Nadi Muhurata and swearing – in ceremony of Prime minister of India shri Narendra Modi

By H.Ramadas Rao
ॐ श्री गुरुभ्यो नमः
f14gfptc pm modi at rashtrapati bhavan Nadi Muhurata and swearing – in ceremony of Prime minister of India shri Narendra Modi
With the Blessings of Acharya Madhva,my Kula Devatha,Ishta Devatha and my Naadi Guru Shri R.G.Rao,I would like to write about Naadi Muhurta for swearing-in ceremony of Shri Narendra Modi Ji on 30th of May 2019 at 19:00 Hrs.
Before proceeding to Naadi Muhurta,I would like to write about BJP’s natal chart as per Naadi is the natal chart of BJP :
1 Nadi Muhurata and swearing – in ceremony of Prime minister of India shri Narendra Modi
Now as per this chart,the strongest planet will indicate the person to rule our country.Surya is in Meena Rashi at 23 Degs.01’,Chandra is in Vrischika Rashi at 26 Degs.1’,Guru ( R ) is in Simha Rashi at 7 Degs.17’ and Shukra is in Vrishabha Rashi at 8 Degs.49’.These longitudes of the planets are very important in deciding the strongest planet.Surya in Meena Rashi is going to be exalted.Chandra has crossed its debilitation zone of 3 degs,so it will give the results of Kuja.Shukra is placed in his own house zone from 3 Degs.1’ to 30 Degs.Finally Guru ( R ) is in Simha Rashi.After looking all these, we can say that Surya,Guru ( R ) and Shukra are powerful.But out of these who will be the most powerful planet ? Now both Surya and Guru will have a powerful Parivarthana Yoga and Surya goes to its own and Moola Trikona Rashi of Simha and Guru goes to its own swakshetra.
So it is very clear that Surya becomes the most powerful planet in this horoscope.Now by position,Surya is in Meena Rashi.So any person in the party who has Surya in Meena Rashi /Dhanu Rashi as both are ruled by Guru and Surya here becomes very strong or in Kanya Rashi or trines to Meena Rashi will have the chance to become Prime Minister of this country.2nd criteria is Guru.Guru in BJP’s chart is placed in Simha Rashi in retrograde.So the ruling person should have Guru in Simha Rashi or in Kumbha Rashi or in trines to Simha Rashi.As Guru is retrograde in Simha Rashi, we should also consider it from Karka Rashi which is its exaltation Rashi.So the person who will rule our country must have Guru either in Karka Rashi or its trines.Similarly the 3rd planet indicating courage is Kuja or Mangal.He is placed in Simha Rashi but in retro state.So he also must be considered from its previous house of Karka Rashi.So omitting Karka Rashi,Kuja in Makara Rashi and trines to Karka Rashi ie.,Vrischika and Meena Rashi will be considered.As Kuja’s placement is in Simha Rashi,trines to it ie.,Dhanu and Mesha Rashi is also considered.Kumbha is omitted as it is an enemy sign for Kuja.
Now let us consider when BJP has gained power.In May 1996,it got power under the leadership of Late Shri Atal Bihari Vajapayee.But it lost the power within 16 days.Sometimes even if the chart is strong but the transits are weak,then the power will be lost.For this we have to see the chart of BJP and that of Atal Ji also.Now let us look at BJP’s transits in May,1996 especially on 16th.
Transit Guru was retrograde and was in Dhanu which is ok as per BJP’s chart where its natal Guru is in Simha Rashi.Now let us look which planets are transiting over Surya in Meena Rashi and they are Shani and Ketu and Rahu aspects from 7th house of Surya.So Surya has lost the power to rule the country.Also transit Surya is in trine to transit Rahu.So Shri Atal Ji has resigned on 1st of June,1996.
Now let us look at the horoscope of Shri Atal Bihari Vajapayee.
Atal Nadi Muhurata and swearing – in ceremony of Prime minister of India shri Narendra Modi
2 Nadi Muhurata and swearing – in ceremony of Prime minister of India shri Narendra Modi
In this chart,Jiva Karaka Guru is in Dhanu Rashi which is in trine to BJP’s Jiva Karaka Guru.In his chart,Surya is with Guru in Dhanu Rashi and is ruled by Guru itself.So Surya becomes stronger.Energy booster Kuja is in Meena Rashi which is in trine to Kuja ( R ) in Simha Rashi and to be considered from Karka Rashi.So in his chart,Kuja being placed in Meena Rashi whose Lord Guru himself is in his Moola Trikona Rashi of Dhanu Rashi.So Kuja also got boosted to be powerful.Now while considering transits on 16th May 1996,it was not favouring Atal Ji.Eventhough transit Guru was in Dhanu Rashi,he was retrograde.The energy booster Kuja in his chart was under severe afflictions in transit chart.Shani + Ketu was transiting over his Kuja and Rahu was aspecting the Kuja.This means he did not get sufficient support from other parties and his government fell.
