Mars and Saturn Transits in 2016: Are you seriously working in your company: feel the challenges of transit of Retro Mars, Saturn and Nodes from month of April to august 2016

Till Kendras are afflicted by Nodes, Mars and Saturn there will be complete instability in Banking, Finance, Share market, Treasury & IT Industry those are working in Hardware based Service  industries like IBM, Dell, HP etc. Telecom Sector will be challenging and there will be need of good and on-time services, Mechanical Industries will require more hard-work and labor from employees.There will be pressure of Extra productions  in Mechanical and industrial sector. Boss will pressurize more in Mass laborious industries. Working environment will be demanding & more challenging to breathe peacefully. Employees will seek relaxation  and peace of mind in working environment but unable to give their best.those are naturally hardworking can do their best on time services. There will be  demand of Extra disciplinary services in working environments. Marketing sector will keep wandering for Projects but they will get empty hands. Iron industries will be in verge of closing projects. New competitors will emerge in Iron industries.

Revenues of companies will decay gradually and there will be possibility of financial scam in market trend. Client will be demanding and want more attention and production in industrial sectors. Keep enjoying the Stiff and disciplinary environment created by Mars and Saturn. This situation will be more Strict till August 2016. Afterward there will be relaxation. Market will be tough for new jobs. Don’t jumps for new jobs till August 2016. wait for August 2016 when Jupiter will be 3/11 Relationship with Saturn.

Currently Capricorn, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo Lagana will enjoy new jobs.

Aries, Taurus, Leo, Libra, Scorpio & Aquarius lagana will enjoy Hard and Stiff disciplinary working environment.

Sagittarius &  Pisces   Lagana will enjoy change of place or chances of transfer in their working locations.