11th house in astrology: Understanding the role of 11th house and its lord in root cause of Desires of the past life

Case analysis: Understanding the role of 11th house and its  lord in root cause of Desires of the past life

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Why 11th House and its lord is linked with Root Cause of  all the desires

Understanding 11th house in astrology



While analyzing any Chart for material wealth accumulation and desires of native , Astrologer should give much priority to 11th house, 11th lord, Strength of Venus and to the sign where Venus placed and Most Important Placement and Sign of Rahu-Ketu axis.Reason Being 3rd , 7th and 11th are Kaama Trikona houses (The houses where your desire flourish) and 9th from 3rd house is 11th house – actually the Power House of Desires and the root cause of past birth, what made to soul born again to fulfill desires which are left from past.

All your answers to Desires from past and present birth, Material unsatisfactory leading to continuous birth, Unfinished business from past birth , Unfulfilled Desires those are left from Past birth are hidden in 11th house placed planets, 11th lord, Venus and Rahu -Ketu axis placement and Signs.

The Purpose

The Purpose of Life in Material world lies within our pending desires and the karmic debits and credits.In this life you can seek what you want. In order to achieve meaning and significance of life , there are four basic necessities (Dharama (Agni), Artha (Prithvi), Kama(Vayu) and Moksha(Jala) that you have to fulfill in different age patterns, every Necessity is important to fulfil the pursath.It is important to realize that all persons need to go through all the stages, and they will be left alone if they pursue and enjoy any one of the following paths in isolation, every phase is equally important to get succeed in  both spiritual and mundane plane.

The twin goals of any human are “Pleasure and Success”, as it leads to Moksha when they are equally satisfied ; nothing is gained by repressing these desires- in fact we might be worse if at some point we do not seek desires.Desires leads to satisfactions of goals and goals satisfaction leads to icha for Mukti and moksha.

In Mundane world Pleasure, Success, Fame, Name are some of these common desires whom we want to fulfill it in any case, if you want it, go after it rather than suppressing it ; the beauty and delight is there then any soul can be easily transformed into spiritual plane but those who are keep juggling in endless desires having no goals, its very hard for them to understand what actually is their life goals or life path after a period of time.Time is the ultimate healer in understanding our true life paths and goals.

This is the basic reason, why Desirous person feels very are Hard to transform himself into Spiritual plane, as his life paths  are unclear i in both the planes. Male are less prone to endless desires, success, fame and Name but females are much into a pleasurable life style because of Rich composition of Jala Tatava in  their Mind and Body (Venus and Moon) and root cause of all the desires are generated from Swadhisthana Chakara ruled by the Moon (the Seat of Mind and thoughts)

Astrological Answer

Astrologically, None has any capability to answer Women’s rapid fire questions on Materials Desires because of the genetic coding and inbuilt karmic debits. “women’s are Simply Power house of Desires –  Take an example of Sonia Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, Jai Lalita etc. In Case of Sonia Gandhi chart Rahu is sitting in 11th house in Taurus sign – indicating Unlimited desires to gain material in this birth and she is keep adapting mean way to get and bag material in her account and she chooses this way via 5th house -( Seen by Ketu) –  via followers, hidden links, by hiding identities or by her kids.

So if you want to seek answers of your unfulfilled desires and Unlimited questions of your counterparts, Use the simple way to get answer.

One must see below mentioned conditions then you can answer all their questions on desires, wealth and material gains.

Reason being it makes me really irritated by the rapid fire questions on accumulating wealth and mundane factors from the chart, i.e when will i get settled or when will i become rich. For whole 30 years in past i was not able to find the exact answer of these types of unique questions.Another reason was there is no such direct sutras clearly speaks about the answering endless desires generates in both the genders.

Till now i have seen thousands of charts from last 15 years and most of the time in my experiences, 95% of women ask usually me these unique questions oftenly, i.e When will i get settled and how ? , when i will become Super rich or Billionaire in life ?? , how long i will be rich ? and when will i have this and this and this ??, that and this word has no end.Another reason is there is no such word mentioned in Jyotisha system regarding settlements, financial status of native life effects because of the continues dashas and transits system, so we can’t justify the word settlement. Because it is bit dynamic in nature and it keep on fluctuating based on the good and bad dasha and transits systems.So we could never give such direct answers in straight way. Jyotisha is a science based on analysis and some mathematics and based on Sutras and principals, direct answer of the questioner has direct relation with the intuition power of the astrologer.No such tool can give direct answer regarding stability of the finance and Settlement.

