The Divine Codes Volume I: Download ” The Divine Codes ” – 1st Digital Edition on Divine subjects – Vastu, Meditation, Mundane astrology and Vedic Astrology

” The Divine Codes ” – 1st Digital Edition on transcendental Subjects

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This organization was shaped, with plain but sincere desire for everyone to live in wholeness, purity and highest level of consciousness. Our sole idea is wholesome and purest conscious living for everybody. GCTR is a body; which comprises of people who are researching in the field of divine and art forms. This includes Astrology, Palmistry, Spirituality, Travelogues, Yoga, Ayurveda, Vedic Numerology, Sthapatya, and other Art forms etc.

It is private body, but memberships are open. Anybody who has niche in such areas is most welcome in our family. There is no entry fee for the same. The only requirement is that you should have a sound knowledge of the subject.

THE DIVINE CODES ” magazine is a publication of our body and our members can contribute their articles and research for the same. It will be published regularly and it will remain free forever. Each article from its contributing members will also carry a photo and bio of the respective author.

The authors will also get exposure through three websites, social media, and publishing archives.We welcome you to a voyage for love and peace.

Check out first look of Articles Published so far

  1. Secret Ayurvedic formulae in Astrology  by Alok Jagawat
  2. The Wonders of Neechbhanga Rajayoga  by Shubra Goswami
  3. Unmarried Woman. (Spinster), astrological Perspective  by Sastry Kara
  4. Flood Fury and heavy rains In Jammu and Kashmir 2014  by Rakesh Jamwal
  5. The science of Meditation   by Vishal Sood
  6. The earthquake in Nepal   by Rakesh Jamwal
  7. Ascension of the Earth: Decoded   by Vishal Sood
  8. Names, signs and their significance in vastu : Kaankini Chakram   by Alok Jagawat
  9. Unlocking the Mystery of Past Birth – Part : Past Life Astrology & Past Life Regression by Rakesh Jamwal
  10. Nagmani : The Secrets Of Snake Stones  by Alok Jagawat
  11. Nadi Mooka Prasna. Secrets of answering unknown questions  by Alok Jagawat

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