Poets, Musicians and Venus : How Artists Born-The wonder Maker of Artists in Natal chart

This was an article published in the JAN 2006 issue of the Astrological Magazine. I thank Mrs. Gayatridevi Vasudev, the then editor of Astrological Magazine, for allowing me to share the article in social media. I hope you will enjoy reading this……..
Poets, Musicians and Venus

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 By Dr. K. Guru Rajesh
Karaka for Art

sweetness of music is known immediately through hearing whereas that of literature
reveals itself slowly after progressive thinking. This is the opinion expressed
by our ancient Maharishis about the two branches of learning and culture.
Everyone has the right to enjoy the bliss of music and poetry. But only a few
are blessed with the interest and talent in either music or poetry while it is
rare to find one gifted in both. In
this article I endeavour to bring forth the important role played by Venus in
the horoscopes of poets and musicians in molding their personalities.

is above all languages and beyond any recognizable words. Music forms such as alapana, instrumental music etc., are
devoid of words and are considered as pure music which can be enjoyed by
anybody including an infant, a snake or an animal-all who do not know any
language (शिशुर्वेत्ति
पशुर्वेत्ति वेत्ति गानरसं फणी). On the other hand, poetry
requires language and one who does not know the language may not be able to
enjoy it. But for those who know the
language it gives indescribable happiness as they can contemplate it over and
over again. Music when combined with lyrics of poetry becomes an irresistible
medium to convey feelings and sentiments and to motivate the people to a noble
cause. This is evident when one hears the patriotic songs brimming with sentiment,
folklore music overflowing with innocent feelings and the Kritis of
Vaggeyakaras filled with Bhakti Rasa.
to the classical rules of music, composers can be classified into three types.
A person who writes only lyrics (sahitya) for the songs is named as
‘Matu-kara’ while one who only sets to tune sahitya is named as ‘Dhatu-kara’.
A person who can both compose the lyric and set it to tune is called
Vaggeyakara. India is blessed with innumerable Vaggeyakaras besides many Dhatu
and Matu Karas. The trinity of Karnatic
music- Shyama Sastri, Tyagaraja and Muthuswamy Deekshitar, are typical
Vaggeyakaras besides many path setters like Purandaradasa, Annamayya and

person may follow established rules of Sastrakaras and develop a classical style
or one can discard these rules and follow altogether a different path both in
music and poetry. Also there are many shades between musicians and poets and
lyricists. A poet who has fluent language at his command may be gifted with a
melodious voice even though he has no training in music. By recognizing the
sound pictures of different ragas, he can effortlessly sing his lyrics.
Similarly, a bit of poetical rules will be known to the musicians also such as
Prasa,Yathi, Matra etc. The unifying features between music and poetry seem to
be the Laya or meter and the Bhava or Rasa. A comparative study of music and poetry
is beyond the scope of the present article. Readers are urged to keep in mind the
above points to appreciate the different proportions of music and poetry in both
musicians and poets.

the planets, Venus is considered as the aesthetic planet ruling over sublime
feelings and cultured taste. He is called as ‘Kavi’ a celestial poet. It is
obvious to expect the powerful influence of Venus in the horoscopes of poets
and musicians. In the classical text Bhavartha Ratnakara, the following verses
can be noted regarding music and poetry.
शुक्रः चतुर्धगो यस्य गानविद्या विशारदः
द्वितीयगो यदि भृगुः काव्यालंकार शाश्त्रवान्
द्वितीयगो यदि भृगुः कविता धर्ममश्नुते
in the 4th house makes a person an
excellent singer. If he is in the 2nd house he will be a poet adept in kavyas and alankara.
These findings of our great sages hold good for most of the horoscopes in
my experience. Besides Venus, the secondary influence of other planets is
important in predicting the various sub-categories of art a person may follow.
Musicians may be classified into singers, string instrumentalists, wind
instrumentalists and percussionists. Similarly poets can be classical poets
writing according to the rules of Chandas, lyricists writing lyrics of the songs
following only broad principles of Laya and so-called modem poets without- any perceptible rules. Jupiter’s
influence is expected in vocalists while the influence of Mars and Mercury is
needed for instrumentalists. Prominence of Saturn and Mercury makes one a
percussionist. These influences will be
modified according to the nature of sign in which the Ascendant, 10th
house and Venus are posited. In the horoscopes of poets and lyricists an
inevitable influence of Mercury is expected, as he is the Karaka for writing and
publishing. The influence of the Moon cannot be ignored in both musicians and
poets as he is the Karaka for the mind, and a sensitive and responsive mind is needed for these fine
Unconventional Deviations

