3 Months | 13 Week Course | 25 Days Foundation Vedic Astrology Course of the Vedic Siddhanta

A 3 Month course designed to take the student through the journey of ancient Vedic astrology System. Through this journey, one can decode every aspect of life in all the different aspects it carries, develop the intuitive abilities as well as teaching various predictive techniques by the end of this course by various predictive Jyotish system like Parashara, Jamini, Nadi, prashna, etc.

This course gives the aspirant a working knowledge with Natal chart and how these relate to different areas of life, relationship, career, finance, creativity, health, children and spirituality. Vedic Jyotishi is a wonderful self-development tool. Here you will learn how to use Jyotish system for your self-development and unlocking various hidden aspects of life and help you understand your own self more deeply and precisely.

Foundation Level Course In Vedic Astrology :

Learn this scientifically designed certified Vedic Astrology course which delivers:

Week 1 : Day 1History of Vedic Astrology( Knowledge of Vedic Seers)Working Principle of AstrologyUse of AstrologyMisconception regarding AstrologyVarious Issues of Life & Astrology
Day 2Mathematical Astrology
(Astronomical Fundamental of Astrology)
Arrangement of Planets in Solar SystemUnderstanding Seasons and Motions of the SunUnderstanding Cycle and Phases of MoonRelative Motion in Astrology and Understanding Conjunctions
1) Time taken by a planet to travel a zodiac
2) Angular Velocity of Earth
Week 2nd :
Day 3
Zodiac Signs or Rashi’sLearning Planets or GrahasUnderstanding Constellations or NakshatrasUnderstanding Various Set of Planets or Combustion or AsatUnderstanding Retrograde Planets Motions or Vakri Grahas
Day 4 :Zodiac Signs & their lord planetsZodiac Signs & Neech GrahasZodiac Signs & Exalted GrahasUnderstanding Risings AscendantsDecoding Various Lagna and their Lordship
Week 3
Day 5
Ayanansha or AyanamshaDinmaan / DinmanRatrimaan / RatrimanIshtkaal / IshtkalSidereal or Tropical What to choose
Day 6 :Vikram Samvat YearShakey Samvat YearSolar Transitions or Saur SankrantiSaayan Surya in JyotishNiryan Surya in Astrology
Week 4 Day 7 :12 Indian / Desi MonthsSandhigat Grihas in AstrologySolar Month or Saur MaasLunar Month or Chandra Maas
Day 8:Paksha or Fortnight in AstrologyShukla PakshKrishna PakshAadhik Maas in JyotishKshaya Maas in Jyotish
Week 5 Day 9:Kshitij or HorizonLagna or AscensionChandra Rashi or Moon SignSaayan Surya Rashi or Sun SignPanchak in Jyotish
Week 6
Day 10:
What is Panchanga ?How to read a panchanga ?TithiVaraNakshtra
Day 11 :KaranaHoraNomenclature of Indian monthUttarayana in JyotishDakshinayana in Jyotish
Week 7
Day 12:
What is Horoscope?What is Birth Chart or Lagna Kundli?What is Chandra Kundli or Moon Chart?What is Surya Kundli or Sun Chart?What is Sudarshan Chakra? Tripod in Astrology
Day 13:Lagna Kundli & directionsBirth Chart & different housesEclipses ? Solar and Lunar EclipsesKendra and Trikona Sthaans in birth chartHow to Understand Poornima in chart ? /How to Understand Aamaavasya in Chart ?
Week 8 |
Day 14:
The 9 PlanetsUnderstanding 9 PlanetsAttributes and Colours of planetsDigbala of planetsExaltation and Debeltions of planets
Day 15:Stones or Gems related to planetsGraha Karka Tatwa (Significations of Grahas)Graha Maitri ( friendships)Graha Bala ( Planetary Strengths)
Week 9 : Day 16:Graha and Bhava Analysis ( House)Strength of Bhavas (Houses)12 Houses AnalysisFunctional Nature of planets in Bhavas
Day 17:Understanding Various DashasDasha Span of Mahadashas of planetsSequence of Mahadashas of planetsVimshottari Mahadasha and Antardasha of planets
Week 10 Day 17 :Various Doshas and Curses in Astrology ? are they really Work or AuthenticKaal Sarpa Dosha in JyotishGandanta or Gandmool Dosha in JyotishPitra Dosha in JyotishManglik Dosha in Jyotish
Day 18:What is Sadhesati of Shani?What is Dhaiya of Shani?Ashtam of ShaniHow to read SadhesatiRemedies of Sadhesati
Week 11
Day 19
Sthaan Parivartan Yog between GrihasDrishti Sambandh between GrihasYuti Sambandh or Yog SambandhUni-directional Yuti SambandhBi-directional Yuti Sambandh
Day 20Various Yogas in AstrologyRoles of planets in Various YogasPanch Mahapurush Yogas in AstrologogySurya Centric YogasChandra Centric Yogas
Week 12: Day 21Hans Yog of Guru or BrihaspatiBhadra Yog of BudhMalavya Yog of ShukraKemdrum Yog of ChandraWealth and Penury Yogas in Astrology
Day 22Gajkesari YogShash Yog of ShaniRuchak Yog of MangalHow to apply yogas in Horoscope
Week 13
Day 23
Understanding Transits or GocharUsage of Transits on Chandra or LagnaAshatakvarga and TransitsTransits and Vimshotri dashasHow to analyze a horoscope?
Day 24Learning Planetary LordshipsTiming events by DashaTiming events by TransitsTiming Various events of LifeCase Studies
Day 25Interactive Sessions on CourseDiscussion on DoubtsReading horoscopes of ParticipantsDiscussing Case studies Various Known personsResults of Top Student : Student of the Course

Time – 8 PM to 10 PM ( Interactive Session over Zoom Meeting ) on Every Weekends (Saturday and Sunday)

( Followed by virtual and real-time follow up sessions )

Note : 1 Day of Contact Classes can be arranged if the participants are ready to come for Live classes in a Selected Venue in Jammu or decided later depending on the situation (Charges will be shared depending on the costing and Budget including fooding, lodging and Travel)

Venue- Online classes over zoom or Skype

Guide- Rakesh Singh Jamwal – Author and Researcher

🔆 Energy and Knowledge Exchange (Course Fees) – Rs. 12,000

( Heavy Discount on students who will participate in 1st two batches up-to 16% that will be ) including my handwritten PDF Notes and lectures.)

Prize Distribution and Course Completion Certificate will be included in the course

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