Then Atal Ji’s party ie., BJP has formed government again in March 19th 1998 and he ruled for 13 months only.
Now let us look at this transit chart.
3 Nadi Muhurata and swearing – in ceremony of Prime minister of India shri Narendra Modi
In this chart,transit Guru was in Kumbha Rashi with Ketu.Guru was at 16 Degs.28’ and Ketu was at 15 Degs.48’ which means both Guru and Ketu were strong.Ofcourse Ketu was retrograding or moving towards Makara Rashi with a lesser longitude than that of Guru but that was not sufficient to gain strength for Guru.Guru was under some affliction here.Transit Surya was on natal Kuja and this Surya is more powerful than his natal Surya which was in Dhanu Rashi as he is going to be exalted.Transit Shani was also over his natal Kuja but transit Shani was at 26 Degs24’ and his natal Kuja was at 10 Degs.31’ in Meena Rashi.So the affliction from Shani has reduced.So the energy got boosted here.So the government called NDA started functioning from 19th of March 1998.Here the main party supporting BJP was AIDMK with 18 seats with other parties whose numbers were less.Now as I already wrote that Guru got affliction by Ketu as both are almost in same longitude.Now Ketu was moving towards Makara Rashi and Shukra there in Makara Rashi was moving towards Kumbha Rashi.This means a lady was involved in failure of NDA Government.Ketu entered Makara Rashi on 11th Jan.1999 and and on 22/23rd of Jan.1999 both Shukra and Ketu conjuct each other.So the problems to NDA started from here and on 17th April 1999,the NDA government fell due to AIADMK removed its support to the government.Please note on that day Ketu was transiting over Atal Ji’s chart’s natal Ketu on the same longitude.
Now let us look at BJP’s chart to see this failure of NDA government.The transit of Guru in Kumbha Rashi in NDA’s 2nd rule falls in the 7th house from Jiva Karaka Guru but there is also Ketu in BJP’s chart in Kumbha Rashi.Transit Shani in Meena Rashi is over natal Surya of BJP Chart.Both are almost near to same longitude.This indicates failures in different policies.Also transit Ketu was over BJP’s natal chart Budha and both have almost same longitudes.This also indicate failures in dialogues,friendships etc.( BJP not adjusted for any compromise in alliance parties ).So these transits in BJP Party chart has resulted in failures of the government and hence it fell on 17th April 1999.
BJP and its alliances NDA again got power in elections in 1999 and Atal Ji became the PM again on 13th October 1999.
4 Nadi Muhurata and swearing – in ceremony of Prime minister of India shri Narendra Modi
When we consider the chart of BJP,and the transits on 13th October 1999,transit Guru was with transit Shani and both are retrograde and in BJP’s natal chart,Jiva Karaka Guru is retrograde and is in trine to transit Guru ( R ).Transit Surya was in Kanya Rashi which is opposite to natal Surya in Meena Rashi.Transit Kuja was in Dhanu Rashi which is in trine to Kuja ( R ) in BJP Natal chart.Thus it forms a favourable Yoga for forming the government.Now let us look at Atal Ji’s natal chart.Transit Guru on 13th October 1999 was in Mesha Rashi retro with Retro Shani and is in trines to retro Guru in Atal Ji’s natal chart.Transit Surya was in Kanya Rashi whose sign dispositor Budha in Atal Ji’s chart is in Dhanu Rashi and gets support from Surya in Dhanu Rashi.Transit Kuja was in Dhanu Rashi which is in trine to his natal Kuja ( R ) in Simha Rashi.Thus all the factors were very favourable for Atal Ji to get power as PM of our country.
Now let us come to present picture of Shri Narendra Modi.Most of the famous Astrologers have given 2 dates of his birth date and month.This is the main controversy.If we take October 17th as date and month of birth,Surya will be in Tula Rashi and is in debilitated state which is not possible at all.He is a man of very high self confidence.Traditional Astrologers are of the mind of Tula Lagna or Vrischika Lagna.Lagna with Chandra makes a person handsome.Now I request the readers to decide.As per my studies above,Shri Narendra Modi’s Guru,the Jiva Karaka is in Kumbha Rashi which is retrograde and is opposite to BJP’s natal Guru ( R ) which is in Simha Rashi.BJP’s natal Surya is in Meena Rashi which is exactly opposite to Shri Narendra Modi’s natal Surya which must be in Kanya.Finally Kuja ( R ) in BJP’s chart has to be considered from its previous house ie., Karka or its trines Vrischika or Meena Rashi and in Modi Ji’s chart,Kuja/Mangal is in Vrischika Rashi.And that is why he gained again and today ie., on 30th of May,2019 he will swear-in as PM of our country.

