Basic Vedic Jyotish reports are Short, Brief and to the point case studies where we work only on Selective queries of seekers covering different aspects of readers life.All the Basic case studies are based on Voice and user can book either Skype, Google hangout, or over the phone call.Case studies will be scheduled and discussed in within 7-10 days of the date of the booking where we will inform users about the appointment date, Time and mode of communication via email.
To book your Basic Jyotish reports/Readings, choose any of the suitable services from the below-mentioned portal link and the confirmation will be sent to your email instantly.Later you will receive the schedule or delivery date of your reading/Reports.
Basic Vedic Astrological Readings Details.
We can give below mentioned Basic Jyotish reports or readings based on the different aspect of life in one or more of the following areas.

Single Brief Query Based Case study

This case study is for those users who want exclusive analysis only on the single aspect of life in a short and brief mode where we will deal only single query of the user via different astrological methodologies.We may ask users for Prashna Chart regarding the query before proceeding toward the Natal reading to cross-check and validate the results from Both Natal and Prashna chart for Authentication of the questioner queries and also to see the perfect Muhurata and alignments of the stars for seeker and reader betterment, so reading date and time will be depending on subject to the muhurta.The total time duration for case study will be 30 minutes.

After Selecting any of our Services, Users are requested to look for Available appointment in Schedule Appointment Section for our available service.