influence of Rahu and Ketu is necessary for an artiste to deviate from the
classical path and create a revolution. The combinations of Mars-Rahu,
Saturn-Rahu and Mars-Saturn are expected in such horoscopes, Venus, besides
ruling the positive aspect of sensitivity and culture, also rules over the
negative aspect of sensuality. If Venus is afflicted by in the above
combinations, it may result in moral degradation and abuse of artistic talents
manifesting in the form of addiction to alcohol, smoking and extra-marital and
immoral contacts. The association of these traits is a well-known fact among
many artistes. The influence of a powerful Jupiter coupled with unafflicted
Ascendant and 10th lords should negate these malefic influences.

the twelve Rasis, Taurus and Libra ruled by Venus and Gemini and Virgo ruled by
Mercury are the important signs inclined towards music or poetry. Leo, the 5th house of the Zodiac, has a tendency to these fine arts.
Among the 12 houses, some houses have a greater say in these matters. The
Ascendant and 10th house are the deciding factors for the general life of the
native and his activity or Karma in this world. Further the Ascendant, Moon and
the Sun that form the tripod of a horoscope should be considered in all matters
of prognostication.
The 2nd house ruling speech and education is important in the
case of poetry and literature and also in vocal music. The 4th house indicating education and also being a Kendra directly
opposing the 10th house has a great influence in these matters,
especially for music. The fifth house ruling over the mind and creative urge of
the native is also important in these creative arts.

and professional success also span a wide range of spectrum depending on the
strength of Venus and the horoscope in general. If Venus is powerless, a mere interest
or elementary knowledge can be predicted while a powerful Venus makes the
native an expert in the art. Becoming an adept in the art is quite different from professional
success and recognition in society, which depend upon the Raja Yogas and the strength of the 10th
lord. A person may be an excellent musician or poet without much recognition and fame while another with average talent can be well known and
famous. One may take the art as profession or be an amateur. All these different possibilities should
be considered by studying the
horoscope as a whole while analysing the potential for music and poetry in a native.
following combinations are
observed in the horoscopes of poets and musicians in my
humble experience:


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1. Combination of Venus and Mercury in the 2nd house aspected by Jupiter.
Exchange of 1st
and 5th lords and presence of Venus, Mercury and Sun in the 2nd house.
3. Influence of Sun over Venus may give a royal and patriotic touch to the native’s creations.
Powerful Venus in the Ascendant
and the 10th aspected or occupied by Jupiter while Mercury is in the 1st
or 2nd house.
5. Combination or mutual aspect of Mercury and Jupiter in Kendras while Venus is powerful in a Kendra or 2nd or 5th

A powerful Venus in the 4th
Venus in the 10th house.
Moon in the 10th aspected by Venus from the 4th.
4. Venus in the Ascendant and the Moon in a
5. Venus in a Kendra and the Moon in the Ascendant.
Mutual exchange between 1st and 5th lords and the
presence of powerful Venus in Kendras.
7. Venusian influence on the Ascendant,
Moon and Sun.
8. Aspect or presence of Jupiter in the 2nd
house in all the above combinations makes one a vocalist.
9. Influence of Mars and Mercury in the
above combinations makes the native a string instrumentalist (Veena, violin,
sitar etc.)
10. Influence of Saturn and Mercury may
create a percussionist (mridangam, tabala, tavil etc.)
11. Presence or aspect of Jupiter on the 2nd
in a windy sign along with the prominent position of Saturn (windy planet) may
bring forth a wind instrumentalist (flute, nadaswaram, shehnai etc.)
us study some horoscopes of poets and musicians to substantiate the influence
of Venus in bestowing artistic talents and success on these natives.