Now let us try to analyse the swearing -in Muhurta chart by traditional and Naadi Method.

5 Nadi Muhurata and swearing – in ceremony of Prime minister of India shri Narendra Modi
The time fixed is at 19:04 Hrs.on 30th May 2019.At this time,Vrischika Lagna rises with Guru ( R ) in the Lagna.2nd house has Retrograde Shani and Ketu.5th house has Chandra,Shukra is in 6th house,Surya +Budha in 7th and Kuja+Rahu in 8th house.Navamsha Lagna is of Vrischika,so Vargottama Navamsha indicating the ministry will be strong and Chandra is Vargottama but is in Rashi/Nakshatra Gandantha.Retro Shani and Ketu are aspected by Kuja + Rahu.Shukra Shataka,Kujaashtama,Nakshatra Gandantha all these are serious afflictions for the Muhurta chart.Only Guru( R ) is a benefic in the Muhurta Lagna which aspects both Surya + Budha.As per Muhurta Shastra,Guru in the Lagna removes thousands of Doshas in the Muhurta chart.But this Guru was retrograde from Dhanu Rashi and now in Vrischika Rashi.So this Guru is not that strong.They should have selected Karka Lagna which is approved by Kalaprakashika.Then Guru will be in 5th,Chandra in 9th,Shukra in a powerful Kendra and Surya + Budha will be in 11th.
Muhurta Devatha is Mitra which is positive and Nakshatra Nadika is Poorvashada and again a positive one.Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga based on Vara + Nakshatra Yoga.Kuja with Rahu in 8th from Muhurta Lagna is a severe affliction but this can be counteracted by their sign Lord Budha who is in 7th house from Lagna and aspected by Guru ( R ).
Now as per Naadi Astrology,Shani Hora is running during swearing in ceremony.After 24 Minutes ie., at 19:24 Hrs.Guru Hora will start.Shani is retrograde and swearing in during this Hora will make the government suffer due to loss of its own people.As Ketu is very near to Hora Lord Shani ( R ),troubles from other religious people will be there and no doubt there will be more terrorist activities during this 5 years tenure.But as Kuja indicating defence force is very strong as he is in the middle of the Rashi and the terrorists will be crushed to death.The reason is both Mesha and Vrischika Rashis are ruled by Kuja and both Rashis are occupied by Shukra and Guru ( R ) respectively.So it will be like Guru + Shukra, a Sanjivini Yoga is formed.Kuja’s sign Lord Budha is with Surya and is aspected by Guru directly thus strengthening defence force.And to mitigate the effects of Rahu,there will be more “ Surgeries “ during this tenure of 5 years.
Now when we see this Muhurta Chart over BJP’s natal Chart,Guru ( R ) is transiting over Chandra of BJP chart which indicates the type of rule will be changed from that of the previous one.Also Shani ( R ) has to be considered from previous Rashi of Vrischika ,so it joins with Guru ( R ) and aspects Shukra of BJP’s natal chart and this indicates a lady will be given a powerful portfolio who will tackle many difficult policies.From Modi Ji’s natal Guru ( R ) in Kumbha Rashi,transit Kuja and Rahu are in trine,there is a possibility to attack Modi Ji by terrorist group .Anyhow due to the trinal link of transit Shukra in Mesha Rashi with his natal Shukra + Shani ( this is as per my calculation ) in Simha Rashi ,by the Blessings of Shri Maha Mrityunjaya,the danger to his life will be averted.
ना अहं कर्ता । सर्वं हरि कर्ता ॥
pin Nadi Muhurata and swearing – in ceremony of Prime minister of India shri Narendra Modi

