How to analyse Sunspots or solar activities Via Vedic Mundane Astrological prinicpals – ” Ancient Wisdom on Sunspots or ” Tamasa kilakas based on Brihat Samhita of Varamihira ” – Origination of Dark Shafts in Sun

It has been seen whenever Jupiter and Saturn closely or loosely conjugate with  sun around 10 to 20 degrees in any sign high amount of solar activities in surface area of the sun usually increases for whole month. Such solar activities also been noticed during Lunar and Solar eclipses too but depends on eclipse type, Half or full or partial etc. During these combustion or conjugation periods ” Black Dark shaft “ in Solar disc usually been observed with different different shapes and sizes in addition increasing amount of temperature and heat also been noticed in earth atmosphere too. Last Month (After 17th of August  sun ingresses on Leo) when Sun was closely Conjugated with Jupiter in the Leo sign, in a close combustion state of orbital distance of 9 degree opp to earth – ” Tamasa kilakas or Sunspot ” appeared in  the Sun. In august 2015 two sun spots were noticed with rod and key like shape. During these sunspot phases major break in power (Electricity) and satellite Communication channels usually observes. 

Current sunspot of “August-September” month impact was more  in Northern Hemisphere 
Regions, those closer to the line of Cancer. Even rise of temperature  in atmospheres also been noticed after these  dark shafts. It has been further noticed during these dark shafts raining clouds usually unable to shower rain and weather behaves strange and  also raises possibilities of earthquakes in those areas where-ever these sunspots appears geographically.(Brihat Samhita, Adityachar) .

” Tamasakilakas “ or Dark Shafts in the Solar disc region is an ancient wisdom on Sunspots research as described by Acharya Varahamihira in Brihat Samhita around 500 AD when there was no science and any scientists available to analyse an impact of Sunspots. This shows Ancient astronomers were already known to the most of the Facts in nature “

– Source – Brihat Samhita of Acharya Varahmihira, by Ramakrishna Bhat , Adityachara, Chapter 3,Verse  9,10,11,12 &13

After last Lunar eclipse on 28th of September reported by NASA and  a solar flare caused a blackout in low-frequency radio communications over South America and the Atlantic Ocean, with weaker effects farther out.According to NASA, sunspot may prompt more solar flares in near future. Current Sunspot impact was on Atlantic Ocean.

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