lord too – or you can say lord of luck and Main
advisory(Mantri) to the kingdom(India) or an important person in Kingdom to the
King ( which we called as Prime minister in Poltical terms in Current time in
politics ) in Lagna kundli. This Combination clearly depicting high order of
Ministerial power and modi ji can be in charge of handling big Ventures in
Central Ministry or in the ” KINGDOM of INDIA “For Fulfilling this
job Modi ji has to face lots of False accusation from opponents till 15th july
2014 but once Rahu move from libra to Virgo MOdi ji will again get boost in his
name, fame, power and strength and will start his work with full force.

Current Planetary Placements of Jupiter making Modi expert in his oratory
skills by aspecting 2nd house from 8th house from Scorpio moon sign and Rahu in
libra giving Him lots of mental troubles from others( Hidden conspiracies from
others seen from 12th house )in his mind to break his will power and mental
strength which they are not able to succeed as Jupiter also aspecting Same by
Gemini sign so modi ji facing it all and same time defeating all hurdles given
by opponents with his strong will power and expert planning and Strategy.
After October 2014 Guru Dasha will come and modi ji will do lots of Social work
in society in his ministry as Jupiter will transit in D10 lagna chart too in
Mars in cancer sign and will be 9th from AL ,which clearly means performing
lots of social and religious work in the society.

Hope you pepole like my Write up on Modi ji

Rest Only God knows what will May bring to the Future of India but i believe
Modi ji will be in Full Power after june 2014. 

|| Om Bhagwate Vasudevaya Namah: ||

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