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predictions done here are through a system based on ascendant only.
These are general predictions and one should not rely on them. For
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zn = “AriTauGemCanLeoVirLibScoSagCapAquPis”;
d2r = Math.PI/180;
r2d = 180/Math.PI;
var range = [1,31,1,12,1800,2100,0,23,0,59,0,12,0,59,0,0,0,179,0,59,0,0,0,89,0,59];

function checkEntries(f){

for(i = 0; i < 13; i++){ var e = f.elements[i]; if(( == "DST") || ( == "East") || ( == "South"))continue; if(isNaN(e.value) || (e.value < range[i*2] ) || ( e.value > range[i*2+1])){
msg = “Please enter value between ”
+ range[i*2] + ” and ” + range[i*2+1] + ” in the ” + + ” field”;
return true;
return false;

function calculate()

var mon = floor(document.BhavaCalc.Month.value);
var day = floor(document.BhavaCalc.Day.value);
var year= floor(document.BhavaCalc.Year.value);
var hr= floor(document.BhavaCalc.Hour.value);
hr += floor(document.BhavaCalc.Min.value)/60;
var tz= floor(document.BhavaCalc.ZHour.value);
tz += floor(document.BhavaCalc.ZMin.value)/60;
var ln= floor(document.BhavaCalc.LonDeg.value);
ln += floor(document.BhavaCalc.LonMin.value)/60;
var la= floor(document.BhavaCalc.LatDeg.value);
la += floor(document.BhavaCalc.LatMin.value)/60;
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var dst = document.BhavaCalc.DST;
var eln = document.BhavaCalc.East;
var sla = document.BhavaCalc.South;

if(eln.checked)ln = -ln;
if(sla.checked)la = -la;
if(ln < 0.0)tz++; else tz--; } jd = mdy2julian(mon,day,year); if(ln < 0.0)f = hr - tz; else f = hr+tz; t = ((jd - 2415020) + f/24 - 0.5)/36525; ay = calcAyanamsa(t); document.AscMid.JulDay.value = jd; document.AscMid.Ayan.value = writedms(ay); ra = (((6.6460656 + 2400.0513 * t + 2.58e-5 * t * t + f) * 15 - ln) % 360) * d2r; // RAMC ob = (23.452294 - 0.0130125 * t) * d2r; // Obliquity of Ecliptic with(Math){ // Calculate mc = atan2(tan(ra),cos(ob)); if(mc < 0.0)mc += PI; if(sin(ra) < 0.0)mc += PI mc *= r2d; // Calculate as = atan2(cos(ra),-sin(ra)*cos(ob)-tan(la * d2r)*sin(ob)); if(as < 0.0)as += PI; if(cos(ra) < 0.0)as += PI; as *= r2d % 360.0; } // add as += ay; mc += ay; document.AscMid.MidHvn.value = lon2dmsz(mc); // calculate // var hs = new Array(24); x = as - mc; if(x < 0.0)x += 360.0; x /= 6; y = 18; // 10th house in the array for(i = 0; i < 7; i++){ hs[y] = mc + x * i; y++; if(y > 24)y = 0;
x = mc – fix360(as + 180.0);
if(x < 0.0)x += 360.0; x /= 6; y = 12; for(i = 0; i < 7; i++){ hs[y] = fix360(as + 180 + x * i); y++; } for(i = 0; i < 12; i++){ hs[i] = fix360(hs[i+12] + 180); } var s; z = 0; // Fill var as2 = hs [0]; var yg = ascendant(as2); Sco1 = "Your Birth Sign is SCORPIO ! or Vrushika !! in Hindi.nnHi! According to the Birth time you have Provided you are born in Scorpio ascendant.nnPhysical appearance:n. . The body of the native of this ascendant is well proportioned. Hands are generally long. The stature is above average. Face is broad with commanding appearance. Such natives have generally a good personality. Face is broad with commanding appeareance, often square type of face and robust build of body. Prominent brows and dusky complexion. Short and wavy hair and muscular body. Have a good personality, with tendency to stoutness as the age advances.nnMental Tendencies:n The native of this ascendant is a particulary determined individual. He will crush the obstacles before him and move forward. He has a fertile imagination and sharp intelligence. He is emotional but possesses remarkable intuitive power. He has self assertion, courage, resolution, independence and forcefulness. He is highly sexy and has relations with many women. A good Vrischika native evinces great interest in occult sciences and spritual experiments. The natives of this ascendant have a harsh tongue. They are revengeful and vindicative. They love to criticise others and establish their superiority. The domestic life of a person with this ascendant can be happy only if every member of the family is submissive to him.The stature is above average.You are a person of quick, keen, shrewd, critical, penetrating mind. With keen judgment. You are self-reliant, bold and have fixed views. You possess with a subtle mind, hard to influence and not easily imposed upon. Energetic, courageous and sarcastic. Person of practical nature. As a Scorpion you are interested in occult, or chemical research and mystery. You are a kind of an extremist and have strong likes and dislikes. You have the tendency to over ride and keep others