Follow Up Question & Answers

What are follow-up Questions?

Follow-up Questions are for those who previously had a full chart reading recently and wanted to know doubts or questions related to their previous consultations within the span of 3 months.

Users will get the flexibility to get 3 follow-ups within 3 months period, after performing the initial remedial measure given in the main session for understanding the remedies process in the improvement of the root cause of the problem. Users cannot take the next follow-up Sessions/Questions after the 6-month period without doing the remedial measures.

If users want to have interaction with our team regarding their followups questions kindly send your concern to have a voice session with our team. This will be a 15-minute follow-up session.

Submit your Followup Question

Kindly submit your question to our team we will get back to you after doing primarily investigation of your question within 7 days working days over your submitted ticket. If you do not receive notice within 7 days, please contact our Support number. +91-7006278941


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