Astrological Case Study of Vinod Khanna Struggle, Success, Spirituality and Political triumph

VinodKhanna Astrological Case Study of Vinod Khanna Struggle, Success, Spirituality and Political triumph

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Vinod Khanna was born in Peshawar in 1946 before his family moved to Bombay when India was partitioned. During his studies in boarding school he was badly fell in love with the Mughal-e-Azam, India’s first motion picture. Later after graduating from Sydenham College with a commerce degree, he moved on his movie career.The Dashing Vinod Khanna had starred in more than 146 films in a career spanning over five decades with his thrilling acting and actions. His love for his Guru Osho Made him into a deep meditator and a sadhak to understand the truth of mystery of death.He Started listening to Osho Discourse when he was just 25-26 years old,back in 1974. Osho’s words had introduced him to an eternal truth of death.During the time, four of his relatives death, including his mother and sister, totally shaken his view regarding mystery of death, made him into following the path of  his guru. 

He even shared his view regarding death, to one of an Ashram Sadhak :

” I too will die one day, but I do not know anything about my real self’.”

 (Late Vinod Khanna)
This shows how much he was spiritually inclined toward the truth of life.

18711 501462689886476 1745806985 n Astrological Case Study of Vinod Khanna Struggle, Success, Spirituality and Political triumph

But after he returned to cinema in the late eighties courted success again with his films.According to Astrosage provided birth details, He was born on October 6, 1946; 21:15; +5:30 (71E27/32N02) (Peshawar) but due to some of his events discrepancy, birth-time is bit rectified to 21:38, by using few criterias including different dasa judgement process along with other traits. That we will look shortly and after having some birth correction lagna degree found to be around 22Ta21, that seems to be correct and giving right Navamsa Lagna and other Divisional charts.

Vinod%2BKhanna Astrological Case Study of Vinod Khanna Struggle, Success, Spirituality and Political triumph

Early Life

He Had three sisters and one brother: that is clearly seen in his Ashtak-varga chart where 3rd from Mars is having 2 point and 11th from Mars is having 3 points totalling to 4. We find point giving planets are Mercury (Twice – female) Jupiter (Once – Male) and Mars (Once – must be male but due to exchange between Venus and Mars changed to female)

Just after his birth India was portioned and family moved to Mumbai: we can see 9th house that represents father and must also represent Father’s land (from where father belongs, paternal family) most people take this house for travels but in my humble opinion it must be taken for travels only when it is afflicted indicating that due to some problems person won’t be able to live in father’s land and must move outside. However here we find an exchange between 3rd and 9th house that shows due to 3rd house matters (fight) father changed placed in short distance (under same country) why change because the same 9th house is under 9th aspect of Rahu (foreign element, Shock) 7th aspect of Saturn (weak aspect thus we only take it as malefic influence and not for deciding circumstances causing the event) and Mars (complete 4th aspect shows anger and rage in the city) along with Rahu’s strong 9th aspect shows mass murder and partition.

Father was textile and dyes business man: we come to see D12 where we find Aquarius lagna and 6th lord (10th from 9th) is in 2nd house with Venus that is lord of 9th and 4th house (8th from 9th) 7th house from 9th house having exalted Sun and 6th lord being debilitated in 12th house is a clear indication that father is in business and not in job. Nature of profession can be seen with own Rashi mars with Sun who being significator if Ink shows dye and Venus with 10th lord Moon shows textile.


ARTICLE COVER PIC 1493305674 Astrological Case Study of Vinod Khanna Struggle, Success, Spirituality and Political triumph

Handsome: lagna and Navamsa lagna shows ones personality and ones look. Rahu is the one who is very handsome as far as Kaliyuga is concerned whereas Venus is renowned for his beauty (other than that Moon can give round and lovely face, Mercury jolly and laughing face. Jupiter can give good professional handsome look and Mars makes on look younger than his age) Also nature of signs in Lagna and Navamsa lagna changes one’s face cut. Fiery signs make one of triangle shaped face cut. Earthy sign gives square with prominent jaw line; watery sign gives round face with mostly double chin whereas Airy signs are oval face cut with prominent cheek bone. (One can see Vedic Jyotish has many tools using which rectification becomes much easy) there is earthly sign in lagna and watery sign in navamsa lagna but as Rashi is strong with exalted Rahu (Parasara takes Rahu to be exalted in Taurus) he had Earthly square face cut. Along with this Rahu in both Lagna and Navamsa lagna with aspect of Venus in D1 and with Venus in D9 made him handsome actor and heartbeat of many.