under control.nnPersonality:nYou are a particularly determined individual. You will crush the obstacles before you and move forward. You have a fertile imagination and sharp intelligence. Are emotional but possesses remarkable intuitive power. Have self assertion, courage, resolution, independence and forcefulness. Highly sexy and may have relations with many. Possess great interest in occult sciences and spiritual experiments. Can do things by observing, want compliments and appreciation from your partner. Have a harsh tongue and are revengeful and vindictive. Love to criticise others and establish superiority. The domestic life can be happy only if every member of the family is submissive to you. May get urinary problems.nn Since Jupiter is your second and fifth house lord a yellow sapphire will always prove beneficial for you.nn Please click the OK button or Escape Button" Sag1 = "Your Birth Sign is SAGITTARIUS ! or Dhanu !! in Hindi.nnHi! According to the Birth time you have Provided you are born in Sagittarius ascendant. nnPhysical appearance:nPersons born in Sagittarius have a well proportioned and a well developed body. The natives of this ascendant have a well-proportioned and well-developed body. they are generally tall with a large forehead, high and bushy eyebrows, long nose, bright eyes, graceful look, fair complexion and handsome figure.Tall slender, with generally long or oval face. Large forehead and high or bushy eyebrows. long nose, bright expressive eyes, clear complexion, charming appearance graceful look and handsome figure. Generally brownish hair inclining to baldness with the age, especially near the temples. nnPersonality:n The natives are bold, courageous and pushful. They face adverse situations with fortitude. They have self-confidence. They have energy, enthusiasm, vigour and vitality. In spite of all these qualities they are unable to take quick decision. They are God-fearing and love only truth. They stick to their principles. They go for higher education and are fond of travelling. They are intuitive and their intuition generally proves correct. nnMental Tendencies:nYou are generous, bold, good hearted, pushy, ambitious,and aspiring. You are also, good tempered, just, frank, free, cheerful, charitable and friendly. You look to the bright side of the things. You are dauntless and with self confidence. Active and enterprising, sympathetic, humane and somewhat impulsive. Fond of travelling, voyage, outdoor sports and exercises. You are at your best during obstacles. You are blessed with energy, enthusiasm, vigor and vitality.You can not remain under control of others and you are a law abiding person. You are courageous and pushy. You may face adverse situations with fortitude. You have self-confidence, energy, enthusiasm, vigor and vitality. In spite of all these qualities you are unable to take quick decisions. You do act only after deep consideration. You are God fearing and love only truth. You stick to your principles. You may go for higher education and are fond of travelling. You are intuitive and your intuition generally proves correct. You will not flutter nor fear and tremble even in adverse conditions. You are jovial, hopeful, generous and charitable. Love liberty, independence and freedom, also good humored and honorable. You are frank fearless demonstrative, out spoken nervously energetic ambitious, sincere and quick. Love truth, have desire to develop friendship with foreigners. God fearing and religious. You are blended with power of intuition and prophetic. At times you are restless, over anxious and highly strung. Respectful to religion, law and order and customs.In profession you are aggressive progressive and aspiring, quick to see the trends take the advantage of situation and opportunity. You are always outspoken to the point, straight and directly hit the mark. You are likely to get hemorrhoids and leg problems.nn Please click the OK button or Escape Button" Cap1 = "Your Birth Sign is CAPRICORN ! or Makara !! in Hindi.nnHi ! According to the Birth time you have Provided you are born in Capricorn ascendant. nnPhysical appearance:nUsually thin and long or prominent looking nose, thick neck, long chin dark or black hair. Handsome stature, thin and slender body in young age but grows tall suddenly after 16 years of age. Your constitution improves with age. Your hair is coarse. There should be a scar in the knee cap or at least a mole.The natives of this ascendant are generally emanciated and weak and grow slowly. Their body