Indu Lagna: the moon lagana of Wealth and Abundance

maxresdefault Indu Lagna: the moon lagana of Wealth and Abundance

Indu Lagna is one of the special ascendants in Vedic astrology. Yes, in Vedic astrology we only not have one rising ascendant but other special ascendants too like – Bhava Lagna, Hora Lagna, Shree Lagna, Ghatika Lagna and Indu Lagna. There are so many different type of Lagna mentioned in classical books and they all have their different usage. 

Whereas rising Lagna shows one aspect of our life such as health, overall life and other things. It is the prime ascendant and almost everything in astrology depends upon this. But there are other Lagna’s too used for other purposes like Bhava Lagna for intelligence, Hora Lagna for money, Ghatika Lagna for power and Shree Lagna for blessings. In the same way we have Indu Lagna whose description can be found in classics especially in “Uttarakalamrita” before going deeper let we find the meaning of the word ‘Indu”. Indu means – moon, camphor, and Mrigashira Nakshatra (another name for same). And in the same line “Indumati” means full moon and was name of a mythical character depicted as wife of king “Aja”. 
In between them of our use is 3 words – Moon, Mrigashira Nakshatra and Full moon.

Moon – sages have advised in classics to see horoscope from rising ascendant and moon ascendant. Moon ascendant is also a factor in the very important Sudarshan Chakra. 

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There have been put a lot of emphasis of moon on classics. Moon decides so many things in Vedic astrology like – Paksha bala of planets, Auspiciousness of chart, Samagam of planets and other so many things too. Moon basically in astrology represents our mind, mood, sustenance, food, interests, and habits. Thus by being significator of mind it gets great importance as without good mind nothing good can be achieved from material to spiritual success everything needs a mind for the same. 
Moon is also a very essential factor as moon decides what we will do and that doing will decide further consequences. Sustenance moon was born while Samudra Manthan with goddess Lakshmi. Thus Lakshmi is called his younger sister and as Lakshmi represents food, sustenance, growth, money auspiciousness. Moon does show the same in horoscope. 
Thus moon is very vital in horoscope and it is prime controller of not wealth but sustenance without its help even life can’t be sustained then leave other things. Getting money is something different related to Sun and Jupiter and sustaining it is something different that comes from moon that sustains everything in horoscope right from life (weak moon can give Balarishta resulting in early death) from Image (he is karaka of Arudh) a strong moon shows a person have power of sustenance thus anything he does is sustained for a long time. Be it any work or name, fame. This is the importance of moon in chart.

Full Moon
– it is nothing but moon at its fullest power. As sages have emphasized on Paksha bala of moon. Thus with sun it is weakest and at full moon day he is most strong having full paksha bala. Full power of sustenance. Thus even moon is weak if he is full moon then he is extremely strong and even exalted moon if of Amavasya is powerless. Showing no power of sustenance. Full moon literally will mean power of moon at its peak.

Mrigashira Nakshatra
– deity of this Nakshatra is Lord Brahma showing the power of creation. This is the 5th Nakshatra in the chain showing the power of natural 5th house of creation (Brahma) power (vimshottari lordship mars) skills (Mars rules skilled workers).

Now after finding their meanings we can add all these attributes to Indu Lagna too. Thus it means Indu Lagna will show power, wealth, sustenance, creation of something new. We will find its nature and effects with two example charts.

Calculation – basically it is derived from calculating the cumulative position of the ninth house from Ascendant and the Moon.

For this reason there are some values assigned to planets and they are. Sun-30, Moon-16, Mars-6, Mercury-8, Jupiter-10, Venus-12, Saturn-1.

Rahu Ketu is not used in this calculation as they do not have the power to sustain anything like other planets and basically the moon. And also because they do not own any signs of the zodiac primarily. The rule Scorpio and Aquarius as co-lords only not as main lords.

Count 9th house from ascendant and moon and then see the planets lording those houses. Note down number assigned to that planet from the table. 

Add down both this values. (Moon is also important so is ascendant) Divide it by 12 (this is for two purposes first because it is in zodiac that is divided into 12 parts thus divide it by 12 too, remember we are counting sign thus 12 not Nakshatra if it was Nakshatra then division have to be made by 360 as there are 360 degrees in the zodiac. 
Second because if we don’t divide it by 12 then we have to go through the rashi chart more than once to place it. This division by 12) not down the remainder (that for sure will be between 0 to 11) count that number from Moon (primary sustainer) and the house reached at after counting will have Indu Lagna in it. If the remainder is zero then place it in 12th house if it is 1 then place in the same house as moon. 
This was Indu Lagna for ascendant in the same way Indu Lagna for other houses can also be found out like for Indu Lagna of 10th house see the lord of the sign falling in 6th house from ascendant and moon (9th from 10th). As it basically means sustenance it can be found out for any house. We will experiment with these things too in example charts.