Changed to Delhi Public School, Mathura Road in 1957: Dwisaptati Sama Dasa applies in this chart due to Venus being in 7th house as lord of Lagna. As mostly we don’t know exact dates we can find difficulty in finding antardasa will use three divisions of a dasa to predict events (that is a very well known method but now rarely used and works amazingly – No old astrologer I saw ever missed to apply this)

It was Venus-Sun. 4th is the house of Vidya and Sun being lord of 4th house shows education and due to Aspect of Rahu and Saturn shows instability in same and change in place. Whereas Mahadasa lord Venus is lord of 3rd house (short travel) from 4th house of Vidya. From D1 we get to know some event related to education must happen and when we come to all divisional houses related to 4th house (D4, D16, D24) we find in D24 Sun is aspecting 4th house being debilitated in 7th from 4th house shows change in place but the education wasn’t discontinued A debilitated planet can show discontinuation in education but thanks to exchange between Venus and Sun that makes both come under influence of 4th lord Mars and saves his education with only change in place because Venus is in 8th house from D24 lagna that shows education.

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Graduated with a commerce degree: 9th house in birth chart deals with higher education and we find Moon placed there in an exchange with Saturn. Moon is Brahmin as well as Vaishya (Usually I consider Moon strong in Paksha bala as Brahmin and weak or in Krishna Paksha as Vaishya) but here due to exchange with Saturn (Significator of Dark – Krishna Paksha) it shows commerce education. In D24 9th house is vacant but lorded by Mercury and aspect-ed by Jupiter and the sign being Virgo Mool-Trikona of Mercury shows her degree in commerce.

Bollywood Career

vinod khanna2 Astrological Case Study of Vinod Khanna Struggle, Success, Spirituality and Political triumph

Debut in 1968:  That will be Saturn Mahadasa and Antardasa can be of Mars or Mercury. Between them from D10 Mercury having his aspect on 10th house looks best to start career. Here we find Saturn Dasa from “1962 to 1971 (Total of 9 years)” which when divided by 3 gives 3 years span, (1962-1965, 1965-1968, 1968-1971).

We find it to be in middle part. Saturn in D1 is lord of 10th house and is in 7th house from Moon (Refer to our article on Chandra Kundali where we said planets in 7th house from Moon shows person’s own quest for prominence in life) and from this we concludes that he started his own career in films rather then joining his family business . Saturn being in a hind rising sign middle part of dasa must give effect of Saturn himself,also it is lord of the 10th house from the lagana (Last effect will be of Sign and aspects on that, 2nd will be of Saturn and 1st will be of Moon lord of the sign) and in Dasamsa it is with 10th lord. 

Being in same sign effects will be of Saturn’s own rashi with his conjunction with 10th lord and he being Dispositor of debilitated Jupiter placed in trine to 10th house in D10 signifies his start of career. From 1968 to 1971 until the end of Saturn dasa he played role of Villains or supporting actors matching nature of Saturn (we see how beautifully a conditional dasa works – if we follow parashara strictly and in case of special conditions use conditional dasa in-spite of Vimshottari Dasa)

1973 to 1982 Successful as lead actor: this was complete Rahu dasa and some part of Sun dasa. If we use dual lordship as suggested by Sage Jaimini for Aquarius we find rahu as 10th lord being in lagna having dignity of exaltation. In Dasamsa Chakra we find him being placed in lagna as lord of 7th house giving success in business (films where you’re independent to work can’t fall under domain of 6th house) but how Rahu gave this much phenomenal success. If we use Jaimini principles we find Rahu is complete Yogda being placed in Lagna, Navamsa Lagna and Drekkana Lagna. (Learned readers will do well to apply Drig Dasa here – that is applicable when a planet is in 9th house from lagna and watch how amazingly both Parashara and Jaimini synchronize. The reason I am ignoring Trikona Dasa is because lord of Arudh Lagna is not in trine to Lagna)