will not be plumpy or muscular but slender. A native of this ascendant grows tall suddenly on becoming young and his constitution improves with age. His nose is long and eyes deep-set. The hair is coarse. nnMental Tendencies:n They are economical, prudent, reasonable, thoughtful and practical minded. He is methodical, slow, steady and patient. He is calculative and business- like. A Makara native is capable of taking quick decisions. He will have push and confidence. He has special organizing capacity and lot of tolerance. He will be honest, sincere and reliable unless the ascendant has evil influence on it. In the latter case he will become dishonest, selfish and even criminal. The natives of this ascendant have to face lot of obstacles, difficulties and hindrances, but they are capable of overcomimg them. They are hard workers and are able to consolidate their position sooner or later. They generally marry late, but prove good husbands and father of many children.You are economical, prudent, reasonable, thoughtful and practical minded. But methodical, slow, steady and patient. You are calculative and businesslike. You will execute quickly and work after taking a careful decision. When it is found advantageous you will not hesitate to change your career. You are capable of taking quick decisions. You have confidence and are pushy. Possess special organizing capacity and lot of tolerance. Serious, quite, thoughtful, contemplative nature, possessing dignity and self-esteem. Also you are cautious, hard worker, capable of much endeavor,able to plan and carry out schemes of considerable magnitude and will be at the head.nnPersonality:nYou will not depend on the hopes of others not demonstrative in feeling and do not readily show sympathy. It is not easy to cheat you. Modest and polite, you can make friendship with anybody quickly, but you will make test of an individual and finally make a permanent tie of friendship. You have to face lot of obstacles, difficulties and hindrances, but you are capable of over coming them. You are a hard worker and are able to consolidate your position sooner or later. Most probably you may marry late, but prove to be a good family person and will have many children. You have special organising capacity with good tolerance, patience and steadiness. There is a strong possibility that you may get rheumatism in the joints or some paining problem with joints. nn Please click the OK button or Escape Button" Aqu1 = "Your Birth Sign is AQUARIUS ! or Kumbha !! in Hindi.nnHi !. According to the Birth time you have Provided you are born in Aquarius ascendant.nnPhysical appearance:n Kumbha ascendant Persons born with this ascendant are generally tall with full stature. They are strong. Their complexion is fair and appearance handsome.Generally the people born under this sign are of average to tall stature, therefore you should be of average to tall stature with a strong well formed body with tendency to be stout in middle age. You have a good clear complexion and an oval face, occurrence of some defective teeth is a strong possibility. Possess a handsome appearance and a fleshy face, good looking and friendly countenance.nnMental Tendencies:n They are good character readers. They act carefully after considering the pros and cons of everything. They are slow in understanding things, but once they get at them, they can handle them with ease and confidence. They have a broad outlook and human understanding. They are unselfish, human and impersonal. They move in select society. They are reserved in nature and great moralists. They have wonderful intuitional capacity. The married life of an Kumbha native is happy only if his partner is as intelligent as he is. These persons are steadfast in their affection but they do not display it.You act carefully after considering the pros and cons of everything. Very capable of dealing with facts. Possess good concentration. Kind and humane, self controlled, constant, preserving, happy disposition, inventive and also psychic. Have many friends. Can read other's character. You are slow in understanding things, but once you get at things, You can handle it with ease and confidence. You have a broad outlook and human understanding. You are unselfish, human and impersonal. You are Intelligent, have a good memory and reasoning faculty. Because of the above good charastics, people born in this sign can become good consultants, doctors and nurses.Many good medical practitioners are born under this sign.nnPersonality:nYou move in