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Chart 1:
Rabindranath Tagore: Born May 7, 1861 at 2h
. 51m (LMT) at
22 N
. 40, 88 E 30
striking feature in Chart 1 is the powerful exchange of houses between the 1st
and 5th lords Jupiter and Moon, Jupiter being exalted and Moon in a
friendly sign aspected by his sign-dispositor exalted Jupiter. Note the important combination of Venus,
Mercury and Sun in the 2nd house. No description is needed to explain the
literary genius of this great son of India which can be attributed to the above
two planetary associations. These
same combinations are also effective in the musical talents of the native
resulting in the creation of a separate branch of Indian music “Rabindra
Sangeet”. The predominance of Jupiter on the Ascendant and Moon made him
the ‘Gurudev’.
Chart 2:
Swami Vivekananda: Born January 12, 1863 at 6h. 33m (LMT) at 22 N 40, 88 E 30.
Vivekananda (Chart 2) the stormy monk of India, was also a poet with musical
talents. His poetry in Sanskrit, Bangla
and English are
of a high calibre. He had indeed undergone training in classical music in his
early youth. Note the presence of Venus, Sun and Mercury in the 2nd while
the 2nd lord is in the 10th with the Moon. There is an
exchange of houses between the 10th and 2nd lords. Also,
note the mutual aspect of the Ascendant lord Jupiter and the 5th lord
Mars. The 2nd house from the Moon is occupied by Jupiter while the 2nd
lord Venus is in the 5th house. Nothing more is required to explain
the musical, poetic and oratorical gifts the Swami enjoyed.
Chart 3: Sri
Aurobindo Ghose: Born August 15, 1872 at 5h. 17m (LMT) at 22 N 30, 88 E 20.
Leo, the 5th house of the natural Zodiac, rises in the 2nd with Venus, Mercury and the Sun in Chart 3. The Ascendant Cancer lodges exalted Jupiter and debilitated Mars, while the Ascendant lord Moon is in the 6th along with 7th and 8th lord Saturn. The association of Jupiter, Mars and Saturn with the Ascendant and the Moon explains the patriotism and spiritual achievements of the native. The combination which we are interested is the position of Venus, Mercury and Sun in the 2nd resulting in the poetic talents of the native which are coloured by Jupitarian and Saturnine influences.
Chart 4: Sri
Suddhananda Bharti: Born May 12, 1897 at 10h
. 19m (LMT) at
9 N 51, 78 E 37.

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Suddhananda Bharati (Chart 4) was a patriotic poet composing soul stirring
songs in Tamil which invoked patriotic fervour in the Tamil people of those
days. Note the presence of Venus in the 10th aspected by the 9th
lord Jupiter from the 2nd. The Ascendant lord Moon is in the 2nd
house in Leo along with Jupiter aspected by Saturn from the 5th house
while the Ascendant itself is occupied by the 5th lord Mars with
Ketu. The 2nd lord Sun is in Taurus, a Venusian sign along with
Mercury aspected by Saturn. These planetary associations explain the life of
the great Kaviyogi.
Chart 5: A.B.Vajpayee: Born December 25, 1924 at 2h. 45m (1ST) at 24 N 54, 74 E 55.
Libra, a Venusian sign, rises in the Ascendant with 5th lord exalted Saturn aspected by the 2nd and 7th lord Mars in Chart 5. The Ascendant lord Venus is in the 2nd with the 10th lord debilitated Moon. The 2nd from the Moon is occupied by Jupiter, Sun and Mercury. The influence of Venus on the Ascendant as its lord and on the Moon bestowed a
sensitive and responsive mind on the
native while the presence of 5th
lord exalted Saturn in the Ascendant and Venus and Moon in the 2nd house resulted in poetic talents.
Chart 6: Male: Born February 8, 1959 at 7h.30m (1ST) at 14 N 42, 77 E 05.
The native of Chart 6 is a
famous ‘Sahasravadhani’ completing the Herculean task of “Maha Dvi-Sahasravadhanam” successfully. He is bestowed with a musical voice and has received many honours and felicitations
from the Government and different organizations. He is also an ‘Asthana Vidwan’ of a famous mutt. This highly celebrated poet has many Raja Yogas. The Ascendant is occupied by Yogakaraka Venus and Moon
(actually, the Moon is in 12th Bhava) and the Ascendant lord Saturn
is in the 11th aspecting the Ascendant and 5th houses. The 10th house is occupied by
2nd and 11th lord Jupiter aspected by the 10th
and 3rd lord Mars. Considering
the Bhava chart from the Moon, Venus
occupies the 2nd house while the Sun and Mercury are in the
Ascendant (with Moon). The powerful influence of Venus and Jupiter on the
Ascendant and 10th explains the poetic and literary gifts of the
native and his status.