[Quickly we see Drig Dasa ]– Commences from Capricorn and Dasa follows as Capricorn 1946-1953, Scorpio 1946-1961, Leo 1961-1969, Taurus 1969-1977, Aquarius 1977-1985. This was in Taurus where Rahu is exalted itself. Rahu is Yogda, in D9 Taurus is aspected by Rahu and in D3 5th from Taurus (house which shows power) is Rahu. Aquarius we know is lorded by Rahu in jaimini astrology and in D1 and D3 9th from Aquarius is Jupiter and Mercury. Jupiter shows power. 5th from Aquarius in Navamsa is Moon

Highest paid actor between 1974-1982 & 1987-1995: we find this to fall mostly under Rahu and Moon Dasa. Rahu is yogda and powerful to give prominence as well as money (this is what Rajyoga really means) and Moon being in 9th house aspected by 9th lord (Parashara considers 2nd 5th 9th and 11th as money houses) in D1 and being lord of 1st house aspecting 11th house and being aspected by 5th lord while being placed in 5th house in Vedic Hora makes him a Dhanyoga giver in D2.

1982-1986 – Became follower of OSHO and left industry for 5 years: This was Sun dasa and we find Sun as being placed in 5th house of Mantra in D1 (which is 8th from 10th house) but being aspected by both 10th lord in the same dasa he came back to industry. In D10 although being lord of Dasamsa lagna he is Dispositor of Rahu and placed with Digbala in 4th house giving a clear indication to his fall from professional power.

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1987 Back in movies: Sun dasa and Antardasa must be of Saturn for obvious reasons. As we said as the same Sun aspects 10th house in D10 and are aspected by both 10th lords in D1 it was a sure to come back in movies. In Sun dasa of 9 years it was last part of dasa (1983-1983, 1983-1986, 1986-1989) and we find Sun in D10 to be in Head rising sign and last effect must be of Sun himself and he being lord of Dasamsa lagan showed his colors and gave him entry again into film industry. Where he worked till 2015 [last appeared] (as Wikipedia says ) see how a single planet gave effect of both his results. Off course this is the place where antardasa comes into play. We see Moon, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter antardasa was in this time when he was in Rajneeshpuram. Moon is lord of 4th house although exalted in 10th house he is in exchange. Mars is in 8th house. Jupiter is debilitated in Artha Trikona and Mercury is Dispositor of Maandi.

1999 & 2000 Filmfare Award:
Mars dasa as being Yogakaraka from Dasamsa Lagna it was sure to come. But what about Mars being in 8th house that we mentioned earlier. Use three division of dasa and find that in this Dasa from 1998 to 2007 first part is ruled by Jupiter who although being debilitated in 6th house is in trine to 10th house and gets Neech bhanga. See effects of same Jupiter in Sun dasa where he gives Bhoga in 8th house and in Mars dasa where he gives Bhoga in 4th house a Kendra. In 2000 it was Mars-Jupiter itself. And between three parts it was same first part. He also got awards in 2005 and 2007 in last part of Dasa where results of Mars was given who being Raajyogkarak gave all this. See how by only Pisces being a middle rising sign changed all the effects of Mars and Jupiter in 8th and 6th house respectively.

Political Career

vinod khanna 759 Astrological Case Study of Vinod Khanna Struggle, Success, Spirituality and Political triumph

1997 Joined BJP and elected from Punjab in next year’s Poll: 
This was Moon dasa ending and he is exalted in 10th house in D10 and in D1 he is in 9th house aspected by 9th lord. A benefic in 9th is a big blessing as 9th house is referred as auspicious by Varahamihira. And start of Mars dasa who is in Vipreet Raj Yoga in D1 and Yogakaraka in D10. [Use Drig Dasa to find it is Cancer dasa 5th from which in D1 is Venus and Ketu in own house. D9 it is having Venus and Yogda Rahu and 5th there from is Mercury and in D3 5th from cancer is Mars in own rasi]

1999 Elected again: This is again Mars-Mars and Cancer Drig Dasa

2002 Union Minister for culture and Tourism, after 6 months came to Ministry of External Affairs and in 2004 won election again from Punjab: 2002 Venus dasa who is 10th lord in exchange with exalted Moon. 2004 Either Saturn or Rahu dasa whose prominence in professional matters we have seen earlier by one being Yogda and 10th lord exalted in 1st in D1 and another being directly related to 10th house in D1 and D10 both. In three part of dasa 2002 was middle of dasa giving effect of Sign Pisces which deposits Mars (in friendly sign- from Mool Trikona sign of Mars Pisces is friendly) and 2004 Falls under last part of dasa that gives effect of Mars (Yogakaraka) all this happened in Mars Drig Dasa whose lord is another Yogda by aspecting D1 and D9 Lagna.