a selected society. You are reserved in nature and a great moralist. Possess a wonderful intuition capacity. You are serious, quite, thoughtful and of contemplative nature. You are very social but very choosy about friends. You are inventive and psychic, can read others characters. You know who are the good friends. Can learn things by yourself through observing. Hard worker with profound thoughts. Have organising capacity, but shrewd, clear headed, quick witted and wide awake. Blessed with new and fresh ideas. Use own thinking and discretion to originate new ideas. Will do all things which are morally right. You have your own individuallity and specialty. Constant in friendship, stick to a principle. You are strong in your likes and dislikes. Stubborn but not fool hardy. You develop intuition and good concentration. You do not preach others but act yourself. You observe fast and develop your mental will. Best fitted for research and analysis. Blessed with good family and sound financial position, but are prone to infectious diseases and can not withstand cold. Honor and wealth will come to you on due course. You are both fortunate and unfortunate. You are steadfast in your affection, but do not display it. You are neither very much attached nor detached with your family. The married life is happy only, if your partner is as intelligent as you are.nn Please click the OK button or Escape Button" Pis1 = "Your Birth Sign is PISCES ! or Meena !! in Hindi.nnHi ! .According to the Birth time you have Provided you are born in Pisces ascendant.nnPhysical appearancennPhysical appearance:nSince you are a Piscean, you should generally be of short stature with well proportioned handsome plump body, short limbs ,full of fleshy face ,pale complexion and tendency to double chin in later stage, muscular and spherical shoulders. Attractive face with big eyes, soft and silky hair. Wide mouth and inclining to corpulence especially in latter years.nnMental Tendencies:nYou are quick in understanding things. You are easy going, charitable, very kind and soft hearted, hence may be poor. You are by nature, versatile, good natured changeful, psychic, emotional ,fond of music, passionate and affectionate. Sometimes you are secretive reserved or mysterious in your way of doing things. Philosophical, inspirational, restless, full of imagination and fond of romantic life.nnPersonality:nYou are honest, humane and helpful. On account of you being over-liberal and over-generous, you may often hamper your own progress. You are very happy when you can spend your money to help others and on charitable causes. Kind, loving, truthful, and of sympathetic nature. Courteous and hospitable. helpful and humane. Lacking generally in self confidence and self esteem, modest, timid and can not harm any one. Being in a dual sign you are a puzzle to others and to yourself even. Can not be steady, mostly sweet tempered and social. Led away by fancies and new ideas, polite and modest. At times you are over anxious and become disheartened, indecisive and lacking in life and energy., You want to use best of circumstances. Have vital temperament of varying moods, over liberal. Keep hopes on other 's promises, rely on friends and many a times suffer at their hands. You are not steady and may change from one profession to another. Your married life may generally be a happy one but your jealous nature may cause troubles. Your weakness is in believing on others promises . You may suffer from leg pains and heart ailments.nn Please click the OK button or Escape Button" Ari1 = "Your Birth Sign is ARIES ! or Mesha !! in Hindi.nnHi ! According to the Birth time you have Provided you are born in Aries ascendant.nnPhysical appearance:nSince you are an Arian, usually you should possess a lean and muscular body, middle stature, neither thick nor stout, ruddy complexion, long face and neck, broad head at the temples and narrow at the chin. Thin features, there can be a mark or scar on head or temples, bushy eye brow rough or wiry hair varying in colour from dark to sandy. Eye colour generally gray to grayish brown. For Aries males with the mature age problem of excessive loosing of hair or sometimes going bald may occur.nnMental Tendencies and emotions:nAmbitious, activity, courage, energy, enterprise, impulsiveness and ingenuity. Lover of sports and independence.nnPersonality:nYou are ambitious, rash in temper and of aggressive nature, but are of simple, frank and of outspoken nature, well disposed and capable of holding command in