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 Chart 7:
Female: Born July 3, 1928 at 5h. 30m (1ST) at 13 N 5, 80 E 15
7 is from How to Judge a Horoscope-II by Dr. B. V. RAMAN and Gayatri Devi Vasudev. The native was a singer of classical
traditional music with great popularity and charm. The Ascendant Gemini is
occupied by its lord Mercury, 3rd lord Sun and Yogakaraka 5th
and 12th lord Venus aspected by the 2nd lord Moon. The Moon is in turn aspected
by the above three planets and Jupiter. The combination of the 1st and
5th lords in the Ascendant and 7th house can be noted
from the Ascendant
and Moon-sign respectively. Further, from Chandra Lagna, the 10th lord
Mercury, 9th lord Sun and the planet for music, Venus, are combined
in the 7th house, a Kendra.
Chart 8:
Male: Born March 15, 1930 at 18h
.30m (1ST) at 12 N 18, 76 E 37.

         The native (Chart 8) is a veteran Vainika (veena player) and a great Vaggeyakara with equal proficiency in vocal music also. He has retired as a professor from the Music Department of Mysore University and is greatly respected in music circles. Note the position of exalted Venus aspecting the Ascendant and the Moon. Venus is also the 2nd lord. Jupiter is in the 9th house aspecting the Ascendant, Moon and the 5th house. The powerful influence of Venus on all the three components or tripod of the horoscope, namely the Ascendant, Sun and Moon, explains his genius in music. The influence of Mars and Saturn on the Ascendant and 10th lord Mercury may be said to be responsible for his success in veena. Note Venus is not afflicted by Rahu, Ketu or Saturn.
Chart 9:
Male: Born September 21, 1942 at 21h
. 21m (1ST) at
L 6 N 34 80 E 40.

native (Chart 9) has retired as the Dean of the Music Department of a
University in South India. He is a flutist well known for his proficiency in
·the art. Note the presence of Venus in the 4th in Leo aspecting the
10th while the 10th lord Saturn occupies the Ascendant, a
Venusian sign. Jupiter occupies the 2nd house in a windy sign
aspecting 5th lord Mercury and the 10th house. The influence
of Venus made him a musician while that of Saturn and Jupiter made him a
flutist and a teacher of music.
Chart 10:
: Born April 13, 1963 at 20h.50m (1ST)
at 14 N 30, 78 E 50

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        The native (Chart 10) is a lecturer in mridangam in a Government music college in A.P. He is also a performing artiste with good concert experience. Note the presence of Venus in the 4th aspecting the 10th. There is an exchange of houses between Ascendant and 9th lords, Mars and Moon, both being aspected by the 5th lord Jupiter powerfully from the 5th. The 10th lord Sun is in the 6th exalted and with Mercury. The influence of the Moon and Venus on the Ascendant and the 10th made him a musician while those of Mercury and Saturn, Rahu and Ketu on the 10th and Ascendant lord made him a percussionist. The powerful position of Jupiter has given him teaching profession in his field of activity.

Chart 11. Female: Born
January 25, 1976 at 9h. 40m L 16 N 36, 82 E 03.
Chart 11 is of a native, an upcoming classical singer, with good repertoire and recognition. Note the powerful presence of Jupiter in the Ascendant as its lord and the position of
Venus in the 10th. The 5th is occupied by
Saturn and aspected by Ascendant lord Jupiter while the Moon occupies a Venusian sign.
Chart 12: Female:
Born January 22
, 1981 at 10h. 36m (1ST) at 18 N 07, 83 E 25.
native (Chart 12) is a playback singer in the cinema field. She has also undergone some training in classical music but later shifted to light music and film songs. The Ascendant and 10th lord Jupiter is in the 7th, a Kendra, with Saturn. Venus is in the 10th. The Moon is the 5th lord occupying Leo aspected by Mars, the 2nd and 9th lord. From the Moon-sign, the 2nd is occupied by Jupiter and Saturn, while the 5th is occupied by the 10th lord Venus. Note the powerful Guru Chandala Yoga in
the Navamsa which gets augmented as Jupiter is the 1st and 10th
lord resulting in the native deviating from the traditional path.
above illustrated horoscopes point out the importance of Venus in the lives of
poets and musicians and also underline other astrological conditions favorable
for the nurturing of artistic talents in these natives.

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