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Follow Up consultation After 3 months | Online 45 Minutes session | Voice Session

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What are follow-up sessions?

Follow-up consultations are for those who previously had a full chart reading before 3 months and want to consult regarding the life events ahead in their life related to past readings. This session can be given within a week if requests are processed depending on the availability of the time slot.

This will be a detailed consultation session for 30 -45 minutes' which includes using the method of “Prashna Kundali” as well as Nadi, Prashna and Jamini principals to encounter as well as elaborate the minutes detail depending on the follow-up Query.

Purpose of the Follow up consultations:

To know more on the same topic discussed in previous session or please make sure you indicate the area you want to discuss, so we can studyyour case and do all mathematical calculations beforehand and not during the session.

  • New life events: - A new possibility (job/home/travel) has come up in your life and you want a deeper insight into the outcome of possible actions. Get insight into investment opportunities, and whether they are good for you.
  • New Transition: Sometimes when mentioned about some big transition, where a reading would be beneficial. Specially when you are ready to get some insight into where you finish your last reading and want to know what lies ahead in future.
  • Yearly Chart: Some old clients take reading for yearly charts and it will be great to book such reading near your birthday.
  • Muhurta: Timing is everything and follow ups are great for choosing a beneficial time to begin projects or new ventures. Readings will vary in length due to the importance of the muhurta:
  • Small Question: Often there is just a question that needs to be addressed or remedied. In many ways, it is more traditional to go to an astrologer, tell your problem and get a remedy. This is done by looking at the stars the moment the question is asked and combined that with your birth chart.

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