executive positions. Usually you are not good in organising schemes, but can guide, control and govern your own work or others well. Lover of independence, brave venturesome generous, and to some extent extravagant. You are also well informed, ingenious, zealous, dogmatic in your opinions, remarkable for sudden changes and quick action and have progressive tendency. Life will be full of struggle and fortune is variable. Ardent in politics and religion. Traveling in life is imminent. Relatives are not favorable and the family ties are sometimes strained, frequent changes in residence, having a few children. you marry early and in a hurry. Legal proceedings in life may follow you. Residence in foreign lands or areas under forced circumstances or according to the nature of duty is also a possibility. There will be no dearth of enemies, but you will be the conqueror of them. Somewhat fiery or quick tempered. You will succeed best in vocations requiring quick action, decision, executive or mechanical ability and responsibility.nn Please click the OK button or Escape Button" Tau1 = "Your Birth Sign is TAURUS ! or Vrushaba !! in Hindi.nnHi !.According to the Birth time you have Provided you are born in Taurus ascendantnnPhysical appearance:nBorn with Taurus as rising sign ascendant is generally of short to middle height, good looking, broad forehead, plumpy, bright eyes, thick and stout neck, clear complexion and a well developed body. You look solidly built with big shoulders and muscles which are well developed.nnMental Tendencies:nThe Bull is an animal known for its strength.Therefore you being a Taurian, often exhibit physical and mental strength and rise to anger very slowly, but once irked, the you become an irresistible force. You have a sharp intellect. Preserving, constant , conservative , determined, stubborn, and ambitious of power , yet social, affectionate, and loving but can also be very unreasonable at times, prejudiced , when angry will not stop at anything.nnPersonality:nYou are possessed of strong will and determined. Any thing done is well done and thought beforehand . Can work hard, when opposed may become stubborn and unyielding. Usually secretive and reserved, sincere, reliable and trustworthy. Fond of pleasure and love, natural beauty , art, music and literature. Sympathetic, having a magnetic quality. You have the ability to earn and are good for responsible jobs. May become engrossed in worldly matters and lead a pleasurable life. Fond of ease, comfort, opposite sex and will have many love affairs. You will on the whole enjoy a good health. One can depend on your opinion, people like your company as you are ever smiling and highly diplomatic. You are not impulsive. You are fond of good food and are very much after money and other worldly possessions. You are ambitious, cheerful and fond of enjoyment. You are fortunate. You are sexy but are steadfast in your love. You like to hoard money and are cautious in spending. Your married life may generally be a happy one.You are reliable and can work hard. You will never admit your ailments or physical disabilities. You are skilled in remembering small things which will give you an advantage when put forward at correct time and place.nn Please click the OK button or Escape Button" Gem1 = "Your Birth Sign is GEMINI ! or Mithuna !! in Hindi.nnHi ! According to the Birth time you have Provided you are born in Gemini ascendant.nYou look medium or tall and you have a straight body and have an appearance of a quick active person. Possess thin legs and visible veins. Long arms, face, nose and chin. Brownish or dark eyes and you should look as a quick, sharp, and active person.nnMental Tendencies:nYou may get a good education. You are inclined to be reading, writing and corresponding often. Can understand people and adopt readily to the circumstances. Can offer advice, persuade and argue with others. You are able to explain the merits and demerits of a case skillfully. You are Quick in understanding things. nnPersonality:nMercury, the lord of the Gemini sign is said to be the winged Messenger of God. Mercury has both wings on its helmet and also sandals, that is why Geminians are generally very quick , but being an airy sign you are not quick in decision making since you are always considering the advantages and disadvantages of each case and hence decision will not be taken quickly as it is difficult to make up your mind on the first place. You are an inventor of new ideas, designs or things, but you change your mind