Booking Guidelines: Required Steps for Booking and Selecting Jyotish Services

Guidelines for Written/Voice Reports

(A) Pre Appointment Session  Here you need to send us detailed email regarding your case can discuss your case history or issue you are going through with complete background history, information we need for Analysis i.e Past History, Issue you are going through, Case details, regarding delivery of analysis report i.e Time, Date and when we will be available for Video call or Telephonic Discussion Session if it is Recorded Analysis and when we can deliver written reports .You can send us these details either via email or via teleconference.

(B) Booking | Confirmations, and Schedules: First of all you need to send us a detailed email for an appointment and booking your consultancy from following link Confirmation and Appointment Booking.We will Notify you soon after that, whether we will be available or not in coming days. If you are not feasible to book your case via this link you can inform us regarding appointment details via Email, Facebook, Phone or WhatsApp for available appointment details. 

(C) Appointment and Schedules Criteria: Every Written/Voice consultancy is prioritized accordingly to appointment section based on the availability of the days and time Slots, so it might take us time from 20 days to 1 month depending on the complexity of ongoing case and the past pending case studies those are already booked in between the bookings. If the Previous case study is already going in a queue within that time frame, the user may need to wait till required time will be given or booked as per by our team in Appointment Section. Those who can’t wait for written reports because of Busy slots or days are not available they can opt for Voice consultancy in coming weekends slots available on Saturday’s/Sunday’s within available time frames. That didn’t take much time. The choice is totally depending on user and our Astrologer availabilities for what sort of astrological consultancy they are seeking from us.

(D) Payments and Services Prices: After getting Confirmation from our team regarding availability for an appointment you need to Select appropriate Jyotish Services after filling the Vedic Reading from from  and later user can select desired Services from Jyotish Services Section either Via Payumoney web portal, or via our Site  Portal or Via Paypal  Payment Gateway system  for users other than India.

(E) Vedic Reading Form:  For Having  Detailed information on user we need to fill this form required for a Jyotish (Vedic astrology) reading with our research panel to get available time slots, booking details, for birth time rectification and rest of information for receipts/Invoice details and acknowledgment of the case study. After receipt of your Reading form, please give us Mentioned business days for making an initial study of the chart before start working on your chart. In case we need further information, we will get back to you on this.

Please fill this form for complete information required for detailed analysis or you can this form to our official email id @ 

(F) Selecting Jyotish Services : 

It includes :

1) Detailed Prashana Chart Report (Pdf) 

2) Brief  Query Based Case Study Reading (Selective Queries) 

3) In-Depth Query Based Case Study Reading (Multiple Queries)

4) Advance Combined Reports (Voice Recorded & PDF)

5) Advance In-Depth Written Reports (PDF)

6) Advanced In-Depth Voice Report (Voice).

Price range starting  1500 to 4500/- depending on the Mode (i.e Voice and Written reports) as Mentioned in our Jyotish Services and Products Section. 

(G) Final Delivery: Will be either based on the choice of products or consultancy type opted i.e Combined Report, Written report or  Voice Report that is purely depending on the selection of Jyotish and Spiritual Services. If it is voice based consultancy, the session would be around 30 to 60 Minute in the case for both Brief and Specialised In-depth reports. Later after the voice session, we will send you an audio recording of Complete Skype/Hangout/Phone discussion. If it is Written report we will deliver your PDF report as per mentioned time frame.

(H) Written/Voice reports Time Frame: You will get a prior notification or an email from us regarding the required time frame for written reports from us for Advance and Combined PDF Reports based on the pre-Appointment conversation as scheduled with us earlier, Before 1 week of time span depending on case complexity.

Total Duration for written and Voice Case Reports and analysis will be accordingly are :

1) 7-10 Days for Query Based Brief Reports (Voice).
2) 7-10 Days for ” Query Based In-Depth Analysis Reports (Voice).
3) 7-10 Days for ” Prashana Reports (PDF).
4) 20-30 Days for Combined Reports (PDF).
5) 20-30 Days for Advance Written Reports (PDF).
6) 10 Days for Advance In-Depth Voice Report (Voice) 

(I) EMail and Acknowledgment: After Booking and selecting desired Payment gateway system as per your service you are opting for from Jyotish Services Sections, you can send us detailed mail separately regarding your case history to our official email address : ( or you can call us directly on our official numbers. Soon we will send “Confirmation and Acknowledgement” Receipt or Invoice via email regarding details of the Case Report.

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