Past life Karma & Spiritual Consultation - Decoding Karma, Curses & Rinanubandhan | In-Depth Horoscope analysis | 90-Minute Voice Session

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Past life Karma & Spiritual Consultation

Decoding Karma, Curses, Spiritual purpose & Rinanubandhan in life

Astrological knowledge Level: Requires a Basic understanding of Astrology & Spirituality

This session is meant for those users who want to understand & decode root areas of life issues connecting with Past life karma, Curses, Doshas, Karmic Debts, and Rinanubandhan which they have accumulated from past life karmas, deeds, actions, and sins and are manifesting in their present life in different timelines, age, and the cycle of dashas, transits and progressions of Karmic planets.
This Case study is only meant for the analysis of a Single chart of the native in detail, as it requires a thorough analysis of the birth chart that we conduct after lots of time, research, and study. It usually takes 21 to 30 days to conduct a session for this case study. So, those who are looking for an urgent analysis of their subject matters and life problems kindly do not schedule this case study.
In this voice session, we will explain every minute detail from Natal charts to Divisional charts, Nakshatras, Transits, Birth time rectification process to know the root cause of the life-specific event which native is experiencing from a long period, etc.

1. The purpose of this session is to understand Karma, Karmic Debt & Rinanubandhan which can help one to move in the spiritual path.

2. This session will help one to understand their Path of Spirituality, Guru Bhakti, Devotion, and understanding of their Ishta Devta/Devi and Kula Devta Forms. Why there is the importance of Bhakti and the Spiritual path in the Journey of Karma ?.

3. This Session will help one to understand their Karmic Baggage, Strengths, and weakness regarding the Karmas they might be facing via affliction in the chart.

4. This Session will help one to understand their Curses, and Doshas via people whose native is dependent in their life and how one can work on it.

5. This session is specially designed for resolving unknown trouble, past life karma, and life mysteries that are unresolved, which are hidden in nature for many years and are hard to understand by the common man.

6. This session will help one to understand their Life Path and Spiritual Karma in this life meant for future goals of life.

7. This session is for those users who have a thorough or basic understanding of basic Jyotish principles and wanted to get deep insight into their birth chart in technical Jyotish terms.
8. Finally, Root cause analysis is done – This is a process for identifying the underlying causes of an incident/ event so that the most effective solutions/ remedy can be identified and implemented.

9. This Session will be beneficial for those who are looking for deep insights into their life problems which are inexpressible, hidden in nature but troubling them for a long, Customised in nature, not specific one problem areas which it will cover deep insight into multiple areas of life.

1. Birth chart rectification will be covered in this session before starting the consultation. This process includes pachanga (including Nakṣatras), Transits, Nadi Kāraka, Nadi Progressions, Nadi Jyotish Combinations, Prashna Chart, Rasi, Bhava, Aruḍha details, Varga’s Amsa analysis for strength and weakness of Graha, Dashas (Both Chara, Rasi, and Vimshotri Dasha, etc ).
2. The Price is for hard work, time, and energy spent on delivering that suggestive and Spiritual Guidance. Our only Motive is to provide detailed and hidden insights into seeker life via our analysis. We through our experience and research will guide you through the best months to invest in and how beneficial it will be for you.
3. Users will get the flexibility to get 3 follow-up Queries sessions within 6 months period, after performing the initial remedial measure given in the main session for understanding the remedies process in the improvement of the root cause of the problem. Users cannot take the next follow-up session before the 6 month period without doing the remedial measures but before that users have to send us an update on the remedies performed by them after 3 months via e-mail so that we know about the case progress.

How to Conduct Reading?

  • Upon receiving your consultation request, as well as your payment reference, expect 20-30 days ( 3 to 4 weeks, due to ongoing consultation booking & written report sometime taking time ) of processing time before your consultation report is given in pdf format.
  • After Booking your Consultation, Kindly send us your questions via this link:
  • If you do not receive notice within 7 working days, please contact us at:


Fees are payable through Cash, IMPS, NEFT, PayPal or Credit Card, Debit card as well as Bank Transfer. You can choose those options at the end of the booking case study.

Wishing you a Good Jyotish reading session.


Team Vedicsiddhanta

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