quickly. You may leave a job unfinished and start an another. May have duel affairs, dual occupations or expertise etc. You are carefree and joyous. Your mind is positive and strong. You are versatile, restless and like changes very often. You can adapt to all kinds of circumstances. You like to travel frequently. You are always of two minds and are incapable of taking quick decisions. You are able to follow more than one occupation at a time. You are curious to know new things. You may become impulsively generous at times and also parsimonious with others. You will have duel experiences in your life, like two professions, two good fortunes two affairs ect. You can be relied upon in an any emergency as you can respond to the necessities and requirements of the moment. You have a few faults such as leaving work unfinished. You will take up some work and while doing it, will go on to another ,which also is apt to leave unfinished. Therefore, you can be at your best when you co-operate with others when undertake to do any job. The duel sign makes you both generous and selfish. you will gather courage, present a courageous front and assertive attitude even though you are highly timid and nervous. Therefore it is very difficult for others to understand you.nnIf what I said is 80 percent wrong then please check whether you have entered the time of birth correctly.Please click the OK button or Escape Button" Can1 = "Your Birth Sign is CANCER ! or Kataka !! in Hindi.nnHi ! According to the Birth time you have Provided you are born in Cancer ascendant.nnPhysical appearance:nGenerally the people born under Cancer are not usually above the average height.Your stature is generally short.There is a tendency to stoutness, may walk with a rolling gait. round face, full cheeks, tendency to double chin. short nose but sometimes prominent at the tip. Pale complexion, wide chest and small hands and feet. You may look like a person having a heavy body as the upper portion of your body is well built. Your limbs are slender but powerful. In later age you may get a prominent abdomen. You walk with a rolling gait.nnMental tendencies and emotions:nYou are fond of change, novelty and traveling. Attached to relatives and home, inclined to public life, sympathetic, changeful and impatient, of fertile imagination, sentimental, emotional and over sensitive. Anger comes and goes quickly, diplomatic, discreet and conventional, sympathetic and talkative. You are timid to face physical danger but are brave .Your temper is changeable. You have tenacious memory and are industrious.nnPersonality:nYour life is full of ups and downs, ups and downs of positions and occupations in life too. You have strong emotional nature and are romantic, you also have psychic medium faculty. You have changeable nature and have a nature of true hospitality . Of fiscal mind and have deep feelings of loyalty and responsibility. You are more interested in obtaining small sums of money from different sources than a big amount, from one source. You are secretive ,impressionable and magnetic.You are often emotional and over-sensitive and also sympathetic. You are timid at one time and courageous at other time. In public life, you are generally successful and are also able to achieve honor and wealth. You are fond of home and family comforts. The married life is generally unhappy. Your anger comes & goes quickly.You love children. You may get ailments associated with lungs such as bronchitis, and asthma. Also may have frequent gastric problems.You should not be impatient, changeability and indolence are the weaknesses.nn Please click the OK button or Escape Button" if (yg == "Leo")alert("Your Birth Sign is LEO ! or Simha !! in Hindi.nnHi!. According to the Birth time you have Provided you are born in Leo ascendant. nnPhysical appearance:nPersons born in Leo have well developed bones, a broad forehead and broad shoulders, ruddy or florid complexion, large bones and muscles. Tall upright upper body better formed than lower, thin waste and prominent knees.If you are a male then your hair should be soft which is light in colour with tendency to baldness.Your head is full sized and round. Full stature and majestic appearance, Well built, muscular, gray, catching and large staring eyes. in a short royal disposition, imposing, commanding and dignified.nnMental tendencies and emotions:nYou are ambitious, generous, honorable, frank, warm hearted, self confident, fearless, impulsive, determined, preserving, and contentious. Fond of power and