Sphatik or Clear Quartz Crystal 8 MM bracelet

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The Divine stone mentioned in hindi scriptures - Sphatik or Clear Quartz crystals
In Hinduism scriptures crystal is also called SPHATIKA. This white coloured hard, transparent stone is worn for an increment in fortune and knowledge. According to some accounts Sphatik Mani (Rock Crystal) was formed from the sweat of Bali. As you enquired about the Crystals apart from gems, it seems that the scripture is not giving the details of crystals like its various forms like quartz and alum but just mentioning the word Sphitika or crystal.
Shiva Mahapurana - Vidyesvara Samhita - Chapter 18 - Glory Of Shiva-Linga - Tells us about benefits of worshiping Shiva-Linga made up of crystals. Page no. -119 . स्फटिकं बाणलिङ्गं च सर्वेषा सर्वकामदम् | स्वियाभावेSन्यदियन्तु पूजायां न निषिध्द्यते || Shiva Purana 1 .18.50|| The crystal linga as well as Bana linga fulfil the desires of all. In case of linga prescribed for a particular cast is not available any other linga could be worshipped. The term crystals and its usage is also mentioned in Brihat Samhita of Varaha Mihiraand Garuda Purana . In Hinduism scripture sometimes Diamond stone is also called as sphatika which is in crystalline form. The description of Imitation diamonds are also given in the a chapter of garuda Purana. Garuda Purana tells us that prosperity ,long life ,increase of wives and progeny and domestic animal ,and the bringing home of a teeming harvest ,attend on use of diamond. And are prohibited articles of female wear (they are supposed to possess mystic virtues of making them sterile and unhappy). Whereas its said that a king who wear's a diamond dazzling with lightning flashes is sure to subdue the prowess of his neighbouring monarchs and to exercise unbounded control upon his vassals and liege subjects. what Garuda Purana is saying about crystals. कर्केतनं सपुलकं रुधिराख्यसमन्वित तथा स्फटिकम् | विद्रुममणिश्च यत्नादुद्दिष्टं संग्रहे तज्ज्ञनये ||GP 1.68 .10|| The Diamond the pearl , the Karketana , the Pulaka Rudhiraktya (blood stone) the crystal and coral should be carefully collected. Subject to the advice to the experts on the subject. How it works :

Quartz Crystal Cluster

Quartz crystal clusters is great sub-stone used for balancing the energy around your surroundings , if you want to infuse every area of your space with light. Because of the many different points on a cluster, the energy of stone is being focused in a variety of directions at the same time. For this reason, it will continue to resonate with the positivism of quartz. Benefits of Quartz Crystal Quartz is the most powerful healing and and energy amplifier stone because of its natural helical spiral crystalline form , it absorb's , stores, releases and regulates energy and its is an excellent for unblocking it.it works in at a vibrational level attuned to the specific energy required of the natived needing healing or spiritual work. it cleanses and enhanxces the irgans and subtle bodies and act as a deep soul cleanser.

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