Application – till now I am unable to figure out why people need this. Vedic astrology is a vast science and sages have chosen name so carefully that only thinking on them will reveal a lot of things. Let we do the same with this. Its name is Indu Lagna and we all know Lagna is seat of intelligence means the planets influence Indu Lagna ascendant will give money/Sustenance making intellect to native. 

Quadrants are houses of Vishnu showing sustenance showing things in quadrant from Indu Lagna will be sustained by it. Trines are places of Lakshmi showing things in trine to Indu Lagna will be blessed by it. 
As it also shows Money in chart money houses from it 2nd and 11th are also have to be considered. And as we know 3rd 6th 8th and 12th houses as bad in the same way these houses from Indu Lagna will be bad. 3rd will show hard struggle to get Indu, 6th will show enmity with Indu, 8th will show dead to Indu and 12th ignored by Indu. 
Thus planets in bad houses from Indu Lagna will be bad for sustenance and good houses from Indu Lagna will be good for substance and money. As the name suggests it. And as we have counted Indu for each house now their association with Karakas and house lords will also make favorable results. Like Indu Lagna of 2nd house if connected with 2nd lord or Jupiter will give wealth. But an underlying caution here too is the same rule that there are exception too as they are in every rule of Vedic astrology.

Example Charts
– now for illustration let we take 2 charts of those people who have really been blessed by Indu (wealth) and whose corporation (works) are still sustained and will be sustained for a long time.

Example chart 1 – Steve Jobs – 24th February 1955, 19:15, San Francisco, California (37N47/122W25)
Steve%2BJobs Indu Lagna: the moon lagana of Wealth and Abundance

Indu Lagna – 7th house Aquarius, Wealth Indu (Indu Lagna of 2nd house) 5th house Sagittarius, Labha Indu (Indu Lagna of 11th house) 4th house Scorpio.

He have Leo ascendant and see Indu Lagna is falling in Kendra to ascendant and 11th Indu as well as 2nd house Indu is also falling in Kendra or Trikona making person wealthy. Indu is wealth and sustenance and ascendant is you. 

So for her functioning properly she needs to be supportive of you that she will be when falling in Kendra Trikona to natal ascendant. Lord of his Indu Lagna Saturn is exalted in 3rd house of enterprise along with A7 showing his big name in business and his workaholic nature. 
Here Indu Lagna is with ascendant lord Sun and Hora Lagna that shows wealth showing enormous wealth to the native (ascendant lord represent own self) along with A3 once again enterprise it is a type of Arudh exchange showing us that his image is purely identified with his business and enterprise. 
Another co-lord of Aquarius Rahu is in 5th house showing his innovation, with 3rd and 10th lord of enterprise and profession and as Venus and 5th house are both here with Indu Lagna it justifies the beauty of his apple products. Innovation, simplicity along with beauty. Leader in market and also in field of entrepreneurship he was due to ascendant lord and sun being in Indu Lagna although they are one but see them separately and new dimensions of interpretations will open in front of you. 
Now we will refer to Indu Lagna as IL. Lord of IL2 (Indu Lagna of 2nd house) is aspecting IL2 from Rashi as well as Graha Drishti making him one of the highest gaining men. Although due to Rahu-Ketu axis in starting gains was not so easy to get. IL11 is in 4th house with its lord in 9th house; see lord of IL2in 11th house. Lord of IL11 is also aspecting own sign by Rashi as well as graha aspect and also is powerful by being in own sign. 
Further they both are not weak in Navamsha and lord of IL2 is even vargottama showing all favorable conditions set to the riches.

By the time he was 24, Job’s “Apple Corporation” was worth $10 million that after one year grown to $100 Million. 

Vimshottari Dasha – it was Ketu dasha that is in 5th from IL 7th from IL2 and 8th from IL11 but he is also co-lord of IL11. Antardasha was of Rahu and Jupiter. 
Rahu is in 11th from IL, on IL2 and 2nd from IL11 and Jupiter is in same condition as Ketu. Narayan dasha – Pisces Dasha it have Moon in it that is “Indu” himself. It is in 2nd from IL 4th from IL2 and 5th from IL11 and as it is also aspected by IL2 in this period his income gained so much from $10 Million to $100 Million.