distinction. Show a liking for art, cheerful with optimistic disposition. Magnanimous and generous. large hearted and noble but harsh in temperament. A generous person, helpful to others. Have great faith in friends and relatives. You do not talk much. But you are fond of authority and are brilliant and ambitious. Firm in your thinking and attitudes. You have the capacity to face adverse circumstances.nnPersonality:nGood natured, philosophical, frank free and outspoken, strong willed, independent, forceful and impulsive, inspiring, have great hope. Helpful to mankind and other creatures, of wise judgment. Always forgive others and forget mistakes, sins and errors of others. Very independent in views, have excellent organising powers, constructive, inventive, magnanimous and ingenious. You are subject to flattery but do not fall victim of it. Being born in a fiery sign you are ambitious, hopeful to the last minute, brilliant, boasting, clever actions, commanding, domineering, enthusiastic, a good planner a leader and have a vitality and vigor, rash temperament but outbursts do not last long, brave constant in love and relations and helpful to every body. You want to maintain your authority in your household. Therefore it is a very high possibility that your married life is not a happy one.nn Please click the OK button or Escape Button"); else if (yg == "Vir")alert("Your Birth Sign is VIRGO ! or Kanya !! in Hindi.nnHi!.According to the Birth time you have Provided you are born in Virgo ascendant .nnPhysical appearance:nYou should have a medium or slender body which is hairy.You have curved and hairy eyebrows, a pronounced forehead, frank and honest expressions of the eyes and beautiful eyes.You possess a thin, shrill voice, walk quickly and have not a flat but a straight nose and though you may put on weight with age, will never have a pot-belly. You may appear younger than your actual age.nnMental Tendencies:nYou are fond of learning, have an active mind and good mental abilities. You are also critical, methodical and ingenious. Undecided but usually precise though nervous, and lacking self confidence. Perceptive and somewhat intuitive, keeps things properly and orderly and thinks in a methodical way. A genius of a kind who is analytical and a deep thinker.nnPersonality:nYou are ambitious for wealth, modest.You have a saving disposition, over careful and sensitive,thoughtful, contemplative and industrious. You are a very orderly and methodical person. You are fond of quick changes. May change residence frequently. You are capable of handling even very unfavorable situations to your advantage. You have good endurance, not easily contented. You are thorough, methodical, practical and discriminative. You have sound commercial instinct and want to grow rich as quickly as possible. Expert in finding faults with others. You love to have details of things and accounts. You are speculative, but cautious regarding your own interest, diplomatic. Gain delight in horticulture. You are intellectual and economical. Prudent , act with fore-thought, fond of studying science, particularly about medicine, food, diet, hygiene etc. You need to develop self confidence in your abilities and skills. You fear of getting sick and may even get treatments for ailments which you do not have. You may get problems in stomach area.nn Please click the OK button or Escape Button"); else if (yg == "Lib")alert("Your Birth Sign is LIBRA ! or Tula !! in Hindi.nnHi!.According to the Birth time you have Provided you are born in Libra ascendant.nnPhysical appearance:nPersons born in Libra have good complexion with well formed well proportioned body. Your limbs are slender but strong. Your appearance is graceful and attractive.Tall and slender in youth but tendency to stoutness in middle age. Smooth brown to black hair blue black or brown eyes, passionate, round or oval face, good features, curves and contours of body are regular. Often have dimples, good looking, graceful and youthful appearance with sweet smile. Attractive eyes which speak themselves. Looks younger than the age.nnMental Tendencies:nYou are fond of fine dress , perfumes, art and music. You have fertile imagination and correct intuition. You possess brilliant intellect and accurate forethought. Have admirable refinement, supreme indemnity and pleasant nature. You are Imaginative with hopeful and cheerful nature. Having qualities of just, orderly, sympathetic, loving but usually changeful. Fond of society and amusements. You can concentrate, meditate