Lost 2009 General elections: it was Mercury Jupiter or Venus which in any case gives dasa Bhoga in 8th house in D10.

In 2014 again elected from same constituency: now Bhoga either we take it as Mercury-Sun or Mercury-Moon falls in 4th house that is a Kendra in D10.

Personal Life

Met First wife “Geetanjali” in college and married in 1971: 7th lord from Venus in navamsa is Saturn who is placed in 5th house from Lagna with Mercury (Karaka for education) and he is also lord of 7th house from Navamsa lagna shows how they met. Their marriage solemnized in that was Taurus Dasa in Drig Dasa (why I am not using Dwisaptati Sama is we don’t know marriage date and in 1971 July Dasa changes from Saturn to Rahu) we find Venus is in 7th from Taurus in D1 and in D9 Taurus is aspected by DK whereas D3 shows Mars in own rashi in 7th from dasa rasi.

Two children from first marriage: Rahul Khanna (20 June 1972) – Rahu-Rahu-Venus. Rahu aspects 5th house from Lagna and Saptamsa Lagna. Venus by exchange in D1 comes in contact with Mercury and in Saptamsa lord 7th house (main house of marriage from where children’s come in D7) Akshay Khanna (28 March 1975) – Rahu-Mars-Jupiter. Rahu we have already seen. Mars and Jupiter is with 5th lord in Rashi and in Saptamsa Mars and Jupiter both aspects 5th house [it is Taurus Drig Dasa which in D7 is having Venus in it and Moon and exalted Mars in 9th from it – all benefics in Kona giving complete blessings.]

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thequint252F2016 10252F85e1520c 4a43 4461 8465 c8c5415766a7252FVinodKhannaOsho Astrological Case Study of Vinod Khanna Struggle, Success, Spirituality and Political triumph

Separation with wife in 1985 due to following OSHO and living away from family: it must be Sun-Jupiter both of them are in 6th and 12th axis in Navamsa. With Sun being lord of 2nd house (maraka) from Navamsa lagna and Jupiter is 6th lord in 6th house. Jupiter signifies Guru’s.

RIP Vinod Khanna Here Are The Things Actor Will Always Be Remembered For16 Astrological Case Study of Vinod Khanna Struggle, Success, Spirituality and Political triumph

1990 after returning to India married “Kavita” and had a son “Sakshi” and daughter “Shraddha”: Moon dasa started who is in 9th in Rashi chakra showing younger sister of wife and Marriage house as house of Dharma (Dharma Patni) and in Navamsa he is in 2nd house (8th from first house) that indicates 2nd wife. In D7 we find Jupiter in a male sign Sagittarius giving first male child and then Venus in female sign Taurus giving female progeny.

Disease – admitted to hospital on 2 April 2017:
in matters of health and death one must use Vimshottari always and we find this to be Mercury-Jupiter-Jupiter both of them being in 6th from Lagna. After suffering from Severe dehydration (we see strongest there in 6th house is Mars – strongest due to being in exchange) 3rd from Arudh Lagna is Saturn that shows death from disease. Being in watery sign and aspected by Ketu Rahu and Venus (Nodes show disease like Cancer – Bladder Cancer [as Wikipedia states] and bladder is represented by Venus. On 27th April 2017 he left this mortal world in dasa of Mercury-Jupiter-Jupiter. Mercury is Maraka and Jupiter is 8th lord and there is a statement by Parashara that if 6th lord be afflicted person dies in dasa of planets in 6th house. We see Venus being afflicted by Rahu-Ketu axis and exchanged by Mars.

With this end of Era India lost his most handsome and dashing superstar, veteran actor Vinod Khanna after being hospitalised for almost a month. The 70-year-old actor died of bladder cancer. Bollywood was reeling with shock and sadness, and several celebrities remembered the late actor on Twitter and mourned his death.

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