The Science Of Meditation

Meditation is a beautiful science of tuning the rhythms of Body, Mind & Soul.

“Doing nothing is meditation. It’s an effortless effort”

The term meditation is used in broader sense which includes the practices for the relaxation of physical body, enhancing control on mind and build connection with the life force energy. It helps develop love, compassion, patience, forgiveness and unity with universal consciousness. It has multiple meanings in different religions and people has been following different Guru’s & learned people to learn meditation.

To my view meditation is a blissful lifestyle which is the first milestones on the path of awakening and tasting the real elixir of life. The concept of meditation begins with spending time with ones own self and with the process of real state of being i.e. “BREATH”. The state of meditation is attained through the Prana Shakti- The life force energy, which is lit inside us and its proceeding every second. Through the 8 limbs of Patanjali Yoga Sutram beginning from Yama to Samadhi, Meditation is initiated from the 3rd limb i.e. Asana which included the enhancement of physical energy through various postures.

As widely described in our vedic scriptures about the functioning of universe; everything is working on the principle of energy which is universal consciousness- the divine energy source. Similarly, meditations also work on the same principle of energy which begins at the level of Gross body till Super-Consciouss body.

The meditator first has to work on purifying his physical body & breathe. Physical body can be purified by adopting a lifestyle which is Saatwic in nature and adopting Saatwic diet, however, Breathe can be purified by performing Paranayam which leads to extension of breath and gives new rhythms to breathing making it Sookshma & Pure.

There can be various techniques of meditation viz. Anapansati, Vipasana, Aura Expansion, Emotional Cleansing, Happiness, Blissful, Pyramid, Regression, Past Life Impressions Cleansing etc. These all techniques begin with control on breath and to attain the final state of samadhi which can be Savikalpa or Nirvikalpa. Meditation works on various aspects of our life viz. Intellectual, Generosity, Love, Compassion, Pride, Empathy, Patience, Courage, Fertility and Manifestations.

Of late, many people had been approaching me and asking me if materialistic world has to be left or discarded if one has to follow this path of meditations. I believe on the fact that we are born on this planet because of various reasons viz. Our tuning to the earth energies and our past karmic balance that we’re carrying with other earth beings. So, being on this planet, we have certain set of responsibilities that one has to deliver, which is not possible being into the universal play. Thence, on need to understand the difference between awakening & Ignorance.

Utilizing earth’s resources to one’s need is indispensable but forgetting the soul purpose being grossly involved in the materialistic aspect of life is Ignorance which one has to come out from. Meditation is first step towards an awakened life. It works beyond the levels of physical body as whatever energies we emit to the nature, these certainly affect the universal play as well. The major impact of meditation is to enhance the energy vibration then making one a cosmic magnet to attract like minded people & experiences to resource manifestations in ones life. This process also aligns one with the earth’s energy field generating the results what one wants which we usually know as “Law of Attraction”.

“How does meditation works?”

As most of you are aware that our body has 7 energy vortexes called Chakras, which are present as the bundle of nerves on 7 various points at our spine beginning from the lowest tip of our spine which contains the bundle of nerves and its called Root Chakra, and it ends at the tip of the spine which has a crystalline gland called Pineal Gland and this chakra is called Crown Chakra.

Apart from these 7 chakras* there are 5 more energy centres which are above and below the body level which works for building our connection with the earth’s energies and the higher dimensional energies. Every chakra centre represents an energy form and its energy wavelength is equivalent to the specific color in the visbile white light spectrum. The energy absorption in each chakra happens through the prana energy, which activates the chakra centres and thence, releasing energy from each chakra from root to crown. This process of releasing the energy also initiates the activation of soul consciousness and alignment of mind, body & soul in one system.

*chakras are not in the scope of this article.

The chakra centres, as I mentioned above, are aligned with the planetary energies as planets are the main source of information since they spin huge amount of information and that information is going inside us through our breath. Awakening only occurs when the breath is sookshma that means we are able to receive information in small packets which is easy to process by out brain & though waves are controlled in the huge mind ocean, thence, improving our actions and the consequences. Meditation has been a divine remedy to tune panch-tattva of our physical body as well as balancing the planetary energies.

Through the process of meditation we not only change the future course of action but also we influence the the energies of the universe as well. So, it always a two way process as in what we seed in the universe through our thought energy, we receive back same. As the saying goes:

“what goes around that comes around”

The process of meditation is the science of joy, bliss & grace as it is the inner journey of being. There has been miraculous results which are obtained through this beautiful science where in people suffering various diseases and sicknesses are cured just adopting meditation in their lifestyle. People improved on their thought process, depression, anxiety & stress went totally out of life, they are able to handle every life situation, love & compassion is developed, people feel their life is transformed, hormonal troubles are cured. People are leading a life which is blissful and disease free life. The stamina levels are improved drastically by adopting this lifestyle. The people with suicidal tendencies and on anti-depressant dosage are leading a beautiful blissful life and encouraging many others to adopt this lifestyle.

80 families adopted meditation in their lifestyle & few of the feedback from those poeple are shared for the reference here:

“Incredible experience, I feel the old sad moments will never overpower my mind”

“In the morning I did emotion’s cleansing meditation & it was a powerful, magical experience, as I’m totally relaxed”

“Adopting meditative lifestyle has transformed my life as I feel the inner guidance received for everything I do. Divine energies are felt in every breath and my perspective to view life entirely changed”

“With meditations, I feel blessed as my energies are transformed and I’m feeling the inner joy. I’ve no words to explain the difference I’m feeling in me”

“Meditation is medicine for hearts in pain”

With thanks and Regards, 
Love & Hug 
Vishal Sood 

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