and reach a higher plane of spiritual life.nnPersonality:nYou are very courteous and hospitable, quick in temper which will soon be quietend. You are fond of beauty in all forms, easily appeased, enjoy always the society and company of brave, happy sunny and beautiful people. You are affectionate, kind, generous and compassionate. You are idealistic, artistic, adaptable, constructive intuitive, impressionable. You are passionate and of compromising nature so you become easily popular among friends. You are fond of opposite sex. You argue with clarity and foresight. Have warmth and charming manners. You take interest in your presentation having good quality dress, make up ,perfumes, furniture, conveyance and other comforts. You are very affectionate and gentle You will be popular among friends throughout the life as you are full of charms and manners. You have keen intuition. You like antiques. You find difficult in decision making but are a good debater. You are level headed and weigh the merits and demerits of a subject and then express your decision. You are a constructive critic. Reasonable and just. You are also modest, refined and gentle. You love happy and harmonious life and want peace at all costs. You seldom lose your temper. You like changes in your life and environment. You are popular and have a spirit of sacrifice in you. You have fertile imagination, correct intuition, brilliant intellect and pleasant nature. You are fond of good things and comforts. Your domestic and married life is generally happy. You love home, family and property. You should learn to say no to people. You are prone to get urinary and kidney problems.nn Please click the OK button or Escape Button."); else if (yg == "Sco")alert(Sco1); else if (yg == "Sag")alert(Sag1); else if (yg == "Cap")alert(Cap1); else if (yg == "Aqu")alert(Aqu1); else if (yg == "Pis")alert(Pis1); else if (yg == "Ari")alert(Ari1); else if (yg == "Tau")alert(Tau1); else if (yg == "Gem")alert(Gem1); else if (yg == "Can")alert(Can1); document.AscMid.Asc.value = lon2dmsz(hs[0]); document.AscMid.Mad1.value = lon2dmsz(hs[0]); document.AscMid.Mad2.value = lon2dmsz(hs[2]); document.AscMid.Mad3.value = lon2dmsz(hs[4]); document.AscMid.Mad4.value = lon2dmsz(hs[6]); document.AscMid.Mad5.value = lon2dmsz(hs[8]); document.AscMid.Mad6.value = lon2dmsz(hs[10]); document.AscMid.Mad7.value = lon2dmsz(hs[12]); document.AscMid.Mad8.value = lon2dmsz(hs[14]); document.AscMid.Mad9.value = lon2dmsz(hs[16]); document.AscMid.Mad10.value = lon2dmsz(hs[18]); document.AscMid.Mad11.value = lon2dmsz(hs[20]); document.AscMid.Mad12.value = lon2dmsz(hs[22]); // Fill document.AscMid.Snd1.value = lon2dmsz(hs[1]); document.AscMid.Snd2.value = lon2dmsz(hs[3]); document.AscMid.Snd3.value = lon2dmsz(hs[5]); document.AscMid.Snd4.value = lon2dmsz(hs[7]); document.AscMid.Snd5.value = lon2dmsz(hs[9]); document.AscMid.Snd6.value = lon2dmsz(hs[11]); document.AscMid.Snd7.value = lon2dmsz(hs[13]); document.AscMid.Snd8.value = lon2dmsz(hs[15]); document.AscMid.Snd9.value = lon2dmsz(hs[17]); document.AscMid.Snd10.value = lon2dmsz(hs[19]); document.AscMid.Snd11.value = lon2dmsz(hs[21]); document.AscMid.Snd12.value = lon2dmsz(hs[23]); } // Calculate // with function calcAyanamsa(t) { ln = ((933060-6962911*t+7.5*t*t)/3600.0) % 360.0; /* Mean lunar node */ Off = (259205536.0*t+2013816.0)/3600.0; /* Mean Sun */ Off = 17.23*Math.sin(d2r * ln)+1.27*Math.sin(d2r * Off)-(5025.64+1.11*t)*t; Off = (Off- 80861.27)/3600.0; // 84038.27 = Fagan-Bradley 80861.27 = Lahiri return Off; } // calculate function mdy2julian(m,d,y) { with(Math){ im = 12 * (y + 4800) + m - 3; j = (2 * (im - floor(im/12) * 12) + 7 + 365 * im)/12; j = floor(j) + d + floor(im/48) - 32083; if(j > 2299171)j += floor(im/4800) – floor(im/1200) + 38;
return j;

// build string
function lon2dmsz(x)
var d,m,s;
x = abs(x);
d = floor(x);
m = (x – d);
s = m * 60;
m = floor(s);
s = s – m;
z = floor(d/30);
d %= 30;
str = d + “0 ” + m + “‘ ” + floor(s * 60) + “” ” + zn.substr(z*3,3);
return str;
// get lakshman
function ascendant(as2)
var d,m,s;
x = abs(as2);
d = floor(as2);
z = floor(d/30);
u = zn.substr(z*3,3);
str = u;
return str;
return u;
// write
function writedms(x) {
var d,m,s;
if(x < 0.0)sgn = -1; else sgn = 1; x = abs(x); d = floor(x); m = (x - d); s = m * 60; m = floor(s); s = s - m; str = (d*sgn) + "0 " + m + "' " + floor(s * 60) + """; } return str; } // keep within 360 degrees function fix360(v) { if(v < 0.0)v += 360; if(v > 360)v -= 360;
return v;

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