But finally after the years of research i was able to find out the answer for endless desires, after having research on many case studies.

The Astrological Reasoning and logic

So, Here are the Short principals based on testing experience on many charts. First thing one should always keep in mind is  that Desires has direction relation with the Kaam Trikona Houses, their Karkas (Nodes) and their lords.More the planets are placed in 3rd , 7th and 11th houses more the native will have  urge for unlimited desires in current life and more the native will be materialistic in nature, Desire could be of any form.More the past birth connectivity will be there present in chart with desires, unfulfilled and unsatisfied businesses.

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Desire could be of anything it could be falling in number of relationships or multiple relationships (karka of 7th & 11th house – 11th lord in 7th house – 9th to 11th – Past birth connectivity for falling in love or relationship with friends).

It could be of knowledge, it could be of killing or having grudge of doing cruel things with intentions (6th to 6th house is 11th house), it could be of getting name and fame (7th from 5th , 11th from 1st ), it could of becoming rich like bill gates (9th to 3rd via business – past birth connectivity for establishing business with social media ).It could be of Keep trying hard for wealth attaining , Name and fame in media or masses etc (Venus and moon in 11th house) .

Every answer lies in 11 house and all the Kaama trikona houses connected with it.

Any Planet placed in 11th house indicates what type of desires is unfinished or unfulfilled from past birth being 9th from 3rd (which is the origin of the desires or Kama and 9th is past birth or root cause connected from past birth).

Sign present in the 11th house indicates what is the seat of Desire (what sort of desire) , for e,g Aries – Power and Being born leader , Taurus – Material and wealth and Falling in relationships number of time in friend circle or social circle, Gemini – Desire for Sexual gratification and Relationships, intelligence and communication with friend circle .

11th lord Indicates what you have to do (What action is required) in order to fulfill your unfinished business  or desires from past for e.g 11th lord in 12th – you need to go to abroad to fulfill your desires, 11th lord in 9th – you need to travel to spiritual places , monasteries , pilgrimages to fulfill your desires.

11th lord Sign indicates what is the desire , which made you to travel to 12th house or 9th house or what mode you have to use or adopt in order to finish your unfinished desires – If it is Libra in 12th – you need to travel abroad to get peace , balance , make relationships , make business links or establish business or to get settle in abroad by involving relationships with them and get benefit from them.

Venus indicates what are the Material prospective of that desire being natural Karka of feminine , Material , luxury , comforts and Desires.

For e.g, Venus in Taurus will indicates want to get pleasure and comforts from Material and wealth , Venus in libra will indicates want to make balanced relationship or to get settle in business and partnership after attaining desires.

Placement of Both Rahu and ketu and its sign indicates what is the Root desires present in that house which made you keep focusing on 11th house , if Rahu is itself present in the 11th house – It indicates lots of and infinite unfinished businesses which are left from past regarding social circle, friends zone, Name and fame etc.

Rahu-Ketu axis Sign indicates what are the root desires – for eg if Rahu is in taurus – Rahu wanted to earn and earn and keep earning till person never dies and get bag all those material gains and comforts in pockets till the end of life.

Ketu Sign indicates what you have to do in order to fulfill that desire which is signified by the sign placement of Rahu, for e.g if Rahu is placed in Taurus, Ketu will be in Scorpio which indicates Rahu is directing Ketu to get hidden knowledge, study occult sciences, and get knowledge of  ancient techniques or use hidden mean ways i.e tantra , mantra and black magic way to earn and bag all material gains or make friendship with those people who are in this profiles to get learning and knowledge from such people.Ketu always follows What Rahu giving him directions.

I hope these short practically tested principles will help you to understand factor of hidden desires and karmic root connected with those from your chart.

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With thanks and Regards,
Rocky Jamwal

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