Upcoming Monsoon and heat wave scenario of India For June-July 2017

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According to Vedic Medini techniques based on mapping of Koorma and Saptanadi chakra current ongoing Heatwave scenario will be difficult to face for almost most of the part of Indian region.

Currently, Mercury ingressed on 3rd of June 2017 on Kritika Nakshatra ruled by Prachnadna Nadi (Usually Gives huge blow of the wind in the atmosphere) with Sun in Rohini Nakshatra ruled by Vayu Nadi (Gives Normal volume of winds). More the Mercury keep on Moving closer to Sun in Kritika Nakshatra till 9th of June, Heat waves scenario will keep on increasing from central of India to Northern and rest of Eastern states.Chances of windy Heatwave spell and atmospheric pressure will keep on increasing across India.Air will have more of the content of heat and low-pressure atmospheric humidity due to its ongoing movement in Taurus, transiting behind the sun in Prachanda nadi ruled by Saturn, that is currently transiting retrograde in Gandanta Rasi (Sagittarius-Scorpio) in Aries Amsa.More the Saturn will move faster in a backward direction toward Scorpio more it will give semi-dryness and high amount moisture in the atmosphere.   

Majorly “ Kritika, Vishakha, Anuradha and Bharni Nakshatras “ are categorized in Prachanda Nadi (Chanda Nadi) ruled by Saturn, usually increases dryness in the atmosphere.Prachanda Nadi usually gives a huge blow of wind, Vayu Nadi have the capacity to give a normal volume of winds and Agni Nadi gives Immense Heat and warm weather.

Till 9th of June whole central (from MP, Maharashtra, Chattisgarh) and North India will be under the scanner of dry heat wave spell with increasing amount of dryness in the atmosphere, meanwhile air will have content of  extreme hotness too, so this way heat and air will go hand on hand in equal ratio.

Temperature could move around 43, 45 to 47 degree Celsius Till 9th of June 2017.After 9th of June 2017, Mercury will conjugate with Sun in Rohini Nakshatra in Vayu Nadi that somehow will minimize huge blow of the wind which we are experiencing after 3rd of June 2017.Air pressure will increase due to close conjunction with the Sun in Rohini nakshatra, though Taurus has 50% chances of water content shows normal rainfall during this course of movement with the sun, windy heat wave spell with moisture in it will increase from Central India to further Western and north of India.

In Southern India, Extreme Heat waves and low atmospheric pressure will increase over South-West states soon in Kerala, AP, and the rest of SW States after 15th of June, @05:20:00 HR (Exactly When Sun will Move over Mrigshara Nakashtra) which can give possibility to have good amount of rainfall soon after ingress of sun over mrigshara nakshatra.Entry of Sun over Mrigshara Nakashtra with Mars and aspect of Saturn will give high chances of thundering, air storm or the possibility of a rainstorm over Kerala.

Further, it will move over North of India around 22nd of June 2015@05:00:13 HR, when Sun will move over Ardara Nakashtra at 6′ 40 ” in Gemini with mercury and mars.

Entry of SW monsoon in North of India comes with lots dry and windy spell.The possibility of Heavy wind spell, Excessive heat waves or Storm could come with this ingress of the sun over Ardara (Soumya Nadi ruled by Jupiter) with Mars and Mercury.

North and Eastern Indians States be alert, higher possibility of hot wind and rainstorm could come over these states soon. Here, The role of Sun and Mars is most important; If both Sun and Mars are closely conjugated or having close relations in the same house in Ardara Parvesh chakra, usually it gives intense dry and warm weather for that year and there will be chances of intense heat waves before the start of monsoon. Usually, we have seen, If Sun is behind Mars in transit chart, there will be the possibility of no rains for whole monsoon season.

In this season Mars is closely conjugated with Sun that would be a matter of concern for this year monsoon season for good rainfall requirement.

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“Ardara, Hasta, Poorva ashadha , Uttrabhadra “ fall in Soumya Nadi ruled by Jupiter that is indicative of good rainfall or we can also say a good weather scenario can be predicted if benefic planets are transiting over Ardara nakshatra with Sun but this year more of Agni Tatva planets are closely linked with Ardara nakshatra, so chances are less for good amount of rainfall for end of june to next mid of July 2017.

Eastern states including Jammu, Delhi, UP and Punjab – Get ready for Dry heat spell with the possibility of light rainstorm after 22nd of June 2017.

Change in Rain scenario across India will come after 4th of July 2017 when Mercury will move over cancer sign and overall good rain will be there after 22nd of July 2017 when Sun and Mercury will be deeply conjugated over Pushya nakshatra.

With thanks and Regards,
Rakesh  Singh Jamwal