Example chart 2 – Bill Gates – 28th October 1955, 21:10, Seattle, Washington (47N36/122W20)

Bill%2BGates Indu Lagna: the moon lagana of Wealth and Abundance

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Indu Lagna – 4th house Virgo, IL2 – 5th house Libra, IL11-3rd house Leo.

Lord of Virgo Mercury is also Lagna lord showing a blessed native himself. Lord Mercury is in the same sign Virgo with 11th lord Mars that is also 6th lord. Making the connection between 1st self, 11th gains, 4th comfort, Indu wealth and 6th employment houses. As Indu is powerful he was not employed he is an employer. 

That IL is with GL clearly showing his company’s domination in the Market/Field. This is also with AL showing blessed image in society. IL11 is with Jupiter significator of 11th house and lord of that sign Leo sun is debilitated (Jaimini says exalted and debilitated both planets gives a lot of money) further he is also getting so much neechbhanga and that planet giving him this Mars is over IL showing fortunes rising after initial setback and oppositions. 
As Sun is being debilitated being lord of IL11 when he started gaining a lot some people have filed cases against him to bring him down that he conquered successfully. In sign Libra with Saturn, it shows an involvement of judiciary system also Jupiter in IL11 shows this. And as mars is giving Neech Bhang he won finally. Mars is with Lagna lord in IL he was blessed by Hanuman in all his court battles. 
That sign Libra having GL too showing that due to these cases he emerged as even more powerful player in the market. IL2 have exalted Saturn Debilitated Sun and Own house Venus all showing his money and influence as blessings and his huge bank balance (he lives in a home of $50 Million) this way as Indu in itself is a special type of Lagna more analysis can be made out but not expending it I will leave it on readers to do the same.

His company went public in 1986; by 1991 he was worth $44 Billion. – Vimshottari dasha – this was all in Venus dasha who is in 2nd from IL and on IL2 in own house. Narayan Dasha – Virgo Dasha (1986)– here IL is placed in, Taurus Dasha (1991) 9th from IL and aspected by IL2 using Rashi drishti and also Venus is lord of this house which is over IL2 in his own house.

Sold his first program MS-DOS on 25-06-1981, first trade of Microsoft on New York stock market was on 13-03-1986 – Vimshottari dasha- Ketu/Saturn/Moon (25 June 1981) – Ketu is in 9th from IL and aspected by IL2, Saturn is exalted in 2nd from IL and over IL2 and moon is in 7th from IL aspecting it by both Rashi and Graha Drishti. 

Venus/Sun/Sun (13 March 1986) – we have seen Venus. Remember sun is lord of IL11 and is in 2nd house from IL and over IL2 debilitated having neechbhanga and also remember that Jaimini says both exalted and debilitated planets gives huge wealth. Narayan Dasha – Virgo/Taurus/Pisces (25 June 1981) Virgo is having IL, Taurus is 9th from IL and aspected by IL2 using Rashi drishti and also Venus is lord of this house which is over IL2 his own house. 
Pisces is 7th from IL having Rashi drishti on it. Pisces also have Indu pati Moon. Virgo/Sagittarius/Taurus (13 March 1986)- we have seen Virgo having IL, Taurus is 9th from IL and his lord is in his house over IL2 in 2nd from IL. Pisces is 7th house that aspects IL using rashi Drishti. It also has Hora Lagna showing wealth. 

Microsoft’s first trade March 13, 1983 – Vimshottari Dasha – Venus/Venus/Venus – he is over IL2 in 2nd from IL in own house. With 2 exalted planets. Narayan Dasha – Virgo/Pisces/Taurus – we have seen all of them before. Just the orders are puzzled dasha and antardasha are almost same showing its application and validity.

If anyone is not supported by Indu can’t he make money? He can make but sustenance will not be there. What do we mean by sustenance is that the thing will remain forever. The name of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs as we know we be immortal in history. This is what we mean by blessing and sustenance. There are rich people in every time but being exceptionally rich and powerful and making a name which will be remembered in history for a long time is what sustenance and blessing is. 

Does this only means money no sustenance and blessing can be in any form. Thus readers are advised to also use this Indu Lagna on charts of people like Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Swami Vivekananda, Ramakrishna Parahamsa to see different type of blessings and sustenance. 

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That if god willing I will also write on another aspects of Indu Lagna. And how to distinguish between when it will give wealth when spirituality and when anything else. Special ascendants are a field where there is scope for a lot of research and I hope readers will go in this uncharted part of the ocean to find gems. 

Om Tat Sat